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Wireless Ceiling or Wall Light w/ Remote Control

Wireless Ceiling or Wall Light w/ Remote Control

Wireless Ceiling or Wall Light w/ Remote Control
Wireless Ceiling or Wall Light w/ Remote Control
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Add automatic lighting anywhere you need with this easy-mounting wall or ceiling light. It dishes out 400 lumens of light.

Motion & Light Sensor Activating For Hands Free Lighting

Built into the unit is a light and motion sensor that detects movement up to 16 feet away. It only turns on in the dark and when it senses this motion, so you never have to walk into a dark room, closet, pantry, or hallway again!

No need to flick a switch in the automatic mode setting. There's also a standard On/Off option if you want sustained lighting.

Easy to Install Automatic Lighting...

Installation is a breeze since no wiring is required: it's battery powered and your first set of 4 AA's are even included.

There are 2 easy ways to mount this light:
1. Use the removable self adhesive to stick the light where you want it.
2. Use the keyholes to mount on a wall using included hardware.

Includes A Remote Control For More Options

The remote control allows you to turn the light on and off as needed as well as control the brightness to Low, Medium or High.

There's even a holder included with adhesive backing so you can mount the remote anywhere you want. It becomes like a light switch!

Multi-Functional Lighting At Its Best!

These are great to use anywhere around the home or office. Fantastic to use in a closet where the light automatically comes on when you open the door. Great for pantries, work rooms, entry ways, porches, covered patios and more...


  • Wireless Light
  • 400 Lumens
  • Motion and Light Sensor Activated
  • 2 Modes (Auto On or traditional On/Off)
  • Includes A Remote Control To Control Light Levels
  • Mountable Remote Control Holder
  • Low, Medium or High Light Levels and On/Off
  • Easy Installation 2 Ways To Mount
  • Installs Almost Anywhere
  • Senses Motion Up To 16ft Away
  • 30 Second Auto Shut Off
  • INCLUDED: 4 AA Batteries for Unit and 2 AAA Batteries for Remote
  • 5 Inches Wide
  • Ideal for Closets, Hallways, Pantries, Bedrooms, Porches, Covered Patios and more

5 Stars  Works great 
My wife is legally blind, so these are great to put in hidden little places where there is no light.

5 Stars  Works well 
Had a kitchen cabinet under the sink with no electric. Always dark when you were looking for something. Attached the light to the inside and it solved the problem.

5 Stars  Excellent quality, perfect for small spaces, works great 
I wanted a small light for a transition wall from my foyier to my kitchen. I was going to have an electrician wire one in for nearly 800 dollars, but this was such a good quality option, I decided to give it a try. Glad I did! Its just what I wanted....

3 Stars  its not bad 
the ahesive was not strong enough to hold it up on the ceiling and the light is like a fluorescent light ..

5 Stars  Wireless Wall Lights 
I bought two of these to use in my basement- one facing down the stairs for some much needed light, and one on a wall to supplement existing lights. Both work great and I am glad I got them- mine are set for motion activity so I dont have to bother with turning them off or on when I need the extra light. Love them !

5 Stars  Excellent 
So cool I want buying more fantastic light

5 Stars  great light for the price 
the features and how bright the light is are what sold me, the auto feature is nice but the constant sensor kills the battery, so using the on/off feature is best

5 Stars  Just what I was looking for! 
This product hit the mark on all counts. We placed it in a hall closet to help light up the space and it is a winner. We have a yearly calendar on the door and now we can see not only what on the calendars but the closet allows us to see everything in it with the help of this light.

5 Stars  LOVE IT 
Put 2 in my garage and one outside to see my dog coming in for the night! Great purchase. Looking to buy more again

4 Stars  Better instructions needed 
Gives bright light. Just stick it up, so easy! But as with so many of these products made out of USA, the instructions are gobbledy-gook. Pulse would do us all a favor by writing their own instructions, printed on small piece of paper. Anisa, great selling benefit!
Thanks for the feedback. If you watch the video we go through how to operate it.
12/12/2022 -

3 Stars  an ok light 
I thought the light would be much brighter, but its ok.

5 Stars  No more dark cupboards!!! 
These things are SUPER!!! Practical and work EVERY time that door is opened!

5 Stars  I can see! 
I was so sick of having to find a flashlight to see what was in my deep closet. This light is a life saver, and simple to install.

5 Stars  excellant product 
Works for both ceiling and side installation

3 Stars  Dont use in high traffic area 
I bought for under cabinet lighting. The first day it was very bright, but the dog & cat triggered the motion sensor by walking in the room. The unit defaulted to the dimmest setting, but was triggered by any motion. Ive had to replace batteries 3 times in 4 weeks & the remote barely works at all

5 Stars  Super!!! 
Super bright - easy to put up - much better than I expected!!! Would highly recommend!

5 Stars  Wireless Light 
Works well. Very versatile with the options.

5 Stars  Twinkle,twinkle 
It works great to light up small dark spaces where there is no light, especially for old eyes

5 Stars  Love these lights! 
I originally ordered 2. One for 2 different closets and they are great. The remote is handy and being able to change the level of brightness is very helpful. I just ordered 3 more for under kitchen cabinets.

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Wireless Ceiling or Wall Light w/ Remote Control

Add automatic lighting anywhere you need with this easy-mounting wall or ceiling light. It dishes out 400 lumens of light.