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Thermal Gloves - 3.2 Tog Warmth Rating

Thermal Gloves - 3.2 Tog Warmth Rating

Thermal Gloves - 3.2 Tog Warmth Rating
Thermal Gloves - 3.2 Tog Warmth Rating
Your Price: $7.99
Compare at: $14.99  (46% off)
SPECIAL: 2 for $13.98 (53% off)
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Slip your hands into these super soft Thermal Gloves! These thick, thermal gloves lock in heat so your hands stay warm and toasty during the cold months.

Here's A Pair of Super Warm and Cozy Thermal Gloves For The Winter

They're made out of a triple brushed acrylic yarn and extra long terry cloth and have a tog rating of 3.2. They're sooo soft and comfy! And one size fits most, both men and women.

They have a thick, elastic band that fits securely on your wrist. And for extra warmth, there's enough room to slip in a thin hand warmer (not included.) We have a great deal on these so be sure to stock up and grab multiple pairs for the family!


- Insulated Thermal Heating Gloves
- Thick, Soft Cozy Black Gloves
- Made Out Of Tripe Brushed Acrylic Yarn With Extra Long Terrycloth
- Keeps Hand Warm and Toasty For Longer
- Unisex/One Size Fits Most
- 3.2 Tog Rating

5 Stars  gloves 
Warm as advertised. Comfortable

5 Stars  Really Warm Gloves! 
I was hesitant to buy these gloves because I didnt fully believe they would keep my hands as warm as advertised. Since Im a walker/hiker, I tried them out immediately on some of the coldest days, and they really work! My hands felt toasty for the entire walk. Now, I wouldnt recommend the gloves if you are visiting the North Pole, but for regular winter wear, they are great!

5 Stars  Comfortable and warm 
These are my favorite gloves now. They are so soft and easy to still work with all the while keeping my hands super warm!

4 Stars  Nive, useful gloves 
These are nice gloves. They are a thick woven glove. Positives Easy to put on, fairly dextrous. While not heat generators they are warm for their lack of bulk Negatives I would like to see them come a bit further up the wrist. Would I buy them again - yes. I have a practice of putting gloves in the pockets of each jacket I own. This way on cold days i will have gloves with me. These fit nicely into a jacket I wear frequently.

5 Stars  Thermal Gloves 
They are great to shovel snow with or anything else you have to do in the winter.

5 Stars  WOW 
Wow, these glove really do worm your hands quickly! Need I say more except that the Pulse price was very good, so good I bought two pares.

1 Stars  Bad gloves 
No warmer than other gloves dont mis-represent product.

5 Stars  All Good 
They are terrific gloves to keep your hands warm is very cold conditions.

3 Stars  Not as good 
I didnt find them to be as warm as I expected.

4 Stars  They do keep my hands warm 
I have a long-haired dog and cat in my home. These gloves are hair magnates. Aside from that, they really do a good job of keeping my hands warm even when I walk the dog in below-zero weather. I would recommend them to anyone who has to be out in the cold

5 Stars  WooHoo! 
These gloves are a great product at a great price.

5 Stars  Excellent Product 
Keeps your hands warm just as advertised

5 Stars  Great Gloves 
Kept hands and fingers warm when shoveling snow.

5 Stars  Wonderfully warm 
I got these gloves to try to keep my arthritic fingers warm while doing outdoor chores this winter and they have done the job better than any other gloves I have tried.

5 Stars  Great gloves 
These are great gloves. double knit, Keeps my hands warm all the time good for snow blowing I yhink I have bought 8 pairs. Passed them ouy yo my family.

5 Stars  Warm 
These gloves are warm. I love using them when I drive,

4 Stars  warm but too big 
Really like these gloves but they are too big. Wish they were offered in various sizes.

5 Stars  Best Gloves Ever 
These gloves are the finest for the price that I have ever purchased. They do an ecellent job of keeping your hands warm.

5 Stars  Hubby Loves Them 
I got two pairs of these because it was a better deal for two and Im glad I did. My husband says these are super warm but still easy to use your hands We got hit hard with snow and he used these all day long.

1 Stars  Not what I expected 
Just ordinary gloves

1 Stars  Not what I expected 
They was not anything special just a pair of gloves

4 Stars  Really warm!! 
Really warm but because they are knit fabric they are a bit vulnerable. But Im very glade I bought them!

2 Stars  For small hands only, and not all that warm either. 
I honestly confused about all these great reviews. Guess its just me. Earler I said they are hard to put it on, unless you have average, or small hands. So thats one of the issue. The other one is that they are not warm at all!! And it wasnt even freezing cold when I was wearing them. On its way back. Little surprised that shipping isnt free, plus I dont get ALL my money back.

