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illumi Tower - 720 Lumens Rechargeable Anywhere Light
illumi Tower - 720 Lumens Rechargeable Anywhere Light
illumi Tower - 720 Lumens Rechargeable Anywhere Light
illumi Tower - 720 Lumens Rechargeable Anywhere Light
illumi Tower - 720 Lumens Rechargeable Anywhere Light
illumi Tower - 720 Lumens Rechargeable Anywhere Light
illumi Tower - 720 Lumens Rechargeable Anywhere Light

illumi Tower - 720 Lumens Rechargeable Anywhere Light

illumi Tower - 720 Lumens Rechargeable Anywhere Light

Your Price: $14.99
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Sold Out
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The illumi Tower is the rechargeable anywhere light: no wiring required! With 60 bright white SMD LEDs, any area becomes a well-lit space. With 2 brightness settings, the high mode dishes out a whopping 720 Lumens. What a light!

The unit features a built-in 2400mAh rechargeable battery. To fully charge the illumi Tower, plug it into a standard power outlet for 8-10 hours. The battery should last 3-6 hours depending on the brightness setting. There's even an emergency mode: when plugging in with the included AC charging adapter, the light will stay off until it detects a power outage or becomes unplugged. It will illuminate as long as the 3-way switch is either in the High or Low setting.

It includes a built-in carrying handle, kickstand for hands-free use, and mounting hardware. Can be used horizontally, vertically, or mounted anywhere! Great for camping, auto work, emergency lighting in the home, closet lighting, and more. It's durable, ultra-bright and a quality piece.

Note: Remove plastic film covering light before use.

- 60 Cool White SMD LEDs
- 720 Lumens at Highest Setting
- 3-Way Switch: High, Low, Off
- Emergency Light Mode Detects Power Failure
- Built-in Hanging Handle and Kickstand
- Includes Mounting Hardware
- No need to buy batteries
- 2400mAh Rechargeable Battery Lasts 3-6 Hours
- Charge the Unit Fully for 8-10 Hours Prior to Use
- Dimensions: 16.5in x 3in x 2in

Review this item!

5 Stars  great for power outages 
This is my second one and it is best because its rechargeable

4 Stars  Good Light 
This does what its supposed to do and that is to provide light. The only negative I can find is that it has a really cheap look to it, but that does not hinder the brightness of the light.

5 Stars  Bright light 
Great for those who live in hurricane, etc areas. It stays on for at least 2-3 days and it is very bright. I hang it in my pantry and I can see everything. I charge once a month for a day. The price was great. The 1st time that I bought it, I paid $19.99

5 Stars  Great Product 
Previously ordered one and couldnt wait until they got them back. We use these in our cargo trailer when electricity is not available..Last a long time when charged

5 Stars  Purchased 2 just in case they are good . 
Yup I really like these lights.. Got one for my milking stand so we can see now that winter is fast approaching. And the second for at work when I am wiring panels. Time will tell on how the batteries last as it looks like they cant be replaced. When that time comes duct tape will be my friend. So far so good Id recommend this to anyone.

5 Stars  Great for evening work in the shop. 
I bought this for my son. It is his second one and he loves them. It helps illuminate the areas of his jeep he is working on and that is a big help.

5 Stars  illumi Tower - 720 Lumens Rechargeable Anywhere Light 
Received as shown & in a timely manner. Cant have too many lights.

5 Stars  Great Light 
This light has 2 settings, one setting is very bright, the next light is not as bright. but enough to read by.

I bought two of these lights and mounted them on the walls in case the power went off they would come on automatically. The price was cheaper than ones I purchased earlier from another company.

5 Stars  Great Light 
This is good..i like this... lot of light for the price.. i buy lights all the time ...why, because we live in hurricane country.. you cant have enough lights..for the price really reasonable and its rechargeable.. glad i got it..

4 Stars  I would give 5 stars if it worked while plugged in. 
It did come on when the power went out. Very nice feature. The low and high light options are great.

