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Solar-Powered Night Beam Outdoor Security Light

Solar-Powered Night Beam Outdoor Security Light

Solar-Powered Night Beam Outdoor Security Light
Solar-Powered Night Beam Outdoor Security Light
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The Solar Powered Night Beam is one of the easiest and most affordable ways to add outdoor lighting wherever you need it, without having to worry about wiring, batteries, or professional installation.

The Night Beam is solar-powered. That means it doesn't need batteries or wiring. Install it wherever you need extra lighting and the solar panel will charge the 3.7V Lithium ion battery. Once it gets dark the light sensor will turn the COB LEDs on to a soft glow. Whenever motion is detected the motion sensor will trigger a bright, 350 lumen floodlight. Once the motion stops the light returns to low beam mode. The light can also be turned completely off my pressing the glow-in-the-dark ON/OFF switch.

A peel-and-stick adhesive pad on the back on the light allows you to attach it in seconds to most surfaces, but for more secure installation, wall-mounting screws and anchors are also included in the packaging. The Night Beam is weatherproof and made from heavy-duty plastic. So it is safe to use outside in most weather conditions.

With the Night Beam never come home to a dark garage, patio, backyard or stairwell again.

Features & Benefits:
- Provides worry-free light and safety wherever you need it
- Motion and light sensor activated
- Hassle-free peel-and-stick installation
- Sticks to most surfaces
- Optional installation hardware included
- Solar powered
- Never needs batteries
- Weatherproof
- Bright 350LM COB LED Light
- Auto ON/OFF
- Glow-in-the-dark manual ON/OFF switch

5 Stars  Love the lights 
i have no light for my back yard. I added 2 lights and it helps me walk my dog at night.

4 Stars  Good outdoor lights 
I attached these lights to the benches around one end of my large Trex deck. They work really well coming on brightly whenever there is movement near them. They have kept critters from destroying my flower pots at that end of my deck, so I plan to buy more of them for the other end of the deck. Only difficulty in installing them was that the stick-um on the back of them didnt hold them in place for more than a day or two, so we used a drill & the screws that were provided as an options with the lights to install them & now they are staying attached very well.

5 Stars  As good as advertised 
I was somewhat concerned that the two lights I installed would get very little direct sunlight, but that has not proven to be a problem. They provide instant light in the immediate area without being a glaring nuisance. The light is a daylight white light that is more than adequate to guide you to your destination in my case, doors efficiently. Installation is an absolute breeze, and if you have an area without electrical wiring they are a must!

5 Stars  Great night light 
No batteries to replace, weatherproof, puts out a good light, easy to install

5 Stars  Excellent 
A very bright light. Works good for backyard.

5 Stars  Security Is So Nice 
Ordered 4 of these , one on each side of the garage door, so when we come home at night, they light up till we are inside, the other two are in the yard so when the dog goes out for that final bathroom before bed we can find him a black lab, in the dark

5 Stars  Great light 
I have placed them on my shutters on the front of the house. They light up the sidewalk, steps and deck. So, when anyone comes up, they can see.

5 Stars  They work great 
Just what we need around the house out here in the country.

5 Stars  Solar-Powered Night Beam Outdoor Security Light 
Simple, solar, batteryless security light is a great buy for the security it supplies. The only problem I have had is the lack of sun to charge the thing. Other than that it has worked great when fully charged. I only bought one, but wished I had bought 2 for each side of my entrance door.

5 Stars  Good outdoor motion detector light 
Nice bright light comes on if motion is detected.

5 Stars  Great solar light! 
Love these lights! They light up my outdoor stairs perfectly, and customer service was wonderful because we got a bad light and they sent out a new one!!

4 Stars  Nice Bright Light Functions Well for our Walkway 
I like the motion capability of this light. It puts out a nice wide bright light when motion detected and nice lower light when operating. My only disappointment is that two of the lights I had ordered less than six months ago stop working. I am hoping that the new ones I replaced them with provide longer life.

5 Stars  Great light 
Easy to install, just stick to hardieplank siding and wait for dark. Light covers entire 20 length of deck walkway.

