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Trailway Bluetooth Wireless <br>In-Car Visor Speakerphone
Trailway Bluetooth Wireless <br>In-Car Visor Speakerphone
Trailway Bluetooth Wireless <br>In-Car Visor Speakerphone
Trailway Bluetooth Wireless <br>In-Car Visor Speakerphone
Trailway Bluetooth Wireless
In-Car Visor Speakerphone

Trailway Bluetooth Wireless
In-Car Visor Speakerphone

Trailway Bluetooth Wireless
In-Car Visor Speakerphone

Your Price: $11.59
Compare at: $39.99  (71% off)

Sold Out
*PLEASE NOTE: The current pricing is well below the normal multi-product discount price, therefore we cannot offer additional pricing discounts.

TODAY ONLY: Grab the Trailway Bluetooth Car Visor Speaker at an incredible 70% off regular price as our featured Partner Daily Deal...

The BLUETOOTH® Car Visor Speaker is a fast and easy way to get safe hands-free calling while on the road.

Compact but powerful, this speaker has a battery life of 15 hours of talk time and up to 66 days of standby time. This is one device you won't be charging very often! If you do happen to run low on power, simply plug in the included USB cord. It will fully charge in about three hours.

The speaker gives you clear and direct sound, especially with voice audio. This means you get more than just hands-free calling. Listen to your GPS Navigation, Audiobooks, Podcasts, and even Music. Any audio that plays on your phone can play through this speaker.

It only has three buttons, making it super easy to use. Plus and minus buttons control the volume and will skip music tracks when held. The phone button functions as an answer/hangup feature and will redial the last number when double pressed.

An HD noise-canceling microphone ensures your voice comes through crystal clear. And since the speaker mounts to the visor directly overhead, even in noisy conditions your voice and calls will come through clear!

Any Bluetooth capable devices are compatible, including iPhones, Androids, Smartphones, iPads, Tablets, Laptops, MP3 players, and more. Once paired, your phone will auto connect everytime you're in the car. The compact design also makes it easy to move from vehicle to vehicle. Signal reception works up to 33 ft.

Features and Benefits
- Convenient and Safe Hands-Free Calling
- Powerful Battery (15 Hours Of Talk Time)
- 66 Day Powered Standby Time
- Fully Charges In Three Hours
- Auto Power Off (After 5-min w/ No Device)
- HD Noise-Canceling Microphone
- Compact Unit Is Easy To Transfer Between Cars
- Phone Auto Connects Once Paired
- No Installation Needed (Clips On Visor)
- Easy Operation (3 Button Setup)
- Great For GPS, Audiobooks, Podcasts, Music, and More
- Works With iPhones, Androids, Smartphones, Tablets, MP3 Players, etc.
- Dimensions: 4.49" x 3.35" x 0.98"

Review this item!

5 Stars
(1) Love this Bluetooth speaker 
This speaker works excellent and is so easy to get started and use. Hands free and so very easy. Love it

5 Stars
(2) Slim shield 
So far I have had no problems.

3 Stars
(3) Works but doesnt 
Thank you for replacing the first one that didnt work. The replacement does work, except the volume is so painfully low that I cant hear my calls, making it basically worthless. I gave 3 stars for the return service. Otherwise my rating for this product would be 1 star.

5 Stars
(4) bluetooth car visor 
easy to use and much safer when you are driving

4 Stars
(5) Newer Tech for an older car! 
I love this thing!! Having an older car, bluetooth was never a feature in my driving life! The only thing it needs is a bigger sound! Very very happy to be able to take a call while driving, hands free!!! Totally easy to pair up the device and it charges quickly!

4 Stars
(6) Trailway Bluetooth Car Visor Speaker 
Very easy to use, volume seems lower when calling out as opposed to calls in.

5 Stars
(7) Excellent 
Exactly what I needed!

2 Stars
(8) Bluetooth speaker 
Volume is very low even when you have it maxed out and your phone turned all the way up. I really like the idea of having it right there on the visor in front of me but I can hardly hear it.

5 Stars
(9) As Advertised 
This Bluetooth speaker is wonderful. Works as the gang at Pulse TV said it would. Amazing price and the clarity of the speaker is great.

4 Stars
(10) Trailway Bluetooth Speaker 
This is great little speaker to have for your car. It provides you with hands-free ability to talk as your driving! And allows you to have a nice portable speaker wherever you may desire to have it. It also chargers quickly & the charger lasts a decent amount of time. I am really enjoying this item! Great value!

