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TapHanger - Picture Hanging Tool
TapHanger - Picture Hanging Tool
TapHanger - Picture Hanging Tool
TapHanger - Picture Hanging Tool
TapHanger - Picture Hanging Tool
TapHanger - Picture Hanging Tool

TapHanger - Picture Hanging Tool

TapHanger - Picture Hanging Tool

Compare at: $19.99  (65% off)
Sold Out
Sold Out
*PLEASE NOTE: While the video may say you get a price break when you purchase two or more of this item, you do not when it is on sale. The sale price is well below the normal 2 or more discount price.

Hang it FAST. Hang it EASY.

Get it right the first time with TapHanger. It's the better way to hang pictures because it's fast and it's easy.

No more crooked pictures. Frames stay straight with the use of the TapHanger tool and 80 special TapHanger TapTacks - enough to hang 40 picture frames; you may never run out! And, they are reusable. Once you use TapHanger, you'll never use anything else to hang your pictures.

Hang pictures frames in less than a minute in 3 easy steps: Insert the TapTack, Tap 2 Tacks in the frame, and simply press into the drywall. No need for wires, screwdrivers, or adhesives. And avoid wall damage due to the TapTacks only leave two pinholes when removed. If you don't like the way it looks, gently pull away from the wall and reapply the way you want it.

(For some hardwoods or plastic frames, you may need to pre-drill or tap a hole through the outer layer so that you can tap your TapTack through it and into the frame.)


TapHanger is the fastest and easiest way to hang picture frames.

Features & Benefits:
- Hang pictures and remove them in just seconds
- Quick and Easy to use
- Hang picture frames without wires, screwdrivers, adhesives
- Includes 80 reusable Tap Tacks, enough to hang 40 picture frames
- Holds 20lbs.
- Avoid damaging walls
- For use with hardwoods or plastic frames
- No more crooked pictures
- Makes picture hanging fun and NOT a chore
- TapHanger and TapTacks compact size make for convenient storage

Review this item!

5 Stars
(1) Picture Hanging Tool 
Received this item the other day and tried it out. It is so simple to use and worked great. Friend was here and was impressed with the tool. Since I had ordered 2, I am giving second tool to my Friend.

5 Stars
(2) Great tool 
I recently purchased two. Gave one to my daughter. Liked them so well I purchased 4 more for gifts.

5 Stars
(3) Picture Hanging Made Easy!! 
We recently refreshed our rooms with new paint. We spent time and energy repairing screw and nail holes from pictures. The TapHanger worked great to rehang our photos without marking up the new paint and best of all you can move them when you want to re-arrange without damage or repairs. Really a great time saver!!

5 Stars
(4) Great Device 
This is the best way to hang a picture, wood frame only, that I have ever used. I hung a large picture accurately in 30 seconds.

5 Stars
Easy to hang no problems!!!!

5 Stars
(6) Perfect for picture hanging 
Easy to use and does the job neatly and efficiently. No more large holes in our drywalls!

5 Stars
(7) Great tool 
The TapHanger is so good I bought 2. All you need with it is a hammer and a level. Pictures hang flat to wall and stay straight.

5 Stars
(8) Great product 
Great invention.....solved all my hanging pics problems!!!

5 Stars
(9) My neighbor saw it and Took one 
I bought two of them because the dual pointed nails with center flange were perfectly designed. I had the two packages on my kitchen table and my neighbor said the tool was so cool that he had to have one. So now I only have one, but it is perfect.

5 Stars
(10) Picture hanging tool 

5 Stars
(11) GREAT 
Used it Loved IT !!!!!!!

5 Stars
(12) Works Great 
I love how easy it is to use and it holds up good also.

5 Stars
(13) review 
This product is the best, I wish I had this years ago. Im the WORST at hanging ANYTHING on walls. The TapHanger cannot be beat. Thank you PulseTV....

5 Stars
(14) Works great! 
Easy to use and works great.

5 Stars
(15) Tap hanger 
Works great so far!

4 Stars
(16) Amazing 
I liked because small holes are easily filled. I would give it 5 but it is only good for wooden frames. I have many other types. Metal, ceramic, etc. that I cant hang with it.