5 Stars  Solar Powered light 
Excellent product. Holds a charge all night, works perfectly when detecting motion and lights up, then off again when motion ceases. Highly recommend this product.

4 Stars  Solar-Powered Night Beam Outdoor Security Light 
Works well so far.

4 Stars  Light time 
great utility lights and easy to use and very bright

5 Stars  Night beam hits the spot 
Easy to install and works great

5 Stars  Excellent security light 
Very dependable light. Recharges by the sun, and holds a charge for days. Three settings to choose. I use the dimly lit after dusk with bright motion sensor light that resets to dim after a minute. Works excellently!

4 Stars  Solar-Powered Night Beam Outdoor Security Light 
The light works well. The only drawback is that it stays on with a dim light when there is no motion. Making the light come on with just motion would be great.
The low beam light is a feature that we mention in our video.
7/15/2021 - Sandy

4 Stars  Solar-Powered Night Beam Outdoor Security Light 
Dogs use the steps at night with much more confidence. Had to glue the LED panel to one unit after hail storm. Second unit was unaffected. Both still working well.

5 Stars  GREAT Lights 
They work great ,very powerful and exactly what I needed for my space.

5 Stars  Excellent 
They work great! very bright! easy to put up, & they really light up the yard, or driveway, etc. Highly Recommended.

5 Stars  Great light 
These lights we bought 2 are really bright although there is a lapse between the time the object is observed and the time when the light comes on. Not a long time but I thought it would be instantaneous. Even with that we like these lights very much. The adhesive didnt work for us but the screws worked fine.

4 Stars  OK 
Does what it says. Doesnt stick well to brick. Bright light.

5 Stars  Night Beam COB solar light 
I bought one light quite awhile back. Loved it so bought 3 more. One would not work but you promptly sent a new one. Very very satisfied with product and service

5 Stars  Nice solar lights 
Love that they go on at darkness then senses motion they go brighter

5 Stars  Excellent nightlight 
This does the job and goes on whenever there is motion. The sun powers it and if there is no sunlight the day before do not expect it to work.

5 Stars  Great lights! 
I had previously purchased 2 of these lights and liked them so much that I purchased 2 more!

5 Stars  Easy and Effective 
Works great and easy to install.

5 Stars  Motion Activated Lights 
Good value for the price.

5 Stars  Great! 
Stays charged throughout the entire night. Dim light in normal mode, bright light when motion activated. Love it!

5 Stars  Solar Powered Night Beam 
These lights are amazing! Nice and bright. I will order more.

5 Stars  Lights 
These are the best lights ever! I put these outside on my deck and fence, no hammer and no nails needed.

5 Stars  Works great 
Nice bright light, company replaced one that did not work. Bought a second set of six that has not come in yet.

5 Stars  Great Light 
I have purchased a number of different solar lights over the years and I find these to be among the best I have found.

4 Stars  Really like them, could be brighter 
I would rate these a 4.5, but cant go as high as a 5 because they are not as bright as Id hoped. I had my hubby install 3 in a triangle, about 10 feet apart to light at our back porch, and it really helps when the dogs are outside for a run at night. 2 of our dogs are black, and now I can see them if they are within about 30 feet of the back of the house.

5 Stars  Solar lights 
Solar lights.. I Love my solar lights they are great thank you so much. Peggy

5 Stars  I like that it doesnt need batteries, and it has 2 lighting settings. 

2 Stars  Works well, but..... 
It does work well and gives good instant light. However. it is very ugly when mounted on house. Wish it came in different colors.

5 Stars  great product when charged 
sun was shining for the first few days that lights were up-worked great-two of them lit up the dark 1/4 of my backyard-i could see my dog at night. very bright lites. on cloudy days, they will not charge or provide light. when they are solar charged, the lights work awesomely if thats a word. very pleased with performance-hope they last for awhile.

4 Stars  Easy solar lighting 
Easy to install, no maintenance, always there when needed.

5 Stars  Work great! 
It is the perfect lighting for my driveway when leaving early in the morning when it s still dark out. It stays on just long enough. I love that it has the option to dim

5 Stars  Quality Product 
I have used many different solar lights for lighting up my walkway, garage area and sides and back of my house. I have ordered three different times because they seem to be adaptable to many situations.The amazing thing about the lights, is they are tough and not wimpy. I may even order again. It seems they are great for many applications.

