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Wireless Safety Light with Light and Motion Sensors
Wireless Safety Light with Light and Motion Sensors
Wireless Safety Light with Light and Motion Sensors
Wireless Safety Light with Light and Motion Sensors
Wireless Safety Light with Light and Motion Sensors
Wireless Safety Light with Light and Motion Sensors

Wireless Safety Light with Light and Motion Sensors

Wireless Safety Light with Light and Motion Sensors

Your Price: $7.99
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Sold Out
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New & Improved, this versatile, fully-adjustable COB LED Light is not only motion-activated, but also features a light sensor. It only turns on at night when you need it!

Best of all it installs in minutes with no wiring!

These Motion Activate/Light Sensor Cordless Lights will illuminate entry ways, patios and steps for greater nighttime safety!

Cordless, motion-activated light casts a bright, wide beam that makes it easy to identify visitors, spot intruders or find keys.

Detects motion up to 10 ft. away and stays lit for 30 seconds. A super-bright COB LED light lasts up to 100,000 lifetime hours and are mounted in a swiveling base that adjusts to any angle.

Can be used inside too... great for closets, basements, or as a safety night-light in hallways.

- Light Up the Night for Safety
- No power outlets required
- Weather resistant
- White Version can be painted any color
- Detects motions up to 10 feet away
- Light Sensor ensures light only comes on when needed
- COB Bulb
- 120 Lumens
- Casts light up to 16 foot area
- Adjusted to any angle
- Indoor/Outdoor
- Includes Mounting Hardwar and Sticky Pads
- Provides lighting for 100,000 hours
- Requires 4 AA Batteries (Not Included)

Review this item!

4 Stars  Wireless safety light 
I bought a Wireless safety light from you! Had it mounted on the wall opposite the car in the garage! When we went on an outingwith someone else n came home to the dark garage n entered the house through the garage this light was a lifesaver!!! We could see the keyhole!!! Thank You!!!

5 Stars  Good quality 
I have purchased at least 6 of these for my outbuildings. The light is strong, batteries last, and they are very weatherproof.

5 Stars  safety light 
Excellent value, the operation of this light is great, I have four of them all around my house...inside and out.

5 Stars  Perfect 
I have back porch steps that for years people including myself would trip up and down in the dark. These lights are amazing. You can swivel them up or down for where ever you need the light. They can sit on any surface or hang them. Thank you PulseTV.

4 Stars  Wireless Safety Light 
Lights up my front door entry area beautifully. The visitor or who ever at the door area is lighted up immediately. Dont have to search for the light switch. My front door area was very dark before I installed the light. This light makes it a lot safer for visitors. Safer because, before you had to climb five steps to the front door in the dark. Very easy to install. Glad I purchesed the light.

5 Stars  Wireless Safety Light with light and motion sensors 
It does the job of security inside my home.

5 Stars  Terrific lights 
I have them in the garage and in the closets they work great

5 Stars  light 
works great

5 Stars  Light up you life! 
The safety lights are very helpful in places where it is always dark. They are very bright and when you walk in the light will automatically turn on. No wiring, easy installing.

5 Stars  Awesome 
I normally do not submit reviews, but the work better than I expected. Easy to install and worth every penny.

5 Stars  Work Well!!! 
Placed in house use for walking around at night. They work well.

5 Stars  Motion Sensor Safety Light 
Great value. Perfect for my dog area when they go outside.

5 Stars  Wireless light with motion sensors 
Powerful light with excellent sensors. I use it by the stairs and it not only lights up the stairs but the upstairs room above! Highly recommended.

5 Stars  Great product before-Even better with light sensor 
Love these lights great for dark hallways at night great for many uses, from sitting on floors in halls or rooms, lighting up when sensing motion at night, and NOT lighting up when places are already light. Saves battery life with light sensor feature

5 Stars  Purchased before 
I am glad these lights came back. They are versatile and work very well. That is why I bought more than I needed, so I wouldnt have to wait if something went wrong with one of them. The older version was great also, but eventually wore out.

5 Stars  Works great 
Easy to install and has a bright light. What more can I say. Perfect solution for my needs.

5 Stars  Motion sensor lights work great 
These lights work great in areas where I want temporary quick lighting as I enter or walk past. I use them in closets, the pantry, hallway and in the bathroom at night. After my first order I ordered more because they worked so well.


4 Stars  Auto sensitive light 
I had an older version that had many smaller lights and it worked the same way. This one works the same. I put mine by my front door and it goes on automatically when you go to put your key in the lock. Works great!!!!! Just aim it towards the key hole.

5 Stars  Great Lights 
Use these in my garage where we only have one light switch and we used to keep the light on all the time now we never turn it on. Plenty of light, works great. Great savings in electricity

5 Stars  Just as good as the one for $19.99 
I was surprised to see that this one was just as good as the one that I paid $19.99 for. I am going to order additional lights.

5 Stars  very handy 
Simple way to light areas with no wires or cords. Got them for a great price and they can be moved as needed.

