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American Hero WWII DVDs
American Hero WWII DVDs
American Hero WWII DVDs
American Hero WWII DVDs

American Hero WWII DVDs

American Hero WWII DVDs

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World War II was the 20th Century's most significant single event. It altered forever the lives and fortunes of nations and individuals and its echoes will ripple through time for generations to come.

It will take its place among the signal occurrences of all recorded history... yet its voices have not been heard. While we know what the generals and politicians were thinking and the actions they took during the war, the men of America, the "common clay" that faced the ultimate horror, have not been heard from and are leaving life's stage without bearing full witness. Their departure in silence would be a tragedy and must not be allowed to occur.

The American Hero documentary film series rectifies this omission while defining the essence of combat. Only by attempting to comprehend what the soldiers of World War II experienced in their souls can America know, for the first time, what so many have carefully kept hidden. Most do not speak of their war to their friends and families. Only they know the nature of the excruciating crucible through which they passed.

Peleliu 1944: Horror In The Pacific
In conditions that tested the sanity of every Marine on the island of Peleliu, 9,000 Marines fought 10,000 Japanese dug into hundreds of coral and limestone caves for 28 days of unrelenting warfare.

It has gone down in history as one of the most ferocious and costly battles of WWII. The taking of Peleliu to take only four days to secure but it raged on earned the highest casualty rate than that of all other amphibious operations during the Pacific War. The National Museum of the Marine Corps called it "the bitterest battle of the war for the Marines".

In this harrowing DVD the men of Company K, 3rd Battalion, 5th Marine Regiment describe the battle, the inhuman conditions and the heavy toll the battle took. You'll also see rare archival, award-winning footage of the bloody battle.

Interesting to note that four of the Marines featured in this DVD Peleliu 1944 film were characters in the HBO series "The Pacific" which especially focused on Eugene Sledge. HBO actually used some of the interview footage on this DVD to include on their Blu Ray

- HBO Series The Pacific was inspired by four of the men in this DVD
- Winner of 1993 Telly Award Winner
- 59 Minutes
- Rare Archival Footage
- Interviews with many of the men who fought

Pistol Packin' Mama: The Missions of a B-17
Experience the harrowing life of a bomber crewman in this gripping, real life story and missions of the B-17.

From the strain and cold to the fear and sense of death and loss, you'll see stunning combat film footage along with personal photos and stories from five crew members who battled fighters and flak 25,000 feet above Hitler's Third Reich!

- 49 Minutes
- Best Documentary Silver Medalist Houston International Film Festival
- Rare and Graphic Combat Footage

Fighting 17: The Jolly Rogers
This is the true and gripping story of Navy Squadron VF-17, the Jolly Rogers.

Flying their beloved Hogs, the F4U-1 Corsair, they cleared the skies of 154 Japanese planes in 76 days of combat over the Solomon Islands.

What is remarkable is they never lost a bomber to enemy attack. The Jolly Rogers destroyed the heart of Japanese Fighter Command over Bougainville and Rabaul, paving the way for the Allied advance.

Meet five of the Jolly rogers as they share memories, exceptional film footage, personal photographs and more.

- Rarely seen footage from WWII
- 52 minutes
- "An excellent piece of oral history."

17th Airborne: The Bulge To The Rhine
Experience the true story of an obscure battalion, the 681st Glider Field Artillery of the 17th Airborne.

Follow five green, young soldiers who thought the war might end before they would see action. Instead they enter combat on Christmas Day 1944 at the Battle of the Bulge. Four months later they are over the Rhine pushing forward the Allied advance.

It's a truly gripping story as these five men describe their first combat, the bone-chilling cold of a European winter, the constant fear and ferocious enemy.

- Finalist at the International Film Festival of New York for Best Documentary in 1990
- 48 minutes
- First hand accounts

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5 Stars  Good DOC> 
Good DOC. about WW11.

5 Stars  Well worth the price. 
I bought this video for a friend whose father was in the Battle of Peleliu. I watched it before giving it to him and was appalled by the carnage from that battle. My hats off to the combat photographers who risked their lives to make video recordings of battles such as this one. This video should be shown in high school history classes so that todays youth can see what sacrifices were made to help make this country free.

5 Stars  Grewt Footage 
I am an avid history buff and while Ive seen some of this footage I was really surprised there was footage I had never seen. Good Job PulseTV

3 Stars  OK DVD 
This DVD was OK but not what I expected.

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