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Somacare Reusable Gel Heat Pack

Somacare Reusable Gel Heat Pack

Somacare Reusable Gel Heat Pack
Somacare Reusable Gel Heat Pack
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- Provides Instant Heat for Up To 1 Hour
- Reusable Over and Over Again
- Portable, Easy To Activate
- Heats Up Like Magic to 130 Degrees

Whatever your need for additional heat is, the Soma Care Gel Instant Heat Pack and hand warmer is sure to fit the bill. Whether you have an active lifestyle, experience general muscle tightness, or just find yourself needing some extra heat during the day, this heat pack will soon become an everyday essential.

Powerful, Compact, Immediate Heat Source

This little palm sized pouch packs quite the punch and all that's needed to activate it is a quick click of the disk inside. Before your eyes, the pack will begin to crystallize and generate heat, reaching up to 130 degrees Fahrenheit. It continues to generate heat for up to an hour depending on how it's used and what type of material you put it in. Example: Some gloves are insulated better than others and will keep the warmth inside better.

Because of its size and capabilities, there are so many uses for this heat pack; Use it at home, at the gym, at the office, keep one in the car, bring it on vacation, keep one in your kids backpack for chillier days, the list is endless. Due to the heat it generates, its recommended to not expose it to direct skin for extended periods of time.

Best thing: It's reusable! When it is no longer producing heat just place it in a pot of boiling water and it rejuvenates back to its liquid form. It's now ready to use again WHENEVER AND WHEREVER YOU WANT!


- Instant Heat Pack
- Never Needs Electricity
- Reuse Over and Over Again
- Reaches Up To 130 Degrees
- Stays Hot for Up To 1 Hour
- Easy to Activate
- Excellent for Soothing Muscle Aches and Pains
- Small Size Perfect for Travel
- Keep It in the Car, Gym Bag, Backpack for Emergencies
- Fits Inside Gloves
- Dimensions: 3.7in x 2.5in x .7in

1 Stars  Do Not Work 
It purchased to relieve pain as described.....Followed instructions and packets DO NOT HEAT up as instructed. DO NOT BUY>>>>USLESS

5 Stars  Heat Pad 
The heat pad worked well for my use.

2 Stars  Not worth it! 
The packets are very difficult to activate, and they don t stay hot for any good length of time.

5 Stars  Reuseable Hand Warmers 

4 Stars  Thank you 
convenient during these cool days--helpful when walking

5 Stars  Heating pad 
Love it. Great size and works great. Love that it automatically goes off after so long.

5 Stars  Works great 
My MIL, 93 years old, just moved from CA and is not used to midwest temperatures. These keep her hands comfortable. Initial activation required finger strength and was difficult but after several uses it became easier and my MIL can now do it herself.

5 Stars  Awesome product 
Good product for fair price

5 Stars  gel heat packs 
this item is just great--have purchased in the past---they work for quite a while and easily return to use again and again-------------------waiting for them to return!!!!!

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