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Philips 7 LED Bulb (50W)
Philips 7 LED Bulb (50W)

Philips 7 LED Bulb (50W)

Philips 7 LED Bulb (50W)

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Create a comfortable and warm atmosphere in any room with this dimmable Philips 50 Watt Equivalent LED Light Bulb

The warm white (3000 Kelvin) bulbs create a comfortable and relaxing environment making them a great choice for a family room, bedroom, library and more.

These versatile LED bulbs, made by Philips a leader in LED lighting technology, can be dimmed to the desired level of brightness.

Instant Brightness! Some LED bulbs warm up slowly, taking time to achieve their full brightness potential. With these there's no waiting time required.

Because of the shape these are perfect for using in any type of overhead lighting like, can lights, fans, overhead light sockets and more.

- Soft white light
- Create a comfortable and relaxing environment
- Indoor Flood Light
- Dimmable design for custom lighting
- LED Bulb lasts approximately 22+ years
- E26 Standard Base
- 50 Watt Equivalent
- Brightness: 500 Lumens
- Actual Color Temperature- 3000K Bright White
- 5 Year Limited Manufacturer Warranty (see back of package for details)
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