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3 in 1 LED Emergency Bulb w/ Remote
3 in 1 LED Emergency Bulb w/ Remote
3 in 1 LED Emergency Bulb w/ Remote
3 in 1 LED Emergency Bulb w/ Remote
3 in 1 LED Emergency Bulb w/ Remote

3 in 1 LED Emergency Bulb w/ Remote

3 in 1 LED Emergency Bulb w/ Remote

Your Price: $6.99
Compare at: $29.99  (76% off)
SPECIAL: 2 for $9.98 (83% off)
Sold Out
Sold Out
Buy more to save even more...
Get one for $6.99
Save $4.00 more and get two for $9.98
Save $6.00 more and get three for $14.97
Save $8.00 more and get four for $19.95
Save $10.00 more and get five for $24.95

The New and Improved 3 in 1 LED Rechargeable Bulb is an energy efficient alternative to standard light bulbs, using less than 5 watts to provide the same light as a 30 watt incandescent bulb.

Have a power outage? When the bulb is in a light socket it will detect the loss of power, and go on automatically.

Its so easy to use... it screws into any standard light bulb sockets in lamps and light fixtures (E26/E27). The Bulb also recharges every time you screw it into a socket, and it doubles as a flashlight. Just unscrew it from the base, and take the light with you - it doesn't get hot!

Plus this new and improved bulb uses the latest in LED technology called SMDs. These are brighter and more efficent than regular LEDs and will last up to 25,000 hours of illumination!

- Screw into any standard E26 and E27 bulb sockets
- Recharges in sockets
- Emergency lighting (When in DC mode automatically lights up when mains power fails)
- Doubles as a flashlight
- Never gets hot to the touch
- Red LED indicator indicates lamp has power
- 90% energy savings over incandescent bulb
- 5 watt LED (250Lumens) replaces 30 watt incandescent
- The latest in LED technology called SMDs: brighter and more efficient than regular LEDs.
- 7 long-life SMDs lasts 25,000 hours
- No IR or UV radiation
- LED retrofits offer the benefits of containing no mercury,
- Saves energy (uses 80% less than general incandescent bulb)
- Extreme durability
- Includes Remote Control

- Lamp holder: E27
- Charging time: Approx 5 hours
- Duration time with no power source: Approx. 3 hours
- Remote control distance: 23 feet
- Battery capacity: 700 mAh, Maintenance-free

Review this item!


4 Stars  Butch 
I really do like them. Although we havent had a power outage yet, I have shut down the power to the light and checked it to see if it works. If the power isnt off for more than a couple hours, they will work just fine, but anymore than that, they will not be very bright!!!!!!!!!!

4 Stars  3 in 1 LED Emergency Bulb 
The 3 in 1 LED Emergency Bulb work and look great! These bulbs will definitely come in handy during a power outage or when going camping with the family. I strongly recommend being prepared and proactive for times when the lights go out by using the 3 in 1 LED Emergency Bulb.

5 Stars  Let there be light 
Get product for a great price. I bought 5 of them and they work great.

5 Stars  Useful and Priced Right 
Great idea art a reasonable price

4 Stars  Great Deal 
So far they are working very good.

4 Stars  3 in 1 LED Emergency Bulb w/ Remote 
The 3 in 1 Led Emergency Bulb is a very good bulb. I like them & have bought a few of them as I have a lot of power outages. When U receive them open them right away & try to turn them on with the remote as a lot of them have bad batteries in them & report the bad ones out to PluseTV & they will replace them for U. Some of the bulbs will work fine & some have bad batteries in them. Pulse will replace the bad ones right away. Jerry.

5 Stars  Better than expected 
Im at a loss to explain how these units can charge in a light socket thats not even turned on. But they do and they provide two levels of brightness. Full power could strip paint and the low setting would be perfect for a romantic dinner.

5 Stars  Emergency Light For Home 
Loss of electric power in a home can cause severe conditions at night. This happened as we all slept about 3 AM and shortly after, a family member fell and sustained a very bloody head wound. Even street lights were not lit. I struggled to find matches for our ever-present candles. We made it to the hospital ER and a few stitches later the small artery was repaired. When I saw these lights on sale I bought some and wish I had bought MORE to give to my children and friends. They double as flashlights also.

5 Stars  Great product 
These are great for emergency situations and even when you just need a bright beam for a nonemergency reason. I ordered and received four bulbs, one of which would not respond to the remote. I contacted customer service and it was replaced promptly.

5 Stars  A MUST 
This product is a must for every home. It made me feel secure in case of emergencies not only for the bulbs to come on automatically but, they can also be used as a flashlight. It should be in everyones stocking this year. Last year these bulbs certainly were in all my familys stockings. Also makes great grab gifts for the holidays. Just make sure you buy enough for yourself.

3 Stars  Emergency Bulb 2w/Remote is great 
Works as advertised in my lamp.

5 Stars  Great Product 
I was impressed on how much light was generated. It took only a short time for the internal battery to be charged enough to produce the bright light. Money well spent. I bought three!

