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Tie Me Knots Silicone Shoelaces

Tie Me Knots Silicone Shoelaces

Tie Me Knots Silicone Shoelaces
Tie Me Knots Silicone Shoelaces
Your Price: $7.99
Compare at: $9.99  (20% off)
SPECIAL: 2 for $13.98 (30% off)
Get one for $7.99
Save $2.00 and get two for $13.98
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Save $4.00 and get four for $27.96

Never Tie Your Shoes Again!

No more loose shoelaces once and for all with the Tie Me Knots Silicone Shoelaces!

Replace your ordinary shoelaces with these flat, waterproof, and durable silicone laces.

They're quick and easy to install. First, remove your old laces. Then thread and pull the Tie Me Knots through your shoe's eyelets and snap the ends together. Now you can slip on your shoes and walk comfortably with every step.

Each pack of Tie Me Knots includes 12 Black laces for one pair of shoes. One Size Fits Most.

They are not only great for your kids, but for seniors, or someone who may have a hard time keeping their shoelaces tied, too!


  • Wear Your Shoes - Hassle Free!
  • 1 Set/12pcs No Tie Shoelaces
  • Durable Elasticity
  • Unisex
  • Color: Black
  • Material: Silicone
  • Waterproof
  • One Size Fits Most

5 Stars  Neat idea 
These little things work really well. It would be nice if they came in white for sneakers, golf shoes, etc..

5 Stars  I Love these shoelaces 
I was a little worried that they were going to be too tight but once I put them on they fit perfectly. I wanted these laces to put on my bowling shoes so I wouldnt have to tie and untie my shoes when I had to take them off for bathroom breaks. These laces made it so much easier to transition from bowling shoes to regular shoes and back. I just slip off the bowling shoes and slip them back on. I would definitely buy more.

1 Stars  Tie me knots silicone laces 
These so called laces are almost impossible to get through the eyes of the sneakers. Basically useless and just sitting here.

5 Stars  These things are awesome! 
With a repeat purchase I have converted six pairs of my shoes. This makes it so easy to take shoes off and on. Perfect for airport security too!

5 Stars  Tie me knot shoe strings 
Great product works as advertised no more bending over to tie shoes

5 Stars  Shoe laces substitute 
Great way to avoid having to tie shoelaces. Just slip the shoes on and off like loafers. Love it!

5 Stars  Never tie your shoes 
Have been enjoying my updated tennis shoes to slip ons.

5 Stars  I Didnt Think They Would Work, But They Did! 
My tennis shoes do not have the normal eye sockets but a loop for the shoelace to go through. I didnt think they would work, and always wanted to have the easy slip on, especially when the dog needs to go, now. These are great, very easy to apply and then the shoes just slip on. They are snug, but not tight. Simply put, up and down hills, even sideways on hills is fine, just dont think Ill be playing tennis or basketball with them. I didnt expect to anyway. Thanks!

5 Stars  Silicone shoelaces 
Works just as advertised I am a senior citizen hate tying shoes wonderful to slip shoes on and off. Worried shoes would be loose without regular laces. But they are just as tite awesome and more comfortable on my feet.

5 Stars  Works great! 
I was a little hesitant to buy these since they are a bit pricy, but they have exceeded my expectations. They turn laced shoes into slip-ons. I was worried about them coming unhooked when you stretched them to put them on, but they are very flexible and stay connected so far.

5 Stars  GREAT!! 
Far superior to other solutions offered elsewhere

5 Stars  Love it!!! 
Turns any shoe into a slip-on, so easy to place. My sneakers never felt better.

5 Stars  Wonderful 
There are several other types of elastic shoelaces - I think I may have tried them all - but these are far and away the best. Ive been using them for about a month and am consistently delighted.

4 Stars  Item as described and works fine. 
These were exactly what I wanted, to make my lace-up shoes slip-ons.

3 Stars  Does not work with my shoes 
Apparently, these shoelaces only work with shoes that have eyelet holes. My shoes do not, they have loops, some closed and some open-ended.

5 Stars  If You Hate Bending Or Struggle ToTie Your Shoes... This Is For You! 
I never knew these existed! I dont bend so well and being a fairly larger man I can only hold that awkward position for a few seconds. Now with these, no more huffing and puffing! Seriously my aching body THANKS YOU a whole lot. If you hate to tie shoes or like me struggle to tie them... GET THIS, It is a lifesaver!

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Tie Me Knots Silicone Shoelaces

Replace your ordinary shoelaces with these flat, waterproof, and durable silicone laces.