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2-in-1 Ninja LED Light Bulb
2-in-1 Ninja LED Light Bulb
2-in-1 Ninja LED Light Bulb
2-in-1 Ninja LED Light Bulb
2-in-1 Ninja LED Light Bulb
2-in-1 Ninja LED Light Bulb
2-in-1 Ninja LED Light Bulb

2-in-1 Ninja LED Light Bulb

2-in-1 Ninja LED Light Bulb

Your Price: $14.99
Compare at: $39.99  (62% off)
SPECIAL: 2 for $25.98 (68% off)
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Part LED light bulb, part bug zapper! Kill those mosquitos responsible for the Zika Virus, Malaria, West Nile, and more. The 2-in-1 bulb can be used indoors and outdoors in any standard light fixture. The energy-efficient warm white LED replaces a typical 40W bulb, and only uses 5W of power. The 30,000 hour lifespan of LEDs makes this an eco-friendly alternative to traditional bulbs, with an estimated energy cost of just $.66 per year!

4 ultraviolet LEDs lure the pests and zap them with the high voltage grid once they get too close. This patent-pending bulb also utilizes Titanium Dioxide composite to produce CO2, which specifically lures mosquitos. It's a silent, chemical-free solution to mosquitos and other flying pests, and there's no cords or batteries to worry about.

After installing the bulb, simply flick the light switch on to turn on both functions. Flick the switch on and off to activate only the pest killing function. Note: The white LED function cannot operate on it's own.

The bulb is housed in durable plastic that won't shatter if dropped, and safely protects you from accidental zaps during normal handling. Small fingers can slip through however, and be aware that there may still be a leftover charge on the metal grid, even if the bulb isn't plugged in.

- 2-in-1 Mosquito Killing LED Bulb
- 5W, 350 Lumens
- 4300K Warm White Bulb
- LED Lifespan: 30,000 Hours
- Mosquito Killing Function: .15W
- UV LEDs and CO2 Emission Lure Pests
- Grid Voltage: 2000-3000V
- Chemical-Free, Mercury-Free
- Includes Cleaning Brush
- Smart Switch Technology Cycles Functions
- Standard E26/27 Light Fixture Base
- Dimensions: 6in x 3in diameter

Review this item!

5 Stars
Great light 
Love this light, it does everything it said it would.

5 Stars
Great products which work as Advertised 
I have two, one at the front door and one at the back. They do a great job of keeping mosquitoes out of the apartment. I have to clean them at least once every two weeks which is their only drawback.

1 Stars
Bring on the Bugs 
The bulb attracts bugs for sure but they do not go into the cage and expire, they just wait for the door to be opened and follow us in. I bought three and am intending to return two since one is used..........lower your expectations!

1 Stars
Didnt work for me 
I had bugs fly right by it, and none of them were interested.

5 Stars
They Work 
Kills them Dead. Good product, good value. Product as described and works effectively. Sorry, No Snap, Crackle, Pop for each mosquitos demise. The big question is placement of the lights, whether near your location or away, to draw the mosquitos from you, Or to zap them when they are close. Mosquitos are abundant this time of year here, requiring an every other day brushing of the dead ones.

4 Stars
Product works as advertised

5 Stars
I like the concept, but might be too small for a large area. Its just now starting summer so well see. I did buy one for a friend and she loves it.

5 Stars
Ninja LED Light Bulb - 👍 
I’ve ordered 6 or more ...can’t remember. I absolutely love the Ninja LED Light Bulb! They have killed thousands of mesquitos in my back yard. I even put one in my chicken coop, I know they love it” So far I give this a five thumbs up!!!!! But don’t know the longevity yet?

5 Stars
You will love this light 
The bugs are not bad yet in FL. This light is zapping the ones we have right now. We are looking forward to a big free porch this summer.

5 Stars
Worked great all summer 
Have this over my back porch and grill. In the past, there has been a congregation of flying creatures circling the screen door ... not this year thanks to this bulb. Great product!

5 Stars
We put them in and noticed a considerably less amount of skeeters

5 Stars
Love these 
I put two of these outside and you can really notice the difference. My neighbor was over and wondered why the mosquitoes werent around. I told her and now she is ordering. Do I get a commission?

1 Stars
No replacement parts!! 
I went online to ask if the $20 lightbulb I was buying had replacements for the Titanium Dioxide that attracts the mosquitos.. Below is the copy of the chat- Chris: How long does the Titanium Dioxide part last in the Bug zapper light or night light? Call accepted by operator Sandy. Currently in room: Sandy. Sandy: Good Morning, I am not sure. Chris: and can you by replacements.. Sandy: No we do not have replacements. Chris: so once the Titanium Dioxide runs out I throw away the light?? Sandy: Yes, I am sorry. Chris: Ok wonderful Chris: thanks for your help Sandy: You have a good day.
You may be able to find replacements online at another store, but currently we do not have them. If we find some good replacements, we may get them in the future. Please continue to check out our website for updates on new products.
7/27/2017 - Amber

Review this item!