5 Stars  Great Light. 
This is a great product for such a great low price.

5 Stars  Great light 
Extremely bright and works for a long g time on a charge.

3 Stars  3 in 1 LED Emergency Bulb w/Remote 
This light bulb is ok not the greatest, It isnt bright enough and you cant use it as a regular bulb to light your room

4 Stars  Great little bulb 
I like it. I love the flashlight option and it shines really bright.

2 Stars  too much interference 
I put one of these in my living room, every time I went to change the channel or adjust the volume on my television the light would turn on or off

5 Stars  Great Idea 
These bulbs are great. Use them as an LED light bulb and when the power goes out they come on and can be used as a flashlight.

5 Stars  Great 
This item is perfect for power outages. Its very easy to use and every home in America should have this item.

2 Stars  does not fit most lamps 
It is a nice light with great features but is too lrge to fit into the harp that is in most lamps.

2 Stars  Not very bright. 
Good in a pinch during a power failure. They do not have enough brightness at all.

5 Stars  Great Buy 
Awesome gadget.. works great. Remote control great plus!

5 Stars  Light Bulbs 
These are so cool.


5 Stars  Emergency light 
Excellent !!! You cant have enough and a fair price I will probably order more for family Christmas

5 Stars  Hurricane Helper 
Ordered two of these items as we are preparing for a potential hurricane. It charged easily and works so well by remote or by holding the bulb and following the enclosed directions. Great price! We are ready for the power outages!!!

1 Stars  3 in 1 LED Bulb 
Not strong enough or bright enough - too large of a casing - doesnt fit - waste of money

5 Stars  Emergency Bulb 
Excellent emergency item, great value. Another great from Pulse.

5 Stars  Love it!! 
When I ordered this I wasnt sure what to expect, but I am so glad I purchased, not one , but three. They are super bright and are perfect for blackouts, searching for things.


5 Stars  3 in 1 emergency bulb with remote 
works great easy to install and priced right..

5 Stars  Emergency light 
Works very well. Very bright.

5 Stars  Great product 
I love the emergency bulb. I like that it doesnt get hot so I can handle it. It gives great light. I like that it has 2 brightnesses. The remote control is very nice, too!

5 Stars  led emergency bulb w remote 
love them giving to my family

5 Stars  emergency bulbs 
Received and all worked

If you put this bulb in a lamp, it illuminates the ceiling and does not shine down for reading etc.

5 Stars  Led Light 
This is a great light cant go wrong

4 Stars  lights 
i love them i would love them more if the were brighter love the remote

1 Stars  Severe product underperformance 
If I wanted a light this dim, I would have invested in solar garden lights that barely offer a dim glow. These bulbs did not live up to the performance description.

5 Stars  Terrific Bulb 
This is a great idea, an LED bulb that can be used as an emergency light, a bulb the comes on when the power goes out & the remote control is a really nice feature

5 Stars  Works great 
Good value and peace of mind when the power goes out.

2 Stars  More Illumination power needed 
This emergency bulb is a very good idea, unfortunately in the normal use mode this bulb is closer to a seven watt night light than a normal use 60 watt bulb

2 Stars  Bulbs 
I thought I could put them in a traditional lamp with a shade.The light emitted when its facing up to ceiling is non existent.The only lamp you can use it in is a desk lamp without shade,and then it sticks out 11/2 inches beyond lamp.

2 Stars  Lamp light flashlight 
Does not illuminate in the lamp very good

1 Stars  Did not fit in any of our sockets 
The bulbs are thick at the base and this did not sit well with our current sockets which only accept bulbs that are slim at the base.
Hi Ronald, Thank you for the review. The 3 in 1 Emergency Bulb does require a E26 E27 bulb socket. These are the more standard size bulb sockets.
3/29/2019 - Paula

5 Stars  hurricane proof 
Ive had enough time to play around with these. I know now that these are going to be great during our hurricane prone area. I use a generator to keep my appliances going but have never used anything but lanterns for light. Passed this info to my family and they are purchasing these great lights as well.

4 Stars  Very bright 
Using remote to turn light on results in enough lite to fill a 12X12 ROOM . The light will not turn on automatically when power fails so it wont kill the battery if there is no need for the lite. When turned on the light will last over an hour.

4 Stars  Light bulbs for emergencies 
I purchased these lights bulbs for emergencies when we lose our electricity. The only concern is they are bulky so if you use them n ceiling fans they are not the prettiest thing to look at. But they do work! You definitely will not be in the dark.

5 Stars  It like works 
Just add electricity and it illuminates like magic.

5 Stars  Great light 
Bought many of these for gifts because I live in Hurricane country, Everyone loved them

4 Stars  Works great in all 3 options. Not as bright as I hoped. 
Great little option to keep around for an emergency need and/or power outage. Theyre not as bright as I had hoped, but work well in all of their modes.

