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Suction Cup Tilt Speaker for Phones, Computers, and More

Suction Cup Tilt Speaker for Phones, Computers, and More

Suction Cup Tilt Speaker for Phones, Computers, and More
Suction Cup Tilt Speaker for Phones, Computers, and More
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How To Get Great Sound From A Small Speaker

Play your tunes, audiobooks, and more anywhere with the Suction Cup Tilting Speaker. Don't let the size fool you, this can put out some great sound! Not only can it play loud but it is also clear. Really it amazed all of us when we tested.

What people really like about this speaker is how easy it is to use. Simply use the included aux cord to plug it into any device that has a 3.5mm input jack As soon as it's plugged in the speaker is on. That means no buttons to press or complicated programing or connections to do.

The suction cup can attach to almost any flat surface and the base can pivot almost to 90 degrees. The speaker is a bit top-heavy so you may not want to fully pivot it. This speaker is also rechargeable so you never have to buy batteries. To charge the speaker, use the included USB cord and plug it into the 3.5 mm sound port. A red light will illuminate to let you know it's charging and will be fully charged in about 3 hours.


- 3 Watt Speaker With Clear Crisp Sound
- Rechargeable Battery Capacity 300mAh
- Sounds Amazing For The Size
- Great For Music, Audiobooks, Movies, And More
- Portable With Suction Cup To Mount Almost Anywhere
- Includes 3.5mm aux Cord
- Full Charge In 3 Hours
- Speaker Can Tilt To Almost 90 Degrees
- Dimensions: X 2" X 2.8" 2.5"

4 Stars  Great Price and Functional 
This seemed really cool but it has two cords to keep up with. One to connect to your phone for sound and another to connect to a USB for charge. You cant do both at once and not much louder than my phone speake. Not really sure I am going to use it much. I would give it 3 stars but for the price its kind of neat.

4 Stars  Nice Speaker For Size 
I have one of these & ordering another. Not ur Party Speaker but quite amazingly powerful for its small size. Sounds great in my small kitchen or Bathroom

4 Stars  Okay for the money 
I bought this to try with my headphone jack with my ROKU remote. It worked. Lets me have personal sound close by without using ear nubs, so I can walk freely away and back. Without having louder TV speakers disturbing the family. My only complaint is, I wish both cords were at least a foot longer each. But I found one longer cord in my own speaker cord collection, long enough that if I pick up the ROKU Device to change apps, it wont drag the speaker with.

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