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Wireless Watchdog Home and Personal Security Alert System
Wireless Watchdog Home and Personal Security Alert System
Wireless Watchdog Home and Personal Security Alert System
Wireless Watchdog Home and Personal Security Alert System
Wireless Watchdog Home and Personal Security Alert System
Wireless Watchdog Home and Personal Security Alert System

Wireless Watchdog Home and Personal Security Alert System

Wireless Watchdog Home and Personal Security Alert System

Compare at: $59.99  (88% off)
Sold Out
*PLEASE NOTE: While the video may say you get a price break when you purchase two or more of this item, you do not when it is on sale. The sale price is well below the normal 2 or more discount price.

If you're looking for an easy and affordable way to add some security to your home, then the Wireless Watchdog Home and Personal Security Alert System is the answer.

This handy system will alert you whenever motion is detected within 15 feet of the transmitter. Place it anywhere you want to be alerted to motion. Use it in your driveway, doorway, entryway, kids doorway and more.

You can be in your backyard and be alerted when someone is approaching your door. Great for caregivers to know when a loved one is on the move when they shouldn't be!

While it is great for around the home, it is ideal for businesses. A great door chime when you're in the back of the store or for offices when someone is entering your building.

Easy To Set Up/Use: Attach/place the easy-to-install transmitters anywhere you want to monitor movement on your property. You can mount it with the included hardware or just place it upright.

The receiver will sound an alarm and flash LED lights to alert you to the triggered activity.

Best of all it requires no wiring or electricity for installation. It operates conveniently on batteries (not included).

Wireless and Long Distance Detection: It's completely wireless! The Infrared (IR) sensor will send a signal to your personal unit from any location around the house. It has an impressive 400 foot range from the receiver... that's 100 feet longer than a football field!

Set up the receiver on a table or counter, or clip it to your belt.

Alert System: When the sensor is triggered, you'll receive both a decibel and flashing LED alert. The adjustable volume ranges from 76-92 decibels.

Add Extra Transmitters! Want to cover your driveway, front door, back door and more? It's easy just add extra transmitters which we have available for a low price.

Besides all of the above, there's no expensive monthly monitoring fees!

- Transmitter is Weatherproof
- Use Indoor or Outdoor
- Easy to install no electrician or electricity needed
- Affordable, you won't find a cheaper system on the market
- Flexible, add extra transmitters for multiple alerts
- Long range alert up to 400 feet
- Detects motion up to 15 feet
- Adjustable Chime Volume
- Add multiple transmitters for more coverage for just $9.99
- Use indoor or outdoor
- Motion-detection system tells you when someone crosses the IR beam
- Monitor has belt clip or can be used as stand-alone device
- Ideal for home or businesses
- No monthly monitoring fees

Monitor and Transmitter Complete Kit - $19.99
Everything you need right out of the box. This allows you to place the monitor/transmitter anywhere and get alerts to your personal receiver. YOU NEED THIS in order for extra transmitters to work.

Extra Transmitters (will not work without the kit) - $9.99 each
Want to monitor another part of your home? Grab one, two or more of these. Just remember you must have the kit in order for the transmitter to work.

Motion sensor. 4.25" x 3" x 1.75" and uses one 9-volt battery (not included)
Receiver unit: 4" x 3" x 1.25" and Uses 3 AA and (not included)

Review this item!

5 Stars
Wireless Watch dog 
Great product,lets me know when someone is at my front door.

5 Stars
Does What it Says 
Had to move it from the driveway because it was detecting movement of the trees whenever the wind blew. Its next to the front door now and I like knowing someone is there before they ring the doorbell. Advance notice is a good thing.

5 Stars
Wow! Wasnt expecting that! 
I have had devices like this in the past and they NEVER worked. They either did not make a sound or they were going off ALL the time. I decided to give it another shot. This thing is GREAT! Every once in awhile it goes off when no one is there but I think it is a bird, we are in the country. My German Shepherd now knows when Daddy is home, if only I could teach her the first time it goes off is when Daddy is leaving.

5 Stars
Dogwatch/Personal Security 
I love it. I know someone is coming to the door before they ring my faint doorbell. Cheaper than a new doorbell and I can set it up in the front or in the back of the house as I please.