5 Stars  A winner for sure! 
This bulb is SO unexpectedly awesome. One of those nice bright lights that is the first thing I grab when the weather gets really rough. We live in a barn, huge steel building that originally was for our 36 ft motorhome. It purposely was built with two small apartments for either bad weather or poor health. Therefore whe it storms and the Power goes out that light is ideal! It charges in a regular light socket and add to that the remote control plus the 250 lumens of light add to the knowledge that if it is in the socket and the power goes out, this light automatically comes on and lights up the whole area all on its own!!

5 Stars  These Lights Are Great 
I ordered several of these to give as gifts, they were better than I thought they would be and reordered more for me and my sister! My sister helped her sons karate instructor, the light at his studio went out just before class and my sister had 2 of these in her car, she let them be used and class did not have to be cancelled he begged me to tell him where I got them. He could not believe the price till he went to the website.

5 Stars  Works Great 
This product works great. Ideal for those times when there is a power outage.

5 Stars  Works Great 
I have four of these located throughout my home and they work great.

5 Stars  Very Interesting and fun 
This 3 in one light serves so many purposes I have not seen anything like it so I have been testing it and boy is it exciting to have

4 Stars  Emergency Light 
The lights charge when not in use which is handy in emergency. Only drawback is its the same frequency as the TV remote.

4 Stars  Flashlight 
Pretty cool. Only problem I have is my tv remote also activates the lamps.

5 Stars  Really Cool Lights! 
Very Happy with these. I got 4 and love them. They charge up when you screw them in a socket. I tried one in my lamp. Very good light and it does not get hot and makes a great flashlight!

5 Stars  Convenient 
This is a very versatile item. In cases of emergency, its readily available.

5 Stars  Christmas dinner winners 
I bought several of these as favors for Christmas dinner with friends. They were a smash hit. Amazed at how they could be remote controlled as well as be used as a flashlight in the event of a power outage. I recommend them highly!

5 Stars  Great light for the price 
Good price, works well, recommend

2 Stars  Not as expected 
I ordered these with the thinking that these could be used as regular light bulbs and if the power went out theyd either come on or stay on if already were on. WRONG! Whenever these are on, theyre running off battery only and will only charge if the bulb switch is in the OFF position. The only reason Im giving them even a 2 is because if you have an extra light fixture somewhere that you dont use or need and can leave on, these make a good emergency light. Btw, these are too odd shaped to realistically use as a flashlight, thus another reason for the low score. If these could be used as a regular light bulb running off the electricity and only use the battery when the power is off, then theyd definitely be a 5 star product.

3 Stars  3 in 1 led Bulb w/remote 
Light is more like a flashlight than a bulb, flat light surface limits spread of light. Ordered four units, one of the remotes doesnt work. Kind of fun, but not worth more than $4.00 each.

2 Stars  very disappointed 
I thought that you can use a wall switch when not in use.The only means of turning on an off is with the remote my be good in a power outage but what about every day use

4 Stars  3 in one bulb 
have bought two before very happy bought another for gift

5 Stars  Big Hit for Gifts!!! 
Had to reorder because the feedback from everyone that got one as a gift loved it. It was a hit at Christmas! Had to place another order for people that heard about the gift. Awesome Idea!

5 Stars  Everyone needs this item! 
I purchased 2 of these bulbs to have in case of a power failure which everyone has the possibility of suffering through on occasion. I love the fact that once charged as instructed, I can use this bulb in a lamp or ceiling socket and it will light up a room brightly. I charged it in a socket over my bathroom sink. I can also carry it in my hand as a flashlight as well. It has an ac, dc and off switch. Because it worked so well, I bought 2 more to give to my grandsons for their apartments in another state in case of a power outage or if they need a bright flashlight!

5 Stars  Fantastic product 
I have purchased 12 of these for myself and to give to family members. They are so helpful in an area where the power goes out quite regularly. As a senior citizen I appreciate not having to stumble around in the dark when the lights go out.

4 Stars  Nice lights!! 
I have Ed been through an outage since I got these. Written directions are not clear, so it is a must to watch the video. Only problem I have is that my tv remote also turns on the light. Lol

5 Stars  It is what it says it is ! 
I bought one and plugged it in to charge it up. Tried the remote and it worked. The power went out in the middle of the night, it lit up the bedroom and woke me up. I was confused at first then very grateful. My alarm would not have gone off and I may have missed a DR. appointment. I bought another. Funny thing is My TV remote turns it on so I moved it to the bathroom !

2 Stars  Good gadget poor shape 
Although this bulb has a compelling feature, the design prohibits it from fitting in the traditional lamp shade metal housing. Fits torch like lighting but missed the mark with traditional table lights thus making it poor purchase.

4 Stars  Bulb 
I am using it in my bedroom for when I dont want too much light. I have used it as a flash light to look underneath furniture. I havent experienced a neighborhood black out yet but will come in handy when it does

5 Stars  A HUGE hit 
I purchased six of these for gifts for guests at Christmas dinner today. To say the recipients were impressed would be a gross understatement. They loved em! So did I. Great bargain, IMHO.

