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Universal Smartphone Belt Holster by Ghostek

Universal Smartphone Belt Holster by Ghostek

Universal Smartphone Belt Holster by Ghostek
Universal Smartphone Belt Holster by Ghostek
Compare at: $29.99  (73% off)
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This holster clips your smartphone onto your belt for easy access at all times without weighing down a pocket! The spring-loaded arms fit nearly any size phone up to 4in wide - even if it has a case. Slightly rubberized grips ensure your phone stays in place during your commute, exercise, or hiking. Once clipped, you can rotate the grip 360 degrees to suit your needs.

The clip also doubles as a handy phone stand - remove it from your belt, rotate it horizontally or vertically, and place it on a flat surface. It's great for watching videos on the plane.

Clip it onto belts, backpacks, purse straps, and more. It's also a safer alternative for men who want to avoid smartphone radiation while in a pocket.

- Universal Smartphone Belt Holster
- Compatible with Any Phone 2.6in - 4in Wide
- Even Usable with Large Cases
- 360 Degree Ratcheting Rotation
- Locking Clip Doubles as Phone Stand
- Clips on to Belts, Backpack, Purse Straps and More
- Frees Up Pockets
- Scratch-Resistant ABS Plastic
- Manufacturer Limited Lifetime Warranty by Ghostek
- Unit Dimensions: 84.4mm x 85.79mm x 44.8mm

2 Stars  Not secure 
The phone was knocked out of the holster several times over the first couple of weeks, sometimes without my noticing so I had to search for it.

5 Stars  Belt holster 
Well made helps eliminate fishing for phone in pocket.

3 Stars  Bad Quality 
Item came apart first time I put on my belt. The iPhone fell out without my assistance. Dont recommend product.

5 Stars  Love it 
Great product

1 Stars  UGH 
Waste of money as a beltclip phone holder-does not work well with a Galaxy s9 because of the side buittons

5 Stars  Great Device 
have used only a little but works great

4 Stars  Belt Holster by Ghostek 
The I-Phone 6 S is a large cumbersome phone that does not lend itself well to belt clipped holders. This device deserves a 4 star in that it does what it purports to do well over-all.

4 Stars  easy use holder 
4 stars as I had to re-glue the ridged footing pad that came off, otherwise great product!

3 Stars  Great clip, but hit power button 
I love the clip however my power button is where the clip hits so my phone will hang up at times. I cant use it any more. If your phone has the power button on the side near then middle you may have the same issue, if not this will be great for you!

2 Stars  Smartphone Belt Holster Bulky 
The clips ride against your side and the phone sticks out far enough to catch on cabinet counters and dooways if you are not careful. Limited value...

5 Stars  Quik ,easy holder 
Its easy to put on and take off and holds securely. In a hurry, i can just hang it on my pocket .

4 Stars  lets me get my phone out of my pockets! 
Fits my android phone well and makes it easier to access my phone. also, keeps me from forgetting my phone.

4 Stars  holster 
ordered and received the smartphone holster. It works great I like the spring loaded feature as it is easy to load and easy to get the phone out when I need it.

5 Stars  Good Product 
Enjoy product....Works well.

5 Stars  Great secure holder 
It holds my phone and doesnt slip . it makes a nice holder also when not on my belt .

3 Stars  Almost perfect 
I would rate this holster higher, but, it rotates too freely. When I take the phone out, I always have to look to see if the movable side is at the top or the bottom.

4 Stars  Good but not great 
Although advertised as possible to connect and disconnect the cell phone using only one hand, that is very difficult to do. Also the phone can slip and engage some of the side buttons. Otherwise a good buy.

