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Wide Angle Blind Spot Mirror for Cars

Wide Angle Blind Spot Mirror for Cars

Wide Angle Blind Spot Mirror for Cars
Wide Angle Blind Spot Mirror for Cars
Your Price: $3.99
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SPECIAL: 2 for $5.98 (70% off)
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Drastically reduce blind spots with this wide angle mirror for your side view mirrors. This wide angle mirror allows for maximum visibility when driving by showing you what may be inside your blind spots, and then some.

Stay Safe and Reduce Pain

Finally, you don't have to crane your neck when changing lanes, which can be extremely painful or difficult for those with limited mobility.

Taking your eyes off the road for any amount of time can be life threatening, but now you don't have to, because this mirror sits conveniently and subtly in your side view mirror.

The strong adhesive backing won't fall off and will be sure to survive even the toughest of nature's conditions. It even comes as a two pack for both of the mirrors.

Make sure to buy a pair for you, your family, and friends to make the road a safer place today!


- Reduce Dangerous Blind Spots When Driving
- Round, Convex Mirrors
- Great for People with Limited Mobility
- Wide Angle Mirror for Maximum Sight Lines
- Strong Adhesive Backing Won't Fall Off
- 2 pack
- Dimensions: 2 in. x 2 in.

2 Stars  Limited Field of View 
For as convex as it is, I expected a wider field of view. My interior mirror shows more than this does on my exterior left side mirror with this on it.

5 Stars  Great mirror 
This is a small mirror but it is more than adequate to eliminate the blind spots on our new car. We bought these for our 2022 Kia and when we got our 2023 Kia it was a no-brainer to order them again!

5 Stars  wide angle blind spot mirrors 
Even though my SUV chirps at me when there is someone on the side of my vehicle, there are blind spots that I can not see the cars . These blind spot mirrors work so that not only I can see on either side of my car, the passenger can see also.

5 Stars  Serdomev 
Thank you and my 2012 Toyota thanks you

5 Stars  blind spot mirror for cars 

5 Stars  Excellent product 
Kept 2 for my cars and gave 2 to my dtr for her cars

5 Stars  Car mirrors 
Works really good

5 Stars  Are well worth having 
A good purchase. I bought 2 and gave one to my son. They are a safety attachment

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