5 Stars  Super Light 
I already purchased several orders already. this product is so cool I fell in love with it the first order & later purchased more for myself & and as gifts. The advertisement is true. living in the country we experience quite a few power outages a year and it goes on immediately,this is the perfect fix, plus you can use it as a regular light bulb or an amazing flashlight and comes with a remote. A++++

5 Stars  3 in 1 light bulb 
This light bulb is amazing. I dont worry anymore about no lights when the power goes off because of a power outage! I like being able to use it as a flashlight as well.

4 Stars  Works great so far but doesnt fit many lamps that have a shade 
Same a headline the bulb is to big to fit in my of my lamps and they are quite large. I found 1 lamp that it fit in and its way to close to the shade to feel safe. They need to make it smaller, great idea bad execution.

5 Stars  Well pleased 
This light is a must-have. I have given some as gifts. I would highly recommend that every home have at least one of these. I love the fact that you can use it as a flashlight.

5 Stars  3 in1 bulb with remote 
This is a great product very bright light weight would do great if power ever out

5 Stars  Bright Portable Stationary 
I bought several as gifts and everyone loves them! They are bright enough to see where you are going when used as flashlight and they are bright enough to read by as a lamp. When left in another room you can use the remote to turn it on when you get to that room to see where you are going.

2 Stars  Dim light. 
A great idea that dell flat. I was excited to purchase these as gifts and got one for myself, but my excitement didnt last. I put the bulb in a lamp and found that it gave off very little light. My suggestion just use a flashlight.

5 Stars  plenty of light/ two modes 
can use as flashlight .used to light walkway over head and useing fo light for sump pump water level great buy .goinna buy more

4 Stars  3 in 1 LED Emergency Bulb w/ Remote 
I love the bulb, but I cannot use it anywhere I have a television, every time I use the remote, it turns the bulb on, so I will place it somewhere else. It is useful when the lights goes out.

5 Stars  Emerg Bulb 

5 Stars  great item for emergency use 
Fantastic idea and the price is great. it is a great item to add to everyones emergency list in case the power goes out!!

4 Stars  Great Product 
Great for the price. Great stocking stuffers and gifts.

5 Stars  useful and convenient 
During tornado season here in Texas we are in need of things like that. Now instead of using candles we will have Rechargeable bulbs all over the house. Or we can use it as a flashlight with a bright light. And it is so easy to recharge, just screw it into any standard light socket. Love it!

5 Stars  An excellent gift 
Very useful great quality and can be used as a flashlight and i got them at a fantastic price

5 Stars  Bright Light 
This is what I will be using for power outages....bright enough to light the areas I use.

5 Stars  Better to be ready! 
I first bought 2 and was so impressed with them, bought 2 more!!! In an emergency, I didnt have to search for a flashlight and hope the batteries werent dead! Instant light in darkness!!!

5 Stars  3 in 1 LED Emergency Bulb W/Remote 
Really bright, love it!!!

5 Stars  We Love These! 
I bought 2 the first time I ordered and we love them. I have since ordered 2 more times, thats how handy they really are!

5 Stars  Great light 
The light is very bright, ive only had them a couple weeks but they work really good. Hold a charge for a long time and love that they can be used as a flashlight.

3 Stars  Several MAJOR Problems !!?? 
Price is correct !! BUT, the Bulb is WAY TOO LARGE diameter to fit into an Upright Socket !! AND, because of the directional beam, the light produced seems DULL !! BEST utilized in a Torchiere Style Lamp, fixture with a downward facing socket or like a Clip On lamp with a back reflector !! FINALLY, Directions are FUZZY and you MUST Set to DC with your Lamp Power ON to get this Bulb to activate in Power OFF/Loss Mode !! THANKS !!

4 Stars  Too early to tell 
From what I can tell so far these will work well, charging up nicely in the lamp socket, and turns on for use, plus works brightly when removed, luckily our power hasnt went out to have to use in emergency.

4 Stars  Good product 
Works great!. Have already ordered 2 more bulbs for family members. Instructions were slightly confusing, but was able to figure it out. Only problem, first order came 4 weeks after ordering. Was disappointed on how long it took to get order.

5 Stars  3 way bulb 
everything I expected, very pleased

5 Stars  3 in one light bulb 
Great to work with. It was a great buy!

5 Stars  3 in 1 led emergenty bulb 
This will be so handy whenever the lights go out.

5 Stars  Excellent Purchase 
Got what I was expecting and more. Couldnt ask for more. Wanted it for emergencies but has come in handy at other times. Bought several as Christmas gifts.

5 Stars  GR8 Purchase 
Excellent purchase and Product !!

5 Stars  LED emergency bulb 
These lights are Emergency bulbs are very useful in time of power failure. I was without Electrice for 7 days and used the lights at night.

5 Stars  Love it 
It works great..one hair that I dont like that when use Tv remote it comes on and not so bright. It is very irritating when it does that

5 Stars  Great Light Idea 
This light works as described and works well.You can leave it in the socket during a power outage or take it out to use as a flashlight. What a great idea. We had a power outage the day after we received them & got to test it out. Now my family want to get them too.

