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Star Team Laser Tag Blasters 2-Pack
Star Team Laser Tag Blasters 2-Pack
Star Team Laser Tag Blasters 2-Pack
Star Team Laser Tag Blasters 2-Pack
Star Team Laser Tag Blasters 2-Pack
Star Team Laser Tag Blasters 2-Pack
Star Team Laser Tag Blasters 2-Pack
Star Team Laser Tag Blasters 2-Pack

Star Team Laser Tag Blasters 2-Pack

Star Team Laser Tag Blasters 2-Pack

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Sold Out
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Get your kids off the couch and having fun with the Star Team Multi-Action Laser Tag Set. This awesome set includes two hi-tech guns programmed with everything you need for a fun and entertaining battle.

Choose from four different teams White, Blue, Green, and Red by pressing the button next to the weapon selector. The gun's team indicator light displays the team color so you can easily see what team you and other players are on.

There are so many ways to play! And the more guns, the more fun, because there is no limit on how many people can play or be on a team. You can take 2 adults, put them on the blue team and pin them against 10 kids on the red team. Or put 1 person on the green team with a missile launcher against 5 people with pistols on the white team. The possibilities are really endless.

There are four different awesome weapon modes with realistic sounds; Pistol, Shotgun, Submachine Gun, and the all-powerful Missile Launcher. The stronger your weapon, the more damage it does. And you don't have to worry about friendly fire because it will only register hits from a different color team. There is also a handy health indicator light-bar to let you know how much life you have left.

These guns try to make everything as realistic as possible while keeping it fun and safe for kids. The gun will vibrate when shooting or getting shot and also requires you to reload when you're out of ammo with the Action Reload button. Different weapons have different ammo amounts before reloading is needed.

It's so much fun for kids, teens, and even adults. And with a range of 40 meters, you can really spread out and get some healthy heart-racing activity rather than sitting on the couch, playing video games. Plus there are no bulky targeting vests weighing you down, so you can be quick and agile, dodging enemy fire like a pro.

Each gun takes 4 AA batteries (not included), so if you need a few sets, make sure to take advantage of our discounted AA 4-Pack batteries before checkout.

- Laser Tag Set Includes Two Guns
- Fun For Kids, Teens, And Adults
- Not recommended for kids under 3
- Four Teams To Choose From
- Weapons Included: Pistol, Shotgun, Submachine Gun, And Missile Launcher
- Realistic Ammo Reload, Different Weapons Have Different Ammo Amounts
- Stronger Weapons Give More Damage
- Onboard Health Light-Bar
- No Bulky Tagerting Vests
- Different Sounds Based On Choice Of Weapon
- Uses Realistic Aim And Accuracy For Damage
- Unlimited Amount Of Players (The More Guns The More Fun)
- Use Any Combo Of Players And Weapon Choices
- 40 Meter Range
- Great For Outdoors Or Indoors
- Healthy Exercise While Playing
- Uses 4 AA Batteries (Not Included)
- Dimensions: 11" X 7" X 1.5"

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5 Stars  Great Customer Service 
One gun was defective and PulseTV replaced the defective item once stock was available. Once the replacement was received, the grandkids had a great time with them.

4 Stars  Laser tag gun 
Well worth it,

5 Stars  Great toys 
I bought them for my grand babies they love them and I enjoy playing with them too.

5 Stars  Happy mom 
As soon as i showed my kids they feel head over heels, They are great work ,Kids are HAPPY.

5 Stars  Fun Fun Fun Guns 
My kids loved the Gun, I regret not purchasing 4 instead of 2 .

5 Stars  Star Team Laser Tag Blasters 2-Pack Item #7872 
These are great. Purchased 5, all of the guns worked, used all 4 team options, lots of fun.

5 Stars  Better than expected 
Bought these a couple of months ago. Got them out the past weekend and had a blast with two of my sons and two grandkids. They work great. Are not flimsy. Unfortunately grandpa was on the losing team each time. I wonder why?

5 Stars  Kids love it 
I have a 10 year old and a 6 year old both boys they love going outside and shooting each other with these guns they work just as advertised great price on it and the anticipation of getting the items in the mail for the boys was another treat unto itself

5 Stars  tag blasters 
my 5 grands are having a blast with it also they replaced one of the lasers that was delivered broken dint have to send back i offered kids from 7yrs up to 15 enjoyed every bit of it

4 Stars  STAR TEAM 
once the kids figured it out cant put it down one gun does not work but they are sending a replacement so they do back their product

5 Stars  Grandpa is Great! 
I bought several sets for my grandsons ages 2, 4 & 8 and I to play with during their Thanksgiving visit from NC. We ran around all day long inside and out, having an absolute blast. They had so much fun. Took a little while for them to get acclimated to the settings but once they caught on, look out, there was no stopping them. The batteries had to die before they had to quit. Highly recommend the product.

5 Stars  kids love it 
good deal works great kids love it

5 Stars  Great laser tag guns 
Got several sets for my grandkids to play with, they have been having a blast with them

Review this item!
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Video: Star Team Laser Tag Blasters 2-Pack

This awesome set includes two hi-tech guns programmed with everything you need for a fun and entertaining battle.
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