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Swirl n Twirl Spin Mop Cleaning System
Swirl n Twirl Spin Mop Cleaning System
Swirl n Twirl Spin Mop Cleaning System
Swirl n Twirl Spin Mop Cleaning System
Swirl n Twirl Spin Mop Cleaning System
Swirl n Twirl Spin Mop Cleaning System
Swirl n Twirl Spin Mop Cleaning System

Swirl n Twirl Spin Mop Cleaning System

Swirl n Twirl Spin Mop Cleaning System

Compare at: $39.99  (60% off)
Sold Out
Sold Out
*PLEASE NOTE: While the video may say you get a price break when you purchase two or more of this item, you do not when it is on sale. The sale price is well below the normal 2 or more discount price.

Mopping your floors has never been easier. Step up to the Swirl n Twirl Spin Mop Cleaning System and say NO to back-breaking mopping! With the Swirl n Twirl Spin Mop Cleaning System, mopping your floors is fast, easy and FUN!

Microfiber Spinning Mop Head

The ultra-absorbent microfiber mop head traps liquid and easily sucks up spills, so there's no drippy mess.

These mop heads are also awesome for dusting wood floors... yep they work wet or dry!

Bucket With Dual Powerful Spinning Wringers

With the spinning action, your hands never have to touch the mop head! Plus, the bucket's deep channel design traps dirt at the bottom so mop water stays cleaner. This cleans the dirt, dust and hair off the mop effectively making your mop head like brand new every time.

Pedal Free & Easy-To-Use

Many others have a foot pedal that you have to push up and down. This is peddle free is safer and easier to use. Simply place the mop head with all its strands in the bucket and push down to wet and/or clean. Then place into the spin basket activate the powerful spin cycle of rotation to eliminate excess water to desired saturation. All this with minimal effort!


- Pedal free and safe
- Microfiber mop heads works wet or dry
- Great for dusting hardwood floors too
- Dual washing and drying system
- Mop Heads are machine-washable
- Keeps your hands out of dirty water
- Heavy duty stainless-steel mop handle
- Handle angle adjustable from 45 to 180 degrees for the most comfortable mopping position
- Mop cleans easily around and under furniture, in the bathroom and along baseboards and other hard-to-reach places

Get This Best-Selling Spin Mop From PulseTV

Sold on TV and in stores for as much as $39.99, PulseTV has an exclusive, low-price deal.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This product is only available for shipping in the contiguous 48 states. Any other orders will be cancelled.

Review this item!

4 Stars  Cleans well 
I like it but it still had a lot of water even after spinning but better than a regular mop.

3 Stars  Functional but cheap 
I guess it is better than a swiffer since you can control how wet you leave the mop & it does spin really dry if that is what you want. The handle would not work for a tall person but I am 54 so its about right for me & it is made of REALLY cheap plastic & flimsy. So, as they say, you get what you pay for, but it is functional.

5 Stars  Hurricane Happy 
Outstanding product. I especially like being able to keep mop head as wet or dry as I want it to be. The removable mop head is great so that I can toss in washing machine.

3 Stars  Not quite hurricane 
Guess I expected too much. Better than old mop but lets face it gals....its still mopping!

2 Stars  Pretty mop 
Very pretty. Have not been able to get the mophead clean after use.

5 Stars  Very sturdy, well made! 
I was very surprised at the quality and the price. It came with 2 mop heads which is a real plus!

3 Stars  Spin mop 
Bucket arrived cracked in two areas at its base, therefore unusable customer service agent very helpful in shipping new replacement item within 24 hours. Bucket plastic seems thin,flimsy and not durable for its purpose.

4 Stars  New user 
I liked the spin mop, even though it doesnt spin while Im mopping, it keeps my hands out of the mop water. I liked that I can control how dry the mop needs to be, I have dogs and they get the floor muddy and grandkids that spill drinks that leave the floor sticky. I can leave the mop head wet for dried spills and allow the mud or whatever to soften then I can spin the mop head nearly dry to pick up the excess water. Then I can change it the mop water and thoroughly clean the floor.

5 Stars  Hurricane Spin Mop Deluxe Cleaning System Item #6301 
This product is great! I have wood flooring and two boxers dogs that go in and out all day long. I tried other types of mopping products and they do work well. I always get dirt streaks and it never looks clean. I love this hurricane mop as I am able to rinse often and never have to bend down and touch the mop! I love this product! Thank you!

5 Stars  Hurricane Spin Mop 
This mop is fantastic! No more stop and start lines from a rectangular sponge mop. Can control the amount of water and no drippage. Fun to spin. Lightweight. Cleanest my hardwood floors have ever been.