5 Stars  Excellent pathway lights 
We put these around our house about 7 feet off the ground on our buildings and they go off with an extremely bright light when it senses motion. If no motion and it is dark, there is a gentle glow. I bought 4 and am back to buy more.

5 Stars  I Reordered These Lights 
This little light of mine does everything it says it will do. It glows so you can find it, and it bursts into bright light as a motion light. You can turn it on as well.

4 Stars  Great Experience 
The product was much more superior then the previous model I ordered.

5 Stars  WORKS GREAT !! 
Could not ask for better. Quick and very bright. Works every time.

4 Stars  Good but not really as advertised 
I purchased these for my deck. I have had skunks come up on it, and heard the light will deter them. The problem came, when on the back sleeve of the packing. it said it would turn on with motion. BUT lower it says, when it turns on, if no movement, it will go go dim, and go back up to brighter with motion. this works! wonderfully! I just am having trouble getting used to a LED light turned on even dim all the time. It works GREAT though!

5 Stars  Seeing is believing. 
Beautiful. Works exactly as advertised.

4 Stars  Solar powered outdoor light 
They are great because they light up my new stair way and boardwalk I built in my back yard up the hill the only problem was the two-sides tape doesnt work on new pressure treated lumber. I had to screw them on the handrail to keep them to stay on.

4 Stars  Not bright enough 
Nice product, but it is not as bright as it seemed in the ad. Too bad. It is of limited use.

5 Stars  Excellent 
I have purchased several of these amazing outdoor lights. Very satisfied with them.Nice product.They are very bright and light up any area needed.Easy to install.I highly recommend them to anyone wanting extra outdoor security lighting.

5 Stars  Best Little Light Ever 
I couldnt believe the amount of light that radiates about the yard. Had it sense me and light up when I was 12 away from it. And to have it solar powered...what a fantastic buy!

5 Stars  Solar-Powered Night Beam Security Light 
Very happy with purchase. Great price and quick delivery. Purchased them for our yard when I take the dog out at night and its perfect. No need to carry a flashlight with me anymore.

5 Stars  Sollar Security Light. 
Works as advertised. Very bright and efficient.

5 Stars  Love them 
Second set in 8 years...love them

5 Stars  Solar powered security light 
We love these lights! Im buying more of them!!

5 Stars  Works great! 
Plenty of light. Stays charged throughout the night.

5 Stars  Great Light 
I love this light! It is stuck on the side of my carport, where I needed a light. It lights up when I walk by, and I can turn it on if I need it. The light goes off in a very short time.

5 Stars  works great 
Keeps a low light on all the time, and then when you walk in front of it, a bright light comes on.

4 Stars  Solar-Powered Night Beam Outdoor Security Light 
Not as bright as advertised otherwise works well. Op

5 Stars  Great Solar Light 
This solar light for the price is well made and reasonable. does as advertised and easy to install. Purchased five 5 units and am going to get at least 2 more units.

5 Stars  Outdoor 
I purchase this light never knowing it was going to be this bright.my order was two I received them then found out causing friends to need some so I had to make another order.Thanks PulseTV you brighten up my life

5 Stars  Great alert lighting 
I love this light it makes it easy when neighbors come to my doors at night. It provides adequate lite and no batteries needed.

5 Stars  Love these lites 
Along my backyard fence and when the dog goes out at night he has light as we walks thru the yard. Work great! Will order more for other places.

4 Stars  Great light for the money. 
After receiving these lights, I wasnt too sure they would cast enough light. They are amazing! Sticks to almost anything and can provide a guiding light to any path or doorway. Would recommend these lights all day, or all night, long!

5 Stars  Seem nice 
Appear to be well made and function as described. Hopefully they will last.

5 Stars  Motion detector light 
Absolutely as described and perfect. Low nightlight and very bright when motion is detected. I definitely recommend these.

