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Wireless Bluetooth Adapter for Headphones and Speakers

Wireless Bluetooth Adapter for Headphones and Speakers

Wireless Bluetooth Adapter for Headphones and Speakers
Wireless Bluetooth Adapter for Headphones and Speakers
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Whether you have a favorite pair of headphones or an outdated home theater system... chances are you can upgrade them to work with today's latest technology. With this BLUETOOTH® audio receiver/adapter, you can turn your old pair of wired headphones into having wireless capabilities for your iPhone, Android, Computer and other compatible devices.

Turn Any Wired Headset into Bluetooth Headphones

Simply plug the 3.5mm Aux Cord of your headphones, headset, or earbuds into the adapter, and pair it with your audio device. So even though some of the latest smartphones (iPhones) have ditched the headphone jack, you can still listen to all your tunes, podcasts, audiobooks and more.

Take this unit with you anywhere you go to avoid tossing your favorite pair of headphones, headset, or wired earbuds. The slick device houses a built-in rechargeable battery for up to 5 hours of continuous use. Use the rubberized clip to attach to your belt so you don't have annoying, dangling wires.
The unit has built-in media keys. The play/pause button doubles as a call/answer button for using the built-in microphone for making calls with your iPhone or Android. You can also rewind to the previous track and lower volume. Note: the skip ahead/volume plus button is prone to sticking, so you might have to utilize your device's settings.

It's not just for headphones! Plug any old speaker's 3.5mm AUX cord into the adapter to upgrade it into a wireless one that you can control up to 33ft away. Have an older car without Bluetooth? Plug this into the Aux port in your auto so you can listen to anything on your phone through your car's speakers - even phone calls.


- Bluetooth Audio Adapter Turns Old Devices Wireless
- 3.5mm Input for Headphones and Earbuds
- Slim Clip Design for Active Wear
- 33ft Wireless Range
- Pair Once; Automatically Reconnects
- Multifunction Media Keys for Skipping Tracks, Volume, Play/Pause
- Call/Answer Phone Calls with Built-in Microphone
- Built-in Rechargeable Battery: 5hrs Use
- Upgrade Speakers, Car Stereo, and Headsets
- Includes MicroUSB Charge Cord, Instructions, Carry Pouch, Carabiner
- Dimensions: 2.6in x .6in Diameter

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