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Universal Folding Triple Panel Ceiling Light: 2700 Lumens

Universal Folding Triple Panel Ceiling Light: 2700 Lumens

Universal Folding Triple Panel Ceiling Light: 2700 Lumens
Universal Folding Triple Panel Ceiling Light: 2700 Lumens
Your Price: $9.99
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SPECIAL: 2 for $17.98 (70% off)
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When one light is not enough, flood your living or work space with bright, white light from a Universal 3-Panel Folding LED Light.

It's the FOLDABLE LED Panel Light

This LED light features 3 panels that open up like the blades of a ceiling fan. At their maximum exposure the panels will put out 2700 lumens of bright, white light. You can also close the panels partially or completely to limit the amount of light.

And since the Folding Light screws into a standard socket like any light bulb, you can use it in any room. It's great for garages, work spaces and kitchens - anywhere you want a lot of bright, white light. Works great in pendant Lamps and as ceiling fixtures. Packaging may vary from what is shown in the video, but all the specs are the same.


  • Tri-Panel Folding LED Light
  • Screws into a standard socket like any light bulb
  • Each panel is adjustable
  • 2700 lumens of bright, white light
  • Great for garages, workshops, kitchens
  • Each panel 6-inches in length
  • 36 watts
  • Bulb Light Color: 5000K Pure White
  • Note: Outer Housing Color May Vary from White to Gray (Same Light Output Color Though)

5 Stars  Intense Brightness 
This bulb brightness is very intense a no d cool at the same time.

5 Stars  I CAN SEE 
I love these lights. The first one I bought for my closet. It is a walk thru with two doors and with the light on and both doors open it was still hard to tell what color shirt I was grabbing!? Now I do not need the doors open except to let some of the brightness out! Excellent buy. In fact I bought two more just to have around.

This light made a huge difference in my laundry room and garage. I could easily see and read everything on the shelves and the writing on the appliances. The 3 panel bulb is very bright but not overpowering. It also looks so much better than a plain naked light bulb. I came back and purchased a few extras just in case these sell out in the future.

5 Stars  https//www.pulsetv.com/prodinfo.asp?number=9588 
These work great! I had originally bought 6 for the basement that I am getting ready for a property to sell, and only needed 4 for the amount of light they produced. Also they are so easy to install and are decorative, much better than the LED rectangular lights that typically require the help of an electrician!

5 Stars  Perfect for shed 
Easy set up. Perfect for my shed. I have no complaints

5 Stars  Excellent 
It is worth every penny.

5 Stars  Can your garage be too bright? 
We replaced 3 flourescent light fixtures with these - 1 of which was brighter than the 3 we had - we bought 2 more because we loved being able to see everything in our garage even the hidden cobwebs. These are the brightest lights weve ever seen.

5 Stars  Works great 
Works great

5 Stars  SO BRIGHT! 
I bought this to use in our garage and it is AMAZING. You will NOT be disappointed!

5 Stars  Couldnt be happier 
After getting these i put them in the basement and garage and then went out and ordered 6 more for the attic and backups in case of failure.Love the difference where i used them

5 Stars  Great lights 
Love these lights. They are very bright and nicely adjustable

5 Stars  Okay 
Gives a lot of light where you need it

5 Stars  Great lighting 
My husband was surprised at how much light they put out. Worked great for the garage.

5 Stars  fan light 
good value works great

5 Stars  Super Bright 
These are super bright and you can aim wherever you need to. In the past I had several lights in my basement. With these I just need two and can see a lot better than when I had multiple lights.

5 Stars  BRIGHT 
Wow, these things are bright. Make a huge difference in our garage. Much better price too. If they last awhile, 5 stars should be 10.

5 Stars  Universal Folding Triple Panel Ceiling Light 2700 Lumens 
Since I loved the brighter lights so much, i got this for my closet, what a difference. Wish I had more places to put them.

5 Stars  Universal Folding Triple Panel Ceiling Light 2700 Lumens 
These adjustable/triple panel/screw-in 2700 lumens ceiling lights are just what I needed to give my attic, upstairs hallway, and garage the daylight brightness I wanted. I never knew how dim and dark the 60 watt bulbs were, until I installed these lights into the fixtures. I should never need to use a flashlight while searching for stored items again!

5 Stars  seems to do the job 
good light

5 Stars  Great product 
This is a very bright light, somewhat configurable, and truly lives up to its purpose and advertised features. Im very glad I bought it. Like most people, my garage is a place for projects, and I can now discern the differences between screw types and heads, etc.

5 Stars  See the light 
All it is advertised to be Easy too install bright light

5 Stars  Shining Bright 
This is a fantastic light. My garage only has one ceiling bulb socket and the lighting was so dim as to be almost useless. I purchased the Universal Folding Triple Panel Ceiling Light and it really lights up the entire garage. What a positive difference it makes. I m going or order a few more.

5 Stars  Universal Folding Triple Panel Ceiling Light 
Very happy with the lights. Good price and gives off a lot of light.

5 Stars  Universal Folding Triple Panel Ceiling Light 2700 Lumens 
Product arrived on time, very easy to install, little to no effort on my part, handed to husband who removed regular on light bulb and screwed in one of these new lights. I snapped on the light switch and the new light came on a lit up the whole area. It is brighter and covers more of the area than old light bulb did by far. They look great and I have no problem recommending this type of light fixture to anyone looking for this type of light. Excellent product!!!!

5 Stars  Great for the Garage 
I purchased the light for my garage and it has worked out GREAT. It is so much better than the light bulb I was using and it plugs into the same socket.

5 Stars  Lots of light 
Purchased as a Fathers Day Gift. Enjoying lots of light in garage. Very satisfied.

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Universal Folding Triple Panel Ceiling Light: 2700 Lumens

When one light is not enough, flood your living or work space with bright, white light from a Universal 3-Panel Folding LED Light.