4 Stars  Hard to put it on 
Received my order a few days ago. First thing I noticed that its a little hard to put it on, well I do have big hands. Maybe they will stretch out a little. But once its on they are comfortable and feel warm. Sure there is no grips on them as others were saying, that would have been nice to add to it.

5 Stars  Warm Up Gloves 
Love them !

5 Stars  Thermal Gloves 
I like the gloves as they are very comfortable and warm

5 Stars  Great gloves 
They are just what I wanted for my husband to keep his hands warm . He has a health condition that he needs to keep his hands warm.

5 Stars  WARM 
Great Gloves, keep hands WARM!!!

5 Stars  A most useful pair of gloves. 
First of all, they are warm. Because if gloves like these are not, then nothing else matters. And theyre not bulky so you can actually do things with your fingers that some gloves prevent you from doing. These are a real good investment.

5 Stars  Finally, warm hands, during my shoveling snow off of my walkways 
Great gloves, are difficult to find and, finding gloves that fit my hands ....are even more difficult to find. These gloves, fill both of my needs.

5 Stars  Thermal Gloves 
Very nice gloves and they work well at keeping hands warm.

5 Stars  Thermal Gloves 
I bought these for my brother who gets cold easily He liked them.

5 Stars  Gloves Perfect for Arthritis Sufferers Keep Hands Warm During Winter. 
These gloves are warm! I have arthritis and need to keep my hands warm during the winter months, and these truly do the job. My gloves of choice in the past were made for skiing, but these do a better job. I ordered two pairs and Im really glad I did.

5 Stars  Toasty hands 
Im a Florida girl so when the weather turned and we had an early cold spell in California my hands were nice and warm.

4 Stars  Warm with limited functionality 
The gloves are definitely designed to keep your fingers and hands warm so mission accomplished however they are rather thick and have no grip features that allow you to hold or use functionally. Unable to use cell phone or grip things securely.

4 Stars  Good Value 
The gloves are warm and comfortably sized. The only reason for 4 stars and not 5 is that they do not have palm grip for driving. But for walking or outdoor activities for extended periods of time I found that they do keep my hands toasty warm in temps as low as mid 20s. Have not had a chance to test them in colder outdoor temps that are yet to come this season. I am pleased with my purchase and feel that I got excellent value for the $ spent.

4 Stars  Warmer than most 
Really warm gloves. 4 stars because they are a little tight but I would definitely recommend them.

5 Stars  Need to warm your hands? GET THESE NOW!! 
I saw the ad for these and was skeptical because of the price. I ordered a set and WOW, within a couple of moments, my hands were so warm I had to remove the gloves. I was inside at the time. Later on I went outside and found that my hands were at a comfortable temperature. Very great deal on these and you will be very happy with your purchase. I ordered another pair for a friend living in Ohio, she LOVES THEM! Buy yours today!

5 Stars  Thick 
Thick material but still able to use your fingers while wearing. Really warm unless they get wet.

4 Stars  Reasonably warm 
Comfotrable ....BUT.....everything outdoors sticks to them....Small twigs, leaves, etc............Wipe off before going into house.

3 Stars  Good 
Warm. Not a tight knit so a breeze gets cold. Keep your hands in your pockets.

5 Stars  Excellent! 
I bought these on a Doctors recommendation, Why? I have plenty of gloves. But I suffer from stiff, sore, cramping fingers at night in bed. 30+ years as a street Deputy caused this condition. Drugs, lotions, etc. had minimal relief. Ive worn these at night for 9 nights. No cramping since! AND...they are very warm too.

5 Stars  Great 
Great gloves!

5 Stars  warm hands!! 
keep your fingers toasty warm

5 Stars  Warm gloves for winter 
I purchased a pair of Heat Trendz gloves for myself and my husband. Ohio winters can be frigid and I wanted warm gloves to wear when shoveling snow or taking our dog outside. I tried on the gloves as soon as they arrived and my hands warmed up quickly.

3 Stars  Okay but not sensational 
Fairly comfortable, but not sure how good they are in sub 32 degree temps.

5 Stars  Warm gloves 
I wore my gloves last night in 30 weather for five hours and my fingers stayed very warm. They were a little bit difficult to put on since they bunch up a little bit. But they are good Buy because once you get them on it s worth it. Price was very good

5 Stars  Love them 
My husband s hands are freezing all of the time. He loves these. They warm his hands up quickly and keeps them warm.

Excellent for the price.

3 Stars  Heat Gloves 
Doesnt feel any different that any other weaved gloves. They are OK I guess, but nothing to get excited about.

5 Stars  Warm comfortable and stretch to fit 
Great gloves for warmth

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