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Tibet Almond Stick -Wood Scratch Remover and more
Tibet Almond Stick -Wood Scratch Remover and more
Tibet Almond Stick -Wood Scratch Remover and more
Tibet Almond Stick -Wood Scratch Remover and more
Tibet Almond Stick -Wood Scratch Remover and more

Tibet Almond Stick -Wood Scratch Remover and more

Tibet Almond Stick -Wood Scratch Remover and more

Your Price: $9.99
Compare at: $14.99  (33% off)
SPECIAL: 2 for $17.98 (40% off)
Sold Out
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Get one stick for $9.99
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Save $5.00 more and get five sticks for $44.95

Remove wood furniture and flooring scratches in a wink!

This might be the most amazing surface scratch, water mark and heat stain remover for wood we've ever seen. Using a secret family formula you will marvel how fast and easy the wood imperfections disappear.

So easy and simple to use:
Just open up the can, and remove the stick.
Unwrap the foil wrapper and rub either end on the scratch.
The scratch will disappear Quick As A Wink.
Wipe off excess with absorbent tissue. Can't spill or stain.
The stick has a nice smell but is colorless when rubbed on a scratch.

NOTE: There is no need to peel the label, or cut the stick. The liquid will continue to flow to the end of the stick until it is gone.

- Wipe out furniture scratches "quick-as-a-wink"
- Lasts for many years
- Perfect for furniture, flooring and antiques
- Simple to use
- Make your furniture look new again
- Made in the USA

The History:
Formulated by Leo Reed in 1908 in a small factory in Chicago. Leo set out to find a product that would eliminate surface scratches, water marks, heat stains from all kinds of wood.

Initially it was sold only for industrial use, such as moving companies. Eventually it worked its way into furniture stores, hardware stores, mail order catalogs and other home improvement stores.

It is a family business that has been handed down with the fourth generation now doing the production work.

Each and every Almond Stick is checked by hand to assure that our customers receive nothing less than a perfect product.

Review this item!

5 Stars  Tibet Almond Stick 
When I ordered this I was not sure how it could work as good as they said it would. Well I was very impressed. It works great. I had an area on my Oak flooring that looked horrible from scratches. When I finished putting this into those scratches, my 33 year old son could not find them without getting on his knees to look real close. Awesome & Thank You Very Much

4 Stars  For very superficial scratches only 
This works very well on superficial scratches, but as it is described, it is ineffective on deeper scratches. Just know what youre buying, and you will be be happy with this.

1 Stars  Didnt perform as expected 
I got it for scratches on my floor but couldnt tell any difference. It seemed to moisturize the wood but did nothing to cover the scratches.

5 Stars  Wont be my last purchase! 
Husband and I are amazed at the results -- mostly notably, the front door which is a knotty alder pine, very susceptible to scratches from our dogs. I applied this product and the difference is like night and day! Highly recommended.

4 Stars  Works great on light wood 
This product works ok on my floors, which are a reddish colored wood, but not so much on my very dark dining room table. Im going to try using a dark marker, then going over the top of that with this product.

I tried this product on a couple of minor scratches on our hardwood flooring and it did not cover any portion of the scratches. I would not recommend this product.

5 Stars  works like a charm 
Wasnt sure if this would even work. It looks clear but it really made the scratches blend in. Even on a large scratch it didnt disappear, but it sure did make it alot better. So glad I got this!

5 Stars  works great! 
This is my 2nd purchase of this item. It works very well to restore areas that have been discolored, but it doesnt completely restore water ring damage. It fills in nicely and leaves a nice sheen.

5 Stars  Im buying more! 
I couldnt believe my eyes. Our dogs have scratched up our alder wood front door over the years which is an unfortunately soft type of wood, though beautiful. The Tibet Almond Stick transformed it. The only thing I was a bit frustrated with was the way the product is wrapped up. Its difficult to expose with all the cotton surrounding it. Its tough to cut the paper/cotton cover.

2 Stars  Tibet Almond Stick 
It didnt work for what I needed it for. Couldnt see any effects at all.

1 Stars  Wood Scratch Remover that doesnt work 
I bought the Wood Scratch Remover and I found it does not work. It was a waste of money. I tried it on all my scratches on all the wood items in my house and none of them were removed.

