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Swivel Sensor Light Bar 2-Pack
Swivel Sensor Light Bar 2-Pack
Swivel Sensor Light Bar 2-Pack
Swivel Sensor Light Bar 2-Pack
Swivel Sensor Light Bar 2-Pack
Swivel Sensor Light Bar 2-Pack
Swivel Sensor Light Bar 2-Pack
Swivel Sensor Light Bar 2-Pack

Swivel Sensor Light Bar 2-Pack

Swivel Sensor Light Bar 2-Pack

Your Price: $9.99
Compare at: $24.99  (60% off)
SPECIAL: 2 for $17.98 (64% off)
Sold Out
Save more when you buy two or more.
Get one for just $9.99
SAVE $2.00 more and get two for $17.98
SAVE $3.00 more and get three for $26.97
SAVE $4.00 more and get four for $35.96

Let there be light with a 2-pack of stick-anywhere Swivel Sensor Light Bars from i-Zoom! These are not merely accent lights; these are bright COB LEDs designed to light up dark areas for safety and convenience.

Swivel Sensor Light Bars are ideal for poorly lit areas that are ill-suited for installing wires, outlets and sockets, like hall closets, linen closets, utility rooms, entry ways, crawl spaces or sheds. You can even install them under cabinets to illuminate countertops and work spaces. And since they are battery powered they are great for remote locations like your trailer or garden shed.

You can literally stick them anywhere! The Swivel Sensor Light Bars are equipped with 3 ways to mount them:
1.) Removable self-adhesive strip. Remove the backing on the self-adhesive strip and press firmly to most surfaces.
2.) Magnets. Simply remove the metal/adhesive plate first and use the powerful magnets to secure to any ferromagnetic metallic surface (steel, iron, etc).
3.) Use the keyholes on the back of the light bar to mount using hardware (note: hardware not included).

The light bars activate only in low light when motion is detected within 15 feet. So whenever you open the closet door or step into the basement stairwell the light will automatically come on. Plus, the powerful COB lamps swivel up to 90 degrees so you can aim the light exactly where you want it.

- Illuminate dark areas with no wiring or hardware needed
- Motion and light activated
- Stick anywhere. Wall mount, magnetic base and self-adhesive
- No hardware required
- Swivels 90 degrees
- Auto on/off
- Activates only in low light when motion is detected
- Motion detected within 15 feet
- Auto-off after 30 seconds if no motion is detected
- Ideal for closets, basements, hallways, garages and more
- Portable and wireless
- Easy to mount, easy to use
- 300 lumens
- Length 6.12 inches
- Includes 6 AAA batteries
- 2 light bars included

Review this item!

5 Stars
(1) Fantastic Product 
I love these little things. I have placed my first 2 and have found at least 2 more places where they are needed so I am ordering more.

5 Stars
(2) Love it 
The best part about this is you have choices as to how you want to apply it to a surface—very convenient.

5 Stars
(3) great product 
Love the ease of mounting and different mounting options, brightness of the light, auto turn-on/off. I got 4, but am ordering more!

5 Stars
(4) I Like It! 
Nice little light. Works great, is easy to install a couple of ways and looks pretty good as well. I Like it!

5 Stars
(5) It works 
Scared of mail orders but this one works great and lights my closet up big time

5 Stars
(6) Great Light Great Price 
Have used the lights for a month now. Very well made, easy to relocate to a location where you need light.

5 Stars
(7) quick and useful 
These light bars are quick and easy to install and provide good lighting in areas, hallways and basements where standard overhead lighting is not present.

5 Stars
(8) Light in the Dark! 
Without a light switch at my door, coming inside with an auto-on light is great...and I dont have to come back out to the door and turn it off after putting bags in the kitchen.

4 Stars
(9) Bright and easy 
These light strips are bright and very easy to install. They do everything they are advertised to do. They will do a great job in a cupboard, pantry or closet that is only opened when you need to get an item. However, they have no OFF switch. If you use them under a cabinet to illuminate a counter, they will switch on and off constantly. This means you are going to need to change the 3 AAA cells fairly often. The batteries are really easy to change and the magnetic mounting works well, so that is only a one-star-off problem.