4 Stars
(11) Good Unit 
This is a great way to enable bluetooth for your smart phone in an older car without this capability. The sound quality is very good and it clips on to the visor very easily. Highly recommend!

1 Stars
(12) quiet and high pitched 
With the volume turned up all the way could barely hear what was said. Unless your car is completely silent when running this speaker is of no use. Dont even try to listen to audio books let alone music. Not worth it even if it was free. Do NOT buy it.

5 Stars
(13) Trailway 
The Bluetooth works very well

2 Stars
(14) Poor Quality 
One of this items advertised features is its long battery life. That was not the case with mine. It had to be charged about every 3 days with only about 4 hrs of runtime. Not very good for calls either. The volume is low and has a poor quality mic. Not very good for podcasts either. Which is the main reason I bought it. If you turn it up too loud, it rattles. I dont see how, considering the audio it produces is flat as a board. But it rattles anyway. I dont recommend.

5 Stars
(15) It is great 
I am so glad I found this with the way my husband is he needed it and loves it

3 Stars
(16) Volume issues 
The volume when adjusted while charging seems OK but in the car the volume does not get loud enough to hear the person you are trying to talk to

4 Stars
(17) Speaker volume could be louder 
Unit works fine, was not difficult to connect. The speaker of the unit could be louder. It is difficult to hear when windows are open, or radio is playing.

5 Stars
(18) Great Product 
The trailway Bluetooth car visor speaker fit the bill for what I was trying to do. I bought it for my sister-in-law, because her car does not have hands free to answer calls on her cell when she is driving. It was easy to pair to her cell and she was glad that it beeped to let her know it was turned on. She has used it daily since we placed it in her car. This a Great Product for people with older cars or any car without hands free for your cell phone.

5 Stars
(19) Bluetooth car visor speaker 

4 Stars
(20) wireless Blue tooth visor speaker going to be a big help 
As an admitted non-techie, almost a techni-phobe, I needed help aligning my phone with the speaker initially. The first outing was not as successful as I had hoped for, but thats not the fault of the speaker; its my own. Im hard of hearing, and needed something to give me hands free talking and GPS use as I was driving. In time, Im sure this speaker will be very helpful.

5 Stars
(21) Trailway Bluetooth Car Speaker 
Works as advertised. Much less static - none actually - than those that broadcast through the radio. Nice volume output, easy set up and low price point makes this a great value and the next best option for those with older vehicles without this capability already built in. Highly recommend.

5 Stars
(22) it works! 
this has been needed for a long time. Makes it needless for a driver to accidentally get caught using their Cellphone while driving.

5 Stars
(23) blue 
great product

5 Stars
(24) Works great! 
I have an older vehicle, and I can’t hold the phone while driving, and this Bluetooth car visor speaker works great! My husband has one, too. He drives to work and back and has had to charge it up about once a week. I don’t have to go far, and I charge mine about once every two weeks.

5 Stars
(25) Bluetooth car visor speaker 
It works as advertised and the price was very good

1 Stars
(26) Not what I expected 
Not loud enough when driving

3 Stars
(27) Bluetooth car visor speaker 
It would be better if the volume was louder. Hard to hear the person on the speaker. Im a bit disappointed

5 Stars
(28) This can save a life ! 
It is so easy to use . I love it.

5 Stars
(29) Works great! 
If only it had an auto shut off or battery saver bc I use it and forget to turn it off. I have to remember to bring it in to charge it. I wont charge it in the car bc the cord is awkward.

5 Stars
(30) Great 
Works well. Easy to use.

1 Stars
(31) doesnt work 
I put it in my older truck and set it up with my phone, but I couldnt hear anyone speaking to me and they barely heard me.

2 Stars
(32) Not good 
Not clear enough !! and volume to low !!

5 Stars
(33) Great speaker for older cars without bluetooth 
Now I have hands free use of my phone when I receive calls! The battery seems to be quite long-lasting. I had no problems with a 6 hour trip. Volume is great. This definitely is a keeper.

3 Stars
(34) Car Bluetooth 
Valume very low, and has to turned it on and off 2-3 times to connect to the Bluetooth.

1 Stars
(35) N/G 
Loses it connection, not clear, audio real choppy.

3 Stars
(36) Bluetooth Speaker Review 
I am not certain if the speaker turns itself off after a certain period of time or not, but it does not answer all of my calls. Also, the instructions with the unit are silent on this point and are inadequate in explaining how the speaker operates. I have been disappointed with it.

