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Swan Light - Rechargeable Flex Desk Lamp
Swan Light - Rechargeable Flex Desk Lamp
Swan Light - Rechargeable Flex Desk Lamp
Swan Light - Rechargeable Flex Desk Lamp
Swan Light - Rechargeable Flex Desk Lamp
Swan Light - Rechargeable Flex Desk Lamp
Swan Light - Rechargeable Flex Desk Lamp

Swan Light - Rechargeable Flex Desk Lamp

Swan Light - Rechargeable Flex Desk Lamp

Your Price: $4.99
Compare at: $24.99  (80% off)
Sold Out
Sold Out
- SAVE $20 Today
- NO Batteries Needed, Rechargeable Battery
- Cool White LED Color
- Sensor Touch Button w/ 3 Brightness Levels
- 16 Dimmable SMD's with 120 Lumens
- 8" Flexible Gooseneck

We just love this light! This sleek, contemporary and designer styled desk lamp is great for any room and not just for desks.

It's super bright but will never get hot to the touch. The secret is in the new LED technology of 16 Dimmable SMD Bulbs. These are some of the brightest bulbs that use very little energy. This makes it super safe for kids and a must to add to their bedroom.

The Swan Light also features a sensor touch button that has 3 brightness settings that allows you to get just the right amount of light. Tap the sensor touch switch to cycle through the three settings: low, medium, and high.

With 120 Lumens of warm light it is the perfect amount of light to use at a desk, on a nightstand or in any room where you want some ambient lighting. The flexible gooseneck is fully flexible and can be set into any position.

Wireless and portable, you can take it anywhere! You simply charge it up with the included USB using your computer or car to charge, incredibly convenient.

- USB Rechargeable
- NO Batteries Needed
- Sensor Touch Button
- Cool White LED Color
- 3-Level Adjustable Brightness
- 16 Dimmable SMD's
- 120 Lumens
- 400 mAh
- Environment Friendly and Energy Saving
- Portable and Light
- Included 31.5 inches USB Cord
- Base: 4" x 5"
- 8" Flexible Gooseneck
- Rubber feet at bottom for grip and protection to furniture

Review this item!

1 Stars  Way Too Short 
Way too Small, 12 inches tall, did not realize that until I got it! Light works well.

4 Stars  Ordered two...wellll... 
I ordered two of them. They came in excellent time unfortunately, one of them refused to work correctly, then refused to work at all. The second one works WONDERFULLY. I keep it with my crochet work for when it starts getting dark and my room lamps are not direct.

5 Stars  Great for non backlit keyboards! 
As Described. Excellent for non backlit laptop keyboard!

4 Stars  Swanlight 
Great lite. Puts out lots of needed lite. I ordered 2 of them, and when I tried to turn one off it would not. Just had to let it run out of power. But the other one works as it it suppose to. Great lite.

4 Stars  Swan Light 
I was very please with the Swan Light. The three stages of light are very good. My only wish would have been that the base be a little heavier so it would be easier to move, etc without it falling down. Other than that, it is a very great value for the money!!

5 Stars  Very Good Lamp 
This lamp can be turned and placed just where it is needed. I should have both more than one.

2 Stars  Too small, too weak, takes two for one! 
I was truly disappointed as soon as I saw the tiny little light with the tiny little cord for the charger. I have ordered many items from this site and always been satisfied in the past. These baby lights probably are rated too high at 2 stars. One runs down in a few short minutes. The short cord requires an outlet to be right beside the light. Too little to be of much use.

4 Stars  Swan Light 
I truly enjoy the products from Pulse. The First Swan Light I received did not work but I contacted customer service and they immediately sent me a replacement that worked just fine.

5 Stars  small but beautiful 
Small but very useful lamp. Sits perfectly on my computer desk and illuminates the keyboard and surrounding area. USB connection, 3 light levels. Easy on/off. Money well spent.

5 Stars  flexible rechargeable lamp 
Love it. Now I can read without a long cord obstructing the location of the lamp

3 Stars  Swan light 
I bought this light to replace another gooseneck desk lamp I have but it is not as bright as I would like. Otherwise, it functions as it should.

5 Stars  A Great Price For A Terrific Lamp 
I had originally purchased just one of these lamps and when I received it and set it up on my desk I wished I had bought at least a couple more of them. When I tried to buy two more sadly they were sold out. I was offered to be placed on a waitlist never expecting to be informed of when they would be available again, and to my surprise, I received an email telling me that they were available once more so just as fast as my fingers could type the info. back into the site, I purchased two more of these great lamps and who knows, I may buy a few more once again. Please keep them in stock. Thank you!