4 Stars  Solar light 
Works well and was a great bargain!

5 Stars  Easy lighting 
These are very easy to put up, light the area well and quite handy. I have purchased others in the past but these seem superior.

5 Stars  Great Product 
I installed two of these solar lights on my Ice Fishing Shack.They work great when I stay until near dark! They help greatly when Im putting my fishing gear away.They light up the whole area and I no longer have the need for a flashlight!

3 Stars  Solar Powered Night Beam Outdoor Security Light 
Its OK, but when motion is detected the light that comes on does NOT stay on for more than 4-5 seconds. It would be better if the light stayed on for at least a minute or two.

4 Stars  Solar Powered Lights 
I am so far very satisfied even though it switches off sometime & I have to activate it again. I have been using since around 1-6-20

5 Stars  Very Bright - Stays on all night 
This is an improvement on the original version that was selling for as much as $20.00. The on/off switch is more reliable and less prone to contamination on the contacts. The light output is sufficient to keep my steps properly illuminated and the motion sensor works well to shed more light as needed.

5 Stars  AWESOME 

5 Stars  Great 
Good for the price works great

5 Stars  Small but amazingly bright 
Ordered for security. I was surprised how small it was but very bright. I will be ordering more

5 Stars  Solar-Powered Night Beam Outdoor Security Light 
Its the best solar outdoor security light for the price, Im using it with my security camera at night for a better clearer view.

5 Stars  awesome 
i love my security light , it is SUPER i bought 2 and need to buy more . i want to get a few for my sister in NH thank you RH

5 Stars  Love it. 
Easy to install & works great.

4 Stars  A bright light 
This is a really bright little light. It comes on as soon as it detects motion and stays on till you move away. Even the dim light is bright. I dont think the dim light needs to be so bright uses up the battery. But it works as advertised.

5 Stars  Solar Light 
We love them. They are very quick to respond to movement and really give a lot of light.

5 Stars  Works great 
We have these all around our home. We needed something that wouldnt be turned on continuously. These solar powered lights fit the bill. Only activate when motioned is detected and are VERY bright.

5 Stars  Solar Powered Security Lights 
Am very impressed with the company standing behind their products that they sell. Very fast action when I had a issue with a product. Would recommend Pulse to all my friends and family. I still have yet to put out my other ones,but I know if I have a issue all I have to do is let Pulse know. Way to Go

The light is functioning as advertised. At night, without motion, it has a night-light glow. Once there is motion, it become bright, and provides adequate light for the application that I have. The solar power feature was a deciding fact for me---no wiring or hook up required.

5 Stars  Great light 
Love this light I was so surprised when it lit up the first time and I seen just how large an area it lights up, awesome!

5 Stars  Solar-Powered Night Beam Outdoor Light 
We mounted ours on the inside of our back yard fence. When it picks up motion, it gets even brighter. We have no light in that part of our back yard and now we can see the back yard real well.

5 Stars  Bright 
Work great and really bright..

4 Stars  like solar feature 
I like the solar and motion features. However, not as bright as advertised.

5 Stars  Safe lights 
Perfect for our backyard deck. Squirrels dont even come on the deck at night. Both lights on this marvelous device are just right.

5 Stars  Great product 
Easy to mount and use

4 Stars  Solar Powered Security Lights 
Ive installed 5 of them so far around my house. 3 of the 5 stays on thru out the night like they should. The 2 others dont last thru the night. I still have a few more to put around my house. Will have to see how they work out. But over all happy with the product.

4 Stars  Good 
These are efficient and attractive outdoor lights Had a couple that were sporadic, and customer service sent me 2 replacements without hesitation Will know more about their longevity in a few months

5 Stars  Well made 
Easy to install

4 Stars  Weak tape 
The light works great and stays on all night. I had to attach more tape in order to get them to stay where I wanted them mounted.

5 Stars  Bright lite 
Love it

5 Stars  Very Nice light 
The solar light is easy to install and works well. We liked the first one and so we bought two more.

5 Stars  What a bargin 
Live in the mountains in Southern California and electricity gets shut off often because of fire danger. These solar lights are just terrific and are very bright. Love the motion detection. Im ordering more.