5 Stars  Replacement Effort Superb 
I initially ordered two. Both received, one had a faulty charger. Pulse advised and I was sent a brand new lamp and charger. The unit works perfectly. Perfect!

5 Stars  Very good product 
This is a great item to take camping or for helping out after dark in the back yard. Highly recommend it.

5 Stars  awesome 
Great product does what it says!!

5 Stars  Terrific light bar 
Very bright and useful light bar.

5 Stars  Works Great 
This light tower is small, bright and easily portable - and all you do is plug it on to charge it up.

Got this for my husband to use in the garage - all garages have lousy lighting, especially in corners, etc. He just loves it. Throws a lot of light and he can see what he is working on very easily,

4 Stars  Bright and useful! 
Can be used a number of ways. I put it under my kitchen cabinet and it gives me all the light I need.

5 Stars  Super light 
I already have two and I bought this one and Im love it and I plan on purchasing another one because you never know when the power is going to go out thank you so much and God bless you all

5 Stars  portable light 
great product,great price,great service

5 Stars  Love it. Super Bright and quite smart 
Lots of choices, Hang it, stand it up, point it any way you like. Super bright.

5 Stars  Anywhere LIght 
As described, charges fast, very bright on Max.setting.

5 Stars  Must Have at home 
Bright lights. Hang or have on their own easel type metal bar

5 Stars  720 lumens Anywhere light 
Handy to have if the power goes out.

5 Stars  Super Bright - Ideal for Camping 
I was amazed at how bright this is. We have a large tent with table and chairs inside, so need lamp to play cards etc. This can hang or sit on table. Perfect size.

5 Stars  Great price 
I havent used them yet, but they look great for the price.

5 Stars  Incredibly versatile light bar 
This is the perfect medium-sized light bar for all of my applications automotive, plumbing rehab, electrical, confined space woodworking, etc..

5 Stars  great product 
i bought this for blackouts which we experience frequently here in Tucson in the monsoon season! its charged and ready! Have tested it and it is so easy!

5 Stars  Useful in several ways 
Two things I really like about this product this light comes right on if the power goes out. You dont have to fumble around in the dark for a flashlight. My husband and I like to grill outside, and this light gives us plenty of task lighting to cook and work by. The stand/hanger is convenient for use in almost any situation.

2 Stars  Lamp Functionality 
The light is not very bright for the number of LEDs contained in it. The recharging feature is a good one. Its just an OK product.

5 Stars  Very good product 
This product is great for camping and for any emergency where you need a lot of light. Highly recommend this for multi use.

5 Stars  Very bright & functional 
I used the light to repair a sink The unit stund upright like it was supposed to. The unit was as bright as i needed in fact I had to change it to the lower setting it was too bright.

5 Stars  Great 
I got 2 of these and after reading the instructions was surprised that the are also an emergency light for power failures. I tested it by unplugging it while it was in the on position and sure enough it lit up the room.

5 Stars  Great product 
Light really is bright & battery lasts a long time.

5 Stars  WORKS GREAT! 
What a handy little light! It is very bright and recharges so can be used in places like an attic, basement or garage if needed.Im pleased with it.

5 Stars  Best Emergency Light Ever 
Love the fact that this takes no batteries. I originally bought 2 and just the other night, lights went out. First of all, one light lights up an entire room. We were without power for over an hour and had these on full and had no problems there are 2 light settings. I was able to shower and do everything I would normally do with a bright light! Im back to get another 2, will leave them in each bedroom and one in my office! If I ever have a problem with PulseTV, they have the BEST customer service! Thanks guys!

5 Stars  Perfect Emergency Light 
I was surprised at how well these lamps work as emergency lights. The provide light upon power failures. I set one up at the bottom of the stairs in the family room and another at the hallway between the living and dining room.

5 Stars  These work great ! 
So far so good. Bright illumination with a stand up feature is a plus. The rechargeable battery inside the unit will tell the tale of longevity. But Im hopeful, I bought a few of these lights.

