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Living Art DVD's
Living Art DVD's
Living Art DVD's
Living Art DVD's
Living Art DVD's

Living Art DVD's

Living Art DVD's

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SPECIAL: 2 for $3.98 (80% off)
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Save $3.00 more and get all for $13.93
Living Art's atmospheric DVDs fill TV screens with loops of soothing images, calming music, and ambient sounds.

The DVDs immerse onlookers in kaleidoscopic colors and calming soundscapes.

Shot with HD technology for a crystal clear picture. These is loved by one and all!

Any one of these are excellent to put on a TV when you are entertaining. And stock up on these. Our deal price of $2.49 (or two for $3.98) make it a must to buy and everyone will love getting these as a gift.

All DVD videos are looped for continuous play and digitally mastered for your optimal viewing pleasure. Living Art is a proven method used to promote deep relaxation therapy and positive mood enhancement.

- Choose from seven DVDs
- Soothing images accompanied by relaxing music and ambient sounds
- Deepens relaxation and improves mood
- Audio Options: Choose the Natural Sounds of the scene; many cuts of relaxing music, or both!

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