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Living Art DVD's
Living Art DVD's
Living Art DVD's
Living Art DVD's
Living Art DVD's

Living Art DVD's

Living Art DVD's

Compare at: $9.99  (90% off)
Sold Out
*PLEASE NOTE: While the video may say you get a price break when you purchase two or more of this item, you do not when it is on sale. The sale price is well below the normal 2 or more discount price.

Living Art's atmospheric DVDs fill TV screens with loops of soothing images, calming music, and ambient sounds.

The DVDs immerse onlookers in kaleidoscopic colors and calming soundscapes.

Shot with HD technology for a crystal clear picture. These is loved by one and all!

Any one of these are excellent to put on a TV when you are entertaining. And stock up on these. Our deal price of $2.49 (or two for $3.98) make it a must to buy and everyone will love getting these as a gift.

All DVD videos are looped for continuous play and digitally mastered for your optimal viewing pleasure. Living Art is a proven method used to promote deep relaxation therapy and positive mood enhancement.

- Choose from seven DVDs
- Soothing images accompanied by relaxing music and ambient sounds
- Deepens relaxation and improves mood
- Audio Options: Choose the Natural Sounds of the scene; many cuts of relaxing music, or both!

Review this item!

4 Stars
(1) Living Art DVDS 
Both are very nice but a bit too long, get boring after awhile

5 Stars
(2) Very relaxing! 
Love these dvds...they are very relaxing. Good for watching, playing in the background while doing daily chores, or just napping. Great stress-relief for 99 cents!

5 Stars
(3) Very relaxing! 
Love this dvd. Even if the campfire is filmed in someones backyard with a professionally installed water feature in the background, its still cute and relaxing.

5 Stars
(4) Very relaxing! 
Moonlight waves is awesome! Very relaxing. Just like Endless Beach but better for night-time viewing/sleeping...darker blue background with shimmering sand and an occasional sailboat quietly cruising along the horizon. Not bad for 99 cents!

5 Stars
(5) Very relaxing! Ocean Dreamz is the best!!! 
So all of these dvds are great for relaxing, but my FAV OF THE FIVE is Ocean Dreamz...very tropical looking. Great for napping. Like a dream vacation for 99 cents.

5 Stars
(6) review 
I am happy with my dvd it is very realistic you can almost feel the heat.

5 Stars
(7) grandkids love!!!!!! 
we played them all Christmas day and people really enjoyed them

5 Stars
(8) Living Arts DVDs 
These items make great stocking stuffers. They appeal to everyone with basic electronic equipment.

5 Stars
(9) Fireplace dvd 
I love the fire place dvd its beautiful and relaxing

5 Stars
(10) Living art dvd 
Excellent Color I can enjoy fish without having to clean a tank

5 Stars
(11) Living art dvd 
Beautiful so soothing love it

5 Stars
(12) Nice scenery 
When theres nothing to watch, relax with a scenery on your TV with soothing music. Youll be asleep in no time. Lol

5 Stars
(13) living Art DVD 
Great makes use of TV on the wall. Enjoy each day.

3 Stars
(14) Living Art DVDs 
I received my videos promptly. The quality is good and colorful. I like the option of aquarium sound or soft music. I am disappointed in the lack of movement of the fish, and its only one focused area of the aquarium. I was hoping for more fish and maybe a variety of aquariums.

2 Stars
It does what it claims. Shows a fireplace and fire. It is soothing, BUT the music is horrible. The fire does not make fireplace sounds, some kind of hiss. I wouldnt buy it again.

2 Stars
(16) OCEAN 
Not a good disk. Just waves coming in. Sounds ok. Music is horrible. I wouldnt buy it again

1 Stars
A HUGE disappointment!! A very poorly equipped aquarium with little but rocks, and about 6-7 fish. IT SUCKS!! So many possibilities, so very little in content! The music sucks too. Do you get that I dont like this disk. Waste of money!

3 Stars
(18) They are Okay - BUT 
I purchased all 6 DVDs. They are Okay - BUT - I would like to see different views.

1 Stars
(19) Rip off 
Ordered 6 dvds Pathetic quality. Boring Cheap Embarrassed to use with family and friends during holidays. Just a ploy to sell more dvds with supposedly better quality. Extremely disappointed

5 Stars
(20) 5296 AQUARIUM 

2 Stars
(21) Living Art Aquarium DVD 
Not very sharp and clear - fuzzy visuals. Sounds and music ok.

2 Stars
(22) Ocean 
poor quality

5 Stars
(23) Living Art DVDs 
These are some of the most relaxing DVDs Ive owned. I purchased five of them Creek, Fireplace, Campfire, Moonlight, and Ocean. All are soothing, relaxing music with a continuous-running video. I have used them in my home and in my travel trailer when Im out enjoying the country.

5 Stars
(24) Very Real Looking 
My brother and sister are going to love these. They enjoy my fireplace when they come for a visit. And since neither of them have a real fireplace, I know this will be a great winter addition to their home and so much more portable than mine. 😄

4 Stars
I bought these DVDs to give as Christmas gifts, because I have the FIREPLACE disc, and enjoy it so much, especially on cooler nights, when the fires look so realistic/ I like the Christmas Fireplace, it plays music and has a Holiday motif. And being an outdoors person, I like to watch the bonfire one, too.

5 Stars
(26) videos 
Excellent value! My patients love the variety!

5 Stars
(27) Aquarium 
WOW!!! a 42 inch aquarium.. no cleaning, no feeding... could it get any cooler?

5 Stars
(28) Fire Place DVD 
This is such a cool product. I would recommend this for anyone.

5 Stars
(29) Simple & Relaxing 
Instead of radio or a tv program I play this dvd while I work from my home office. Listening to the natural sound with the video is not at all distracting. My grandchildren like it also - especially the special needs 7yo. A great buy!

3 Stars
(30) These are not HD quality 
I received my living art dvds recently. I just want anyone thinking of buying these to know that they ARE NOT HD quality. If you want to display these on a big 1920X1080 screen you will be disappointed. Some of these videos look like they were shot with a cheap camcorder. I am not returning mine as they are so cheap it wouldnt pay to do so just be advised that they are not high def videos.

5 Stars
(31) Just One More Great Product From Anisa & Gang 
Ours arrived yesterday and we played the fireplace one first. You Can Almost Smell The Wood Smoke. The ocean breeze one put me right back on the beach of the South China Sea. Please keep up the good work, Anisa-Team - you purvey a fabulous service . FABULOUS ! ! ! Bob In Pritchett, Texas

Review this item!