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Stuffing Free Dog Toy 3-PK
Stuffing Free Dog Toy 3-PK
Stuffing Free Dog Toy 3-PK
Stuffing Free Dog Toy 3-PK
Stuffing Free Dog Toy 3-PK

Stuffing Free Dog Toy 3-PK

Stuffing Free Dog Toy 3-PK

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Item# 7576A
Your dog will love being entertained for hours with these durable, stuffing free, easy to play with 3-pack of plush toys!
Our Stuffing-Free Dog Toys are back! These incredible plush dog toys that your dog will love are durable and made specifically for restless dogs! No more picking up stuffing after your dog has destroyed their favorite toy.

These toys are made to appeal to dogs and keep them entertained by looking just like little critters they would love to chase. They are made for your pets to chew and cuddle and provide hours of fun.

Each plush rodent is 20in long and contain squeakers in both the head and the tail. Your dog will love carrying around their new toy or even chewing, pulling and shaking it all day long.

These stuffing free toys can take a beating too! They're made with super strong reinforced plushy fur which makes them soft and cuddly but rugged enough to fetch, yank and shake. These are perfect for all dogs, big and small to older and younger!

Features and Benefits:
- Dogs Love them
- Machine Washable
- Squeakers at Both Head and Tail
- Provides Hours of Safe, Healthy Fun
- Stuffing-Free and Lays Flat
- Easy to Play With
- Reinforced, Super-Strong Plush Fur
- Great for Dogs of All Sizes!
- Set of 3 (Randomly packaged... it's a surprise)
- Dimensions: 20in x 3in

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