5 Stars  Reviewing this Product for a Second Time After a Replacement was Sent 
I originally reviewed the Swan Light and was not very satisfied, because the unit I received did not function normally. However, I was graciously sent a replacement Swan Light, and I would like to submit my updated review for this item. After charging it up via USB, the tap function worked just as it should. The light is quite bright and is a great portable light that conveniently plugs via USB into my laptop and extremely lightweight. Im very pleased with this product and think that it is a very useful product to have nearby.

5 Stars  Freaking awesome! 
A little smaller than I imagined, but this thing is awesome... I love the fact that it can be used with USB or batteries 3double, not included... and the flexible neck is really cool... as a matter of fact, I think Im going to buy a few more of them!!

3 Stars  Swan light 
Neck is too short to put behind my laptop and illuminate my keyboard. Ad picture is deceiving.

5 Stars  LOVE IT 
So useful, lightweight, white to match any decor and easy long holding charge so no plug in necessary. Needed a lamp for my bedroom nightstand & this is beyond perfect and works great for reading, chores and anything needing light to be done at night without waking my kids across the hall! Love it!

5 Stars  Swan light 
Great product - so easy to use and so convenient.

5 Stars  Great customer service 
I reviewed this light previously, and liked it, but one of the 2 lights I ordered didnt work quite right. I didnt ask for a new one, but someone here read my review and sent me a new one. It works great. Thanks so much.

4 Stars  very goo 
It works has 3 settings so for the price great

1 Stars  Lamp did not work!! 
My light didnt work I have not heard from customer service yet I am a long time customer of Pulse.com I hope they replace the lamp free.

5 Stars  GREAT !!! 
Glad I ordered this item !!! We are enjoying using it.....

These are excellent small desk lamps that can double as soft lighting on a deck or porch. I like the 3 levels of light as I can choose how bright I want an area.

5 Stars  A very handy item, indoors or out. 
Charge provides ample time for use.

5 Stars  Desk lamps 
Good portable lighting. I use them on my desk where the lighting is not very good. For the price you cant beat them. The only drawback I see with them is that they are very light in weight and tip over very easily.

3 Stars  lamps Smaller than expected. 
The lamps are functional and work well except that they are only about 8 inches high although from the ads you would expect 16 inches high. The amount of power stored is very limited lasting only about an hour before recharge. It is still useful.

4 Stars  Not sure what goes here 
Product is fine. Just needs a longer neck.

5 Stars  Nice Product and Outstanding Customer Service 
I ordered two one didnt work and was quickly replaced and I wasnt required to send back the defective unit. I like these because they are small, flexible and can be used anywhere even if AC isnt available. The rechargeable batteries means skipping constantly replacing standard batteries and discovering that the light is pooched out because of dead batteries. Half the price of a similar product at Walmart.

5 Stars  Swan Light 
Best bright light I have used so far. I use it for doing my nails and also it can be used as a flashlight. So great that it is rechargeable. So portable. I will probable order as gifts.

4 Stars  helps old eyes 
It is slightly unbalanced when the light is pushed down. Great illumination!!

5 Stars  Handy bright light 
I use this near my laptop to see keyboard in a darkened room. It works great. Bought one more at the sale price. Would never purchase at the retail price.

5 Stars  Great light for a laptop 
Love this little light weight USB charging light.

4 Stars  As advertised 
It is a little lightweight. Easily toppled.

4 Stars  Wireless desk lamp 
Love it !!! Can take it anywhere. it was smaller than I thought it was going to be ,but throws off a lot of light,plus its dims down.

4 Stars  Neat little light 
I purchased two of these lights and gave one of them to my daughter, who loves it. I use it for detailed lighting needs and enjoy the light very much. My only problem is that the base is too light and it tends to topple. This is not a major criticism, just a bit of a pain.

4 Stars  Great item 
Plenty of light love the 3 dimension of the light you can take anywhere with out plugging in Thank you for replacing the one that did not work I will continue to do busy with you
So happy to hear that you are enjoying the Swan Light! :)
3/21/2019 - Paula

5 Stars  Perfect! 
The first lamp I received did not work. When I spoke to customer service they stated they would replace the lamp immediately with no extra charge. I quickly received the new lamp fully charged. Works perfect. Is small but produces a powerful light and keeps the charge for days. I plan to take it out by the pool on hot nights to read. It was great when the power went out recently and I had light to study for exams.

