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The Foldable Safety Cane with Ultra-Wide Swivel Support
The Foldable Safety Cane with Ultra-Wide Swivel Support
The Foldable Safety Cane with Ultra-Wide Swivel Support
The Foldable Safety Cane with Ultra-Wide Swivel Support
The Foldable Safety Cane with Ultra-Wide Swivel Support

The Foldable Safety Cane with Ultra-Wide Swivel Support

The Foldable Safety Cane with Ultra-Wide Swivel Support

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The Perfect Cane You Can Rely On!

Stand up, walk sure-footed, and get the support and stability you need with the Foldable Safety Cane. This foldable walking cane has several features with your safety and support in mind for every step you take.

You can adjust the cane between 33" and 38", whichever suites your optimal height. The cane's sturdy durable construction gives it the strength to support up to 300 LBS.

The self-standing base has four rubberized feet that not only ensures you won't slip, it also keeps it easily accessible and at-the-ready while sitting, sleeping and more. It provides perfect balance and stability on most surfaces such as gravel, sand and snow. The base is equipped with an ultra-wide swivel head which allows the user to turn smoothly, increasing mobility. And when it comes to storage and travel - it's foldable!

- Offers stability and support
- 1 Safety Cane
- Adjustable length 33-38 inches
- Weight capacity 300 lbs.
- Easy to use
- Helps prevent cramps and fatigue
- Foldable for travel and storage
- Self-standing base with 4 rubberized feet
- Great for traveling
- Ultra-wide swivel head
- Soft ergonomic handle
- Color: Black

Review this item!

5 Stars  Safety Cane 
This cane helps me walk much easier than without one. Being able to stand makes it easier to keep up with. I love it!

5 Stars  Works as Advertised - GREAT BARGAIN!!!! 
Very stable...easy to unfold/fold again! Fits easily into suitcase or in small space when folded. East to keep in car as primary cane or substitute.

5 Stars  Stand Alone Cane 
It is exactly what it it is advertised as. A very well constructed, sturdy cane that stands up by it self. I have used it in all kinds of weather and on uneven ground. I am never without it.

3 Stars  Nice to walk with 

5 Stars  Works as advertised. 
I was pleased at how sturdy it is considering it s collapsible. The wide rubber foot at the bottom helps provide stability

5 Stars  better than Hurrycane 
Well made and a very good price

5 Stars  I like this cane 
This cane is comfortable to use. I need a cane temporarily because of knee surgery. I have used two other ones but this is great because it can stand up on its own on hard flooring.

5 Stars  Great Product 
This is a great product at any price but, at the price on Pulse TV, buy a bunch and leave them all over the house. I did this for my husband, and he really appreciates is.

3 Stars  SHORT and thin 
Had an injury which has healed. Bought cane for support, if needed in future. At 58, and with full extension of cane, I still have to lean a little to make use of it. Also, when compared to products available at medical outlets like Walgreens, the metal appears thinner/flimsier.

5 Stars  Great cane 
I have had this cane for about two weeks now and use it everyday, As I have VERY bad hearing and my balance is out of whack, this cane is a lifesaver.

4 Stars  Wonderful 
Would give it 5 stars if it had a way to keep the cane folded without having to carry an extra piece to hold it together!

5 Stars  Excellent in all situations. 

5 Stars  Amazing Buy!! 
I have been watching this cane for a long time and could not believe you were selling it at such a reasonable price! Thank you so much, it arrived quickly and was easy to put together. It is very sturdy and I would recommend it for anyone who gets a little wobbly at times.

5 Stars  Nice for the price 
I had one of these canes but left it on vacation so I was glad to get another one and at a good price. It s a really nice cane

5 Stars  Pleased with product! 
I am extremely pleased with my purchase of these canes because they are very sturdy and helpful with my poor balance.

5 Stars  security while walking 
I am a caregiver and bought this cane for him . His other reg. canes slipped out from underneath him. This was better than expected. It rotates at bottom end , folds together, adjustable, lite weight, can stand straight up when you let go to fill in your pin# how easy is that. I have bought many items from pulse tv and happy with everyone of them

5 Stars  Just In Case 
The cane went right into place when I opened it up. It was solid and flexible enough to use. A little heavier and awkward than a standard tip, But I bought it for the self stand and spring upright feature. Seems Right. Not needing it right now, knock on Wood.