5 Stars  Perfect 
Exactly what I wanted

3 Stars  phone belt holster by ghostek 
works just ok-does come unclipped,so pay attention to make sure you still have your phone-would not recommend

4 Stars  Too heavy! 
Its too big & bulky for me. Its probably better for men.

5 Stars  didnt fit 
the product looks great...except my phone would not fit in. Ill give it to a friend.

2 Stars  Nice But!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
I had purchased one of these for my Stylo 2 phone. But the problem I found was the setting the table standing. Mine broken after having it about 3 weeks, the part that makes it stand. What happened was it kept on slipping on the holding position. Other then that happen the item works okay except the part of table standing!

5 Stars  Great Case 
Very good case

2 Stars  Removal difficult 
Holster holds just fine but very difficult to remove phone when belt attached. Requires 2 hands which is not always possible. Holster actually holds the phone too tightly.

3 Stars  Good Idea 
This product is a good idea but it does pop off and slips . If you dont put it on just right it will touch the power button. I purchased two, I dont know where what Ill do with it.

1 Stars  I phone holster 
This is too big for my Iphone 5SE even in a case. Husband has an otter case on his phone and it fits with that type of case. But it still slips out easy.Phone has dropped out a couple times on him.
Please note the unit dimensions posted in our features: 84.4mm x 85.79mm x 44.8mm.
7/22/2017 - Amber

4 Stars  Case 
Nice case

5 Stars  Great Smartphone Holder 
Comfortable, durable and holds the phone securely.

4 Stars  case 
like product

5 Stars  Great Phone clip 
my phone is big and kind of heavy, but fits well in the clip, holds my phone tight and you can clip it to anything, can be use as a stand as well, I like it and am pleased good price.

3 Stars  Belt Holster by Ghostek 
Only product I have ever received from your company that I wasnt completely satisfied with. I bought it for its ability to use it as a stand for my smartphone. Mine will not lock into place. Everything else works fine.

5 Stars  Great Smartphone Holder 
Excellent, lots of features. Sturdy.

4 Stars  Nice, but 
I like the holder. It is easier to use than the usual ones. My only complaint is that it swivels much too easily. It doesnt clip in solidly in any one position.

4 Stars  Accessible, but not the most secure 
The holster is very flexible and sturdy and you eventually get good at getting it in & out. The clip is strong, but the phone will come out sometimes when you are getting in and out of a car. The stand feature is neat and works, but I havent used it very much. The sides sometimes press on the power & volume buttons. I am using it full time, but may go back to a pouch type case.

5 Stars  Belt Clip 
Awesome device. It holds up to others that I have purchased at a higher price. Again, an incredible product. Thanks for the opportunity to buy one.

5 Stars  phone holster 
very good price, fits my Samsung just right. love the click on style and snug fit. holds the phone in place so it wont fall out and best you can turn it around in any direction to wear.

4 Stars  does the job! 
fits the larger I-phone very well. Perfect for what I needed!

5 Stars  Belt holster universal 
Nice item, fits great, no problems.would order it again.

5 Stars  cell holder 
Nice and secure horizontally. But Verticle phone slips out of holder more easily

1 Stars  Ghostek Belt Holster 
If you have an Iphone do not purchase. it kept sliding in the holster and would press on the power button which would power the phone off. Make sure you wear a tucked in t shirt because the belt clip digs into your side. It is only good for a stand to prop up your phone on your desk to watch movies. I definitely would not recommend this product.

4 Stars  Smartphone Belt Holster 
If you have control buttons on the side of your phone like volume you have to be careful when attaching the phone to holster because sometimes it changes the volume. Otherwise, I really like the device.

2 Stars  Fair 
Not exactly what I thought it was.

3 Stars  clip is not stiff enough 
I bought the belt clip for my Iphone7+. The clip mechanism works but the it rotates too easily which make it cumbersome to unholster it quickly. Other clips I have used have a more definite stop to the rotation.

4 Stars  Cell phone holster 
Order came in quickly- works good

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This holster clips your smartphone onto your belt for easy access at all times without weighing down a pocket! The spring-loaded arms fit nearly any size phone up to 4in wide - even if it has a case.
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