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Whole Body Vibration Plate<br />Trainer Exercise Plate
Whole Body Vibration Plate<br />Trainer Exercise Plate
Whole Body Vibration Plate<br />Trainer Exercise Plate
Whole Body Vibration Plate<br />Trainer Exercise Plate
Whole Body Vibration Plate<br />Trainer Exercise Plate
Whole Body Vibration Plate<br />Trainer Exercise Plate
Whole Body Vibration Plate
Trainer Exercise Plate

Whole Body Vibration Plate
Trainer Exercise Plate

Whole Body Vibration Plate
Trainer Exercise Plate

Your Price: $199.99
Compare at: $1,099.99  (81% off)
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Sold Out

Are you bored with your current exercise routine? Have you reached a plateau? Are you in your senior years, struggling with physical limitations? Or are you too overweight to even get started?

Regardless of your current level of fitness, Whole Body Vibration Training can probably help. It's a type of exercise that can provide a host of impressive health benefits without taking up any extra time. In fact, you may be able to cut your workout time in half using Whole Body Vibration Power Plate.

The Top Health Benefits associated with Whole Body Vibration Therapy:

Body Shaping:
Whole Body Vibration leads directly and indirectly to a body shaping effect by a reduction in cellulite, less fat tissue and more toned muscles. Vibration Therapy shows positive results in figure correction, such as improving collagen and reducing fat.

Fat Burning:
Obesity and weight loss are directly influenced through vibration training. Vibration develops leaner muscle tissue as it increases the metabolic rate resulting in a higher caloric burn. Your hormones are the key to your body type, what foods you crave, and where you put on weight. Find out how they are also the key to weight loss.

Increased Muscle Strength:
Whole Body Vibration Therapy forces muscles to contract continuously, time after time, with no appreciable decrease in force output. This allows your muscles to achieve a state of maximum contraction very safely and effectively. The end result is that the entire muscle matures very quickly.

Stress Reduction:
Stress is responsible for up to 80 percent of disease, experts say. No matter how old we are, you just can't walk away from the everyday stresses of life. Luckily, Whole Body Vibration is an easy way to help reduce our experience of stress. Exercising, or just relaxing, on a Vibration Machines is one of the most effective tools for reducing tension and stress.

Increased Flexibility:
The vibrations produced by Whole Body Vibration Plates will stimulate the nutritional effects in the articulations, and diminish neuromuscular adhesions. For general muscle flexibility, performing one stretch for each muscle group will be enough to maintain your current muscle length.

A Valuable Exercise Tool for the Elderly:
Seniors are another group of people who, due to physical limitations, may struggle to stay fit. Using a vibrating platform, such as the Power Plate, can be quite helpful, allowing you to become stronger, faster and more agile without engaging in more strenuous exercise routines.

Increased Bone Mass & Mineral Density:
As you age, your existing bone is absorbed by your body while new bone is created to replace it. In the case of osteoporosis, the formation of new bone falls behind the rate of bone absorption, leading to thinner, more brittle bones. Exercise can go a long way to prevent this, and can help reverse the damage already done. Adding Vibration Therapy may further boost your results.

FEATURES: Full function remote control unit with balancing straps and digital display. User manual and exercise guide included. 200W with timer and multiple programs and speeds. Maximum weight limit is 275 lbs. Dimension: Approx Length 28" X Width 16" X Height 6" with roller on one end, handle on the other for easy moving and storing. Must be used on hard surface - no carpet use.

Disclaimer: As with any diet or exercise program it is recommended that you consult with your physician before starting to use the Fit Body Toning and Double Vibration Machine. Not for pregnant women, people with pacemakers or other electronically implanted devices. This product is only available for shipping in the contiguous 48 states.

Review this item!

5 Stars
Love it! it works great

5 Stars
Great Machine 
Ive only had it a couple of weeks, but I can already feel a difference in strength. I have only used a couple of workout routines and am convinced repetitive workouts with gradual increases in speed will produce best results. My only concern is durability. This little guy takes a heck of a beating each day.

4 Stars
It works so well 
The only reason I dont give this 5 stars is, I need a rail or something to hold on to old Man,76. I started at 5 minutes and worked up and it does give you a work out. Great for the core. Others are online for about the same price, but the unit is well made and I think will last beyond me.

5 Stars
Very happy with product, and excellent price.

5 Stars
Love it 
Slight wt shift can change the muscles you use. I am very active but after first time using I definitely felt the lower abdominal mm when I slightly extended my back to have at more weight on heels. It comes with attached elastic ex bands so you can work upper body. I can see where it can help balance.

5 Stars
Takes getting used to but works surpringly well 
What this thing does is Rock back and forth a different speeds. I strongly suggest that you sit down the first time you use it and that you have a wall or some solid object you can hold onto before standing up on it. Depending on where you place your feet is how much rocking you experience. The closer to the center, the less rocking. Sections of the surface actually indicate walking, jogging, running. At first you dont feel this doing anything other than shaking your body pretty hard. But then you feel A tingle and all your muscles and you do begin to sweat. Before long you feel like youve run for half an hour on a treadmill when in fact you only spent about 5 minutes on the machine. I have severe arthritis in my right knee. This is great exercise for me since I cant walk anymore. You really can use a sitting down or standing up.

5 Stars
Vibration Machine 
This machine is really great! Does exactly as advertised, is easy to operate, and can move it around easily. Ive just started using it so dont have comments about results yet but I like it and plan to faithfully use it. Thanks for bringing such wonderful items to us.

5 Stars
Works Great 
Easy to use. I got it to help with my balance, as I have neuropathy in the legs. It helps a lot. It does give you a bit of a workout, but dont expect to lose a bunch of weight with just this device.

5 Stars
Luv this, have been trying to use everyday for 15 minutes. Good workout and helps keep the weight down.

4 Stars
Fit Body Vibration Machine 
This machine gets the job done! Very Happy with my purchase

4 Stars
Great workout 
Great workout if done often and routinely

5 Stars
Awesome machine 
Love it

5 Stars
Helped my knees and balance! 
We bought this a few weeks ago. I use it 3 or 4 times a week for 15 mins each time, and have already noticed a difference in my balance. Ive dealt with pain and weakness in my knees for about 4 years. Therapy and strengthening exercises have helped very little. Last night, we were at the Performing Arts Center and halfway up the stairs to the Mezzanine I realized I was not only walking up the stairs with no pain, I didnt even need to hold on to the balcony for balance. Its amazing!

4 Stars
Not disappointed 
Great to get you moving while not moving invigouratiing

5 Stars
Really good 
This is really good and I have noticed the difference since using it.

5 Stars
Love it 
Really an awesome item. I initially got it to lose some weight but found that it helps me in a whole lot of ways. Ive actually recommended it and my friends have bought them too... I should get a commission

Review this item!
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