4 Stars  A good keyboard 
This a replacement lamp. My first didnt work properly so I gave it a bad review. Without me asking, the manufacturer sent me a new lamp. My new lamp works great. It has adjustable light settings & is excellent for seeing the keyboard on my laptop or desk top computer.

1 Stars  Dimmer than a total eclipse 
Ordered two gave them both to Goodwill. Might be OK in 100% darkness but bright? Not even close. Save your money...

5 Stars  Swan Light 
I am delighted with this lamp. I love the modern design, the neck is flexible so that you can easily adjust the light direction, and you have three levels of brightness that you control just by touching the base. The lamp is small and weighs very little. After buying one for myself, I liked it so much that I purchased a few more as gifts for the family.

3 Stars  Looks good but... 
This lamp does not say charged for long and the red light does not indicate when it is fully charged so I kept it plugged in for over 12 hours. Good light though.

4 Stars  Desk Lamp 
Nice little light. Bendable stem is a real plus. Multiple brightness is also a plus. Could be a little brighter, but OK. Good price. Quick shipment.

5 Stars  Swan Light - Love it 
Great product. Gives the right amount hen needed. Use it all of the time while on my computer.

4 Stars  Good idea 
This Swan Light is a good idea, well executed, except for one thing it doesnt last very long on full brightness. I like the 3 brightness levels, especially the brightest, but I cant get more than 60 minutes continuous use at that level, then it quickly gets dimmer and dimmer, finally becoming unusable about 20 minutes later. I find myself continually recharging it so its only for temporary spot usage.

5 Stars  Swan Lamp 
Nice & small... Perfect for mt headboard! Dimmable when necessary, bright when necessary. ??

5 Stars  Nice light 
I bought this for my desk. Its way brighter then I expected. Also like that you can dim it.

5 Stars  Swan Light 
Love it. It has three levels of light and light weight.

5 Stars  Bright, Beautiful and HELPFUL 
Use it every night to identify my pills while watching TV. It illuminates the area and doesnt interfere with the television picture. What a Super Buy with Fantastic Price! Would recommend this 3 level, portable light.

5 Stars  Wonderful - purchased 1 then another! 
This light is the best and is convient because it fits in my purse and there is nothing to break or replace. When I am sitting in a waiting room and the light is not adequate, I pull out my trusty bright lamp and can read everything. I carry it wherever I go because it is not hooked to a cord and the light seems to last a long time between charging. Works for me and I am HAPPY.

5 Stars  what a surprise 
For such a small lamp and three light settings. The brightness was quite surprising. I bought it for my wifes home office she was quiet surprised and happy with the lamp

5 Stars  Long lasting reading lamp! 
Love it! Cordless and lasts a long time without needing a re-charge! Strong enough to read by with 3 settings for when you just need a noninvasive warm light.

5 Stars  Brighten up 
Great little light. Bendable gooseneck makes it easy to position the light where you want or need it.

5 Stars  Handy bright light 
Ordered two one worked one didnt. one that worked is great.

5 Stars  SWAN LIGHT 
I am very please with this small desk lamp. It plugs directly into a USB port on my computer . I especially like the choice of three levels of brightness

1 Stars  tips over 
it tips over too easy. i do not use it

4 Stars  desk lamp 
works fine, so far. A bit light-weight, so it tends to tip over at the slightest touch, but it suits my purposes fine.

5 Stars  Desk lamp 
Nice product. Small and streamlined. Three levels of brightness. Have mine plugged into empty USB port on my computer. Use it to light up keyboard

5 Stars  Super for emergency power out 
Super for power outages, charges in car or from generators.

5 Stars  Swan Lamp 
I like to read in bed and this lamp is just perfect as I have a headboard with a shelf on it and I have the lamp on that shelf.

2 Stars  very small light 
I was disappointed with the light. The rubber feet were off when I took it out of the box. The light is so lightweight that it falls over easily and I thought it needed charging very often.

5 Stars  L-O-V-E IT!!! 
Bought several over the past few months as gifts and for personal use. EVERYONE LOVES IT!! My best friends 4yr old son would never sleep in his own room alone! I got him one of these lights to use as a night light and now he goes to his room easily and he tilts the light in the direction that he thinks the monsters are hiding and adjusts the level of light he wants in order to feel safe! The light works GREAT and NEVER gets hot no matter how long it stays on!

