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Battery Caddy - Organizer & Tester
Battery Caddy - Organizer & Tester
Battery Caddy - Organizer & Tester
Battery Caddy - Organizer & Tester
Battery Caddy - Organizer & Tester

Battery Caddy - Organizer & Tester

Battery Caddy - Organizer & Tester

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Tired of having your batteries scattered in drawers and not being able to find them? This Battery Organizer and Tester will solve the problem for you. It has been designed to hang easily from your wall or inside your cabinets keeping all your batteries organized in reach for when you need them.

This As Seen On TV Battery Rack Organizer holds up to 70 batteries in all the popular sizes: AAA, AA, C, D, 9 Volt and even Button Cells. Note: batteries are not included.

The built-in Battery Tester makes it simple to tell whether a battery is new, slightly used or needs to be replaced with easy to read LED lights.

The unique design of this battery caddy allows it to be placed in a drawer, mounted in a cabinet or on a wall. Simply put - this is the best battery organizer available for sale.

Battery Organizer and Tester Features:
- Fits in Most Drawers
- Battery Storage Rack is Wall Mountable
- Easy-to-read Slide Out Battery Tester
- Measures 12.75" x 7.5" x 2"

Holds The Following batteries:
- 8 D Cell batteries
- 10 C Cell batteries
- 9 9 Volt
- 26 AA batteries
- 10 AAA batteries
- 4 CR Button Cell
- 3 AG13 Button Cell

Advantages Of Using A Battery Storage Case:

Safety: Batteries that are clumped together can be very hazardous. A nine volt battery can create a spark when in contact with other batteries. This can cause fire especially if it gets in contact with highly flammable materials like cloth or paper. To prevent fire from happening you have to store your batteries individually and prevent it from coming in contact with other batteries. This can be done by using a battery organizer storage center.

Organization: It is called a battery organizer for a reason. It helps organize your batteries from the smallest to the biggest. Well, except for car batteries. You can have it organized by the frequency of use or by size. If you like you can also organize it by color. It depends on your preference and what works for you best.

Tracking: Another advantage of using a battery storage box is that you can keep track of your batteries. With the battery organizer box you would know how many batteries you have on hand. You can also use the battery caddy tester to rotate the use of your batteries from the oldest to the newest.

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