5 Stars  Love it 
Works great but one hair of a problem...when turning my television with the Tv remote it has impact on the light Bulb..

5 Stars  excelent product. 
Living in NH it helps to have a bulb with the backup light during loss of power. Just tested it yesterday, as we lost our power for 1 hr.

4 Stars  LED Emergency Light 
Very happy with purchase, tested the light with power outage and the light works as described. Would recommend.

5 Stars  3in led lights 
The led lights works well. The flashlight works well so far but testing to see how long it last. Yes it does great so far.

5 Stars  3 in 1 emergency bulb 

4 Stars  emergency bulbs 
THEY WORK they do come right on when the power is interrupted and hold a charge, as well as functioning as regular bulbs in lighting fixtures.

5 Stars  tv remote turns it off and on 
I LOVE the light..and the fact it has a half power setting is awesome. Only thing, when I turn my TV on it turns off, on or to half mode. So each time I try to change a channel or go to Netflix it does its own thing over there.

5 Stars  so bright!! 
I really like this light, its the brightest one yet. My TV remote controls it, awkward, especially when the light is on and youre changing channels. But its a nice light in case of emergencies.

3 Stars  3 In ! Emergency Bulb 
Is Nice in fact that you can use as a flashlight But doesnt Hold a charge Long and it didnt come on when all Lights were out.

5 Stars  light 
great item works as stated

5 Stars  3 in 1 LED Emergency Bulb w/ Remote 
we think it is great. It was what we were expecting, and we put them in some areas of our apt. where we would need light if the power fails. Have not needed them yet, but we are ready if the electric goes off.

3 Stars  Good Product 
Overall my expectations were met but not exceeded. When the light comes on it isnt as bright as I thought it would be. Also, it doesnt fit all lamp shades. It is too big for some most of the ones I have.

5 Stars  Great light 
This light bulb is very easy to use and it gives a lot of light. I have it installed in a lamp right now in my living room and use the remote to turn it on and off. I know that it will give a good light to the room should the electric go off.

4 Stars  Very Good 
Although I havent had an electrical outage, it seems to word fine.

4 Stars  nice lighting 
These give off a nice light but go through the cycles with my tv remote. If I change the volume on the television, the light goes on or off as well. Other than that, I love them.

5 Stars  Wonderful 
Great product I purchased 7 all together. I have told many of my friends and family about this light bulb. I love it!

5 Stars  Bright and Saves on electric 
Like how it is so bright no need to use lights. Love it

5 Stars  Just What I Wanted 
When our power goes out these lights lite up the garage and the shed where the generator is located. Just perfect and the price was outstanding.

5 Stars  works great 
works great less expensive then buying an emergency light from a local hardware, thank you

5 Stars  Great Light 
I have not yet had the occasion to use the bulb. I have it on the setting for when my electricity goes out due to storm. I am looking forward to seeing if it works when that time comes. Thank you.

5 Stars  Let there B Light 
Love them gave one if them to my daughter she. USE it WOW IT WORK WOW ! Her lights was out because someone hit the light Pole she had No lights it Work Led light buld work THANKS

2 Stars  Disappointed 
The 3 in 1 LED Emergency Bulb w/ Remote does not give a full glow of lignt. It is somewhat fragmented. I would say at best ot is a bright nightlight.

3 Stars  Underwhelming 
Remote is handy but shoddily built...case warps with humidity. Bulb gives off an unimpressive amount of light. Occasionally comes on by itself. Two levels of illumination is nice. Just OK as a flashlight.

5 Stars  Bright pleasant color 
Simple to use.

5 Stars  Very bright, very dependable. 
Best light ever. Bought about 6 of them.

5 Stars  The very best for most situations. 
These 3 way lights will come in handy. During power outages as well as regular lightning and also can be used as a flashlight.

4 Stars  Fine Product 
These work great and just as described. The only draw back is this, your TV remote will also turn the light on and off. I have decided that is just a minor inconvenience when considering I will have light when the power goes out. I recommend it!

4 Stars  Its a really nice product. 
The lights works great since you did replace the bad one. They really works great. Thats a great investment.

5 Stars  it lights up my life 
put then in a cabin in a remote area and they work great. Love that one remote will work with all three lights. Need more of them.

5 Stars  Safety First 
These are wonderful. I have many older friends and have purchased six so far as gifts. They love them. They are such a great safety idea as many of these friends are not as secure on their feet in the dark and these lights provide a wonderful beacon of light to guide them so they dont fall. Love them. Great idea. And the remote allows them to turn on the light in any situation without getting up.

5 Stars  3 In 1 LED Emergency Bulb W/Remote 
I live in Fla. and we have power outages almost every time we have a thunderstorm and these lights are GREAT!!!! These lights do everything they show they do on the video. I have bought some for my family members and friends and I have several more to put throughout my house. This is one of the best investments I have ever made from Pulse TV.