1 Stars  Does not work as advertised 
I have a dark soft-wood desk with some minor surface scratches and thought this product would be the perfect solution - the only problem is that it did not work as advertised after several applications, the scratches were still visible after several prior purchases from Pulse which were winners, this one was not!

4 Stars  works like magic !! 
This product works on all furniture scratches. Only didnt work on one item- probably because it was more of a gouge than a scratch. Otherwise I would have given it a 5 rating.

4 Stars  Tbet almond stick 
Worked well but did not cover the scratches on a dark nightstand

4 Stars  Medium quality 
This item works on marks or wear spots that still have color around them. Will not work on open or raw area. Needs color then does a great job

1 Stars  Not impressed 
I tried this product where a cat had scratched the finish on a piece of maple furniture with a medium finish. It was just a surface scratch visible mostly when looking from the side over the smooth surface. I was hoping that the claw mark would fill in and not be visible. However after 2 applications, I still see the scratch when looking from the side over the smooth surface.

5 Stars  Miracle sticks 
These sticks are truly a miracle. Made my furniture look new and beautiful again.

5 Stars  Love This Product 
I was so glad to see this again. I have an old house with a lot of scratches.

1 Stars  It did not work. 
This product did not remove small scratches, nor did it remove white marks on my dining room table. The box is cute.

3 Stars  It covers only some scratches. 
It covers only some scratches. It makes the unfinished wood, where are the scratches are, much darker.

5 Stars  This really works! 
My sweet cats left scratch marks all over my new furniture. This stick erased the marks and I am thrilled.

1 Stars  Tibet Almond STick - Wood Scratch Remover and more 
I found this item to be dry, not easily handleable. I give one star because it came in a cute tin. I wont use it but still, it was cute. Pulsetv.com credited for this item. Much appreciated. I was so hopeful this item would do what it appeared to do on the video. Maybe it was just a fluke on the one I got but would not order it again.

2 Stars  Didnt work on my scratched table 
Tried it on numerous scratches and didnt help.

2 Stars  almond stick 
does not cover the scratchers. As advertized

5 Stars  I love this product! 
This product works great. I would recommend it to anyone who needs to touch up scratches on their furniture or wood floors! Works great!

5 Stars  Worked like magic... 
Covered all the scratches on the frame of a wood framed standing mirror including the wooden legs.

5 Stars  Happily impressed! 
The Almond stick truly did a great job. I have a less than a year old bureau that my cat decided to climb and I found a number of scratches on it. Thanks to the stick, I cant see most of them now. Theres one that was a little deeper that I can see a little, but far less. This was a great purchase!

3 Stars  Works - But with limited success 
Overall, I was disappointed with the products ability to correct or cover more and a few of the applications I tried. Only the tiniest scratches was it able to cover. On the edges of kitchen cabinet doors, it mostly struck out. It did well on small panel scratches.

1 Stars  scratch stick 
covers for a short time, wipes off

5 Stars  Best at covering scratches 
this products works just as advertised. It covers scratches remarkably well and lasts a long time. I am very satisfied and highly recommend this product to others.

5 Stars  Tibet Almond stick 
Fantastic product. Had scratches and water rings on our dining room oak table that had been there for years. This product removed them immediately. Also had deep scratches on our sofa end tables from our dog and this product removed them right away. I may order another one as a spare. Too bad I didnt order 2 right away. I have even told my neighbors what a great product this is.

5 Stars  owner 
Almont stick was a great product

1 Stars  Tibet Almond Stick 
I was excited how well this stick worked the first time it was used on a small scratch but sadly this was not repeated. Ive tried it on several other small scratches on the same type of wood furniture and it hasnt touched any of them -- just leaves a bit of greasy mess. Finally tossed it in the trash as not worth the return postage.

5 Stars  Worked great on my cabinets 
Im loving this stuff! The scratches on my cabinets are gone. I bought more to give to my friends, this stuff is awesome

5 Stars  Tibet Almond Stick 
This is an amazing find! I bought 8, lots of wood work in this house with dog scratches and normal wear and tear. Disappeared with the use of Tibetan Almond Stick. I took a few to our church and we were all blown away at how wood surfaces look brand new.

