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The Atomic Lighter: Rechargeable, Fuel-Free Lightning Lighter

The Atomic Lighter: Rechargeable, Fuel-Free Lightning Lighter

The Atomic Lighter: Rechargeable, Fuel-Free Lightning Lighter
The Atomic Lighter: Rechargeable, Fuel-Free Lightning Lighter
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This Atomic Lighter works anytime, anywhere! No fuel, no flint, no flame: it utilizes the power of Lightning Technology to power dual high intensity electric arcs that turn on with the push of a button. Since there's no flame, it even stays lit without blowing out in windy or rainy conditions.

The As Seen on TV Rechargeable Arc Lighter

Simply charge up the lighter with the included Micro-USB cord, so it's always ready to go. The durable metal alloy housing with etched grip can take a beating and opens with a spring-loaded hinge.

Besides lighting cigarettes, it's great for starting campfires, barbecues, or even fireworks. Use it to light decorative candles, incense or even birthday cakes!


- No flame! No Flint! No Fuel!
- Built-In Rechargeable Battery
- Includes Micro-USB Charge Cord
- Wind-Proof and Water-Resistant
- Dual Electric Arc System for More Surface Area
- On/Off Safety Switch
- Charging Indicator LED
- 8 Second Automatic Safety Shutoff
- Durable Metal Alloy with Textured Grip
- Dimensions: 3in x 1.5in x .5in

5 Stars  works as stated 
I wasnt sure if it would light my propane torch or not, since theirs technically no flame, but it did. Thats all Ive used it for since I dont smoke.

5 Stars  Excellent Product 
Purchased two of these for us to keep and use in the house. When the family visits the normal lighters get spread everywhere here on the farm. They charged up in a few hours and the charged lasted for over a week of use.

4 Stars  Good for cigarette smokers 
Nice product but not wide enough for cigars

5 Stars  Absolutely Wind Resistant 
Want a camping lighter? This one will not extinguish in the wind. It is easily charged. I dont know who came up with the idea but I wished I would have had it in the past. My wife liked mine so well I had to buy another to get to use it.

4 Stars  unique but limited 
Atomic lighter works well with cigarettes, things that get close to the limited arc range, useless for pipes. Holds a charge OK so far, couple of weeks using it.

5 Stars  Atomic lighter 
I really enjoy it it works great I had to charge it again and it took the charge . It works really good thank you so much

3 Stars  Built like a Tank 
It will work two or three time per charge....then its dead, But its solidly built.

5 Stars  The Atomic Lighter 
Works great thank you

5 Stars  Enjoying the electric lighters 
Very satisfied, they make good gifts.

5 Stars  Neat little product 
I havent had a chance to use it yet in the field but I did charge it up and gave it a test drive and it works very nicely. Looking forward to putting it to work.

5 Stars  My review on The Atomic Lighter 
First of all I have dealt with Pulsetv.com for many years and have always had excellent services. This lighter is so inexpensive that I have been able to give it to my friends and family that smoke cigarettes. Did I say cigarettes? I meant that even cigars can be lit with this lighter. Of course with a cigars you just go around the cigar till it is lit. This is so easy to use!!

5 Stars  The lighter works better than I expected 
It works great

3 Stars  Great idea! Hard to use! 
This lighter is very small and hard to position to light a stove burner. On the other hand, it works, is safer than matches.

3 Stars  not too good 
Since the lid does not flip all the way back, it is hard to use to light candles which is why I got it.

5 Stars  was just as advertised and works great 
the quality of the product is great and the value was even better thanks

5 Stars  Great lighter 
I thought at first it didnt work when I tried to light a big Churchill cigar. So I decided to try it again, and I discovered that when you hold the button down to use the lighter, you have to keep holding it down, so even though the cigar never really touched the arc, it still lit in a windy area just fine - just takes two or three pushes on the button and leaving it pushed for the 8 seconds that it stays lit before it shuts off. After a while the cigar starts to generate a flame. But remember dont just push the button and let go of it immediately - because it must be continuously pushed to keep the arc going - good product!
Wow! Thank you so much for the tip Lawrence. We love it when our customers have handy hints to pass along. Happy to know you are enjoying the lighter.
5/17/2019 - Paula

5 Stars  exactly as advertised 
exactly as advertised works great

5 Stars  Great little lighter 
I am very pleased with my purchase of this lighter. It takes a little getting used to but once you do, it is great. So nice to think I wont be adding trash to the landfill with every spent lighter. Simply recharge it and youre ready to go!