3 Stars
(10) Swivel Light Bar 
I like the amount of light but the sensor causes it to light when not always needed. It consumes batteries quickly.

5 Stars
(11) Great product 
Very impressed with this light that I put in the cupboard below my laundry tub

5 Stars
(12) Bright and handy! 
Mine are already in two closets where the ceiling lights just arent effective enough...these work very well and are exceptionally convenient!

2 Stars
(13) Awesome start. Dims quickly. 
These were great in the beginning. Drains batteries quite quickly. Light dims down to nothing. Battery door faults to close completely.

5 Stars
(14) Pulse TV replaced these. 
This is an edit so to speak of my review. I originally ordered 2 of the 2 packs and 3 of the 4 were very dim. Pulse TV replaced the original three with ones that they tested to make sure they worked. I want to thank them for doing this and standing by their products. The returned items came to me promptly and in very good working condition. Thank You Again Pulse TV!!!

5 Stars
(15) Wonderful 
Was doubtful when I ordered them but to my surprise they are great.

2 Stars
(16) Cheap lights. Batteries dont last. 
Used these to see into cabinets under the counter. They turn on every time you walk by which is fine, but the batteries quickly die and need to be replaced. Im gonna put them somewhere else and look for something better.

2 Stars
(17) Swivel Sensor Light Bar 
Started out with plenty of light to illuminate the steps to my basement. The light began to dim considerably after two weeks. Very little light now.

2 Stars
(18) Very shaky item 
I bought 4 lights, one did not work at all, the others worked for a few days until the included batteries died, but new AAA batteries now working. However, the motion sensor is not consistent and only comes on some times. But for the $25 for 3 working lights, with shipping, I give it 2 stars. BTW, the LED lights are somewhat bluish - cool color temp, which clash with the overhead lighting in our kitchen.

5 Stars
(19) Swivel Sensor Light Bar 2 Pack 
Works well. Would be nice if they were a bit brighter.

4 Stars
(20) very useful 
I purchased these lights to light up my hallway at night. They dont come on all the time when motion is detected and batteries dont last very long...

4 Stars
(21) Nice light. 
High and bright, used up batteries pretty fast, but very easy to mount.

5 Stars
(22) These are great! 
I have installed one in my closet and it has been great and bright working everytime right out of the package.

5 Stars
(23) Bright 
These Are A Little Smaller Than I Expected But They Put Out A Bright Light... Great Value , Which Included Batteries...

5 Stars
(24) Awesome lights 
I purchased these for my closets. Work every time and lights up my closets perfectly. Very happy.

2 Stars
(25) Limited Illumination 
Looks nice. But, it doesnt provide enough light to read.

5 Stars
(26) Excellent 
Bright light and compact

5 Stars
(27) Great Swivel Sensor Light 
We have put up our sensor lights, and really like them. They are working just like we expected and wanted.

5 Stars
(28) Amazing product 
I have 4 of these lights and use them in areas where it is not possible to have a wired light. They come on quickly and are very bright. Especially helpful in my dark basement stairway.

5 Stars
(29) Good Enough 
The light bar was a little smaller than I expected, but perfect for my uses. Installed in main closet, hall closet, and my armoire. My wife loves it as she can now view all of her clothes clearly. Purchased 2 sets.

4 Stars
(30) Swivel Sensor Light Bar 2-Pack 
This is a great little light. It does everything the ad copy reads. The best uses for these seem to be in areas that cant be easily lit by electricity or in power failure situations. I mounted one of mine to the top of my refrigerator so that when I open the freezer door in the dark, the light illuminates the interior of the freezer. I also keep my computer room dark aside from a small lamp and I mounted the other to the top of my monitor so that when I stand up after hours of work and monitor blind, it comes on as diffused light and I dont trip over the cat. Ultimately plan to use them in an RV. As someone else said, they could use a master on/off switch.

