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RC Pocket Racers - Assorted Styles (No Choice Available)
RC Pocket Racers - Assorted Styles (No Choice Available)
RC Pocket Racers - Assorted Styles (No Choice Available)
RC Pocket Racers - Assorted Styles (No Choice Available)
RC Pocket Racers - Assorted Styles (No Choice Available)
RC Pocket Racers - Assorted Styles (No Choice Available)
RC Pocket Racers - Assorted Styles (No Choice Available)

RC Pocket Racers - Assorted Styles (No Choice Available)

RC Pocket Racers - Assorted Styles (No Choice Available)

Your Price: $7.99
Compare at: $14.99  (46% off)
SPECIAL: 2 for $11.98 (60% off)
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Sold Out
Get one for $7.99
Save $4.00 and get two for $11.98
Save $6.00 and get three for $17.97
Save $8.00 and get four for $23.96

These awesome RC Racers are a ton of fun packed into a car the size of a Matchbox or Hot Wheel... but you can actually control and race these!

That's right, these aren't just dull old diecast models. Each car comes with a remote control that doubles as a charging port that you can store the car in, plus 4 mini cones that you can set up to race around. They are 4-way remotes that allow you to turn left and right and even reverse.

You'll have a blast setting up custom race tracks around your house and achieving the best lap time you can!

They come in 4 different styles: Fury (yellow), Bull (red), Bullet (blue) and Phantom (black). There is no color style choice available, but they all look super cool. Due to our latest shipment, we may not be able to offer an assortment of colors when you buy more than one (as indicated in the video).

But yes, you can race multiple cars at the same time without crossing frequencies. Once you pair the remote with the car, it won't cut into another radio signal.

Note: despite what Zack says in the video, we cannot guarantee the warehouse will send you different colors. We got much more of a few colors than others, so you may get duplicates. Do Not Order if this an issue.

Features and Benefits:
- Mini RC Race Cars
- All-in-One Remote, Charger and Case
- Remote Charger takes 2 AAA Batteries
- 4 Way Controls (Left, Right, Forward and Reverse)
- Includes For Orange Cones for Custom Tracks
- Rubber Tires
- Working Tail and Head Lights
- 4 Car Styles: Fury, Bull, Bullet and Phantom (no style choice)
- Car Dimensions: 3" X 1.25" X 1"
- Remote Case Dimensions: 3.75"X 2.25" X 1"

Review this item!

1 Stars
dont know 
Lotsa fun for 2!

5 Stars
Cars are an absolute RIOT!

4 Stars
remote control cars for kids 
Should be used with kids above age of 5 or 6. Hatrd for younger ones to manipulate

5 Stars
They worked great! 
My two grandsons unwrapped their mini-cars and started racing each other immediately! I couldnt believe they worked so well with just a few training moves by both boys. I dont know how long the fun lasted, but I was a hero that day.

5 Stars
Great grandkids cars 
The grandson loves them...thats all that matters.

4 Stars
Great Little Cars 
I think it took me a while to get it going, that maybe because my batteries were not too strong. I cant remember now for sure.

5 Stars
This is a birthday gift 
Has not been given yet... but, I am sure my Nephew will love it.

1 Stars
Remote cars 
I bought 2 cars. They were both broken within an hour

5 Stars
Grandkids loved them

2 Stars
Pocket Racers Look Good, but Not Very Functional 
I bought 3 of these for my grandson. One didnt work out the package, PulseTV replaced it very quickly. However, the 3 that worked, only worked for 30 seconds at a time. Then you had to recharge the battery. Also, the solar panel never worked to recharge the battery. My grandson never plays with them because the battery only lasts 30 seconds, sometimes almost a minute. They are not worth any price.
Hi Roy! If the cars aren't holding a charge for long try changing the 2 AAA batteries in the charging case. Once you've replaced the batteries let the cars charge for 20-30 minutes. This should do the trick!
1/24/2019 - Paula

4 Stars
Grandkids loved them! 
Ordered for most of my grands for Christmas, was asked why not ALL. Lol. Guess they love them! Ordered another.

