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Window and Door Screen Adhesive Backed Repair Tape

Window and Door Screen Adhesive Backed Repair Tape

Window and Door Screen Adhesive Backed Repair Tape
Window and Door Screen Adhesive Backed Repair Tape
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If you have window screens or door screens, they are going to tear. It just happens. But don't let a little tear turn into a ruined screen when you can repair it in moments with our Window and Door Screen Adhesive Backed Repair Tape.

Window and Door Screen Adhesive Backed Repair Tape Mends Tears in Seconds!

If you let a small tear go, soon you will have to replace the entire screen and that turns into a lot of money. But the Window and Door Screen Repair Tape will not only repair a tear but keep it from getting worse.

Simply clean the screen of any dirt and dust (do not use any chemicals) and let dry. Then trim the size you need and cover the hole or tear. The tape is adhesive on only one side, so be careful which side you apply to your screen! For a double secure repair, apply the tape to both sides of the tear. You can even apply heat with a hair dryer to make sure the adhesive sticks. The black color will blend with most screen colors.

At 2 inches wide and a generous TEN FEET long, you will have enough tape to tackle almost any screen repair.


  • Perfect for windows, doors and other types of screens
  • Mends tears in seconds
  • Adhesive backed
  • Measure, cut and stick
  • 2 inches x TEN FEET of tape!

5 Stars  Did the job!! 
We had a fairly large -- 7x3 inches - area that had been clawed at, so it was essentially torn in many, many places. The repair material went on easily and we no longer have winged insects visiting.

1 Stars  does not stick 
this product is totally useless. will not adhere to the damaged screen
Before applying the tape to the screen, please make sure your screen is free from dust and debris.
7/20/2023 - Sandy

4 Stars  Good vendor unusual products 
I am please with th products Received in good shape packaging was adequate

5 Stars  window and door screen adhesive backed tape 
best and easiest screen repair I have ever used

4 Stars  Window And Door Screen Adhesive Backed Repair Tape 
did a nice job for me on the screen to the deck....

5 Stars  Great for Its Purposes 
The merchandise arrived promptly. Its easy to use and works well.

5 Stars  screen repair 
works great worth the money

5 Stars  SJGSRY 
This works great.

3 Stars  covers the holes 
Didnt stick very well

4 Stars  Window and door Scrren Adhesive Backed Repair tape 
Great product! very easy to use. would only be better in a lighter color to blend ion a little better. Very satisfied

5 Stars  Inexpensive Screen Repair 
Screened pool cages are great, but, over time, they become damaged from everything like pool cleaning tools, playful children, and, squirrels. Professional screen repairs are costly, but, with this tape, you can fix it yourself at an insignificant cost. Worked great for me.

2 Stars  Window and door screen Adhesive backed repair tape 
Worked well on small holes but the adhesive needs to be stronger.

4 Stars  Not an invisible patch 
The screen mesh was very noticeably bigger than my window screen. I used it, but Ill still have to replace the screen.

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