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Wireless Charging Pad with Digital LED Clock by CobaltX

Wireless Charging Pad with Digital LED Clock by CobaltX

Wireless Charging Pad with Digital LED Clock by CobaltX
Wireless Charging Pad with Digital LED Clock by CobaltX
Your Price: $19.99
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SPECIAL: 2 for $35.98 (40% off)
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Charge Your Phone Without Any Cords!

Introducing the Wireless Charging Pad brought to you by CobaltX, which can power up any smartphone or device compatible with the latest QI (pronounced "chee") enabled wireless charging technology. This includes any generation starting with the Samsung S6, iPhone 8, Google Nexus 4, and much more!

This handy charging pad will automatically begin powering your device as soon as it is placed on top. Keep your phone accessible without plugging and unplugging it during a charge. At the end of the day, it doesn't get any easier getting a full charge with this on your nightstand: no more fumbling with frayed cords in the dark! The intuitive design features Integrated Circuit technology to prevent overcharging and damaging your device. Safely leave your phone on the pad all night without worrying about wearing out the battery.

A Great LED Clock Display is Built In

This elegant charging pad also features a built-in 12/24hr digital clock. The clear, easy-to-read LED numbers will display with minimal illumination that won't keep you up at night. There's a gentle underglow with a soothing "breathing" effect to indicate that it's charging. The weighted base features rubberized pads to ensure your phone stays in place.

A 4ft Micro USB charging cable is included with this product so that you can plug it straight into your desktop or wall charger. Once the pad is hooked up, you're ready to start wirelessly charging your smartphone at a moment's notice. The sleek, modern design will look excellent on any nightstand, desk or counter top!


- Wirelessly Charges Any QI Enabled Smartphone or Device
- Smart IC Technology Prevents Overcharging
- Digital LED Clock Display with 12/24 Hour Settings
- Rubberized Pad for Non-Slip Surface
- LED Underglow with Charging Indication Effect
- Charging LED Indicators
- Power Input: 5W, >5V/2A
- Power Output: 5V/1A
- Compact Design is Ideal for Desks, Nightstands, and More
- 4ft Micro USB Cord Included
- Dimensions: 1 x 4 inches diameter

5 Stars  Great Product 
This is a great product at a reasonable price. It works really well and is simple to set it up. I have already purchased two of these Charging Pads and am considering purchasing a third one, as they are so convenient to have them in multiple locations through the house.

5 Stars  Excellent product! 
Charges easily and takes minimal space. Bravo!

3 Stars  Phone charger 
I love the design but I have a otter cover which prevents the phone from charging through the cover. Therefore it hasn t been a great purchase for me. I m sure it would be awesome if I didn t have the cover on it

3 Stars  Ok 
It works great on my wifes LG phone but not at all my Samsung.

5 Stars  love this 
nice to have clock while charging. So easy just sitting the phone on the unit.

5 Stars  Wireless Charger 
Works just fine as expected.

5 Stars  Wireless Charger 
Love this ! so much easier than fiddling with plugs No more frayed cords

4 Stars  Good in 2 worlds 
Ive been in need of a new pad for charging and my lady was always needing a clock to know what time it was, so I got this and it partially solved the problem. She needed a bigger display to see.

5 Stars  Wireless charger Works great! 
The Charger works great, and I especially like the small footprint on my nightstand!

5 Stars  Charging Pad 
Im very satisfied with this item not having to plug and unplug every time I need to charge my phone. Plus the clock is handy, too.

5 Stars  Works as expected 
Digital clock visible across the room. Non slip surfaces prevent slipping. Not a rapid charger but not slow either. Somewhere in the middle.

4 Stars  Convenient 
I love my clock/charger, just wish it charged faster but love the convenience of having a clock and charger together, love this company and there prices!

5 Stars  wireless charging pad good item it works 
works as it should, very good

4 Stars  Easy phone charging 
This is great for charging your phone - no more messing with cords, just lay it on the charger. The only things I would say

5 Stars  Very good product 
Looks good, works well. Good size.

5 Stars  Wireless Charging Pad 
Works well! Easy to use.

2 Stars  Too Small 
WRT charging it works well, but as a nightstand clock it and the LED lights are way too small. Its a bummer because thats the function that brought me to buy it.

5 Stars  wireless charging pad 
works well.

5 Stars  Wireless charging pad 
Easy to set up and works great.

5 Stars  phone charger 
works great , better than i expected

3 Stars  Bright light 
There is no adjustment for the LED and its bright for the night stand.

5 Stars  charging pad 
Took it out of box and used it works fine, may not be fast but charges overnight.

4 Stars  Great Product 
Charges smartphones and tablets Ipad, Andriod. Works quite well in charging both my Iphone Xs Max and Galaxy Note9 smartphones. Plus, provides a convenient digital timepiece.

3 Stars  Charging pad 
Very compact and easy to set up and use. Sadly it only charges my Samsung phone to 80% no matter how long I leave it charging. Have to use a plug in charger to complete and get to 100%.

5 Stars  Wireless Charging Pad 
This charger works extremely well. A good use of my money!

4 Stars  Works great 
I bought this to charge my Google phone but was unsuccessful. But it works great on my Wifes iPhone. Sweet charger with a clock as well

4 Stars  Works well but not on my Android 
Wish the cord was a little longer. It works great but not on my wifes Android. It actually drains it.If the cord was a little longer I would give it a 5 star

5 Stars  works great!!! 
Provides both easy use phone charging station and clock in a small but effective unit. Every desk should have one nearby!

5 Stars  Wireless Charger Pad w/Digital LED Clock by CobaltX 
Very good product for the price, works well with my Phone I would buy more for office and other rooms.

5 Stars  This is great 
My office doesnt have enough convenient outlets, but now it doesnt matter. Its much easier to put my phone on the charger instead of moving furniture to find an outlet. It doesnt take up a lot of space on my desktop either. I would absolutely recommend this product! I love it.

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Wireless Charging Pad with Digital LED Clock by CobaltX

Power up any smartphone or device compatible with the latest QI enabled wireless charging technology. This includes any generation starting with the Samsung S6, iPhone 8, Google Nexus 4, and much more