5 Stars  awesome 
I love that the night light stays on until a movement is detected, then the BRIGHT LIGHT COMES ON! I LOVE IT!

5 Stars  These are top quality! 
There are many similar lights like this out there. I have avfee different styles but these are the best quality as far as simple yet well made. They are exceptionaly bright when activated and are excellent marker lights before they pick up motion and go to full power. The motion sensor is very sesitive yet does not get false activations.

4 Stars  Satisfaction! 
Purchased 2 of these lights but so far only tried out one to see how it will work. Of course we did not expect it to be a floodlight but for what we wanted it for is satisfactory. We hung it by the glue backing but also tied it just in case on our flagpole. Flagpole is at end of driveway and it does come on when a car pulls in. Starts out with a dim light and then when car comes in, a brighter light comes on. Enough time for the visitor to get out with some light. We are pleased!

2 Stars  Erratic ... 
2 of the 4 Ive received have burnt out, and now flicker at best. Within 1 week theyve become useless The ones that work are good.....so far

5 Stars  Very bright 
Very bright very impressed with them..I installed on my deck

5 Stars  Outdoor Security Light 
The light function very well and responds to any movement

5 Stars  The best 
Love it

5 Stars  Great Product 
Works great , as advertised

5 Stars  Awesome lights 
I love these lights. I bought 2 of these lights ,just to see if they were as good as advertised. After using them, I bought 4 more. These are perfect for outdoor use as security lights on a budget. I highly recommend them.

5 Stars  Great 
I wanted something that would light my porches and not run up my electric bill. These work great.

4 Stars  happy with purchase 
Light is sufficient for what I need

5 Stars  Easy to use 
Great light

5 Stars  Great bright light 
Work great and its very bright for such small light

5 Stars  works great 
simple to put up and works great

5 Stars  Solar Night Beam Outdoor Light 
These work great. Mounted one on the front of the house by the door and covers a good part of the whole front lawn. The other one I made a bracket to mount it on and then strapped it to my Flag pole. Looks beautiful at night with a little wind blowing.

5 Stars  Bright Light 
This is a simple little solar powered light that provides some light in dark places that becomes bright when there is movement.

5 Stars  Lights the Night 
Used to light steps and walkway beside garage. Does a great job, and lasts all night as needed. Solar panel goes a great job of charging unit. Only complaint is, the dbl sided tape could have been larger.

5 Stars  Solar Powered night bean outdoor security light 
Love the way it comes on when someone comes in contact with the light, it turns on really bright and it lights up the whole back yard.

5 Stars  Performs as Advertised 
This product is performing beyond my expectations. Extremely useful in areas where there is no electrical power source.

5 Stars  excellent 
solar powered security lights work great thank you for great products

5 Stars  Keep em coming 
Best on the market. Still have first generation from years back, still working. Brought over a dozen different brand from Amazon, maybe four still work. These line my back yard wall, great look. Also line my driveway. Looks like a mini runway. Two on face of garage lighting driveway. And on front porch. Live in a low-light community, these are perfect.

5 Stars  Great product, great price 
I couldnt be happier with this little light. I was surprised at how much light they give off!!

5 Stars  Best buy! 
These lights are sooo bright, rugged, & the price was great


5 Stars  I can see now 
Great light , light up all of my drive way and them some.

5 Stars  Better than most other lights 
I have purchased other solar lights from the site, and have not been happy with the hit-and-miss quality. I bought two of these, however, and they are GREAT! I like how they stay lit during the long summer nights, and turn incredibly bright whenever one of the dogs walk near it. The only thing I would change is I would like the ability to adjust how long the bright light stays lit after movement is detected.

5 Stars  These are great! 
Received them promptly put them up. So easy to install and no batteries needed. It is wonderful to come home and have the light turn on automatically.

5 Stars  Great item 
It is a great product and works well and a great price

5 Stars  Worked as advertised 
I am very pleased with the lights. I mounted two of the lights on a storage trailer and two on the back of the office building.