5 Stars  My Uses For This Item. 
In ceiling fan lights. In bathroom. In Kitchen countertop. In desk lamp. In 3 light pole lamp. Mounted control with Velcro near other switches. You must point control directly at light to turn on and off. No mentaince, self charging. Battery runs for at least 3 hours before it needs to self charge. Recharges itself. Great use ful,inexpensive gift. SUGGESTION Increase your quality control procedures. I got 3 bad ones but were replaced with no charges.

5 Stars  Bright Light and Battery Saver 
I appreciate this invention as it will be charged and convenient to use in the event of a power outage.

4 Stars  My TV remote turns it on & off too - LOL 
I love the light and I have it in an easy to reach place **computer desk light** but my TV remote keeps turning it on like it says it might. There is a warning on the box or paperwork that tells you that. I havent had a power outage to test that part yet. I showed my family how it works as a flash light if needed.

5 Stars  Great product! 
These lights are great, really bright. We live in Florida so during a hurricane they are really going to be useful.

5 Stars  3 In 1 Led Emergency Bulb w/Remote - -WORKS!!!! 
I live in Baltimore City, MD and this past Monday it rained really bad. Anyone watching the news saw Ellicott City. My Power went out at 515PM and Returned at 930PM in the meantime my Emergency Bulbs worked PERFECT!

5 Stars  great product 
Love this thing. Have used it many times and love it. Gives great light and fun to use. A real plus for anyone

4 Stars  Its a really nice product. 
I only had one problem with it when i first order it an it came in the mail the remote was busted up an yall had to send me a new one. Thats the only issue Ive had with it. Other than that its great.

4 Stars  Very Nice 
The bulbs do exactly what the information says it can do. could be a little bit bright but for the price they are perfect.

5 Stars  Added Security!! 
I never like it when the power goes out but I love the confidence I have in knowing I will have a strong and bright flashlight to get me around the house!! It will also be easy to find as it will light up the way!

5 Stars  buy it 
works as it should

5 Stars  3/1 emergency lights. 
Received them and was pleasantly surprised of the Quality of the product. I plan on ordering two more.

5 Stars  Useful lightbulb 
You can screw this into a lamp socket and use it for light. Although it wont illuminate an entire room it will provide light for reading. It doesnt get hot so with a couple of turns it can be removed and used for a light to search in dark places like closets. It also has a remote, so turning it on is always in reach.

5 Stars  Impressive 
Shines brightly

3 Stars  3 in 1 LED bulb w/remote 
Love the idea, wish they were brighter! BUT Whatever frequency the remote has is the same one my auto sprinklers are on and they turned on the sprinklers even though they were set on off!! I know, weird!!

3 Stars  ok 
this is a nice bulb works good butt they need to say dont use around the TV or any thing that you use a remote for any remote will turn it on & off. rather than that it works good. will buy more.

5 Stars  Totally Amazing 
This product is truly a GREAT idea I love it you can use it as just as a light, flashlight or yes it is definitely beneficial as a emergency light when power goes off NOTE if you have it on continuously the battery does drain after 3 hrs. Another nice thing about this item it uses literally no electricity I put it on a tester while lit &/or just charging and shows zero 0 watts being used. This item gets the BEST rating that you can give.

3 Stars  I was disappointed with this product 
I was disappointed to find that you had to be within 20 feet of the light to use the remote. I wanted to be able to turn the light on from anywhere in my home. Also I was surprised when was watching television that the remote from my TV turned the light on and off.

5 Stars  Great backup 
This will come in handy for those power outages that come unexpected and those expected.To be able to keep the family at ease is great.

5 Stars  Its great 
When the power goes out, I know I have light to see everything I need.

5 Stars  great light! 
these lights are a wonder!! With the local electric co. installing new lines, My electricity is frequently turned off, but my NEW lights give me instant and brilliant illumination.

5 Stars  3 in 1 LED Emergency Bulb w/ Remote 
very handy and a good bright light! the usual summer power outages no longer life threatening. Im old,vision not as good as used to be either, falling could break me. with this bulb replacing one of the 3 in my ceiling light its much safer. moved tv so wasnt turning light off/on with vol. change, etc. no problem. highly recommend these bulbs for elderly/vision impaired especially.

4 Stars  3 in 1 Emergency Bulb w/Remote 
I love these bulbs they are very bright so its easy to see way in the back of closets or under things. I love it out in my shed it lights up a lot of space. I just need to find a lamp to screw it in to recharge it.

2 Stars  Not impressed 
Light not that bright. Light is very blue in color. Not a bulb I would use to replace my existing bulbs.

5 Stars  Great light 
I have been using them as regular light bulbs because we have been lucky enough not to be without power. The remote control worked nicely but that was just testing. I hope we dont need to use them anytime soon but it is nice to know we have the option when needed.

5 Stars  nice 
good bright light,like the convenience of the remote.On/off switch is helpful,if you leave it on other remotes will activate it.Good if you lose remote.I buy lots of different lights,this is my favorite

5 Stars  Great thing to have 
I love this emergency bulb. I have it in my bedroom light and use it every night. Great idea!!

