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USB-C 15w High Speed Mag-Safe Magnetic Wireless Charger

USB-C 15w High Speed Mag-Safe Magnetic Wireless Charger

USB-C 15w High Speed Mag-Safe Magnetic Wireless Charger
USB-C 15w High Speed Mag-Safe Magnetic Wireless Charger
Your Price: $7.99
Compare at: $29.99  (73% off)
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No more plugging your phone in to charge! This Qi wireless charging pad means you can simply place your device directly on top to get the fastest charge possible.

A series of hidden aligned magnets attaches to the perfect spot on your compatible iPhone (12 and up) so that your device maintains a proper connection while charging. But don't worry: older iPhone users and Android phones can still utilize the charging pad as long as they support wireless charging- it just may not snap in place the same way. Keep in mind you also will need a form of USB-C power. USB-C is the new standard of charging so you will see many new computers, laptops, and power banks coming with these ultra-fast USB-C ports.

The Best Wireless Charger

Enjoy instant and FAST charging without ever plugging anything into your phone. This will top off your phone in record time by simply placing your device on top. It's loaded with safety features like overcurrent/overvoltage protection and is strong enough to work through most cases. Plus the slim profile is easy to pack along and use on the go


  • Wireless Charging Pad for iPhones and Androids
  • 15 Watt Charging Output
  • Magnetic for Apple Magsafe Phones and Accessories
  • Uses USB-C Power For Ultra Fast Charging
  • PD / Fast-Charging Capable for RAPID Charging
  • Ultra Slim and Lightweight for Portable Use
  • Use Your Phone While Charging
  • Never Plug Your Phone in Again to Charge!
  • Case-Friendly (Works with Magsafe, <5mm Cases)
  • Overcurrent and Overvoltage Safety Protection
  • For Use With USB-C Power Banks, USB-C Adapters, and USB-C Computer Ports
  • Comes In Black Or White (no color choice)
  • Generously Long 45in Cord

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