5 Stars  Just not for Seniors anymore. 
Having purchased a foldable safety cane about a year ago for my 92 year old Mother, all was good until she lost it. She misplaced or lost her cane and I had just seen a email flyer for new foldable safety canes once again. I jumped on the chance to buy a new one - in fact, just to be safe, I bought two canes just in case. As fate would have it, she found the original cane and now I have 2 back ups. And I dont mind having back up. The function of the cane is great - Moms memory- not so good.

5 Stars  Cane 
I like it

5 Stars  great 
very handy and support is good

4 Stars  Works very well! 
I really like how easily it folds up into a nice compact convenient size for carrying!

5 Stars  Great buy 
I bought 4 of these for a senior friend of mine so she could have them all over her house. She said they were equal to the one she paid $40 for. Everybody is happy!!

5 Stars  Hurricane 
Use my Hurricane cane when I have to go out to run earns so far it works great

5 Stars  Foldable Safety Cane 
This cane is great, I dont know how I did with out it. I keep it in my car and use it when I need it.

3 Stars  decent ,but does not stay up on all surfaces 
good cane ,but you have to be careful it does not fall apart on you

5 Stars  Great came for travel & night time safety 
This cane packs away for travel easily and is a fall saver at night for those urgent needs.

5 Stars  Hand Cane 
Very good sturdy hand cane,light and flexible

5 Stars  Pop Loves It! 
Bought this for my Father and he loves it. Bought two because I knew one of his friends at the retirement community would tell him they wished they had one. After giving it to him, the next time I saw him the first thing he said was how could he get one for his friend? To his surprise, I reached in my car trunk and gave him the second cane. With a big smile he said how did you know? I said its a cane I would want if I had a need for one, so I bought two, just in case!

5 Stars  Cane works great 
I got one for my wife & myself. Easy to unfold & refold. Great price for something that sells elsewhere for a great deal more.

4 Stars  Not for short people! 
I have purchased one of these before and found that the length is for someone North of 5 6. My wife is 4 10 and so we needed to saw off one of the folding length sections in order to bring it down to her size. This is one very inexpensive and yet better alternative to the HURRY CANE that is advertised elsewhere. This one has 4 floor pads and will stand on its own much better than the HURRY CANE which costs 4X the price of this cane!

5 Stars  More is Better 
This cane is as good as those costing twice as much. Now I have more canes around so when I need one, it is close at hand.

5 Stars  Great Cane! 
This is a great Cane and the price is so economical. Bought 2 for my wife and myself.

5 Stars  Safety Cane 
Best cane I have ever used. Lots of support, very steady.

3 Stars  Its too tall! 
I am not very tall under 5 feet the cane didnt adjust for my height. However it will work for my Husband if he ever needs it or for others I may donate it to the Elks It was certainly a good buy and it is well constructed

5 Stars  Cane 
Works great glad I got it

5 Stars  Great value 
The cane is sturdy, functions beautifully and is a great ,great value, The price was so good I purchased it just in case I ever have use for it

5 Stars  Excellent product 
This cane is a godsend. When I use a motorized cart at the supermarket, or a wheelchair at the airport, I can fold up my cane so its easy to deal with. Well made, easily adjustable, and a great price.

5 Stars  Better than I expected! 
The price is amazingly low for what I received. It is well made and works very well for me.

5 Stars  Perfect 
My cane kept slipping, I vowed to replace it. Didnt want the big foot, this is more attractive and supportive. Using both for balancing body at times. Didnt want a walker. I can control canes, left, right motions, having fun with them. Planning on walking without one day, will keep though. Thank You for being here.

5 Stars  Cane 
Cane worked out fine for me, sturdy and nice thats it collapsible

5 Stars  Excellent 
I love the foldable walking cane. I also love the base on it because it stands up on its own. Very sturdy. I highly recommend getting one for yourself or loved ones. Im buying one for my 97 year old aunt. She has a walking cane but not of this quality.