5 Stars  Hurricane Spin Mop 
Works great!!

5 Stars  hurricane mop 
since I am unable to wash my tile floors and wring out mops by hand, I am very grateful for this product. The price was great and it came faster than I expected. I works great when spinning plus the mop heads can be removed and washed..thank you

5 Stars  just as advertised 
Product was just as advertised. Quick processing and shipping.

5 Stars  Great Product 
I love this spin mop. Will never be without it. You can make it as wet or as dry as you want. When I had laminate floors this was perfect cause you could make it pretty dry and it wouldnt hurt that type of flooring.

5 Stars  Mr 

5 Stars  Hurricane Spin Mop Cleaning System 
I was able to wash walls without having to reach. You can spin most of the water out of the mop and scrub walls and ceilings with it. I loved it. No messy drips. You can remove the mop head and replace it with the other one while you wash the first one. It is ideal for household clean ups.

5 Stars  Spin Mop 
I have used it once and I love it! Perfect for these wood floors.

5 Stars  Spin mop 
Works great!! Glad I ordered one!!

4 Stars  LOVE IT! 
I had wanted to try this mop for a long time and I love it. Should have tried it out years ago!! A++A++

2 Stars  Disappointed 
I already had one, my reason for getting this one was the color blue, they sent me a green one. I gave to my daughter in law, because its her favorite color. I was so looking forward to get the blue one, beside that I love mine.....

5 Stars  Mop Deluxe 
I love it.

5 Stars  Happy Customer 
I had been wanting a spin mop. I like it.

5 Stars  Best Mop & Pail-worth every penny! 
Already had this type of pail metal and mop commercial and heavy when wet so I was looking forward to something lighter in weight. And this pail and mop is it. Great value!! Thanks much!!!

5 Stars  Awesome 
Quick and fast shipping! Love this product!

2 Stars  Just ok 
Not a lot of cloth doesnt cover much area

5 Stars  Spin pal 
I love it

5 Stars  Easiest floor cleaning tool ever 
I have back issues and this is a life saver ! Easy to use ...cleans great and I am really pleased !

5 Stars  Hurricane swirl mop 
I really love the mop and bucket, it works great, and saves my back, no bending over to ring out the mop head.I rate very high.

5 Stars  Works well 
The item leaked somehow I guess underneath the bucket, but my fianc was using it while I was at work so Im giving this bucket 5 stars lol. I cant judge harshly on a product that I myself honestly hadnt used yet, but he used it. He showed me a video of dumping the mop water out and wow that kitchen floor was dirty and we have only been in this apartment for 2 months now. Its just me, my fianc and our daughter. No pets. And we are clean individuals, all 3 of us. So far so good. I know his mom has a spin mop which I think he got online or at Walmart for her. But we saw this great deal on Pulse and jumped at the opportunity quickly. It was a good choice. Even my daughter likes to step on the pedal to spin the mop lol she did it at her grandmas too when my fianc would help his mom out by mopping the floors. This was a pleasant purchase and I would buy from this website again. Gave me less of an issue than Groupon!

5 Stars  Hurricane mop 
I like the durability, the easy to use , and love the way it cleans!

5 Stars  Best mop ever 
This mop has made cleaning much easier. Its so easy to use, clean up it simple and actually leaves your floor look and feel clean, not sticky like other mops leave floors. I definitely recommend this product to anyone with tile floors.

5 Stars  Hurricane Mop 
We really like this mop because it is lightweight and you can remove it to wash it. The spin bucket feature also is great so you dont get your hands dirty or have to strain.

5 Stars  Spin mop 

5 Stars  AwesoMe 
Awesome mop! Two different heads and quick service! Will do business again!!

5 Stars  Spin Mop 
Excellent product. Cleans floors beautifully and easy to wring out. Easy on arthritic hands.

5 Stars  Hurricane Spin Mop 
This is the best mop I have ever used. You never need to get your hands wet wringing out a mop, or have a mop that is too wet. I have arthritis in my hands so I never could wring them out enough. The mop heads get in all the corners and along base boards. Easy to remove and clean the mop heads! I love it!

3 Stars  MR 

5 Stars  Hurricane Spin Mop Deluxe Cleaning System 
I have used it once and I love it. I think I got a little too much soap, but it was really nice not having to put my hands in the water and wring out the mop. Worked very well. Thank you for the offer.

5 Stars  Excellent 
I love this mop, it is so easy to use!

4 Stars  Spin mop 
Works great,just as advertised. No touch and great control.

4 Stars  spin mop glows! 
The spin mop is easy to use, efficient, effective and relatively compact to store. It is unusual inasmuch as you can control how wet you get your mop for various jobs. This makes it versatile, too.

5 Stars  Spin Mop 
So far so good!! Very light-weight. Just what I was looking for.

5 Stars  love it 
it helps me clean. its hard for me do to health reasons.

3 Stars  mop an swirl bucket 
The strings are a little short an when I tried to remove the mop from the handle with it wet I broke the the handle at the base an cant be fixed.. I loved it when I used it tell then. I went out an bought a new mop different then original an it worked with it good.

