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X-Stream Shot: Garden Hose Power Washer Wand Attachment

X-Stream Shot: Garden Hose Power Washer Wand Attachment

X-Stream Shot: Garden Hose Power Washer Wand Attachment
X-Stream Shot: Garden Hose Power Washer Wand Attachment
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Power Wash Without a Power Washer!

Discover the true power of your garden hose with this high power pressure washer wand attachment! It attaches to any standard garden hose (3/4 in.) and will pressurize the water flow, transforming your normal garden hose into a high powered washer.

It includes two nozzle attachments: jet stream and fan spray. The jet stream will zero in on tough stains and dirt while the fan spray will dutifully wash a wide surface area, saving time with ease.

This is a heavy duty unit that includes an adjustable pressure control valve. This versatility allows you to gently water your garden or crank up the pressure to instantly blast away caked-on dirt and grime.

Restore dingy windows, moldy siding, and algae ridden decks and patios. The highly pressurized water stream will even make your car, truck, or Jeep good as new, saving money on commercial car washes.

This will last virtually a lifetime as it's built with high quality metals and brass-it's even rust and corrosion resistant! So, make sure to upgrade your standard garden hose today.


  • Instantly Transform Your Hose Into a Powerwasher
  • Blast Away Dirt and Grim in Minutes
  • Includes Jet Stream and Fan Spray Nozzle
  • Adjustable Pressure Control
  • Attaches to Any Standard Garden Hoses (3/4 in.)
  • Rust and Corrosion Resistant
  • Cars, Driveways, Decks, Siding, and More!
  • Dimensions: 17.5 in.

4 Stars  Great hose nozzle 
This nozzle is working great. Not sure about the plastic fitting that connects it to the hose though. For now it is good, but not if it isnt going to last a long time. The wand is working like a power washer for a lot of things without the hassle of getting out a bulky machine to do a quick little job. I would recommend this handy nozzle and the price was right.

3 Stars  leaks a lot 
It sprays from the nozzle and the handle, but it is powerful.

3 Stars  pressure 
The pressure was ok, but I was hoping it would be a little stronger and do a better job

3 Stars  Not as powerful as thought 
I bought this to use instead of my 1600 psi power washer. But this is not nearly as powerful. It is a little better than my regular hose nozzle. I will use for cleaning my siding of lite dirt and spider webs, but will still need to use my power washer for most cleaning.

4 Stars  Just what I wanted 

5 Stars  Hose Wand 
Works pretty good and as expected.

3 Stars  Power Washer Wand 
I was disappointed. I was thinking it would have more pressure. It is actually no different than my nozzle on my hose.

2 Stars  Low pressure 
Not enough pressure to clean anything. I was shocked to see how little pressure it has. I am not happy with it at all.

5 Stars  power washer wand attachment 
Does not match a pressure washer. Better than any regular nozzle.

4 Stars  Great Expectations 
Products work great

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