2 Stars
(37) bluetooth car phone 
systems volume is poor, connects easily but impractical for phone calls.

5 Stars
(38) Quality and Convenience! 
This gadget does just what you would want it to do....simple to set up and use with clear sound in both directions and outstandingly long standby time!!! Also not just for the car.....you can use it anywhere your hands need to be free! This is a winner folks!!

3 Stars
(39) Trailway Bluetooth Car Vison Speaker 
First issue; seems to be some difficulty in maintaining volume. Second: does not connect automatically if left on overnight. Other than that, works as described.

4 Stars
(40) A steal of a deal. 
When the Bluetooth in my vehicle stopped working, I ordered this to use for listening to ebooks while driving. The tone isnt great, no bass at all, but, for the price, its a good deal. The battery charge lasts much longer than I expected.

5 Stars
(41) Trailway Bluetooth Car Visor Speaker 
Works as advertised

5 Stars
(42) Excellent 

3 Stars
(43) Not loud enough 
It might just be me...but...in my cab of my truck ...I couldnt turn it up enough to hear it!

4 Stars
(44) Pretty good, not perfect 
Works reliably. Sound isnt loud enough. Does good job of filtering background noise so other side hears you clearly. Documentation is sparse. Wrote the company with questions and got no response.

1 Stars
(45) Bluetooth speaker 
The item did not perform as well as I had thought. I would return it, but the shipping does not make it worth doing so.

2 Stars
(46) Volume to low, cant increase any more 
I like the ease of installing on visor, but cant use because of volume. Went back to using my old one, more difficult to use but much higher volume.

5 Stars
(47) Trailway Bluetooth Car Visor Speaker Item #8610 
I have found the speaker to be very good. I actually havent used it that much. Dont get many calls in the car but when I have, while the the voice may not be crystal clear, it is clear enough to hear the person on the other end and them hear me. Ive just ordered another one for my husband. He got rid of his sirrus in his car because of cost. His phone hooked into that. He liked my visor speaker. Im surprising him with one. PULSE - YOU ROCK! KEEP ON KEEPING ON!

5 Stars
Works perfectly

5 Stars
(49) A life saver literally 
I unfortunately live in California and they are considering a new law increasing the fine for talking on a cell phone while driving. That is the main reason I bought this Bluetooth, visor phone speaker. It works great. It is loud and clear. My only complaint is that my cell phone has to be pretty close to it for it to work properly. Still, a great product.

4 Stars
(50) Bluetooth Car Visor Speaker 
I like the product but the speakers arent loud enough on it but besides that I love it.

4 Stars
(51) Low volume 
The volume could be a little more louder overall is ok.

5 Stars
(52) Trailway Visor Speaker 
Crystal-clear sound quality. Volume can be set high enough to easily hear even at highway speeds.

5 Stars
(53) Love this speaker 
This is awesome and it sounds so clear

2 Stars
(54) Marginal Sound Quality 
This devise connects easily to my I/O 7, but the sound quality leaves much to be desired. In a quiet environment, it provides adequate sound. It’s worth what I paid for it, barely!

5 Stars
(55) Car visor speaker 
Theyre good

5 Stars
(56) Speaker 
I work for an auto auction and I use my cell phone for maps to deliver the cars to the different dealers in N.Y. and Jersey and Pa. and the volume is so low that U can hardly hear it but ur speaker helps a lot thank u very much its the best.

1 Stars
(57) speaker 
Volume is terrible. Cant hear at all.

3 Stars
(58) Not what I thought it was 
It works fine with phone calls and music but, cant hear my GPS through it.

2 Stars
(59) My cell phone speaker is better 
I think I wasted my money on this. My cell phone speaker is louder.

5 Stars
(60) Great Speaker 
Nice size and good sound with my Kindle Fire! Have not tried it with anything else as this is what I purchased it for. A little picky when trying to change the volume, you have to hold the button until it starts to change and when it does, it is very fast in either raising or lowering the volume so it takes a few tries to get it just right

5 Stars
(61) Speaker 
This Bluetooth is great.

5 Stars
(62) trailway bluetooth car visor speaker 
works better then my very expensive major brand name

5 Stars
(63) Glad I got this! 
This works great. I love to play my GPS through this. Calls sound good and the battery life is AMAZING!

3 Stars
(64) Car visor speaker 
One thing, you have to turn it on every time you get into car, otherwise it won’t work

Review this item!