5 Stars
(31) Great Light 
Great bright light. Nice that they swivel so you can point them in the direction you want them to light. I use them in 2 coat closet’s that have no lights and in my truck cargo bed under the bed cover. Plus the motion detector only works when sensing motion and when the area is dark.

4 Stars
(32) Terrific! 
Terrific product but I wish it had an on-off switch.

5 Stars
(33) Swivel sensor lights 
Yes I definitely like them

5 Stars
(34) Excellent 
Great product. Plenty of light. I put 3 in my 11 x 17 shed. Perfect.

5 Stars

4 Stars
(36) The best, but.... 
This is by far the best “eye light” I have found in many years. The only problem I find is the seemingly short life span of the batteries. Initially the light is peerless but there seems to be a short time that it is very bright and useful. After much pondering I have determined that it’s possible the batteries I use, and those supplied could be longer lasting.

5 Stars
(37) Very Bright! 
I love this light - no longer do I have to cautiously tip-toe into a dark hallway, steps down to the basement, etc., because this motion-activated light sees me coming and lights the way! Flexible mounting methods, along with adjustable light angle, makes this a must-have item.

5 Stars
(38) Great product 
Easy to set up, and they work great. I am very happy with this product. They do exactly what I needed them to do.

5 Stars
(39) Best light yet 
Have closets without lights. They are great because you can swivel the light and shine it inside to see perfectly. I also use them in my truck under the bed cover.

5 Stars
(40) Excellent light source 
I have these installed in my bedroom closets. They are just what I was looking for! Now I can see everything easily and I can pick out my clothes for the day quickly. I like them so much that I bought some more for the linen closets.

5 Stars
(41) Nice Swivel Sensor Light Bar 
I like the fact that this handy little light swivels and can mount most anywhere. I use it under the kitchen cabinet when Im working at the counter and it is most convenient. If I need a little light and my hands are greasy or wet, I can just wave and the light comes on. No need to wash and dry my hands to turn on a light switch.

5 Stars
(42) Great product 
Purchased these lights for a poorly lit back door area. They are easy to position so they come on when you need them and the light is very bright. Plan on buying more for family members.

5 Stars
(43) sensor light 
very useful

5 Stars
(44) Pretty Cool 
These motion sensing lignts are perfect for dark closets, pantries or any area not lit up enough to see whats there. Bright and seemless. YOu dont even have to think about it.

5 Stars
(45) The perfect light 
I put a couple of these on my patio and they are perfect for walking outside in the dark because they turn on long enough to see where you’re going and shut right back off

5 Stars
(46) Exciting 
Love them!#1.They are 1/4 of the price I would pay at other places. I checked #2. I have them under the cabinets in the kitchen. Makes my cabinets look classier than they are. I live in an apartment . I would buy a lot more, but I dont want people to buy them all until I can get more. Love, love, love. Wish Pulse TV had a lay away plan.

5 Stars
(47) Easy install 
Easy install, good lighting. Will buy more.

3 Stars
(48) Swivel Sensor Light Bar 
There is nothing wrong with the product - it just was not what I expected. I was hoping to use it for MORE light in relatively dark areas rather than total darkness. However, for total darkness during a power failure, it will work perfectly. They will come in handy under the those circumstances.

5 Stars
(49) Love it 
I am impressed with this light bar. I use it in my pantry where I get little light and it lights up as soon as I open the door. I used to have to get a flashlight to see what I wanted. I highly recommend this product

5 Stars
(50) Versatile & Handy 
At first, I wasnt sure where to put this motion-sensor light bar. Then, the refrigerator door was an ideal place. I dont trust the peel-n-stick, however the screw-in hanger part is perfect for under the cabinet especially since it is motion-sensored. The inexpensive batteries keep me from using electricity for the plug-in version.

5 Stars
(51) Bright Light for Dark Places 
The swivel lights are easy to install and are held magnetically to the mount, which makes it easy to change batteries. Each light has two LED units which produce a high amount of light. The swivel makes it possible to use in almost any are. I have used them in the darkest places. It only comes on in the dark and only when there is movement. Excellent for use and for maintaining battery life. Great product.

Review this item!
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