5 Stars  What a perfect little lamp & so Bright! 
Sometimes I wake up early in the morning and want to check my computer. With this light I dont have to turn on the room lights and disturb others and the pets. It works so well. I bought 2 and I cant decide where to use the other one. They are Great!

3 Stars  Swan light 
Works ok, but is extremely small
Hi Clarence! True, the Swan Light is compact. The light is 9 inches in height from base to bent extension and 13 inches from base to full extension. This makes it great for small spots, night reading or to have by a computer.
2/7/2019 - Paula

3 Stars  Lamp 
The lamp is too light weight-wise, needs a heavier base. Puts out an ok amount of light

4 Stars  Bright light 
Good quality light, the base is very light weight and moves easily. Nice 3 stage bulb, good for a nice reading light in a darkened tv room. The power chord is relatively short, so it may need replaced depending on your needs. Overall a good buy.

5 Stars  Rechargeable lamp battery lasts for hours and hours. 
Light is well made, 3 brightness settings put out light for many hours - I have yet to run it out of power. We have a nice 48 in. HD TV in our bedroom with a laptop computer hooked up to it on HDMI 2, with a wireless keyboard and mouse so I can kick back across the room and do email and etc. on the big screen. This light is perfect on lowest setting for just enough light to see the keyboard without bothering my sleeping spouse. If you are wondering how it got to be so cheap, you will quickly learn to use a very light touch to operate the light. If you accidentally press too firmly down on the front of the base it will tip forward and try to fall. Not a big deal once you know to be careful, but I expect this explains the ultra low price, as that is the only design flaw I can find. Again, this thing puts out light for hours and hours per charge, or just hook up a cheap little USB phone charger to it and treat it like a regular little lamp...

5 Stars  awesome product 
great price! does the job - 3 settingslow,med,high-does not take up a lot of space...recommend

5 Stars  Swan light 
Love it and bought a second one.

4 Stars  base too light 
need more weigt in the base because its to flimse and any movement around goes and drop itself to the floor.

5 Stars  Swan Light 
I am very happy with this little light.I bought 9 of them for grandchildren and everyone loves them. I ordered 5 more for adults because they liked them. Its nice that they can be used while plugged into the computer or standing alone. You can put them anywhere. In a closet, hallway or use as a night light. The 3 brightness levels are most helpful. Im thinking of getting a few more just to have for emergencies when the electricity goes out.

3 Stars  Very small 
The lamp itself is nice, it is just extremely small. I guess I did not pay attention to the measurements provided. It is not something you want to buy for an adult working desk. Might be good for a child or place you just need a little lamp for light.

5 Stars  Great lamp 
It is very bright and very handy. Can be used anywhere and adjustable for any type of light you need, I really like this little lamp..

5 Stars  Handy lights 
I bought three of these... one was DOA, got a replacement lightening fast... very handy lights, very positionable, for putting a bit of extra light just where its needed

5 Stars  Great little lamp! 
This is the perfect little lamp for my cluttered desktop. It takes very little room, but gives enough light for any task, and the flexible stand enables one to direct the light exactly where needed.

5 Stars  Desk Lamp 
Best product ever, I use this lamp for my PC over keyboard for evening use. Have been looking for a lamp like this only found on your site. Thanks for being the for me.

5 Stars  Perfect 
I ordered 3 for grandkids/liked them so well, I kept them for my own use...ordered 3 more! None of the 3 lamps worked when they arrived...called Customer Service, they tested 3 before shipping, and I received them in a few days...Fantastic service with a smile...waiting for my current order.VERY PLEASED WITH PRODUCT AND PULSE TV...

4 Stars  Good Light for Reading! 
PROS I use this light to read, as I can get it very close to the paper & it doesnt get hot. I am a senior & my eyesight isnt what it use to be. It is also good to use when doing my nails or looking for stray hairs. It is extremely light weight, has a flexible neck, & 3 different brightness choices. It recharges quickly & I just put the charge cord into my charging station, next to my phone, tablet, etc. CONS topples easily would like to find a way of keeping it stable & close while reading, instead of holding it.

5 Stars  IT is great 
I bought this for me but my daughther like IT too so I gave her my and I bought 2 more ,they are sper light in weight easy too carry right brightness for night, charge fast, so far still seen how Many days last the charge

4 Stars  Good little lamp 
I like this little light. It works well. Rechargeable is a big plus. Not super strong, though.

5 Stars  Nice Bright Light for close up work! 
Once charged, you do not need a cord to use it! It gives off a nice Bright Light useful for hands-free projects, etc.