5 Stars  Safety cane is a SUPER cane! 
Bought this for myself, primarily because my other canes kept falling on the floor- creating a trip hazard for others and a generally embarrassing scene. Now this is my all-time go-to cane and I love it! Easily folds for travel or convenience, yet is adjustable and sturdy. The foot swivels so it always makes full contact with uneven surfaces and I always feel safe and secure when walking. At the great price get one for yourself and others to give as gifts.

5 Stars  So Handy 
Easy to store in car for use when I go out. Its absolutely perfect for me.

4 Stars  My husband loves this cane! 
I purchased this cane for my husband when he started having weakness and balance issues! It is very sturdy and he loves the base it is wide enough to stand alone if need be and help support him!

5 Stars  Great cane 
I bought 3 of these. I have given 2 away to people that needed them. They seem to be really good with the wide foot at the bottom.

4 Stars  great cane 
The cane made my father in laws day. He had a stroke and lost some mobility. the cane gave it back and held up nicely

5 Stars  Foldable safety cane with ultra wide swivel support 
This is one of the best canes I have had. It works.

5 Stars  Very good product at an excelent price 
I need to use a cane to get around and this one is light, easy to handle, stands alone and folds easy. Great product and a great price. I am a big guy and weigh over 240 and I would recommend this cane to anyone who needs one.

5 Stars  The perfect support 
Its very handy and gets the job done

5 Stars  Perfect! 
Helped me through the aftermath of knee surgery. I like how it folds up and can also stand up for quick get aways.

5 Stars  Foldable Safety Cane 
Easy to setup and easy to use. Cane stands up by itself when not in use. And for the price, you cant beat it.

4 Stars  Great Value 
Other than being a little long for me --I am short-- it is a great product. Works well on any ground surface. Wish i could shorten it about an inch.

5 Stars  Fantastic 
Love the cane

5 Stars  Great product 
Does everything you could want - and more. Great value for the price

My back can suddenly go out on me with little or no warning but do not need a cane most of the time and have grown tired of dragging one along for those just in case times. This is handy, well made, folds nicely and is very well priced by comparison to competitors.

1 Stars  Too scary 
The base is so small that I am afraid I will fall I purchased to prevent falling...its just too wobbly

5 Stars  Great value and quality item 
I received this cane as part of my last order. I am extremely happy with the quality and the price I paid. It is sturdy, folds up nicely and can go everywhere. I think I got a great item for the price I paid.

5 Stars  GREAT BUY 
Gave as gift.Great product for someone who needs support as they walk. Easy to fold and carry with you to have when you need it. Support on end is very helpful.

5 Stars  foldable safety cane 
Looking forward to using the cane, it is what I was looking for!

3 Stars  Cane 
Falls over very easily, especially on carpet

5 Stars  Love the way folds to small package 
Purchased for myself and my husband. Fit is great super easy to use and feels very safe.

5 Stars  Works great 
Husband loves it. Used it on vacation and now home. Really helps support his balance!

5 Stars  great cane 
works just like it says. it supports my weight and helps me get around. I like it.

5 Stars  Folding Cane 
I love the cane very sturdy when walking and easy to fold when needed.

5 Stars  Good 
Excellent product

5 Stars  Foldable Walking Cane 
Great little cane, comfortable hand grip, stable base, adjustable height. Glad I bought it!

5 Stars  This is great cane! 
Very versatile,conbinient & affordable as well as the price it is very right!

4 Stars  very flimsy 
for the price its ok

So far, so good.

5 Stars  The Foldable Safety Cane with Ultra-Wide Swivel Support 
This is a great product. I saw the same product in a store for almost $15 with only 3 feet. The 4 feet on this one gives more support, plus you can set the cane right next to you. It is always there when you need it.

5 Stars  Great walking cane 
Love this cane is very easy to use. Helps me get around. Just have hip replacement surgery, Was using crutches but since I got my cane. I walked every where. It can be fold too.l

4 Stars  What a Gem! 
Works well, and easy to use. Only complaint I have is that the cane doesnt stand straight upright every time. Love it anyway. Easy to use easy to fold up.

Review this item!
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Video: The Foldable Safety Cane with Ultra-Wide Swivel Support

Stand up, walk sure-footed, and get the support and stability you need with the Foldable Safety Cane. This foldable walking cane has several features with your safety and support in mind for every step you take.
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