4 Stars  Works great! 
Does a good job. Only problem is the area where you light things with is a little small. A cigarette doesnt quite fit, you have to turn it and ignite the edges.

1 Stars  The lighting arc is much smaller than it appears in ads 
It is usable but not nearly as strong or as wide an arc as I had hoped.

1 Stars  Its a shame theres not a 0 star option 
This is a cool lighter that is absolutely useless. The ignition point is too small to light anything but a cigarette. Cant use for pipes or cigars. Wouldnt recommend at all.

3 Stars  Nice Lighter for some applications 
The Atomic Lighter had fairly-quick initial Charge after Package opened. Only thing to remember when trying Lighter, is to remember to TURN LIGHTER ON. The Atomic Lighter is good for Lighting items that can be reached close to the purple X where Beams cross each other. However, it wont work for Pipes and similar.

4 Stars  lighter 
is what you need when the wind is blowing

5 Stars  great lighter 
saw these lighters many times at a much higher price in stores , never purchased till I saw them on PULSE @ a great price I bought 3 ,1 for me , my nephew , and my friend .

5 Stars  Atomic lighter 
The coolest lighter. Doesnt need fluid, just charge it with included cord and its good for days. Charges just like your cell phone.

4 Stars  I like it 
I like it, but its a little heavy in my pocket, but thats ok I found a little bag to wear on my belt to carry. Problem solved.

5 Stars  Its the new craze 
I have it to be handy in the car, more for emergencies.

5 Stars  Atomic Lighter 
Its everything I was told about this lighter. Absolutely love it.

5 Stars  Wonderful product 
The convenience of not having to refill with lighter fuel is well worth the money.

5 Stars  great lighter 
works like a charm

5 Stars  Atomic Lighter 
We have 3 and the two we have unpacked and used are fascinating and work perfectly. The third one will be a gift to someone in our future

5 Stars  Great Lighter! 
So far no negative issues. Works great in windy conditions.

5 Stars  Lighter 
Great lighter

5 Stars  Awesome 
Better than expected, better than advertised ! Great value. Great tool. Great fun. Have ordered 3, will order more as gifts.

5 Stars  Fantastic Lighter 
This lighter is everything it claims to be. I bought 3 of them for birthday gifts for friends who do a lot of outdoor stuff. One of them took his lighter and lit anything he could think of and even lit a candle in front of his box fan. All of my friends thought this was a great gift.

5 Stars  ATOMIC 
So far it works great

5 Stars  Matchless light 
Seems to be all it claimed

5 Stars  Atomic lighterc 
Both lighters worked as good as advertised. Thats as good as it gets. JonS.

5 Stars  Works great 
Bought for a smoker friend! He loves it works when winding with no problems

Its okay the place X that generates the spark is kind of small so its kind of a pain to use it, especially after the way Pulse described...like I couldnt live without it...but I could and would not buy another one.

5 Stars  Works great 
My son loves it

5 Stars  Unbelievable 

5 Stars  Couldnt be happier 
My traditional light didnt always work & didnt work well in windy conditions Atomic perform like it said

5 Stars  good lighter!!! 
i bought two of your atomic lighters, i liked it...i tried it in the wind, rain etc...it stayed lit..ha ha very nice little lighter!!! thank you

3 Stars  Good, not great 
The good news is that the two lighters charge up just fine and they work. The not-so-good news is that they are bulky/heavy and it takes some focus to get the cig in the right spot to achieve an effective, even light. Also, the warning light that the charge is getting low is on the bottom of the lighter and apparently can only be seen when the lighter is in use.

I love this lighter. I have ALS which makes it hard for me to use a regular lighter and this one is so easy with just a touch of the button.

5 Stars  Perfect 
Loved it. It was for a gift, and it was perfect

4 Stars  Very handy tool 
Gas filled lighters are OK. But when they empty they get tossed out as litter so often. These rechargeable ones are always ready to go by simply charging. Wind never a problem. Only downside is that in some places an open flame is better. But Ill always carry this one with me hiking.

5 Stars  Very unique and cool! 
So far this gadget works very well and as touted....note that it is not physically amenable to lighting large candles or gas grills due to the small protected hot spot. It is easy to keep charged and is ruggedly built. Fun to play with whether you use it for anything or not!!