5 Stars  Wow, it works well! 
I paid $19.99 for this from that famous company with the light bulb. These were, I think, $6.99 each and I ordered 2 of them. I was pleasantly surprised with these as they are just as good as the $19.99 lights that I purchased. I am going to buy some for stocking stuffers.

5 Stars  Great buy 
Great light. Bought 2 more

5 Stars  safety light 
This is a fantastic item! Works great, I put one in my house where I need light without flipping a switch.


5 Stars  As advertised 
Good light,bright,auto etc

4 Stars  lights 
I really like these lights, put 1 by my front door and now I can see to get my key in the lock when I come home at night. Works great.

5 Stars  Great Sensor Lights 
These are the best I have seen for indoor motion lighting. The only drawback is you need a small screwdriver to replace the batteries. Would be perfect if they were USB rechargeable.

4 Stars  plenty of light 
put up on canopy , had to stay wrap to rod . works great

5 Stars  Safety Light 
I like that you dont need an outlet. Easy install. Good lighting when I need to go around the side of my house. Worth the money

3 Stars  Lights 
They are surprisingly bright but the sensor is very weak.

5 Stars  brite lites 
I really like this lights, great for dark pantries, and closets. Just anywhere you need a light!

4 Stars  COB Wireless Safety Light With Light And Motion Sensors 
these are very bright - Im not sure how long the batteries will last - it works fine -- the only problem I see is the mounting bracket - it does not have a quick connect/disconnect to the light feature - it is attached to the light with a small screw

5 Stars  works great 
I put it in a small shed that has no power. Out standing to open the door and have light! No info yet on battery life. Super easy to install.

4 Stars  Good value 
I bought several, I am using one and it seems to work as advertised. If it works in the extreme cold weather in my porch I would be thrilled. So far so good. It does cast a strong beam of light.

5 Stars  Fantastic 
They look nice and they are very bright. Love them

5 Stars  Same as advertised 
Motion light was easy to install and does the job as advertised.

4 Stars  Great Safety Light 
Lights work well and are quite bright. No more tripping on unsuspected items left on floor by grand kids. Only complaint is screws and screw holes are not big enough.

3 Stars  Indoors, not out 
I wanted these for use on my covered outdoor entryways, but they both turned on and off constantly once installed. I moved them inside and they work as designed. I relate it to the high heat and humidity here in Florida. Theres no other reason. They are bright and function well, just not outside in my location.

4 Stars  Cobb wireless safety lights 
The lights work very well the only problem that I could see with them is they eat batteries very quickly I dont know whether a different battery would be available but your regular AA Ever ready or Duracell does not last very long please recommend it as another battery we can use other than that the product is very well

5 Stars  Motion Safety Lights 
I have purchased these in the past and ordered more due to being so pleased. They work instantly, give adequate light and make it safer.

3 Stars  Light 
I bought two of these lights. Although it gives off a very bright light, I find it inconsistent. Sometimes it comes on with the slightest movement other times I can wave my hand only inches from the sensor and the light will not come on.

5 Stars  Bright and can put anywhere 
I have a small closet that has a sink in it. No plugs. This works great. Its so automatic that it turns on as soon as you open the door. Very bright

4 Stars  motion sensor lights 
for the most part they work good in areas where they dont get wet. Insides rust very fast if exposed to rain or damp conditions here in Florida. additionally the motion sensors on about 1/3 of the ones I ordered no longer work, hope the rest keep working, they do a good job if working properly.

5 Stars  Great product 
Lights the inside of cabinet as soon as you open the cabinet door. Helps me find the light pull string switch when I enter the room. I figure the four alkaline batteries will last 4-5 years in most of my applications.

4 Stars  Extremely useful light 
Ive been using battery-operated motion detecting lights for years. I always said they need to have a light sensor in them so that they do not turn on during the day. Very good! Highly recommend!

5 Stars  Great lites 
Lifting paths in a dark house at night. And a million others.

2 Stars  Constantly Activating at Night 
I live in Florida and I notice that both lights when placed outside will constantly cycle on and off. Bring them in and they dont. I confirmed that there is no motion setting them off. It appears to me that they are triggered by heat. Once brought inside where its cool, they work just fine. These arent in my opinion made for hot outdoor temperatures. Sadly, I wanted them for outdoor use...

5 Stars  cob wireless safety light with light and motion sensors 
I like it alot, will order more later for my other family member

5 Stars  Great Light & Great Price! 
Very nice light, and motion sensor works perfectly. Also looks nice. Would recommend this for either inside or outside installation.

5 Stars  Wireless safety lights with motion 
Total I orders 7 love them only one doesnt work but to much trouble to send back would definitely order again

4 Stars  quality construction 
I like the lights but the sensor should be separate from the angle of the light.

5 Stars  Wireless safety light 
We have really enjoyed this light, it works well inside the house.

5 Stars  Yard lights 
We use these lights at a low height to see dogs at night. They are perfect and we love them.

5 Stars  Lights my closet 
This light is great because it is bright and comes on immediately when I enter my closet, keeping from having to always hit the light switch. It is also handy if my hands are full clothes on hangers. Because we have high ceilings and my closet is small, the light in my closet is blocked by my clothes, so I placed this wireless light in a place so that I can see everything on the floor below my clothes. Love it.

