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Super Safe Stone Block Grill Cleaner
Super Safe Stone Block Grill Cleaner
Super Safe Stone Block Grill Cleaner
Super Safe Stone Block Grill Cleaner
Super Safe Stone Block Grill Cleaner
Super Safe Stone Block Grill Cleaner
Super Safe Stone Block Grill Cleaner

Super Safe Stone Block Grill Cleaner

Super Safe Stone Block Grill Cleaner

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The Stone Grill Brush is the safe, fast and efficient way to clean your grill.

Replace those dangerous wire brushes that can result in ingestion of loose bristles! The Stone Grill Brush conforms to all grill surfaces and cleans your grills 4X faster than traditional brushes.

It is perfect for removing burnt-on food or messy grease and can be used on hot or cold grill surfaces.

This remarkable Stone Brush is the latest in grilling accessories.

SAFE, It's Bristle Free:
No more hazardous loose wire bristles to worry about or ingest.

NATURAL Cleaner:
Pumice Stone is an all natural cleaner non-toxic and safe around kids and pets.

Using keeps your grill free from harmful bacteria attracted by food particles.

After just a little bit of use the pumice brick conform to any surface to clean between the grill grates.

100% Safe for Porcelain, Propane, Electric, Infrared, Stainless Steel, Gas, Iron and Weber Grill Grates;

ALSO AVAILALBE: Replacement Stones. Just pop out the old one and pop in the new one... it's that easy.

Plus Pumice Stones are great for so many uses. Great for cleaning porcelain sinks and toilets, to remove dead skin on calloused heals, remove sweater pills, clean your oven, buff your nails, and more!

- Safe for all BBQ grill grate surfaces
- Safe alternative to metal brushes
- Won't clog like brushes or pads
- Cleans 4x faster than wire brushes and scouring pads
- Conforms to any surface to clean between the grill grates
- 100% chemical free and non-toxic
- Made from 95% recycled material
- Safe for porcelain, stainless steel, iron and other grates
- Food safe construction without the use of metal wires
- Stone Size: 4.75 in x 3 in x 1.5 in
- Handle Length: 7 inches

PLEASE NOTE: Even if you don't want to throw your wired grill brush away, please make sure you inspect it for loose bristles and replace it regularly.

Review this item!

5 Stars
(1) great barbecue cleaner 
Much safer than a wire brush!!

4 Stars
(2) Powder Residue 
I like the fact that the stone cleans the grill very well and does not require heating grill. However, it occurred to me afterward that the powder residue must be wiped clean before placing meat. I also find it necessary to clean powder that falls to burners or pan. Safe method of cleaning grill, but requires more work than I thought, just because of the powder.

2 Stars
(3) Grill Stone 
Deposits stone dust on every surface it touches. This requires cleaning after use. The stone cleans well but you cant finish cleaning the grill until it has cooled.

2 Stars
(4) Dust residue 
Granite did not clean between the grate slats and left a granite dust residue which required cleaning with soap and water.

5 Stars
(5) Mgunsh 
Work as shown on TV

3 Stars
(6) neat 
Figures, by the time I get this product, my old grill goes on the fritz and Im using those covers on my new one. But the little cleaning I have left it works great.

1 Stars
(7) not good 
Leaves residue on rack, and does not clean in between rack left over burned remnants. Waste of money Chinese product!

5 Stars
(8) Works well! 
So far, this product has worked great!

5 Stars
(9) Always great 
I haven’t used it yet but I’m sure I’ll love it just as I love all of the products I have

3 Stars
(10) Leaves grit on grill 
Dont know how well its actually cleaning the grill, as it leaves a white grit over the entire surface. Looks like they were painted. Is that going to stick to the food that is cooked on there?

3 Stars
(11) so so cleaning 
While the cleaner does clean the top of the grill, it does not reach between the groves like a steel brush does.

4 Stars
(12) Good So Far 
This product looks good so far. My concern is, have i replaced the wires with grit. With the wires I always pre-heated the grill for 5 minutes which should burn up any stray wires. This leaves a grit behind that doesnt burn.

5 Stars
(13) Cleans well 
Easy to use. Does a great job

1 Stars
(14) they are okay for the right person 
I dont like them cannot see where they clean the grill and that is why I got them. just a waste of money I would not recommend this product.

5 Stars
(15) Safe grill cleaner 
I heard a story on the radio about the danger of using a wire brush and possibly ingesting bits of wire. When I saw these, I ordered them for all of my children.

5 Stars
(16) Great idea and works! 
I always hated the wire brushes. I love these new ones and they work great. It actually works better the more I use it.

2 Stars
(17) Disappointing 
I didn’t think this cleaned any better than the metal brush and sometimes leaves the powder residue. Sounded better than it is.

5 Stars
(18) Cleans well and price is better than stores 
At first I wondered how this gray block of fine grit was going to clean anything, but it does! My grill grates are as clean. It took the grease and residue off like nothing Ive used before!

1 Stars
(19) I get the white stuff all over the grill 
When I clean the grill I get the white stuff all over the grill. Then I have to wash the whole grill or eat the stuff

3 Stars
(20) OK Grill cleaner 
Does clean off the top of the grill but does not get down between grates. Think the idea is you use and it weras down so will clean between grates but have used 4 times and do not see that happening. I am not a body builder so only using enough energy to clean not wear down this. I use this first then my brush to clean the tandem work but was hoping this would be all I would need and that is not what I found

5 Stars
(21) Work great! 
These work better than anything I have ever used....once the grooves form, they work even better without much effort on my part. Highly recommend them.

Review this item!