5 Stars  Awesome 
Love my spin mop and I was so surprised to see this was the official one from HSN. I always wanted one but they were just too expensive. Not from you guys... THANKS!

1 Stars  Disappointment with Spin Mop Sets 
I have been a regular customer for several years and love your offerings which are useful and make great fun gifts to friends and family. But these items were a real disappointment. Cheap Chinese knockoffs of the O-Cedar brand that works so well. They are too small and made of cheap materials which predict a short life. Really a waste of $65.80. BTW, over the years I was disappointed only with one of my purchases which was promptly made right. I have never received a request for feedback on a product in all those years which makes me wonder if I am the only one who found these spin mop sets to be disappointing. Bill

4 Stars  Good MOP 
Ive only opened the box at this point but I do like the concept.

5 Stars  Mr. 
makes the job much better and hands dont touch any water. much faster...

5 Stars  cleanup 
I am having an easier time with the spin mop it goes faster than the old way.

5 Stars  Ms. 
The mop was easy to put together and works like a charm. I love it.

5 Stars  spin mop 
I love, love, love this!. Im a senior citizen with arthritis and this is just what I needed.

3 Stars  Hurricane Spin Mop 
Handle is a little short and very lightweight. I pail and foot activated spinning is great. Wish they would have added a bit more weight to the mop, as it would make mopping easier.

5 Stars  Spin Mop 
Excellent product. Better than the swifter wet jet.

4 Stars  Hurricane spin mop 
Hurricane spin mop. I really like this mop system. It took me a little bit to realize that I had to allow the handle to rotate freely during pumping or I would unscrew one of the handle sections during spinning. Recently broke my knee and am unable to use a foot to work the pump mechanism, but have been able to work it by just pushing it down with my quad cane to spin dry the mop. Three pumps dries the mophead just right for my purposes. The system would be perfect if the bucket was set on wheels.

5 Stars  Mop bucket & mop 
Excellent purchase! Great product!

5 Stars  Spin Mop 
Used for the first time last night and it was wonderful. So easy to use and no touching the dirty water. Just loved it.

5 Stars  Hurricane Spin Mop Deluxe Cleaning System 
We have ceramic tile floors with lots of grout between. It had become a challenge to clean, even with a steam cleaner. The Spin Mop is easy to use and works perfectly. We have purchased several of your products and Never a Disappointment. Our Compliments to You and Staff.!

5 Stars  Spin mop 
Really like this mop and bucket. Spins, so no dripping. No wringing with my hands. Turns as I mop. Easy to use.

5 Stars  Best Mop Assembly ever 
Being a bit of a neat person, Mops, mop heads, buckets, vacumns are important to have around. I ordered two of these Spin Mops and buckets, one for each floor and what a blessing.....So easy to use, rinse and reuse.Wood, Stone, tile, just wonderful..I always have a clean bit of water in the buckets, for just in case accidents.......Best there is!!!

5 Stars  Mop 
Works well. Enjoying using it.

5 Stars  Hurricane Spin Mop 
Everything I expected & more.. Wanted to buy a similar product at Costco but theirs didnt have the pedal spin feature and only had one mop head for the same price. I feel like I got much more for the money and a better product.

5 Stars  Excellent Buy 
Weve researched this item and, having now purchased and utilized it, are convinced we got a very nice price on a quality product that sells for considerably more elsewhere.

5 Stars  Good combination 
I like this better than the spinning mop version. However, I dont understand why both mop heads arent compatible with bleach. Truth is, I love it.

5 Stars  Nice clean mop 
Nice to mop without hands touching the mop for a change. I even dusted my walls when it was clean and dry then wiped the baseboards when it was damp and it works as advertised

4 Stars  Spin floor wash system 
Except for it being predictably light plastic, this is a clever device, easier to use than the old squeeze mop buckets.

5 Stars  Awesome!!!! 
I have a Spin Mop at home that I love but paid a lot more for it. I purchased two of these for our cleaning girls at two mobile home parks we manage and they love them.

THE HANDLE SNAPPED IN HALF LIKE A DRY TWIG WHEN ASSEMBLING MOP. I wish, especially for this price, that I had received a sturdier product.

5 Stars  Fantastic 
If you have arthritis -- this is for YOU. Great device !!!

2 Stars  Spin Mop Deluxe Cleaning System 
RIGHT!!! it not as good as I thought it would be.if there was a scratch pad on the bottom it it would be a great mop. its good for light cleaning that about all. the mop heads are way too soft for heavy cleaning. the spin system work good. spin out the water. but not as good as I would like it too. this is why I given a 2stars

4 Stars  Wonder how long the head is going to hold up 
I think this is a wonderful mop, great design, the only problem I have is after I threw the mop head in the washing machine and took it out, there were about 5-10 strands from the mop loose in my washer. I wonder if this is just the first time, or if it will continue until the mop head is bald Are there replacement mop heads available?