5 Stars
My 2 grandsons absolutely loved these racers. They are fabulous and provide kids with hours of fun!

5 Stars
Lots of Fun 
I purchased two of these as a Christmas gift for my husband. The cars work well and having working tail and headlights just adds to that. Of the original cars purchased, one controller did not work properly. It took one quick email to Pulse TV for my issue to be completely resolved. The cars themselves move fast and are a lot of fun. They require frequent charging, but even that is a fairly rapid process.

5 Stars
Great fun 
Great fun and a very good mechanical design to the car storage and powering unit.

1 Stars
RC Pocket Racers 
They were really fun...until the second car quit turning right after 3 days. Purchased for adult male that loved them until then.

4 Stars
A little misleading but fun 
The cars are a lot of fun. In the video we were told that if we ordered several we would get several colors. All we got were Black and Yellow cars. I ordered 7 of them. They did all run at the same time without any problems.

3 Stars
pocket racer 
the boys were disappointed because the cars didnt do what they were adertised to do they didnt go up the wall. Product needs worked on

5 Stars
Love them 
Were very thrilled. They worked very well. Didnt realize they actually could be stored in the controller. Better than I expected.

5 Stars
Great Remote racers 
My grandsons loved them

5 Stars
They are a lot of fun and a great buy.

5 Stars
ready to race 
good quality

5 Stars
RC Pocket Racer 
My grandson loves this! He plays with this more than his other cars

4 Stars
RC Pocket Racers 
Great fun! Easy to use and durable. I let my grand daughters play with them and they are 2 through 4 years old. They had a wonderful time with the racers. I would recommend these racers to anyone!

5 Stars
So fun! 
Bought this for my 2.5 year old grandson for Christmas. He loves it and chases after it as he is controlling it. I love how the headlights light up in forward, and the rear lights light up in reverse. Also, its so quiet when running! Awesome buy!

5 Stars
Tiny cars, great fun for a tiny price 
Loved em. They are so quick. Slightly hard to control. Battery recharges quickly, but doesnt last long enough. Bought 4 and everyone go to race. lots of fun

5 Stars
Family favorite stocking stuffer 
All kids ranging in age from 3 to 70 thorougly enjoy the racers

5 Stars
RC Pocket Racers 
Mu grandson loves it! :- Thank You

5 Stars
Big Hit 
I purchased 6 of these little cars for kids from ages 6 to 13 for Christmas gifts. Each child had so much fun with them. They set up their own obstacle courses, had races and really had so much fun. Small package. Tons of entertainment.

5 Stars
RC Pocket Racers 
Very nifty little racer. I gave one to my nephew whos 13 years old and he just loves playing with it. This would be a great stocking stuffer for the price.

5 Stars
pocket racers 
63 yrs old . I bought 2 sets one for me and one for my grand son for Christmas.I have already played with mind and they are a Blast.Remind me of HMO race cars as a kid.

4 Stars
Having Fun 
Sometimes difficult to control but a lot of fun

5 Stars
5 year old and daddy loved them 
All good!!!

5 Stars
You ca not beat quality plus the price is reasonable

5 Stars
Birthday gifts 
The two I gave away were received with great joy by a boy age 10 and my grandson age 6 - even the girls at the party and a 15 year old wanted one of them. Great fun and it gave me such pleasure to give them. The others will be Christmas gifts.

5 Stars
Great fun 
Just a blast

5 Stars
Great gift 
These are great for gift giving. The boys enjoyed playing with them.

5 Stars
great fun product that the grand kids will thoroughly enjoy for Christmas

5 Stars
Great Christmas stocking stuffersfor children & grandchildren 
So much fun. Cant wait to see my 4 grandchildren and probably 5 boys playing with these.

Review this item!