5 Stars  - 
Light is very bright. Works great for a power failure light, as it can be set to come on upon loss of electric. Initially I had a problem with the cord, but it was quickly resolved by customer service.

5 Stars  Versatile and Super Bright Light 
This is such a great find! My contractor asked where I bought it and I told him Pulsetv.com Hope he gets one or two. I actually bought it in case he needed it during my bathroom reno. Love the fact that you can plug it in to charge!

4 Stars  brite & just rigth 
bought 4 myself friends saw mine ended up ordering 6 more no batteries to buy just charge & go great for working on cars or whatever

1 Stars  Dont waste your money 
I purchased two wanting to use them as lighting for video. They are bright enough and the right size as well as rechargeable. Sounds perfect, right? EXCEPT they dont work when plugged in. They only last about 15 minutes on a full charge so pretty worthless for my purpose. Additionally one of them seems to have a short and randomly goes out then comes back when tapped. If youre looking for big ungainly flashlights they would serve.

4 Stars  Lights 5* 
Lights are great. Bought 2 of them. My problem is that one of The charging cords does not work so I cant Charge both at the same time. I dont want to send back as it is not worth the effort. I will try to make due. Maybe better quality control is needed

5 Stars  Illumi Tower 
The Illumi tower is an excellent backup work light to keep in the garage. I have mine attached to the wall in the garage where it is easily available when needed/. It has a low power and a High power settings.

5 Stars  Illumi Tower is the BEST Emergency Light of ALL! 
The lead-acid battery works when the lights go out, and in normal times, it can illuminate indoors in closets, or outdoors for backyard parties. We bought two of them, one for upstairs, and one for downstairs--they work like champs! And, they are bargain-priced, to boot!

5 Stars  Great Light 
I really enjoy the light and thanks for keeping me informed of items like this.

5 Stars  Great lights 
Very well made and lots cheaper than some others on television. Have purchased some for friends & family. PulseTV has great products. My friends are always asking whats new from PulseTV?

4 Stars  Bought two - one faulty 
I ordered two Illumi Towers and one had a faulty switch. I called Pulse and they immediately ship one to replace the one with a faulty switch without requiring me to return the faulty one. Now thats what I call REAL customer service. You dont find service like that much any more. Love the lights. Very useful in many different applications.

4 Stars  Bright lights 
The original power cords did not work. I called customer service and they shipped out new cords. Everything works well.

5 Stars  Super Light 
Great light. Works as an an emergency light, floor stand or wall hanger. Very bright. Overall SUPER deal.

5 Stars  great 
this is a wonderful item very handy and easy to use specially in a closet where there is not light,I have not lights in the attic so I could use it if I need to go up there to check anything its very handy,I recommend it

5 Stars  These Lights Are Amazing! 
Great item! They are very versatile and can be used for outdoor camping or any where around the home and yard. I am so glad I bought them and I should have gotten more!

4 Stars  Illumi Tower 
Has a bright light, but will not light automaticly when there is a loss of power.

4 Stars  This is very Worthwhile 
Performed as advertised. I would buy again.

5 Stars  great product, good value 
I have 5 of these units and I use them for what is almost listed as their secondary use - Emergency Lighting. I have them secured to the wall close by the exits in my somewhat oversized car barn. If and when the power goes out they come on to provide light for emergency egress. I have tested them by shutting the main breaker off and they work perfectly. I am pleased with the units and keep two on hand for back-up. I did have one unit fail.

5 Stars  Illumi Towers 
Pretty neat , mountable or free standing if in an on position while charging it will turn on in a power failure . 2 position switch bright and brighter . Havent tested but claimed 3 hour high , 6 hour low .

4 Stars  720 Lumens Anywhere Light 
720 Lumens anywhere light helps keeps my living room lighted at night for up to 3 hours, it is perfect for me not too bright, not too dark, I recommend this product.