5 Stars  Mop & bucket review 
My experience using the spin bucket was positive. I thought it was easy to use & quick.

5 Stars  Amazing mop 
This is the easiest mop that I have ever used .. It came with bucket assembled and the mop was very easy to put together .. ALL my floors look amazing after just using it one time .. Highly recommended this mop .. Doesnt kill your back or hands from wringing out the old style ..

5 Stars  helps with the knees 
i found the spin mop to be very helpful with the floor cleaning i do for my wife,i no longer have to kneel on floors the only issue i have is moving the bucket around when full is tough, too bad it wasnt on wheels !

5 Stars  Awesome 
It was easy to setup.worked great like it did on Tv

5 Stars  Spin Mop Deluxe Cleaning System with 2 Mop Heads 
We have run a rescue for 30+ yrs and I am mopping every day sometimes several times a day. I have some commercial mop systems and this I got for the after the heavy cleaning to shine and buff. I can use it on my windows, too! this is a great mop, the only thing I would like to have on it is to be able to spin it dry 2 different ways, one with the foot pedal as it comes and the other way to maybe some way make it a telescopic handle with a lock when mopping to hand spin it instead of the foot pedal. I know some elderly folks can not do the foot pedal where as they could still pump the handle up and down to spin in the basket.

4 Stars  spin mop 
The mop & bucket in great shape The only problem with it is the peddle sticks some times we just put up with it because its to much trouble to send it back & wait for a new one still a great product.

5 Stars  Hands dont touch mop 
Wow what a great mop easy to use wet or damp just spin and it drys very fast great for dusting and light spills. Works great for drying floors after a hard soak.

4 Stars  Spin Mop Deluxe 
I think this mop is great.

5 Stars  spin mop 
it works really well,fast and conveniet!

5 Stars  Spin Mop Deluxe Cleaning System 
This is great!

5 Stars  Spin Mop 
Works great,timely delivery ,$11.00 cheaper than walmart Thanks

5 Stars  Spin Mop Cleaning System 
Very easy to assemble. The mop heads easily came off the handle and went easily back on once I had washed them. This is usually where other mop systems go bad, but the assembly was great on this one. Very sturdy unit and the foot pedal is very handy and sturdy as well.

5 Stars  Nice!! 
This mop is something else! My sister she is a clean freak. hate to use that term for her, but, compared to me.. i hope you get my gist. i so rarely mopped before .. cleaned up my spills with the old sponge mop. Not exciting stuff. My sister told me about this mop and was so happy with it, I couldnt resist.. my apt needed a good cleaning. I received the product filled the bucket and commensed to mopping my kitchen floor. bathroom floor, everything so clean!!! I mopped my bathroom walls!! I mopped my refrigerator!! Amazing, truly changed my home! You will love it! But, I always advise that you should talk to someone you know that has first hand knowledge of an on-line product before you go wild! I am tempted to mop my face!

4 Stars  Just a Mop & Bucket 
It was what I expected. Cant get too excited over a mop & bucket. It works like the ad said it would and was delivered promptly

5 Stars  Mop 
Best mop ,we ever purchase,what we like best is the spin system !

5 Stars  Spinn Mop 
Wife said it works great!

5 Stars  10 
Love it!! Referred to a friend Saw it at Costco was more expensive then your offer!!

5 Stars  I love it 
I love the syatem and I couldnt beat the price. It does a great job of cleaning the floors.

5 Stars  Love it 
I bought this 2 years ago from TV... it is really great and I use it all the time. I only wish you guys had it before. Your price is way less than I paid on HSN

5 Stars  Youll never go back! 
I waited a year before I decided to purchases this mop so I could see how the reviews went after that time. They never altered that much so I broke down and spent 45.00 on a mop!! sure wished this deal was out then, and I would do it all over again! In fact I did I bought my mom one for X-Mass If I can mop more because it is easier, no bending, squeezing dirty water, and dries the floor in no time.I know she is going to love it too!so Buy, Buy, Buy it, you will not regret it, in fact at this price,buy a few, someone in your life will love you for it!!! If this deal is on after X-Mass in my bank account goes back up a little I plan on it Gee Pulse sure wished you would of done this even just a month ago

Review this item!
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Video: Swirl n Twirl Spin Mop Cleaning System

Mopping your floors has never been easier. Step up to the Swirl n Twirl Spin Mop Cleaning System and say NO to back-breaking mopping! With the Swirl n Twirl Spin Mop Cleaning System, mopping your floors is fast, easy and FUN!
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