5 Stars  Five stars 
Excellent. Does what its supposed to. Was pleased with amount of light given.

5 Stars  Outdoor security light 
Product works as advertised. Very satisfied,purchased two more.

5 Stars  Great product, great price 
I love these lights. I could not believe how much light they put out. We put four of these around my Sons house boat and it put out all the light we needed. I ordered five the first time and liked them so well that I ordered ten more.

4 Stars  Good item 
This is a good buy. The illumination level was not quite as high as I expected, bit overall a good buy.

5 Stars  Brightened my Night ! 
So far, these lights have worked like a charm. They light upon motion and are brighter than any other solar lights I have seen !

5 Stars  Exceeded my Expectations! 
I bought 2 of these just to see if they were any good. I was very surprised at how bright these solar powered lights are. I put them on the patio/back yard fence and they light up the whole area. Im going to buy two more for the sides of the house. They will discourage any thief from targeting your home!

4 Stars  Positive Rating 
This is a pretty good item considering how inexpensive it is. It works well in dark corners in my yard and I am very pleased.

5 Stars  Light 
power is excellent i will be ordering again it illuminates

5 Stars  Very bright 
It works good and cover a lot

5 Stars  Great 
Great product great price

4 Stars  It works but... 
Im not very handy around the house and the fact that I could just stick this up on a wall with no installation was attractive to me. I put it on my outside wall near my door. It worked very well but after a day or so the tape lost its sticking ability and it kept falling. Now I have to get someone to install it. I know its simple... for others.

5 Stars  Works very well so far 
The solar lights are working perfectly. So glad that I purchased these lights. Hope to purchase a few more of them as soon as they go on sale again. Love those lights !!!

5 Stars  Lights up dock walkway 
So far, so good. We wanted a small guide light on a boat dock walkway but had no electricity. This light puts light where and when we need it without having to run wiring and its only bright when we actually need it.

5 Stars  These are terrific! Lots of light with gret coverage. 
These lights have great coverage and are so easy to install. Easy to keep the front door of my work shed safe at night.

5 Stars  solar securit light 
Good security light for the price. Shines bright and fans out.

5 Stars  Solar lights 
So far, work great! Very bright. Good value.

5 Stars  Better than Expected 
These lights are amazing. They cast more light than expected. With just two I am able to light my walkway of over 50 feet. My suggestion is put them high as they will surprise you at their output. Try them before you hang them.

5 Stars  solar light 
This is the 3rd light Ive purchased and found them to be one of the best solar lights for the money.

5 Stars  Perfect for those dark night sots 
I absolutely love this light. There are places in my yard that are dark and in the morning when my dog goes out to urinate, I cant see her. That is now in the past. I love these lights and are simple to install with all necessary hardware included. Highest rating.

5 Stars  Great ! 
I was a little skeptable about these at first, however, they have performed very good, even though they do not get a full day of sunshine. I mounted them on my deck to light up when my cats are ready to come in.....

5 Stars  Thank you 
I bought some solar lights for a dark entry way and I wanted to tell you how great they are. In the Pacific NW sun is sometimes in short supply but these babies light up without fail. Great product!

5 Stars  Solar lights 
They work great.

5 Stars  great value 
love it

5 Stars  Solar-Powered Outdoor Security Light 
I found the solar-powered outdoor security light to be dependable. I have ordered over a dozen of them. Had a few that sensor light failed but just sent back to Pulsetv.com and they were quickly replaced with no questions asked after noting problems on the ones that I sent back to them. Have bought many other products from Pulsetv.com and enjoy seeing the new products that are on specials as they appear. Im a very satisfied customer.

1 Stars  Solar night lights 
Not bright at all,waste of money. False advertisement,total rip off.

5 Stars  The Row Of Lights 
I Started With 4 Lights Just To See, They Work Better Than I Thought They Would, The Motion Sensor Is The Best Ive Seen In A While For The Price You Can Not Beat It.

4 Stars  Good value and works well 
This security light is a reasonably priced item and does a pretty good job or providing light outside at night. I bought the light as Id get frustrated coming home and there was no light when i tried to unlock my door. I just used the adhesive and attached to the siding and its holding up well so far. The only downside is if the weather is overcast, the device doesnt charge up much for the day and might not get thru the night.