5 Stars  Tibet Almond Stick 
This stick worked wonders for my sons furniture. I was able to cover many marks that had been made through the years with this almond stick. His furniture looks new and fresh. I love this scratch remover.

4 Stars  Tibet Almond Stick 
Works great on scratched furnniture.

4 Stars  Tibet Almond Stick 
Worked on dresser with water stain, also worked on my wooden floor that had scratches on it I really was Amazed.

3 Stars  Almond stick scratch remover 
Depends on the porosity of the wood you are repairing, in my opinion. Wont cover hard coatings, and has less effect on hard woods like oak, but makes a noticeable difference on pine.

5 Stars  Tibet Almond Stock 
I love it! I plan to purchase more.

5 Stars  It works! 
Someone put a backpack on my desk, off of which hung a big batch of keys. It left a nasty 5 inch scratch in the medium-sized wood surface. I tried this and it worked like a miracle. Made the wood look great, too. Sometimes, old-style solutions are still the best!

5 Stars  Tibet Almond Stick for wood scratches 
This stick is terrific. I have some mild scratches on my wood floors and its not bad enough to go thru the sanding of the entire floor or expense. This stick is magical. I heard about it years ago from my cousin that used to clean houses. One of her customers had it and she used it many times. She told me about it and I have used it ever since, but I never saw it at a store. I have always bought through a catalog or online.

5 Stars  Furniture fixer 
This is a great product. Takes scratches right out. My mother used it a long time ago and I thought Id try it. Glad I did

5 Stars  Terrific 
Terrific product, made my piano look like new again. Keep up the good work!

5 Stars  Almond Stick wood scratch remover 
Product worked as advertised. It was easy to use and my scratches were gone in an instant.

5 Stars  does what it says 
our antiques look even better

5 Stars  Almond Stick 
I recently purchased the almond stick scratch eraser. This works great and it is so easy to use. My cabinets are new but had a couple small scratches I use the stick and they are gone. It worked just as well on my new hardwood floor that had a small scratch.

5 Stars  Almond stick review 
This works great on scratches in any wood stain color. I used it on my hardwood floors and kitchen cabinets and the scratches are not noticeable.

4 Stars  Miracle Worker! 
We have 30 year old oak cabinets and most of them look like new. However, a few of the lower cabinets have had wet towels hung on them and the finish was dulled. I havent found another product to restore the finish. The Tibet Almond Stick did an amazing job. I first applied it over three weeks ago and wondered if the effect would last, and it still looks great. I have been using the sticks to restore the finish of some molding around my hardwood floor and the fascia under the cabinets that got scratched when our hardwood floors were installed and buffed. Again, great success!! I agree, it would be helpful if the stick came with instructions. Do we peel the paper wrapper? Or just use the ends. My only other criticism is that one uses up the product quickly. I have already used three and will now order more. However, it is saving me a lot of more expensive refinishing. This will cover scratches, but not deep gouges or chips out of the wood. Still a great product! I have great before and after pictures!

5 Stars  It REALLY Works! 
We have 30 year old oak cabinets in our kitchen and bathrooms. For the most part, they look brand new, except for a few places where hanging wet towels over the years has dulled the finish. I have tried many products, but nothing worked - UNTIL the TIBET ALMOND STICK!!! The cabinets look like new! I wondered if the oil would be absorbed and the dry sections would revert to their old state. I did the first doors three weeks ago and they still look great. Even if I need to touch up periodically, still a great solution to my issue! Glad I ordered three, as I used two doing all of my cabinets.

4 Stars  Good quick fix 
While theres no substitute for a professionals touch, this does a good job of masking superficial scratch marks, even on fine woodwork. Deep scratches are still visible, but subdued.

5 Stars  Tibet Almond Stick 
It worked beautifully. Much thanks.

5 Stars  tibet almond stick 
I am not sure what is going on here. So far the thing seems to be working very well where a lot of other things I tried did not perform. I am suspicious, but Ill take it!

