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Universal Can Strainer

Universal Can Strainer

Universal Can Strainer
Universal Can Strainer
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The Universal Can Strainer will quickly become one of your favorite kitchen gadgets!

No more sticky and yucky fingers from the contents of cans and no more of the contents, like corn and peas, slipping out and rolling down the drain.

Best Can Strainer

Unlike other strainers on the market, this one allows you to use it on most cans up to 4.5 inches wide.

The large strainer basket is attached to a long handle to keep your hand away from juice exiting the can, and with three different size options in the recessed colander, it works flawlessly with most cans you'll encounter.

Plus you can flip it over to press down, and eliminate every last drop of juice or oil, which is very handy on things like tuna fish.

Other tools force you to fumble with strainers that don't quite fit, or ones that don't have handles. This high quality can strainer allows anyone to quickly drain any can without taking forever, or working too hard.

Top Kitchen Gadget

Perfect for cans of tuna, but also great for other stuff in a wide variety of containers. With no adjustment necessary, this gadget adapts on the fly to fit nearly any can, jar or container you would want to use it with.

It couldn't be easier to use! Simply remove the lid like normal, then hold this in place while dumping out the contents of your can. Tiny pieces of food won't be able to escape, but every drop of liquid will come pouring out of the holes.

Made from top quality stainless steel, it's totally dishwasher safe.


- Works on almost any size can to easily strain out that excess water, oil, juice
- Strainer is 4 1/2" in diameter with a 4 1/2" long handle
- Universal size works with most sizes of cans
- Made of stainless steel
- Easy to store, only one inch high, it slips into any drawer easily
- Dishwasher safe

5 Stars  Universal can strainer 
I had a plastic one. This metal on is soo much better and works great.

5 Stars  Very useful and sturdy kitchen tool 
I was pleasantly surprised how sturdy this tool is. We have used it almost daily. Its great to strain the water out of canned vegetables, fruit, tuna, etc. We place it on top of a small bowl and pour in sauerkraut to strain for making Ruben sandwiches. Fantastic and versatile kitchen tool. I bought 2 and gave one to our grown daughter. She really likes it also.

5 Stars  Very convenient 
Fits almost anything

5 Stars  Can Strainer 
I bought this for each of my two daughters and they consider this item a valued utensil in the kitchen. It gets a lot of use.

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Video: Universal Can Strainer

Put this convenient can strainer to use with nearly any size can in your kitchen and get rid of extra water or oil with less hassle and mess.
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