5 Stars  Outdoor solar 
Terrific product!

5 Stars  Great all around light 
Very bright with wide coverage. In addition to being a good security light, it makes a great bicycle light as well as a pick up when needed flashlight.

5 Stars  Simple inexpensive & effective solar light 
Purchased 2 of these for my boat dock area for safety & security reasons. Liked them enough to order 2 more. On low light each one is bright enough to illuminate about a 10 x 15 area of the dock enough so that u wont trip on the stairs. When u approach the light within 15 or so sensor will automatically brighten to more than double the lumens which is a great security alert feature that stays bright until u leave. Has screws to attach or double faced tape - Easy !

5 Stars  security lights 
love these lights. the stick um on the back is very good and does not fall off. i have had 2 sets of these before and just ordered 2 more sets. work beautifully

5 Stars  Give people light and they will find their way! 
Another top of the line products and you do get some without a question!

5 Stars  Solar light 
Just as advertised. Would buy from this seller again.

3 Stars  solor powered lighting 
Not as bright as I hoped for and 1 of them stays on dim even when up close

1 Stars  outdoor motion light 
not bright enough, only worked for 3 nights then stopped working, would not recommend

3 Stars  Solar light performance 
This would be one of my favorite things Ive bought for my house if it wasnt for the feature that causes the light to stay on, all the time at a 50% rate. I have no clue why that feature exists. That means it constantly drains its energy, even when its not needed! There is an on/off button that cld be turned off during the day or evening, during time the light may not be needed but, that defeats the purpose of having a motion detection light, to come on when needed or when someone you may not know comes close. I can see no reason for a 50% level of constant light on a rechargeable motion detection light. The lumen output is good & is a very handy light. If it wasnt for that constant on issue, I would buy a cpl more! Thnx for this opportunity & God bless.

5 Stars  As good as a regular porch light! 
Excellent solar light! Steady light about a 40 watt light, turns to a 60 watt bright light when it senses movement. One of the best items pulse tv has ever had.

5 Stars  Solar-Powered Outdoor Security Light 
These really work. Ordered one, liked it so much, ordered again.

3 Stars  Light not that bright 
The light comes on but is not as bright as described it would be.

5 Stars  Solar-Powered Outdoor Security Light 
Works as advertised. Ordered 4 more. I like them

5 Stars  Solar light 
Like these lights very much. Put one over door way where it was very dark and hard to see to unlock. The other one went over unlit garage door key pad. Both provide great light.

1 Stars  Not working 
I put one up and it is not working. Waiting to see if my other one will work.

4 Stars  solar powered outdoor security light 
works really well. very happy with it

5 Stars  Solar powered outdoor security light 
Very pleased with product. They are placed on our backyard fence and they illuminate our backyard very well.

5 Stars  light up your life 
These are really neat lights that are unobtrusive most of the time but then provide light when activated. Have installed four of these so far.

4 Stars  Handy secondary light 
I use these to light my path from the house to the garage. The only problem arise on over cast day they dont get a good charge.

2 Stars  Great idea 
The execution did not measure up with the potential of this product. Thank you for honoring me as a customer in complaining about this product. Thank you for replacing it.

5 Stars  solar lights 
best solar unit ever, I recommend this item for all dark path ways etc. none better

5 Stars  Amazing light! 
Th very first night it was up, after a dark and dreary day, I was shocked to see the brilliance of the light! I opened my door and the sensor came on with enough light to light my entire porch steps and all of the 10 by 15 area I have enclosed for my dog. Even the more subdued light is almost as bright as my standard front porch light. This would be a great buy at two or three times the price!

5 Stars  solar powered outdoor security light 
This security light works as advertised. It is a very good security light and easy to install. I would definitely recommend this product.

5 Stars  Solar powered outdoor light 
compact, rechargeable light that works! purchased several and they work great!

5 Stars  Nite lights 
Great lights to have.

3 Stars  Mrs. 
I had to nail it up because the sticky let go.

4 Stars  Solar-Powered Outdoor Security Light 
The Solar-Power Outdoor Light is a great product. I have 12 of them on my farm. They are working great. Charge by day and bright by night.