4 Stars  Lots of light, lousy charging cord 
Light works very well, but the cord that charges the internal battery is a piece of crap. I was able to adapt a similar, heavy duty cord.

5 Stars  Great purchase 
Great lights for the hurricane season. Easy to use and very bright.

5 Stars  Great light 
Good backup light

5 Stars  Great product 

4 Stars  so far, so good 
Bought two of these nd I think they will be handy during the Florida hurricane season.

4 Stars  Nice lights 
Works great plenty of light, great for camping

3 Stars  Weak Plug 
I purchased 2 lights and they do work well. I really began to appreciate them this week when hurricane knocked out my power for 4 days. Recharged them at work so have light at night. The weak point is the plug at the light. If you look at it wrong, the plugs fall out. Very poorly designed.

5 Stars  VERY HANDY! 
This light helps out in many ways. In a power outage it will light up a room, for camping it makes a very good area light. Anywhere you need a bright light source this is the ticket! No it wont fit in your purse...well if you have a purse that looks more like an overnight bag, then yes it just might fit! The foldout stand is handy for setting on a surface and, along with the hook stand, you can hang it right or wrong side up. NO BATTERIES to buy...its rechargeable! You will love this light!!

5 Stars  Incredibly bright! 
I bought this light primarily to use out side when barbecuing at night. I was looking for an alternative to using the 1000 watt work light. I bought two of these. I cant believe just how bright they are. They give off an incredible light. Ive also used them as a work light using the low setting. I particularly like that they are rechargeable so I dont blow through batteries. I highly recommend them

3 Stars  They seem to work ... 
I ordered two Illumi Tower lights. Both are functional. They are constructed from cheap, brittle plastic and will probably not hold up to any rough handling at all. The On/Off switch on one is dangling and at awkward angle and I expect it to break off soon - hopefully in the low position rather than off ... Packaging was very poor. The items barely fit into the shipping box. The single piece of tape did not even join the cardboard flaps - the package was basically an open box. There was a little bit of US Post Office tape holding it together, but not very well. Somehow, both lights did arrive complete and functional despite the bad packaging.

5 Stars  Nice light 
Not as big as I expected. Seems pretty versatile. Nice feature about on standby in the event of a power outage

5 Stars  Needed lighting 
The replacement is right on Thanks

5 Stars  Great LED Light 
The Illumi Tower arrived as scheduled and was as described online. The light is effective as a portable light source, back up light for power failure and just very useful. Great pricing and functional product.

5 Stars  Illumi tower 
It is everything advertised and more. I got 2, and Im very satisfied. They are well worth the money. I love the fact that if they are pulled in, they will automatically come on when you lose power. No fumbulling around in the dark for a flashlight!

5 Stars  Illumi Tower 
I bought 12 of them. I replaced all the spot lights I use in my craft booth at night shows. Works beautifully and I dont have to pay the pricy fees for electricity at festival and fairs. I am a working silver smith who handcrafts precious metal and natural colored gemstone jewelry! Best lighting investment I ever made.

2 Stars  Not so bright 
This light claims to be 720 Lumens. It doesnt seem like it. Only half the light lights up. Very disappointing. I purchased the 60 Smd utility light at same time I purchased this light. Its a much better light.

5 Stars  illumi tower 
wonderful light

5 Stars  Great light 
Im very happy to have found Im so happy to have purchased this light. Its great to have around house and price is great. Its very useful

5 Stars  Good Light 
The light is outdoor color , real clear .

5 Stars  Mr. 
This light did everything as advertised and even more. Hyayy Cheek

5 Stars  Excellent Item 
This is a great product, and at an excellent price. Great illumination, this is a keeper.

4 Stars  illumi tower 
just what the wife needed for closet

3 Stars  Illumi tower 
The light is not as bright as I thought it would be. But at least it lights up part of my dark kitchen.