5 Stars
Excellent Home Protection 
Excellent buy for additional home protection!

4 Stars
East to setup and use 
I purchased this so that I would know who was coming up my front sidewalk. The instillation was quit easy and only took a few minutes. I placed the sending unit up over my front door. In the future I may purchase additional receivers and place them in other rooms.

5 Stars
I love it lets me know if someone is coming in ...

5 Stars
Finally get to see our nighttime visitors 
Its delightful to know when we have nighttime visitors, i.e. raccoons 3 and possums. Works wonderfully!

5 Stars
Wireless Watchdog Home and Personal Security Alert System 
Very useful gadget. Did not disappoint. Purchased another set for backup. Shipping/delivery is exceptionally good.

5 Stars
Personal security alert works! 
We love it because this time of year we work in our backyard gardening. The alarm lets us know if someone is at the door. We also turn it on every night when we go to bed.

4 Stars
Works as advertised 
I use it in my basement to tell me when family arrives home. It always works!

5 Stars
Cat approved! 
Great product. I bought two of these... one for the bedroom and one for the kitchen along with four extra transmitters. An alarm from any transmitter triggers both monitors so day and night I feel safer. DO cat-proof though. On my first night with these operational, the monitors went nuts in the middle of the night and scared the daylights out of me. I rushed out of the bedroom armed for battle... and found one of my cats playing with a transmitter he had knocked to the floor.

4 Stars
Wireless Alert System 
Transmitter is VERY sensitive, wind sets it off, and it picks up movement much farther than 15 feet. Masking tape placed on the transmitter works to shrink the coverage area. I kept getting false alarms until I adjusted the coverage area.

3 Stars
My New Watchdog... Fido 
Just installed this today at the front door. My wireless doorbell decided to stop working, so I thought I would try this. It seems to be working fine however its very cheaply made. I like the fact that the alarm inside can be adjusted, as I am getting hard of hearing and always had difficulty hearing the doorbell. This alarm is very loud and sounds just like a doorbell. Overall I like it, and it was easy to set up/install. Also, you can beat the price! Im giving this product 3 stars because it just looks cheap, like a childs toy.

5 Stars
Great Product 
This unit is great because it warns me when someone is comming down my driveway.

5 Stars
Watch dog 
Working great got to move sensor a little it’s picking up cars going down the road at 60’

5 Stars
get notified when someone is approaching your doors. These things work great.

5 Stars
Security alert 
Simple solution and it works like a charm. I can hear the bell outside and in the basement. I can even hear it loudly, when turning volume up, when the TV is blasting.

5 Stars
Want to know someone is coming? 
Then buy this outstanding product. Bought two and extra detector. Gave one to my Daughter. Product works better then advertised. Now, no more surprises. Highly recommend this product.

5 Stars
Wireless Watchdog Home and Personal Security Alert System 
It works great . I put one in my driveway and one at the door. When I am in my shop I know when someone is here. I missed a lot of deliveries before I got it, now I never miss one.

5 Stars
works great 
used at main house to let me know when someone comes to porch ….it works even when I am in the back yard or in my shop building ….fine value product

4 Stars
Great product 
Gives me a sense of security when I know this unit is watching out for anyone approaching my house. Lets me know when my pets are at the door and ready to come in, too.

4 Stars
I love it! 
Works good and very easy setup. Only problem I have is the wind sets it off occassionally.

5 Stars
it works like a dream 
this thing is great o love it

5 Stars
Works as advertised 
Works great and I know when someone pulls into my driveway now. Just what I wanted and works great.

5 Stars
Works very good 
Easy-to-use,Easy to install

5 Stars
great item 
easy to use and install without any trouble

5 Stars
Works Great! 
The System works great at my sons home. Ever car through the gate sets off the chime.

4 Stars
Wireless Watchdog 
works great. Would like it better if I could mount it above the door and receive the same signal. I can be out on the back deck or in the yard and the reception works great

5 Stars
The item are very helpful but I wish it was a way I can know which sensor going off I be running around the house trying to find the right one.

5 Stars
Bought and used right away. It worked so well I bought two more as gifts.

5 Stars
Works great, however dont install near shrubs, just the movement of them, activates the system

4 Stars
Works in very short range. 
I dont know how well this works in the longer range. I live in an old building with thick walls. I tried it in a longer range and didnt get an alert, but I dont know if there was an entry. I need to try it with someone I trust actually going in. Works great in the short range. I think it is going to be fine in the building.

Review this item!