2 Stars  swan light 
I thought the swan light was going to be a bit more durable. Its really not to my liking, and I thought it was going to be brighter. Looking for something of that style just more durable and brighter.

5 Stars  Nice little light 
This is a nice little light.Its bright but not too bright. Just a little substitute.

5 Stars  Handy little lights 
Needed a little more reading light - live in an RV so space is at a premium- can put these anywhere, even bends for small shelves. Am very happy I ordered them, and the price made me happy as well!

4 Stars  Nice little light, BUT . . 
Purchased several for Christmas gifting. Decided to check one out, and found that it didnt work correctly. Im glad that I didnt give the bad one as a gift. All of the others checked out fine, and the recipients were very pleased. I didnt bother to try to get a replacement for the bad one. Not worth the agravation.

5 Stars  Bright and Beautiful 
Im very happy with my new desk lamp. Love the styling and the 3 different brightness levels. A good value for the money.

5 Stars  Review on flexible desk lamp 
We are thrilled with this light. Small, 3 settings for brightness, portable and works great!

4 Stars  Love it but... 
Its smaller than expected... Still love it.. Perfect for me work desk

4 Stars  LED Lamp 
The lighting is good for its size but the neck could be longer and the base should be weighted to prevent tipping

4 Stars  Great Product 
I was enjoying my swan light. I was putting a puzzle together on our back porch. I took a short break and when I got back my light was gone. I looked all over for it. I should have known. My husband had hi-jacked it. He was using it in his shed to read something and it provided enough light for him to read and it sat on his tool cabinet at just the right height and needed no electricity.

5 Stars  desk lamp 
good to work without turning the room lights on

4 Stars  Cute little light. 
I am quite pleased with this light. There was a slight problem about knowing how to operate this light as the on/off botton did not seem to respond. But then we figured it out and it works fine now.

5 Stars  Swan Light 
Im really happy with my lights, I ordered 3 to use in different rooms. They are bright but dim if that is what you want. I also like the fact they are rechargeable so dont have to replace bulbs. Would definitely recommend.

5 Stars  Lamplight 
Its compact but it gives off a good light, I got one for my grandson and a backup makeup light for me . We are both happy and the price was great.

5 Stars  Great Light 
I like how it work for my computer it gives me just enough light.

1 Stars  Swan Light 
Very disappointing. The light is so dim, its not worth using. Im sorry I ordered it, its not even usable!

5 Stars  Flexibility 
I gave two to grandkids. They like them for homework and the portability to use at flashlights.

5 Stars  Great Buy! 
This lamp is the bomb. its bright and Im able to position it anywhere I like for the best coverage. The quality and the price are unbeatable. I love it.

5 Stars  Handy and bright reading light 
I love this USB chargeable bright and light book light at a great price.

5 Stars  Performed as expected 
It is as advertised

5 Stars  Great little light 
My wife loves this light while she does her crossword puzzles

4 Stars  Swan Light 
I have it on right now. It does emit enough light to see my key board and other items that I need to see. I dont know long to charge it. I do like it very much!

5 Stars  Great light 
Great light.Works great for a little spot

5 Stars  Better than you think 
Its cute, compact, light, works with any of the hundred flat chargers that are already in your home

5 Stars  Great desk light 
I love this lamp and use it on my desk when I only need a little light but appreciate the fact that I can get more light with just a touch of a fingertip.

5 Stars  Lamp 
works well I use at its brightest.

4 Stars  DOES THE JOB 

1 Stars  Short battery charge 
Bought this for my son. He said the battery only lasted about two hours. I liked the size and it is very light weight, but was disappointed at the shortness of the charge of the battery.

4 Stars  Great customer service 
The first lamp I received didnt work. I called customer service, and another lamp, personally checked by the agent, was shipped right away. It works perfectly, and Im very pleased. I was very impressed by the wonderful customer service.

5 Stars  Desk Light 
Absolutely love it! Just ordered two more. The fact that it is portable is great.

5 Stars  Lamp 
This lamp is awesome and works great!

5 Stars  Great light with three levels 
This light is as light as a feather, and I love the three levels of light.

4 Stars  Comes in very handy! 
It lasts about an hour on full beam, then drops down to low beam. Surprisingly bright! I got 2 but shouldve gotten more!

Nice fit for my desk top and the 3 levels of brightness is great! Rechargeable makes it portable, too! I ordered 2...one didnt work correctly and Pulse replaced it with no hassles. I will continue to buy products from Pulse.

Review this item!