5 Stars  Very cool product 
Great item with an excellent price.

4 Stars  A lighter cans withstans the wind 
Work great but instruction did not say much as the charger cord need to remove before it can operate

4 Stars  works as advertised 
It works as advertised, but as a non-smoker, I got it to effortlessly light candles and fire pits ... etc. The metal cap does not fold back far enough to get the plasma flame close enough to the candle wick. Very frustrating because the plasma flame is so perfectly adequate.

5 Stars  Atomic lighter 
This was a great deal.The price was a few dollars less compared to other ads.The lighter works great will order again for a spare. C.C.

5 Stars  Great lighter 
Great for lighting smokes. If you wanted to start a fire you would need a little piece of paper as there is not much room between the terminals. I have had mine for about 3 or 4 weeks and have only had to charge it once, when I first got it. Great lighter!

5 Stars  Great Gadget 
Seems to be a great gadget to have on hand.

4 Stars  Great lighter 
The lighter works good, great and fast. I just wish that the cover would open more. Its limited opening space makes it impossible to light some things.

5 Stars  Atomic Lighter 
This is a fantastic lighter. I bought 10 for my Boy Scout grandsons. Bob Weber

5 Stars  Atomic lighter 
Good lighter works well keeps a long charge

5 Stars  Nice lighter 
looks like it will work well for camping

4 Stars  Great for Outdoor Use 
My husband frequently goes fly fishing. This lighter allows him to light whatever he needs while in the elements everything from a smoke to a camp fire.

4 Stars  SoSo 
The one problem is that the fip cover does not open wide enough to light a jar candle when the wick is down a little

5 Stars  The amazing Atomic Lighter 
This lighter is great. Never runs out of fuel you just recharge through computer when it indicates to. Can use outside when windy and it is not affected by wind. I have one and bought 3 for xmas gifts. I am not a smoker but use to light candles, etc!

5 Stars  Lighter 
Must have lighter!You can not blow it out!And if you touch some one were the x is it will shock them!!

5 Stars  Handy little lighter 
I quad camp, traveling the ATV trails of Utah camping along the way. Having a serious back-up fire starter is reassuring. It has actually become my primary ignition source. Let this lighter attack some dry pine needles and your fire is off an running.

5 Stars  Very Good 
The Atomic Lighter works very good best lighter Ive had.

5 Stars  Atomic Lighter 
What can I say other than I LOVE IT.

5 Stars  Superior 
This unit is far superior to the inferior units being sold by survival companies. It is clearly heavier, better made and SIGNIFICANTLY safer than the competition. The off/on switch makes the units safety as the competition will work even when closed if the button is accidently pushed. SUPER BUY.

5 Stars  Was what I wanted 
Good price previously purchase locally for much more

5 Stars  Great item 
great item and very handy

5 Stars  Atomic Lighter 
Works great

5 Stars  atomic lighter 
I bought the Atomic Lighter to give as a Christmas gift. And I bought a second one for myself. I am very satisfied with it. I keep it in my vehicle for an emergency use in bad weather.

5 Stars  Nifty and well made 
I bought two to start and then went back and bought four more for family and friends. They seem well made and while I have not taken one into the field, they appear to work well and every time.

5 Stars  Works the FIRST time, EVERY time. 
Love this product. Have ordered many for gifts. No complaints yet.

5 Stars  Come on baby, light my fire! 
I ordered 2 Atomic Lighters the first time. One did not work, but Pulse replaced it with no hassles. Ordered 2 more and am very happy with them. Charge lasts a long time and I never actually turn the switch to off. Just clean the prongs with a tiny brush periodically.

4 Stars  Very Useful 
Great back up when camping, or even for home to light candles, fireplace or anything else you would need a lighter for. Definitely Recommend

5 Stars  Works great 
Gave one as gift which worked well. Kept one in emergency box.

5 Stars  Happy Customer at no cost.. 
When I receive my shipment, had a problem, I sent a email, and got a reply back. They sent me another shipment at no cost to me, which may me happy. And I will continue to purchase item from them and be a happy Customer. Thank you PulseTv.

3 Stars  not what expected 
I did not understand there was no flame - I smoke a pipe - gave it to son-in-law - guess it works

5 Stars  lighter 
great works in the wind cool looking love it

4 Stars  Atomic lighter 
Son loved it...

5 Stars  Atomic lighter 
The atomic lighter is well made and works great

5 Stars  Great lighter 
We love the atomic lighter it works just as described. Might buy more for family gifts, have had no problems with it and even put window down in truck to see if it would go out and it did not. Very happy with my purchase.

