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Yellow Flying Disc

Yellow Flying Disc

Yellow Flying Disc
Yellow Flying Disc
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Don't call it a Frisbee!

It's light, it's fast and it flies! Flying discs have been around since the 40s and there is not a kid alive who hasn't enjoyed a summer afternoon whipping one of these around with his or her friends. It is an absolute necessity for a day at the beach.

A Flying Disc Toy Is Fun For All Ages

It doesn't matter if you know any tricks, whether you throw it underhand or overhand, or if you're a kid or an adult, it is impossible NOT to have fun with a flying disc - even if you're just standing in the front yard. Just try to keep it off the roof!

Don't let another warm, sunny day go by without one of these in your fun arsenal. But remember... don't call it a Frisbee. That name's owned by Wham-O.

It's a Flying Disc!


- Instant fun for kids and adults
- The perfect excuse to get outside and exercise (play!)
- No skill involved - just fun
- 75 grams (2.6 ounces)
- 9 1/4 inch diameter
- Not to be used as a cereal bowl, even by college kids

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