5 Stars  illumi tower 
this is the best light to have in your house when u need light and the power goes out!

3 Stars  Power cable loose, and dont drop it 
Its bright, that is for sure, but the quality of build has much to be desired. I ordered 2 units and the power cable fits VERY loosely on both of the units. Right now its tape that keeps it in. Also, I have not dropped it, yet, but Im sure when I do it will shatter worse than my smartphone.

4 Stars  illumi tower 
the light is very bright, I dont keep plugged in for fear of damaging batteryno instructions to tell youhave not needed to use yet but playing around with, Im very pleased.

5 Stars  bright light 
I like that you have 2 settings to save power when you dont need the brightest light.

2 Stars  ilumi tower 720 
the projection of light is minimal at best. It light up a very small area. not happy with the purchase

5 Stars  Very bright 
I havent had a chance to really use the tower yet but have charged it & it is very very bright. Hoping it will give the promised 4-6 hrs. of light.

5 Stars  Perfect for camping and powerless nights 
Bright. Bright. And brighter. Perfect for auto work and camping. Will be great for those stormy power out nights.

5 Stars  Illumi Tower-720 Lumens Anywhere Light 
good deal

5 Stars  Illumi Tower 
Very pleased with this product

5 Stars  Bright describes this Tower perfectly 
I purchased 3 of them and have no complaints. These Towers are BRIGHT. As a service provider that often works in the field after dark, its a very convenient item that illuminates an area better than holding a flashlight while trying to use 2 hands. One Tower would not charge and Pulse replaced the defective unit under their warranty. I saw that one issue was with a loose plug on the charging socket. I GENTLY crimped the plug just a little and now the plug fits more snugly.

5 Stars  light 
I really like the light, I bought it for fishing at night with and I believe that it will be a big help.

5 Stars  Illumi tower 
My wife has low vision and need a lot of light. This tower has worked excellent ! Thank you

5 Stars  Shine on! 
These towers are so handy for lighting up places with no electrical service. They are light weight and can be placed anywhere! Just charge it up...and youre set! I only ordered 2 in the beginning, and now I have placed an order for 4 more. Easy to use, easy to charge, easy to maintain... What more can you ask?

5 Stars  Illumi Tower 
Bigger and brighter than I thought it would be. Would recommend to all.

4 Stars  Worksm great if poweer if Loss 
Well build unit that does an excellent job of lighting up the room if power is loss.

5 Stars  Let there be light! 
Wow, worked better than expected, illuminated a large space with little footprint.

5 Stars  Very bright light... 
Just as advertised, except its a bit brighter than I originally thought, which is a good thing. When the juice goes out next time at night, my home will already be lit and Ill have a portable light source.

5 Stars  Its a GREAT light 
So far, I have four of them. I build up a PIR sensor in a small box, add two small connectors to the side of the light, now, when I walk into a room, the light comes on for about 30 seconds. I use these in upstairs bedrooms, never have to touch the room lights. Especially good when getting up in the middle of the night.

2 Stars  1 of 2 
One worked good the other the switch only worked on high. It is more trouble returning it than it is worth.

5 Stars  Let there be light... 
The LED light works great..... The only problem is the plug doesnt fit securely for charging. They said that was normal.

5 Stars  Lots of Light 
I do a lot of cross-stitch and my eyes just are not as good as they used to be. So, I need a lot of light to work on my projects. This light is bright and provides the light I need. The Illumi Tower is portable and lightweight and can be carried to different locations easily. My cross-stitch friends just love it, too!

4 Stars  Great lamp 
I stared using this lamp as soon as I received it. It puts out plenty of light and can be set or hung just about anywhere you want more light. The battery lasts a long time, but I wish it could be used while charging as sometimes I need the light longer than the battery lasts.

4 Stars  Tower work light 
Was a gift, was well received, seems like its going to be quite handy and a good purchase.

I had been looking for something like this. This provides excellent lighting.

5 Stars  [umens 
works like it is supposed to. nice to not have to sit in dark during a blackout

This is one of the most amazing items Ive purchased recently! Great for providing light...where there is no plug! Came in handy for a wedding in my backyard! May have to order more!

