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Tuff Night Vision Monocular
Tuff Night Vision Monocular
Tuff Night Vision Monocular
Tuff Night Vision Monocular
Tuff Night Vision Monocular
Tuff Night Vision Monocular
Tuff Night Vision Monocular

Tuff Night Vision Monocular

Tuff Night Vision Monocular

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Bring things into focus, make your view brighter, and see clearer - Day and Night - with the Tuff Night Vision Monocular.

Works during the day and night time!

This tactical grade monocular has a full 8X magnification that gives you a sharp, up-close look of distant objects; and the field of view is 430ft @1000 yards range. The 40mm lens enhances brightness for a crystal clear view. The single-hand focus makes for easy use when bringing things into view. In the dark of night, with the simple press of a button, the monocular emits a wide angle green laser beam that reveals objects up to 150 yards away.

Its compact and lightweight design makes it easy to carry and store - soft carry bag included. Uses 3x AAA Batteries (Not Included).

Perfect for bird watching, hiking, hunting, camping, security, sightseeing, surveillance and other activities!

WARNING: Lasers should not be projected at or within the flight path of an aircraft within 10 nautical miles from an airport. Do not use the Laser Monocular in any matter other than that intended by the manufacturer to avoid exposure to hazardous laser radiation.

- 1 Tuff Night Vision Monocular
- Works during the day and night time
- High Quality-Tactical Grade
- 40mm lens for bright, clear images
- 1000 yard range and 430ft field of view
- Single-hand focus for ease of use
- Emits a green laser beam for night viewing up to 150 yards
- Compact and lightweight design is easy to carry
- Uses 3x AAA Batteries (Not Included)
- Includes 1 Soft Carry Bag

Review this item!

2 Stars  Not what I expected 
It is NOT good for surveillance as advertised, you can see in the dark because it emits a bright green light, if you used a flashlight you could see even better, but it still wouldnt be for surveillance.

4 Stars  nice scope for hunting Mice 
it makes my mouse problem a little easier to find and remove. i can find them without needing to turn on the main lights to discover their entry points

5 Stars  Great customer service 
I havent used a night vision binocular Before So I really do know how to judge I purchased it because my Yorkshire dog has a habit of running into the woods behind our house & gets lost I purchased it before & had some problems customer service help me - mostly my issues I used the replacement last night works well Binocular is good Customer service fantastic !!

3 Stars  It does allow fo night vision. 
The green laser illumination does do its part however, if only the optics were a tad better one or two more stars would be here.

5 Stars  real bargain 
great for the price and more then i need or use.. comes in handy..

5 Stars  Great for fun or serious use 
Brings things right up so you can see. We have a field behind us so we can now see the deer and other animals at night.

4 Stars  Great for Birdwatchers 
Quite nice and good quality for such an affordable price. Great for the grand kids to use.

1 Stars  Not What I had Expected 
I was optimistic when I ordered this product. However, upon receipt, I opened the packaging and installed the batteries and fired it up. My hope was that this device would be near invisible to use at nighttime. Rather, It emitted a bright green beam that barely illuminated objects within 25 feet of me. It may be a useful gadget as a toy for young children, but not something youd want to bet your life on. What do you expect for the price though.

3 Stars  Works so so 
Does a little of what it supposed to do but not good for a distance at night. First on they sent didnt work at all but was replaced. Glad I didnt pay too much for it.

1 Stars  Not what its cracked up to be 
This product is light weight and has minimum adjustment to obtain clear sight. The night vision is obtained by using a battery operated laser light to light up the path of vision. It does not have any built in night vision mode. I was extremely disappointed.

4 Stars  Nice product 
I like this. Works good at night, but only where the green laser shines. You cant go unnoticed while outside as this shines the laser forward so its like a beacon to where you are. It does its job though.

5 Stars  Great Monocular 
works great, makes objects appear to be right in front of you.the night vision is awesome. i really like the monocular

1 Stars  Not with the hype made it seem 
I wasnt impressed with the light at all a small flashlight would work better. The optical part of it was in the lowest standard Ive ever seen. I have seen opera glasses that was a lot better. In my opinion the light needs to shoot out further and the optical need to be upgraded.

1 Stars  Piece of Junk 
This is nothing more than a green flash light attached to a monocular. It has nothing to do with night vision.

5 Stars  Tuff Night Vision Monocular 
Bought for grandson, was impressed with this item.

5 Stars  Butch 
Had to reorder because the first one I got was missing the light. They replaced it right away and didnt have to return the original!!

5 Stars  tuff vision 
they are great

1 Stars  A Joke! 
Not true night vision technology. Uses small green laser to light up area seen through cheap monocular lens. Toy to simulate appearance of real night vision. I do not recommend.

3 Stars  Focus 
Adjustment feels like there is sand in it. Very hard to adjust.

1 Stars  never worked 
Tried it with alkaline & rechargeable batteries. Best response was a large faint green blob that lasted about 3 seconds.

5 Stars  Great scope for the price. 
This night vision monocular is very handy for observing wildlife outside after dark. Its is not a professional product but is adequate for my purpose and seems to function very nicely. Cant be beat for the small cost.

5 Stars  For the price, great deal 
This is not stealthy. It projects the green laser used to see at night, out into the field of vision. From about 20 yards, the green circle is very easy to see if youre not looking through the monocular. The further out you go to the edge of the magnification area realistically about 75 yards or so it gets less obvious. Magnification and night vision views are good on a dark night. Magnification is good even without the night vision during the day. You must keep the button depressed while using the monocular during night vision mode. That makes it a bit tougher to use, but not a problem. For the price, it does exactly what I wanted. As long as you dont think tactical, its a pretty cool device for a great price. If you want stealthy, youre into a whole other price point for sure.

5 Stars  Great product... 
Works great... kids love it ...

5 Stars  Nite vision 
Very good small tool. Useful for work out to about 150 yds.

5 Stars  Tuff Night Vision Monocular 
I like it. Works well. Better than I expected.

Review this item!