4 Stars  Tibet Almond Stick 
I wish there had been some instructions for this product. I didnt know if you were supposed to peel off the cotton surrounding the core or if that was part of the application.

4 Stars  Tibet Almond Stick Wood Scratch Remover 
Works fairly well!

5 Stars  I liked it. 
Great product!

5 Stars  Still testing 
As soon as the stick arrived I starting testing it on my dog scratched doors and trim. Immediately faded the scratches. Keep expecting it to fail but its still good. Really improved the look of the front door. Think I need another😀

I have only used this on one table that had a water-ring. The Almond Stick darkened the ring but it is still visible. I plan on treating it again and, hopefully, it will darken more.

3 Stars  Works Pretty Well 
The stick does a pretty good job on a couple scratches I had on my dining room table, though at an angle you can see where you applied the product.

2 Stars  Somethings changed! 
Mom had one, Grandma too, and they were great for touching up scratched furniture. For some reason, this one only works marginally on my solid wood furniture and not at all on any veneers. Maybe the Tibetans outsourced this once fine product to China or they dont make furniture finishes like they used to. Ill keep trying it as needed and hope for better results.

4 Stars  Erase It Away 
This simple but furniture saving tool is a treasure find. Have you ever discovered scratches in your wooden end tables, chairs or other wooden furniture after a family dinner party? In the past the only solution was to place something over it like a picture. Now you can restore your furniture by simply erasing the scratch away by filling in the mark with the Almond scratch. Its also a good tool to use to restore wooden furniture. After its in your hands you will find several uses for it. One word to the wise, order more than one when you do order as siblings, family members and friends will ask for it leaving you empty handed. Or, simply give them the item # and Web site to order their own. Great item to have in your fix it box or drawer.

4 Stars  Dont know about the More Part ... 
Fixes minor scratches. As advertised.

5 Stars  Best furniture stick! 
Does what it says. Wanted for water spots and it works!! Would highly recommend!

4 Stars  Tibet Almond Stick 
Ive use the Almond Stick once--it was easy to apply and lightened the scratch. The scratch still shows but definitely lighter.

4 Stars  Tibet Almond Stick 
Works well, but it is unclear and difficult to get the working part of the stick exposed for use. Awkward pushing seems to work but it seems a smoother way should be available. There should at least be instructions about this included w/ the product.

5 Stars  Tibet Almond Stick 
I guess Im the only one in my family that didnt know about this. Antique dealers all seem to know about it, too. Amazing! Dont know how it works, but its miraculous! Bought two...great value!

4 Stars  Tibet Almond Stick 
My family had one of these 50 years ago when I was a teenager and use it on scratched dining room furniture. It worked great then and still works great. Used it on my scratched hard wood floor. My only suggestion would be a different kind of wrapping or dispenser as my hands were oily/greasy after use. I guess I should have worn a disposable glove.

4 Stars  Stain gone 
This product works ok. It is hard to push up to see if it there is enough on the stick. Also, didnt come w any directons. Otherwise it doesake scratches lighter.

5 Stars  AMAZING! 
This stuff did what it said it would - the scratches were invisible after one use!!! A++A++A++A+++++

4 Stars  good on some wood surfaces not all 
It worked great on my wood kitchen cabinets but not on highly polished table. Rejuvenate works great on those.

5 Stars  tibet almond stick 
It covers scratches on furniture, very easy to apply, and results are excellent

5 Stars  Tibet Almond Stick 
great product,easy to use

5 Stars  What my grandmother had 
My grandmother had one of the six as long as I can remember my grandmother pass back in the late 80s mother picked it up and still has to today still works miracles ive used it on some furniture that I have and still say great results as I remember my grandmother doing on covering blemishes and scholars of furniture

5 Stars  Great for scrathces. 
I had a scratch on my table and after I used the Almond stick it was gone. Great item!

5 Stars  Pleasantly surprised! 
Works really well on scratches, but dont expect it to fill gouges

4 Stars  Okay for the small stuff 
I tried this product on scratches of various sizes and severity throughout my home. It didnt work on the deeper scratches, but the product info does make a disclaimer for that. It did pretty well on very fine scratches, though.

4 Stars  Mr. 
works well.

Review this item!
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