5 Stars  light 

5 Stars  Love it 
Led emergency bulbs comes very handy to my mother in law.

5 Stars  3 in 1 LED EMERGENCY BULB 
Tthis item is 1 that I couldnt resist when I saw it. I never imagined a light like this and I love LED lights

5 Stars  A+ 
Couldnt be happier or more satisfied with your products or your people. 10 star

I bought 6 bulbs which arrived yesterday. I placed 4 bulbs into my overhead bathroom fixture. It had large floodlight type bulbs. The other 2 bulbs went in a desk lamp on one side of my 30 ft. Master Suite, and a floor lamp 20 ft. away. Now I can lay in bed with just 1 remote, and turn either light on or off.

5 Stars  great idea for emergency lighting 
used them during power outage and did the job

5 Stars  3 In 1 LED emergency bulb w.remote 
I really like it the only thing is it did not fit in the table lamp I wanted to put it in because it was too big around

5 Stars  Great 
Great invention. light comes on immediately when power goes out so you dont have to fumble around til finding a flashligh

5 Stars  Lights Without Power! 
I am so happy I made this purchase! I used the bulbs for 4 days and then cut the power box off. It was so nice to see the bulbs click on. I purchased 2, but I will be purchasing more. As you know, theyre going to do work on the Niagra Falls which supplies most of the power for the eastern section.

5 Stars  love these 
They are so bright, I have them screwed in to light fixtures charging, so they will be ready if needed, and use for a flashlight when needed

5 Stars  Safety First 
These lights are marvelous because they are safety first products. I originally bought two of these, one for me and one for a 92 year old friend who I worry about because she gets disoriented in the dark. Now I dont have to worry about her because if the power goes out, this light comes on. We both love the remote control so we can program it to come on at dusk. I am so happy with this purchase I ordered two more for gifts for my friends in the assisted living facility. You have a great product here. Thank you for sharing these lights with plus.

5 Stars  Excellent Product 
This product is great for closets. Light comes on when you open the closet and goes off when door is closed. Love it!

Great Item works fine use in the basement light.

4 Stars  great 
they work really well

4 Stars  Very handy in a blackout condition 
Although it doesnt give out the illumination my standard LED bulb gives out, it serves well for an emergency flashlight when the power goes out.

5 Stars  3 in 1 LED Emergency Bulb w/ Remote 
These are wonderful lights and so easy to recharge. I Love them.

5 Stars  Great bulb 
Fantastic, use it as a flashlight mainly, but when we tested it as an emergency light it was fantastic also.

5 Stars  Really different 
I love new stuff. This is very innovative in the fact that it will recharge itself. All my other flashlights are battery poor when I need them. I also like that it is not just like a beam of light, but it lights up most of the room. Great price---I bought two.

4 Stars  good light 
They seem to work good other then sometimes coming on by themselves.

5 Stars  3 in 1 Emergency Bulb w/ Remote 
Very much satisfied with this Product. Better then a Battery operated Emergency light.

2 Stars  Turns on by itself 
I really like the concept of this bulbs multi purpose uses and it is bright enough for normal usage, although not as bright for reading as the bulb that Ive been using. The main problem I had was that the bulb would randomly turn itself on when nobody was near it and there was no power interruption. I unscrewed it and put it back in the box.

3 Stars  3 In 1 LED bulb review. 
I love having a bulb that comes on when there is a power failure, which actually happened the first day that I used one of the bulbs. Also, they do work well as a flashlight, and they are very bright. There are two issues. The first is that the TV remote turned the bulb on and off whenever I hit any button on the remote. I didnt read about this possibility until I looked for it later. Secondly, the bulb does not fit in any of my lamps without taking off the lamp shades and metal harps, which I believe they are called, as the harps are not wide enough. I was able to bend one harp a bit, and could attach the lamp shade, but the harp and shade are a bit crooked. I feel that the video advertisement was a bit doctored.

5 Stars  Super product Super delivery 
I love the light bulb effect and efficiency and the flashlight. Best Quality Comes on automatically when electricity goes off No looking for a flashlight No candles No lanterns. Greatest product ever.

5 Stars  Great Emergency Bulb 
I ordered a bunch of these lights for Family n I! Perfect if power goes out n you need an emergency light,Also can be used as a Flashlight. My son Suggested taking camping as well, for a great Flashlight!

5 Stars  A Light in the darkness 
This is the GREATEST idea EVER!

3 Stars  Light Bulb 
The light bulb is okay but my TV remote turns it on and off and the light itself is not very bright. I would not buy any more.

5 Stars  LED Emergency Bulb 
I am very please with the bulbs I purchased.

5 Stars  good lights 
so far, so good. no problems with the items.

5 Stars  Bright Idea 
I recently purchased the 3 in 1 emergency bulb with a remote control. I am very pleased with the product. It is quite bright and holds its energy when unplugged. This gives me the freedom to move the lamp and not worry about an outlet being close enough.It turns on when I use my TV remote, but this is not a problem, I use the remote that came with it and turn it off again.

4 Stars  Good light bulb 
Has many & varied uses. Enjoy having the convenience of it.

5 Stars  These Are Great! 
I Have Bought 6 Of These. They Work Great.

5 Stars  Great 
The bulb is really great as it will work with a power failure, and can be used as a high intensity flash light. Glad I bought 2.

