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Ultrasonic Bark Stopper for Dogs: Safe and Humane

Ultrasonic Bark Stopper for Dogs: Safe and Humane

Ultrasonic Bark Stopper for Dogs: Safe and Humane
Ultrasonic Bark Stopper for Dogs: Safe and Humane
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Curb persistent barking the safe and humane way with the Ultrasonic Bark Stopper. This device detects barks from up to 16ft away, and automatically emits a high-pitched frequency sound that's inaudible to humans.

How To Stop Your Dog From Barking

Once the barking stops, so will the sound. Although the sound can be annoying/puzzling to your pooch, rest-assured that this is safe and harmless to their ears (ages 6 months and older). It startles and interrupts bad behavior (barking) and provides more relief when it's over.

It's great for training purposes of overly-vocal dogs. This can be especially important for those who live in apartments to avoid noise complaints! It's so easy to operate with an on/off switch and 2 sensitivity levels. These sensitivity levels refer to the distance from which it will detect barking: 13 or 16ft away. Keep in mind that barriers such as walls, doors, or windows may limit this range.

The wireless unit simply requires a 9-Volt battery (not included). There are 3 ways to use it: carry it around with you while walking in public, set it on a table or flat surface, or use the included mount holder to keep it on the wall.

Note: Dog training takes time and patience, your dog's barking may calm down over time. Low-pitched barks may not trigger the unit, this is suited better for smaller "yapping" dogs.


  • Electronic Bark Stopper is Safe and Humane for Dogs
  • Ultrasonic Frequency is Inaudible to Humans
  • Curb Persistent Barking for Anxious or Overly-Vocal Dogs
  • High-Pitched Sound is Annoying, but Not Harmful to Your Pets
  • Ideal for Training
  • Useful for Dogs Up to 16ft Away
  • Helps Prevent Noise Complaints in Apartments
  • Simple On/Off and 2 Sensitivity Modes
  • Recommended to Use for Dogs 6 Months and Older
  • Battery-Operated (9 Volt Battery Not Included)
  • 3-Way Use: Handheld, Stand, or Wall Mount
  • Dimensions: 5in x 1.75in

5 Stars  Really Works 
Within two days after installing these the neighbors dog completely stopped barking in the yard. Initially, the dog only barked a couple of times instead of 15-20 minutes of barking.

3 Stars  Does it work? 
Well, I cant say that it does or doesnt. First you seem to have to be close to the barking for it to activate. Second, since you cant hear it, you dont know if it putting out any sound. Third, the barking doesnt stop right away. It stops, but maybe it would have stopped anyway. Still, I cant say it doesnt work -- only I dont know.

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