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Stage 3 Flex Desk Lamp by i-Zoom
Stage 3 Flex Desk Lamp by i-Zoom
Stage 3 Flex Desk Lamp by i-Zoom
Stage 3 Flex Desk Lamp by i-Zoom
Stage 3 Flex Desk Lamp by i-Zoom

Stage 3 Flex Desk Lamp by i-Zoom

Stage 3 Flex Desk Lamp by i-Zoom

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This flexible desk lamp gives you adjustable, bright white light no matter where you are. A 1200mAh rechargeable battery powers not only this lamp, but can also recharge your electronic device with the built-in USB output.

Charge the unit's battery with the included USB cord, and you'll see a red indicator LED turn on. Flip the charging switch and it will turn green, meaning you can use the USB output in the back of the lamp to charge your smartphone, eReader, accessories, or even an iPad.

Great for keeping on your desk or nightstand for a little nighttime reading, or taking with you camping to keep your other devices charged up.

The sleek and modern design features a completely flexible gooseneck and sensor switch to turn on/off and to adjust brightness. Just give it a light tap with your finger to cycle through 3 levels of illumination, with 240 Lumens at the brightest setting.

- Flexible Desk Lamp with Built-In USB Charger
- 15 SMD LEDs for 240 Lumens (Brightest Setting)
- 3 Illumination Modes: Low, Medium, High
- Light Touch Sensor Switch
- 1200mAh Rechargeable Battery for On-The-Go
- Use to Recharge Phones, iPads, Electronics and More
- Includes 4ft USB Charging Cord for Unit
- Use with/without Rechargeable Battery
- Keep at Desk or Nightstand, or Use as Portable Light
- Base Dimensions: 5.5in x 5in x 1in
- Maximum Lamp Height: 15in

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