5 Stars  Atomic lighter 
Heavy duty, like the on/off switch. Works great in all weather. Will even light a cigar.

5 Stars  Good lighter 
Very happy with this product

5 Stars  Atomic lighter 
I am very impressed with this item. It has come in handy as a security device in the pinch.

5 Stars  Lasts a week on a charge 
Arrived nicely packaged and works as advertised

5 Stars  Fantastic Item 
I was so impressed with this product I bought 3 more to give to friends at Christmas.

4 Stars  Nice windproof lighter 
This works very good as long as you can get the igniter area to the fuel. Unlike a traditional lighter there is no flame to point so the material has to get up to the crossed plasma beams. Not really a problem as you can always use it to light a piece of paper to start anything you cant easily reach. I havent used it enough to evaluate the battery life but have high hopes. I plan to get another for the car just in case.

5 Stars  WOW 
Havent had it long, but it is cool. We were all amazed.

3 Stars  Cant light large candles with sunken wick 
Can only light items and wicks that protrude. Cant light large candles with sunken wick.

4 Stars  It works 
Just use it and it works great

4 Stars  The Lighter 
It works well, but for me the longer lighter is a little more convenient. It is also a great gift.

5 Stars  Emergency Lighter 
Im not a smoker but I bought the Atomic Lighter for emergency purposes. I have a solar power bank so I can charge the Lighter in case I lose electricity. One needs a way to light candles or a fire during the time of an emergency. I got two Atomic Lighters and keep one in my car if I get stranded.

3 Stars  Atomic Lighter 
A decent lighter but not good for cigars - which was the reason it was purchased with influence from the ad. The length of the lighting area is not big enough to fit a cigar enough for cigarettes/cigarillos but not for a normal size cigar. If it was noted or if I was aware of this, I probably would not have made this purchase and, unfortunately, the better deal was to buy 2 of them. So, now I have 2 lighters that are not effective for my wants.

3 Stars  Atomic Lighter 
Nice lighter, but after many uses, find that it worked anywhere from a low of 15 times, to a high of 45 times. Far below the 100 times as advertised, and the charge takes approx. 1-1/2 hours and found that leaving it charge for an extra 10 minutes after the light goes out, works more efficiently.

4 Stars  Useful Product 
A very good product but cant work if trying to light a cigar.

5 Stars  Love it 
best lighter i have ever bought

5 Stars  The Atomic Lighter 
Good,dependable lighter. Dont have to worry about messy refills or the wind blowing out the flame.Highly recommended

5 Stars  It Works 
I do not smoke, but wanted a dependable lighter for our fire pit and lighting candles. This lighter works perfectly for my needs.

1 Stars  Atomic lighter 
Charge it... lights 3 or 4 times and dies... looks good... heavy... doesnt work long at at

5 Stars  Atomic Lighter 
Love it maybe I will not ever have to buy lighters again

5 Stars  Works llike advertised 
just as advertised, works in all conditions

5 Stars  lighter 
nice lighter, has some heft to it, could not blow it out, worked every time, came partially charged. shipping was a bit slow from fed ex, no more over filling a zippo and getting your leg burnt with fluid. recommended

3 Stars  works as advertised but... 
The only drawback Ive experienced has been applying it in small spaces, such as, a candle wick in a glass. You have to find something to hold a flame, and use that. Otherwise, works as advertised

4 Stars  works well 
instantaneous heat

5 Stars  Great product glad I bought two. 
Great product will probably buy more for gifts.

5 Stars  I love it 
It does what they say. What more can you ask?

2 Stars  skips 
does not work all the time it skips

5 Stars  great tool 
works great. quality item at a super price. should have bought 2.

5 Stars  Lighter 
Its a great lighter

5 Stars  Rechargeable Lighter 
Best thing since duct tape. EXCELLENT!!!!!!!

5 Stars  Lighter 
Welcome to the space age of lighters. Handy and convenient even in gale force winds

5 Stars  Neat Lighter 
Works great even in wind.

I purchased 2 lighters as my son is a fisherman and thought these lighters would work well in the winds. Day one and Day two they worked great but it turns out it I wasted my money! I, also, tried them and again they failed - even after fully charged.

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Video: The Atomic Lighter: Rechargeable, Fuel-Free Lightning Lighter

This rechargeable lighter works anytime, anywhere! No fuel, no flint, no flame: it utilizes the power of Lightning Technology to power dual high intensity electric arcs that turn on with the push of a button.
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