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iZoom Tactical Pro Gear<br />SWAT LED Flashlight Kit
iZoom Tactical Pro Gear<br />SWAT LED Flashlight Kit
iZoom Tactical Pro Gear<br />SWAT LED Flashlight Kit
iZoom Tactical Pro Gear<br />SWAT LED Flashlight Kit
iZoom Tactical Pro Gear<br />SWAT LED Flashlight Kit
iZoom Tactical Pro Gear<br />SWAT LED Flashlight Kit
iZoom Tactical Pro Gear<br />SWAT LED Flashlight Kit
iZoom Tactical Pro Gear
SWAT LED Flashlight Kit

iZoom Tactical Pro Gear
SWAT LED Flashlight Kit

iZoom Tactical Pro Gear
SWAT LED Flashlight Kit

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5 Reasons The Red Cross Recommends To Carry A Flashlight, ALWAYS

Power Outages:

They can wreak havoc not on just a city, but the people itself causing chaos and disorder in no time such as the Northeast blackout in 2003 when the power suddenly left people from the Midwest to Northeastern U.S. to Canada without power for over two days.

Most people depend on emergency lighting that are typically placed throughout schools or your work, but as well can be a gamble and should never be fully depended on.

Be prepared for navigation through the panic and disorder fast with your EDC flashlight. It doesn't have to just be at home when a breaker blows, but can be in a dark elevator, a movie theater or just about any typical daily-life situation. Don't be amongst the unprepared, wandering amidst the dark, asking for trouble. Even the smallest, lightest of flashlights can be a major help in a power outage.

Weather Emergencies:

Bad Weather can not only cause power outages, it can make a major difference in natural lighting such as moonlight during night with heavy clouds or rainy conditions. Earthquakes and natural disasters happen, all the time. Volcanoes can blow, leaving entire cities underneath several feet of ash and without power for weeks. Heavy ice conditions snap power lines in two.

Torrential rains, landslides, blizzards and more can change your lighting situation in a second. Be ready with your tactical, durable EDC flashlight for survival in any type of natural disaster.

Emergency Tool:

Flat tires, power outages, lost pets, natural disasters - Emergencies happen to us all. Flashlights come with several helpful features like SOS, strobe and red flashing alert modes that can aid you in an emergency.

Because flashlights are compact and lightweight, they are easy to carry and store. Best practices include: keeping fresh batteries in flashlights at all times and keeping flashlights where you will need them during an emergency - bed side table, closet, glove box, emergency kit.

Identifying Threats & Dangers:

Sure, flashlights are great for seeing in the dark, but if you're in a dangerous situation you can use your flashlight to identify a threat. Whether it's an animal or another person, being able to see your target is vital.

If you can't see your target you can easily end up hurting someone that isn't a threat or allowing someone to get close that definitely is one. Having a light on you at all times helps you to know who's coming close quickly and easily.

Situational Awareness:

Many people like to brighten their path while walking home or to their cars late at night. Extra light helps them feel safe and secure. Whether you're walking on a college campus, maneuvering through a parking garage or jogging on a dark path, a flashlight or lightweight headlamp is always essential.

Flashlights are also handy around the house when searching in storage rooms, looking for lost objects and providing light in a power outage.

PulseTV Editors Pick:

The SWAT Tactical Rechargeable Flashlight Kit by iZoom. This LED flashlight features a compact design and balanced weight-to-size ratio making it ideal for all users. Small enough to practically fit anywhere, but large enough for demanding lighting needs it is great for walks, camping, hiking, fishing, or any dark environment. Made of high-strength aerospace aluminum, this Tactical Flashlight is water and shock resistant.

The Kit includes: Tactical SWAT Flashlight with 120 lumen high intensity bulb w/ 100K+ hour lifespan, rechargeable ion battery, plastic battery shell , car charger, wall charger, battery adapter, wrist strap, and orange safety wand head.
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