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Space Saving Shoe Organizers (Set of 6)
Space Saving Shoe Organizers (Set of 6)
Space Saving Shoe Organizers (Set of 6)
Space Saving Shoe Organizers (Set of 6)
Space Saving Shoe Organizers (Set of 6)

Space Saving Shoe Organizers (Set of 6)

Space Saving Shoe Organizers (Set of 6)

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It's never been easier or more affordable to maximize your shoe storage space than with these handy Shoe Organizers which are similar to Shoe Slotz.

Organize Your Shoes Better than Ever Before

Just like Shoe Slots, you'll double your storage space... but you'll do it at a fraction of the price and with a better, more sturdy design!

How It Works:
The unique stacking design allows you to place one shoe on the bottom and another on top. The compartments are non-slip to hold your shoes firmly in place.

If you're trying to reduce clutter, have limited storage space these are the solution you've been waiting for!

No more digging thru the closet trying to find the other shoe, the innovative design of these organizers keeps your shoes together and helps to easily identify the right pair at a glance.


- Doubles your storage space
- Organizes and protects shoes
- Durable design holds its shape
- Slip-resistance surface with top-panel shoe guard
- Helps keep shoes organized
- Can be used on shelves, racks, in cabinets, or on the floor
- Good for 6 pairs of shoes
- Fits all sizes of shoes
- Dimensions: 5"x 4.5"x10.5"

Review this item!

5 Stars  Brilliant! Brilliant! 
I have a small closet and ended up with my shoes in a pile on the floor. These organizers are so simple and brilliant! My closet floor now is neat, and I can find what I want in a hurry. Love them!!!

2 Stars  Not quality but still useful 
Im a gal with more shoes than room to store so I bought these. The plastic is flimsy, the two pieces do not stay together well, and the lip that holds the top shoe is not big enough to prevent the shoe from falling off. That being said, Ive order these 3 times and use them because they are a good price and DO make more room for the shoes.

3 Stars  Space-Saving Shoe Organizer 
The Space-Saving Shoe Organizer definitely saves space in your closet, however they are more flimsy then others I have purchased.

5 Stars  Space-Saving Shoe Organizer 
Love, love, love I have a ton of shoes that took up more than I had space for these cut that by more than half

3 Stars  shoe organizer 
not very good. need a shelf to hold and its not very sturdy made.

5 Stars  Space Saving Shoe Organizer 
They really work. My shoes are better organized and I know have more space in my closet.

5 Stars  Great 
Height and width of shoe does make an impressive difference.

5 Stars  LOVE them! 
Love them. My closet shelves look so organized now. My husband almost fainted when he saw my shoes all nice and neat!

3 Stars  flimsey 
the top part that goes up and down according to the size of the shoes is flimsey. it comes apart very easy. not much of a problem but should have been addressed when they were manufactoring them.they work but can become frustrating.

3 Stars  Space-Saving Shoe Organizer Set Of 6 
They were hard to place together and flimsy!

3 Stars  Shoe space saver 
Product did not hold together very well but managed to still use it. The two parts did not lock together as was depicted in the ad or the box it came in.

4 Stars  Does exactly what it should 
Does the job to help organizing closet and saving space.

2 Stars  flimsy 
I bought a set of these for a gift at Christmas and loved them so much I got two more sets. Unfortunately, they were not from the same manufacturer. These are very flimsy and several of the latches wont stay hooked allowing shoes to stack. Very disappointed in the quality.

4 Stars  Space Savers Definitely 
I like them a lot after I made a minor adjustment to them. The top level tends to collapse on top of the bottom level. I applied a dab of glue to the pivotal area so now they are perfect. I would buy these again. Three sets come in one box.

4 Stars  good concept 
poor hinge stability, plastic bent in one direction or another making hinges not stable

2 Stars  mixed 
The ones that work are fine. Unfortunately, several of the shoe organizers were made in such a way so that they do not stay together or will not stay at the angle/height I put them. Very disappointed in the quality. Not worth the hassle of sending them back so I will most likely use super glue or construction adhesive to fix the top to the bottom at the height and angle where I need them. Also, be aware that you need tall enough shelf space to stack your shoes! I realized that I do not have the shelf height to use these where I was planning! Oops!

While this product definitely saves space in your closet it is very cheaply made and does not hold together very well. Several of the pieces were malformed and would not hold together had to be reworked with a nut/washer/bolt combination.

5 Stars  Space saving shoe organizer 
This is the greatest invention Ive ever run across in 75 years! It allows your shoes to vent and keep from getting smelling all piled up. And, they save soooo much space. Ive bought 6 sets, I think and really would like more.

4 Stars  Great space saving product! 
It would have been 5 stars but 1 of the shoe organizers was sprung and would not stay together. Fit in my limited space great, finally got all my shoes in my space.

3 Stars  Save space, but cheaply made 
The idea is great, but the execution is poor. As another buyer said, some of them dont click together well and collapse when shoes are placed on them. Most are OK.

5 Stars  great item great price 
I bought the other ones and paid a lot more. I ordered these and like them more especially the lower price!

5 Stars  Great and easy to use 
I love these. I like how they can adjust up and down compared to the others I bought. These allow me to fit on smaller shelves.

1 Stars  Clips dont lock 
I had high hopes for these but they are junky. The two side parts where the top and bottom clip together are bent on most of them and do not lock. So, as soon as you put a shoe on the top portion falls apart. I tried bending them but they soon go back to the bent shape.

5 Stars  Shoe organizer 
Best ever for organizing pairs of shoes in a small space. Can see plainly each shoe. Easy to move around to reorganize. Excellent price

Review this item!
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Video: Space Saving Shoe Organizers (Set of 6)

Similar to Shoe Slotz Space Saver but half the price. Maximize your shoe storage space than with these handy Shoe Organizers.
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