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Portable Digital Luggage Scale by Ideaworks

Portable Digital Luggage Scale by Ideaworks

Portable Digital Luggage Scale by Ideaworks
Portable Digital Luggage Scale by Ideaworks
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Don't Exceed Your Luggage Weight Limit... It Could Cost You A Small Fortune!

The Portable Luggage Scale is designed to help manage your luggage weight so you can prevent overcharges at airports.

This provides easy, on-the-spot measurements up to 88lbs/40kg, while you're on-the-go. The digital LCD screen gives a clear and accurate display of measurements.

Its compact size and lightweight design allows you to simply attach the scale to your luggage with the heavy duty strap and buckle. Plus, easy to take along with you on a trip!

CR2032 Button Cell Battery is included.


- Great Way to Avoid Charges For Overweight Luggage!
- Weighs in KGS and LBS
- Compact/Lightweight Design For Travel
- Ergonomic Grip for Easy Grip
- Heavy Duty Strap and Buckle
- Weighs Up to 40kg/88 lbs
- Digital LCD Clearly and Accurately Displays Weight
- Easy to Use Instructions
- 1 CR2032 Button Cell Battery (INCLUDED)
- An EXCELLENT Gift for the Traveler in your Family or Office

5 Stars  Great for trips 
Took this on a recent trip and it was able to give me accurate readings of how much my bags weighted and so I was able to keep everything under the necessary weight limit.

5 Stars  Small, convenient, accurate 
The Portable Luggage Scale is perfect for travelers who find themselves pushing the limit of allowable weight when checking luggage for airline travel. It is easy to use, accurate, has been something I have needed for a long time.

5 Stars  Satisfaction 
Ive looked for a decent scale as I always travel to Alaska and Hawaii, well I have finally found the perfect one.

5 Stars  Easy to use! 
This scale is exactly as advertised. It is the perfect size to travel and is extremely easy to use. This was well worth the cost!!!

5 Stars  good purchase 
This does what is advertised. It has worked great so far.

5 Stars  Accurate! Will save on guessing! 
I was a bit skeptical at how this little scale could work and be accurate however, I was pleasantly surprised to see how accurate it weighed our luggage when we used it the first time. The weight with the portable digital scale was within .5 pound of the airport scale weight. I bought four of these for all the family to have one. One of our daughters has had to pay for overweight baggage before and hopefully this will never happen again! I highly recommend this item to anyone who flies!

5 Stars  Dont have to second-guess 
works like a charm!

5 Stars  Handy little scale 
When I recvd my scale the 1st thing I did was to install the provided batteries and weighed my empty suitcase. 8.9 lbs This scale is very accurate and I know I will get a lot of use out of it. BTW, Anise is right, this is a very rugged scale.

i purchased three. you could pay lots of money in excess baggage charges if youre not sure what the exact weight is.

5 Stars  Thank you 
Thank you

5 Stars  scale 
Very, very accurate.

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Video: Portable Digital Luggage Scale by Ideaworks

The Portable Luggage Scale is designed to help manage your luggage weight so you can prevent overcharges at airports.
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