3 Stars  Works when I dont want it to.... 
As for working unplugged, it works just fine. When I install it in my track light in my bedroom, all works good with the remote control. The problem is when I turn on my TV it wants to light up, must be on the same wave length or frequency when using my cell phone

4 Stars  bright enuf to be usful 
These work as advertised, and remote is handy. The only very minor issue for me is that when using in flashlite or emergency mode, DC and AC switches both turn on lite dont see a need for ever going to DC

5 Stars  great bulbs 
They charge up nicely and I love the remote control. One controller is missing but I dont see a problem because I have 2 more. Should really be helpful when the lights go out.

3 Stars  What is not what I 
The bulbs were not what I expected. I keep them plugged in all night. But then they even plugged up they still dont shine as bright as I thought they would.

5 Stars  LED emergency bulb 
This is very useful, like it more as emergency light.

4 Stars  Good for emergencies 
Handy in case of temporary power loss

5 Stars  Kept one n Shared one 
3 in 1 is Great as Flashlight or as emergency Power outage Lamp/Light.

5 Stars  A little hard to initially work, but great afterwards! 
It took a bit to get this bulb to work initially, but after we figured it out, it worked great! The instructions are not the easiest to follow and just a suggestion - make sure you know your lamp and how it works, especially if it has three-way capabilities.

5 Stars  3 in 1 LED Emergency Bulb w/ Remote 
We had a power outage a few days ago and emergency bulbs were a great help.

5 Stars  GReat lights 
THese are being used in my sons music studio

5 Stars  The remote makes it very user friendly 
It has a soft glow which is very easy on the eyes

4 Stars  Useful Product 
item was as described-good price-fast shipping-great customer service

4 Stars  bulb 
its great just would like to see one that is more like a regular light bulb, not real fat though 4 stars because it wont go on when you use the power switch on the wall that always turned on my lights, which I think should when in A/C mode

I bought this light to use it night time ,I charge it whole day to use it night time ,but I t did not last as I expected, may be 2 hours ..Thats why I gave it 3 stars

5 Stars  Great little item 
I live in Florida so the storms knock my lights out all the time.I like this idea.

IT is ok ,but I thought this bulb will stay on long time I charge it the whole day and night time I turn it on ,It stayed on for 2 hours only .It doesnt stay long time the way I want it

5 Stars  Realized Something Funny About These Bulbs No Im Not Going Crazy 
I realized something funny about these bulbs tonight, and realized Im not going crazy. I have already reviewed this item in detail the other day but for some reason that review isnt showing up yet, They are awesome bulbs. I wanted to make everyone aware of something I discovered tonight, so you too wont think youre going crazy. I was sitting here the other night and had turned my bulb off via the bulbs remote control. Then just out of the blue or so i thought it just turned itself back on again about 20 mins later. I thought, ok we must have had a small power loss or something, and its doing what its suppose to do, so I again turned it off, only this time flipping the switch on the actual bulb to the Off position. I had no further issues with strange things happening with it until tonight, then it finally dawned on me what was going on with the bulb. I had the bulb in AC position, and went to adjust my TV volume on my Direct TV remote control. Yelp, you guessed it, the Direct TV remote control will also operate these bulbs when they are in either the AC or DC position by switching them from bright, to dim, to off, and then back on again as long as you are operating the TV remote. The remote does not affect them, what so ever, in the off position, so you might want to turn the actual bulb switch position to the Off mode when not in use, and when you dont want the light to accidentally come on when youre using your TV remote. Anyway, I just thought Id share this interesting bit of info I discovered so no one else will be wondering what the heck is the light coming on or going off when they havent even touched it, or its remote control.

5 Stars  Love it - great idea 
This is really great for the reasons you mention, but you really dont talk enough about how great it is to have the Remote Control! Im 87 years old and it is nice to not have to get up to turn the lights on.

5 Stars  WOW explains these bulbs 
We live an an older house and we have always had an issue having enough light, but not anymore. I just received these a couple of days ago and I already have them in our ceiling fans, I broke out a desk lamp that Ive had stored and put one in there and all I can say is WOW what a difference. My hubby is going blind from his diabetes, so having enough light to prevent further eye strain, or injuries with him is so necessary and these little jewels are a Godsend. I plan to share a couple of these with dear friends and family for Christmas but Ive already ordered another bunch to put in the basement, garage, upstairs, and in our RV. Yelp, these are my new BFFs for life. ALso Id love for Zoom to consider bring these out with the smaller screw in end sizes too because some of our ceiling fans are newer ones and unfortunately they are all coming out with the small end bulb light holders in them now . Thank you Pulse for selling yet another quality product, at an affordable price.

5 Stars  Fantastic light 
All my neighbors want one. We have a lot of power outages here and having a light that will come on when the power goes out without costing a fortune is amazing! Plus I have one hall where the only switch is at the other end so this will solve my problem of being at the wrong end.

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