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Vanity Star Studio Lights - 2 Pack
Vanity Star Studio Lights - 2 Pack
Vanity Star Studio Lights - 2 Pack
Vanity Star Studio Lights - 2 Pack
Vanity Star Studio Lights - 2 Pack
Vanity Star Studio Lights - 2 Pack

Vanity Star Studio Lights - 2 Pack

Vanity Star Studio Lights - 2 Pack

Your Price: $29.99
Compare at: $29.99  (0% off)
SPECIAL: 2 for $15.98 (73% off)
Sold Out
Get one set for $9.99
Save $4.00 more and get two sets for $15.98
Save $6.00 more and get three sets for $23.97
Save $8.00 more and get four sets for $31.96

These cordless LED lights bring Hollywood style makeup lighting into your home.

These are designed to reduce shadows and harsh tones of fluorescent lighting to create a soft and even glow across your face. It is perfect lighting for applying makeup. Whether you are plucking, shaving or even putting on contacts it helps you to see better.

The three suction cups make it quick and easy to affix them to any mirror or smooth surface.

Because they're cordless they're easy to place anywhere.

You get a two pack of lights, however you can buy a few of these and outline your whole mirror just like the makeup artists do when applying makeup to your favorite stars.

Why Buy These?
The natural lighting these provide ensure you put your makeup on for the best effect. If your lighting is poor there is a tendency to put on your makeup a little heavy which doesn't make you look your best!

These are also great to place anywhere you need extra lighting. Remember the three suction cups on the back will adhere to any smooth surface.

Similar lights like these sell for $20 to $30. Our super low price saves you enough to buy 3 sets for less than what you would buy one in stores.

To have lights like these installed in your bathroom could cost you hundreds of dollars. Try these Vanity Star Studio Lights and see yourself in a whole, better new light!

- 2 Pack of lights
- 4 bright LEDs on each light
- Stay-Cool Bulbs
- Sleek Chrome Finish
- Each light has 3 suction cups for easy mounting to a flat smooth surface
- Pilot holes on back for hanging
- Easy on/off switch
- Great for applying makeup
- Each light uses 4 AA batteries (not included, but available here)
- Dimension of Base for Each Light: 12in x 2.5in
- Each Bulb is 2 inches

Review this item!

5 Stars
Great Lights 
Very bright and good color lights. Thank you

5 Stars
I love it. 
I have one in my bathroom and one over the stove.

3 Stars
Snap on lights 
Was naive. Didnt realize the lights are designed for glass surfaces. Work well in one glass location

5 Stars
Great lighting 
I attached this to my full length mirror and it really lets me see the full picture of what I look like! Wish I had this way before now

5 Stars
Studio lights 
This is a great product at an excellent price, and even comes with light bulbs. Now my son wants some for his garage.

5 Stars
Great Company 
I really like these vanity lights. You can place them any where, change your mind and put them some place else. In my second order, I could not open the back for batteries; customer service was wonderful and replaced. I only called to see if I was doing corectly.

5 Stars
I love these! We have a house built in the 1920’s and even with the lights on, it was difficult to put on my makeup because of poor lighting... now I can actually SEE what I’m doing and not make my makeup too dark and heavy.

5 Stars
We put the studio lights on the left and right sides of our bathroom mirrors. Theyre a great help in shaving for him and for putting on makeup for her.

4 Stars
works well 
I like these lights very much. They cast a bright light wherever I put them. My only complain is that they dont stick to my mirror as well as Id like

3 Stars
vanity star studio lights 
They were a little hard to open to get the batteries in. I was initially afraid I was going to break the latch. I called about it, and the lady was extremely nice and helpful. Generally they work just fine, but I was disappointed they werent terribly bright like I expected. They stick on the surface good--nice suction.

5 Stars
A world of difference! 
Using these on my bathroom mirror has made a world of difference. I always had problems tweezing, now I can see clearly.

3 Stars
Okay but not as bright as Id hoped 
For the low price, these lights are okay. I was hoping theyd be brighter than they are. I got them for my wife to give her more light to use getting ready. They help some but I probably wouldnt recommend them.

2 Stars
Very poor light 
These put out the same as a night light. Very disappointed at this cheap product

5 Stars
Vanity Star Studio Lights 
Great lighting for bathroom. I use them with my makeup Mirror. Save on electricity.

4 Stars
Bright lights 
These lights provide bright, white light which tends to give ones completion a deathly pallor. Ours is mounted on the mirror over the bathroom sink and reflects into your eyes causing you to lean in close to the mirror to see what youre doing! Perhaps if you have room to mount them further out, it wont be so bright. They have solved problem of our dark bathroom in spite of the negatives.

2 Stars

5 Stars
Vanity Light 
I was very happy to see these lights in person. After I installed the batteries I turned it on and was very happy with the brightness it has. I put it in my bedroom closet as I dont have any kind of light in there and it great to see how bright it was and made seeing my clothes very easy. I am very happy with them.

4 Stars
Good Lighting 
Very bright. great price. Only problem I had was the suction cups would not stick to bathroom tile. Was able to mount using a different technique.

5 Stars
Great vanity lights 
They are very nice vanity lights. They provide so much extra light, they are great.

5 Stars
Our customers love them! Thats all that counts with us! 
They sure light up a space and make applying make-up so much easier - without the shadows caused by bathroom lights

5 Stars
These are Amazing!!!!! 
These lights can really make applying make-up much easier.

1 Stars
waste of money on bad product 
disappointing product; light is too low

5 Stars
Very nice 
Daughter loves it.

5 Stars
Absolutely love these 
I just bought a old house that’s 136 years old and there is no lighting in my walk-in pantry I put one of these strips in there hang them up on nails and it is just as bright as can be and I can see everything that I need.

5 Stars
Just right for my display. 
I modified these to work with ac power adapters. They are designed for four 1-1/2 volt batteries in series for a total of 6 volts, so I tried different voltages, between 4 and 1/2 volts to 6 volts. I use the stronger level for brighter lighting and 4 and 1/2 seemed a bit too dim, but 5 volts works very well for low light. Whether that will affect the life of the LEDs I cant say.

5 Stars
Great lighting for bathroom 
I added this light to the shower and it works great.

2 Stars
Not so good 
Good idea but lights don’t help illuminate face very much for shaving. Suction gives up after a couple of weeks.

Review this item!
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