5 Stars  A very good deal! 
This is my second order of this type of light. Awesome.

5 Stars  very bright 
these are very bright lights. Come on automatically.

2 Stars  Disappointed 
We put these in a dark shed as soon as we got them, but never had a chance to experience them. So sad that these, I ordered 2, didnt work. They would come on and then not go off and then they just stopped working all together. PS gave 2 stars cause I love the concept

5 Stars  Personal light 
Works right 1st and every time.

5 Stars  Now we can see the steps..l 
We have a set of 6 steps located in an awkward position. We are walking down into a dark corner where the lighting is behind us. I put this light in that corner. We now have adequate lighting ... and it comes on automatically!!!

5 Stars  Customer Service Fantastic. 
We received one of the lights that was defective. It was replaced promptly. They work great and do the job that is needed. We will order more as needed.

5 Stars  Works well 
Put inside a closet. Planning to purchase 2 more for the RV

4 Stars  Nifty light 
Handy light for installing above dooe.

5 Stars  Great little light 
Works perfect and you cannot beat the price

5 Stars  cob wireless safty light 
Very handy and bright, great for outside security.

4 Stars  great lite 
I have some dark hall ways in my home. installed and i can walk thru and then out without fooling with light switch.Also mounted over my walk in door from garage, works fine.

3 Stars  Mounting 
The light I installed in my closet, wont stay stuck to the wall.

5 Stars  love it! 
I bought 3, since I thought I needed 2 to be replaced, different brands.Now I only needed to use one of these COB lights cause its fantastic. Bright light! I use it at the landing of my high ranch to light the steps at night and it is perfect! the motion catches you both up and down. couldnt have asked for a better product! definitely suited my needs.

5 Stars  As promised 
It has been installed to shine on incoming vehicles in our driveway. It works just fine.

4 Stars  Works Well 
So far the light works as advertised and Ive been pleased. It does not feel high quality so Ive rated it only 4 stars. Only time will tell if it deserved 5 stars.

5 Stars  Perfect 
I put this on the floor so my old dog could see the steps. Works great!!!

5 Stars  ease use 
These are very ease to install and simple to use, they provide sufficient light for the patio area.

5 Stars  Easy installation, detects well, and shines bright 
The earlier version of this light had multiple LEDs with a more focused beam of light. Ive bought both versions of this light. Both old and this new COB version work well to detect motion and ambient lighting conditions. This COB version throws off more light in a much wider pattern making it a no-brainer for illuminating a dark porch, stairway, or even a part of your yard - anywhere you might want hands-free on&off lighting. They also go easy on batteries.

5 Stars  COB Wireless Safety Light 
Seems to be working fine so far. Purchased and installed two of them and then purchased two more for possible additional use.

4 Stars  safety light 
I bout one and liked it so much I bought another one for work

5 Stars  Works great so far 
I have only been using this for about a week but so far it is working great for my needs. I put it at a rental property that has a key less entry, this allows the renters to see the key pad much better when they walk up to the front door. Plus if anyone walks up at night it comes on. I dont know how often the batteries need to be replaced so I cant comment on that, however, thus far I am satisfied

5 Stars  Great value 
These lights are fantastic when they work as they should. I, unfortuneaty, I did receive 2 ouf 4 that had to be replaced because they wrere defective. Linda from Customer Service was wonderful in both instances and replaced them. I do love the way these lights work. It is just unfortuneate that the manufacturer is not better at quality control.

4 Stars  Good Light 
I am very pleased with my COB wireless lights. I have light where and when I need light and dont have to remember to turn it off. I only have one little thing that keeps me from giving a 5 star rating. that is that it is not water proof. I have solved that problem with a hood cut from a one gallon milk carton. It works for me. Thanks.

5 Stars  Puts out lots of light right where you need it! 
We bought 2 of these and loved the price. We set one right outside the range of the porch light so it comes on for more walking safety distance. Really like the motion part! Happy we bought them!

5 Stars  A great product 
I have 6 of them so far and thinking of ordering more Use them inside and outside. There is so many places for use and the price is great.

5 Stars  ---EXCELLENT LIGHT-- 
Building codes these days preclude putting electrical wiring inside closets. Trying to see anything inside a dark closet is mission impossible. I bought this because of its flexibility. I attached it to inside of the closet door and turned it so the light hits deep inside the closet. I cant believe the difference its made. Now I can tell navy blue from black and brown and see EVERYTHING. I appreciate it turning off after 45 seconds. So far, the double sided tape has kept it place after a month. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE THIS LIGHT. Buying more for the other closets and shed. If you need light and are not close to an electrical source...this is DEFINITELY your answer.

5 Stars  Good lights 
so very easy to put up and very easy to work.

Review this item!