5 Stars
(17) picture doesnt fall anymore 
very easy to use

5 Stars
(18) Great 
I havent used it yet but I have 22 pictures of my grand kids and great grand kids to re hang and it will be nice to have them line up correctly and not move because they have two points attached not the one usually used.

5 Stars
(19) Game Changer 
This tool is ingenious. It has made what once was a task that took time and could be frustrating into a very easy process. This tool is the real deal, hope there are plans to possibly use bigger tacks for heavier frames.

5 Stars
(20) Wonderful little device 
Just as advertised

5 Stars
(21) TapHanger Picture Hanging Tool 
I love this little hanging tool. Just had my walls repainted and was not looking forward to re-hanging pictures until I ordered this tool, which makes it so easy. No more nails or screws in the walls for hanging pictures and it is so easy to use. Love it and recommend it highly.

5 Stars
(22) top drawer 
This device works extraordinarily well on wall board.

5 Stars
(23) Tap tool 
I love it. Its so easy to use

4 Stars
(24) Perfect for hanging award certificates and such things. 
My husband has a whole wall in his office decorated with awards he has won.They look fine but moving them leaves a mess on the wall. The picture hanging tool works great!

5 Stars
(25) Works great 
This little invention should have been discovered a long time ago. Easy to use and as all things ordered from Pulse TV--top notch

2 Stars
(26) Tap Hanger - Picture Hanging Tool 
The 1st picture I tried it on I bent or broke 5 of the nails, they did not go into the wooden frame. So I used the old reliable way of a hook and a picture hanger. I have hopes of it working better on the next picture I try to hang.

5 Stars
(27) TapHanger 
This tool is great. It has made hanging pictures so easy. I plan to order some for gifts.

5 Stars
(28) Great product 
It’s a wonderful invention! Wish it worked on heavier things.

5 Stars
(29) Very handy 
Makes picture hanging an effortless task. Very forgiving if not quite right on first hanging

4 Stars
(30) Easy Hang 
Hung my first picture without fuss or muss. Great invention!

4 Stars
(31) Not used yet 
I cannot really rate this tool, as I have not used it yet. Im planning to use it when I move for hanging all my pictures.

5 Stars
(32) Works Great on Lightweight Wood Frames 
The TapHanger worked exactly as advertised. I was worrying about tapping the nail in and breaking the glass in the frame. That did not happen. I hung the picture simply by pushing the nails into the wall. It wasnt exactly straight so I adjusted it easily. This was the quickest and easiest I ever hung a picture.

5 Stars
(33) THE best picture hanging device! 
The TapHanger is fantastic! I just used it to hang a very large picture wall --18 wooden frames-- and was done in no time with great results. Not only is it easy and quick but misalignments are easy to fix without messing up the wall. Best new product I have purchased in a long while.

5 Stars
(34) Tap Hangers 
This is the best way to hang picture, great product.

5 Stars
(35) Picture Hanging made easier 
It was an in expensive way to try the Picture Hanging Tool so I purchased it. Ive used it on 2 pictures so far and it works well. It will save putting holes in your drywall.

5 Stars
(36) Thank you 
Just what Ive been looking for a long time.

5 Stars
(37) So useful! 
Having just moved into a new home, we have lots of pictures to hang. The tap hanger definitely made the job easier! It worked exactly as advertised

5 Stars
(38) Tap Hanger 
Very easy to use, no big holes in wall, recommend for all to use.

5 Stars
(39) Picture hanger 
Works great

5 Stars
(40) works great ... easy to use 
very easy to use.... and works just as promised

5 Stars
(41) Im glad I decided to buy this 
One of the best products from PulseTV. My wall looked so nice and orderly now. Everythings exactly where it should be.

5 Stars
(42) wow 
THIS IS AMAZING. Hung 4 pictures in a matter of minutes with no need to re hang. All were level and at the correct height.

Review this item!