5 Stars  Pleasant surprise 
This product might take the prize of everything I have ordered thus far. Its brightness was amazing and we use it for a million things. Think how great it will be if the power fails. Great product!

4 Stars  Light Bar 
This light bar puts out a lot of light, whether its in high or low. Plus the advantage of the rechargeable battery places it over the top!!! A great product, get yours soon...

1 Stars  Great sales job! 
I wish the product lived up to the hype!

5 Stars  Illuminated Tower 
I wasnt really expecting much when I ordered this but was pleasantly surprised when I received it. It was very bright and worked beautifully for the purpose I had in mind.

5 Stars  Great Light 
Light is great. Very bright. Because of the special feature I am using it as an emergency light in case of a power failure.

4 Stars  Illumi Tower 
Having it only for a short time 1 week, I can say that it does light up my work area which is under the hood of a car. Only 4 stars for not having a light or signal when the battery is fully charged.

5 Stars  Very flexible light 
Bright and provides light over large area. With no cords there are many placement possibilities. Bought a second one , may buy more.

5 Stars  brite light 
This light is very bright. I use it in my garage at night

5 Stars  Lights 
Hung one over my husbands workbench, its perfect

5 Stars  Great light 
Great light that about it !!!!

5 Stars  Great light 
This is a great portable light for work station or desk

4 Stars  tower light 
good light

5 Stars  Bright Light 
This tower light with 720 lumens is very bright. Have it hanging in hallway in center of house for any emergency that might arise. Good buy!

5 Stars  G rest light 
Very useful intense light

I put these emergency lights in the front room and the hall so we would have a safe area in case of a power outage. They are really bright and a lot cheaper than others on the Internet.

5 Stars  Great 
Great purchase

5 Stars  works great 
Great light when working on projects outside or in garage and need more light. Love to take it out with the dog at night

5 Stars  Brightlight 
First time I used the light was when a ball rolled under the couch . I used it to find the ball that lit up like Broadway . I can tell you that it a great light and would work well in emergencies or general use.

3 Stars  MS 
solid fabric part ripped the first time I used it to carry dry clothes to my laundry area

5 Stars  Its BRIGHT! 
Havent used it yet but plan on taking it with us in our fifth wheel for use in the evenings.

4 Stars  Cool light! 
Light is very neat and bright. It is well made and has a low and high setting my 7 yr old calls it the stadium light. It is well worth the cost.

3 Stars  Illumi Tower 
Instructions not clear. Could not get it to work as an emergency light and turn on when power was lost.

5 Stars  Does the job 
This product is exactly what is needed for a small pantry without lighting. The towers are easily installed and the battery backup is also easily recharged without removing the lights overnight by using a short extension cord from a nearby electric outlet.

5 Stars  Illumi Tower 
This is an absolutely necessary light source to have on hand should your commercial power go out. I havent used it for an extended period but the battery is rated to last for up to six hours between charges. A neat feature is, when plugged into a wall socket, should the power go out the light comes on! No need to go searching for it in the darkness. It has a handle and stand for convenience and two light settings . Five Stars!


5 Stars  mr. 
it works really nicely. all controls are easy to operate.

5 Stars  Illumi tower 
Have only used it a couple of times but seems to be a good solution to the need for a bright light that is very portable.

5 Stars  Great Emergency Lite 
This item is great! I like them for when the power goes out this lite comes on. I bought enough for every room in the house and for the garage as well. Stays bright for 3 hrs.Still gives lite but starts dimming.

5 Stars  Bright Light 
This has very bright light whenever you may need it. Plug it in and when the power goes off, it lights up automatically.

5 Stars  when power goes out 
I just ordered a few more of these cause when the power goes off these go on. I have 1 in every room for just this reason. I leave them plugged in and after a charge they last for up to 3 hrs. before dimming. Better than having to find a lantern or flashlite when power fails. Of course they can be used for other reasons as well.

Review this item!