5 Stars  Mrs 
I had one that did not work. The company saw my post on Facebook and replaced it without me having to send the other one back. Im very happy with the product and the customer service.

5 Stars  So bright! 
The motion detector activated LED light is so bright! I was really impressed with the ease of installation and the amount of light it puts out! I am considering purchasing two more in Copper!

3 Stars  Not very bright 
The light is not as bright as i was hoping

5 Stars  Aweslome 
Great little supplemental solar light. Looks alot like a sophisticated alarm system. Been buying more for relatives.

5 Stars  Solar-powered outdoor security light. 
I purchased this as a gift! I am sure that we will like it! I am sooo impressed with the packaging and the shipment! Very professionally done!

4 Stars  Great little light 
Provides a simple option for outdoor lighting.

5 Stars  $!$ 
Excellent for mounting on the fence to light path between garage and the house. Very pleased with motion detection feature. I bought two more as gifts.

1 Stars  Solar light 
These light worked for a few seconds 2 times then wouldnt work anymore. Tried many times at different locations outside my house... no work. Wouldnt but this again. First item I bought from you that wasnt acceptable.

3 Stars  Some work some dont 
It works unlike the outside projector

4 Stars  Solar-Powered light 
Shipping was very fast. The light worked is advertised. The only thing was it wasnt as bright as we thought it would be for the security area that we wanted to use it for.

1 Stars  Mr. 
I placed outdoor for days but there is no response at all. I even tried to switch to on or off and the result is same.

3 Stars  Solar-powered outdoor security light 
They dont work due to the ambient light from street lights at my house. They think it is daylight and dont activate at all.

1 Stars  Solar-Powered Outdoor Security Light 
This light doesnt work. I turn it on and when you pass by it, it do not come on at all. So I turned it off and it came on and when you pass by it, it got brighter and now it doesnt work at all. So this light sucks.

5 Stars  Solar Powered lights 
Surprised at the quality and operation for the price. They last a long time and the light is bright in the area they illuminate.

2 Stars  not a great light 
The light only charges fully if you turn it off manually during the day,and it does NOT last all night, but it does work.

5 Stars  Good Light 
I was surprised how bright this little light was ! It lit up my back door enough to see key hole and enter the basement. Worked better than I expected. I like it !

5 Stars  Great night guide 
All of ours still work good. Nice light to walk on less used paths. Just enough light when not on path to see the ground

5 Stars  Solar powered light 
Awesome product! Inexpensive yet effective. Dim light all the time that turns bright when triggered by motion. Very bright for a solar light. The double sided tape that comes with it sticks really well. Or you can screw it into wall. Highly recommended.

1 Stars  Worst light ever 
DO NOT BUY THIS LIGHT it very much sucks does not stay charged. Has to be placed just right to charge, not bright at all. Does not live up to supposed potential!!!!!!

5 Stars  No longer in the dark 
Lights work great. We moved to the country and bought the lights. I do plan on ordering more. Thanks

4 Stars  Know what you are getting. 
This light is rated at 130 Lumens. That would be no brighter than a 15 watt incandescent, so dont expect more. And remember, lights look different indoors than they do outdoors. And you have to give it a lot of sunlight. If you keep these facts in mind, you could be one of the happy satisfied customers.

3 Stars  fair 
these lights work great when they have a full day of sunlight. If its cloudy they are very dim if they even work

5 Stars  Great lights 
These work great if you put them in a sunny area

5 Stars  Lights 

1 Stars  Not Happy 
Doesnt work, neither does the auto soap dispenser I bought on same order, ship me ones that work.

5 Stars  Solar-Powered Outdoor Security Light 
This light is an EXCELLENT security light. I have it mounted on the facia of my roof. It is able to sense movement and immediately turns to bright for about 15 seconds. I purchased a different light for the other side of my front roof, and its only an 8-LED that isnt nearly as bright or good. I will probably purchase another one of these 12-LED lights for my front and sides of the house.

5 Stars  Great Product 
LOVE the two lights that I attached to the front porch posts with just the adhesive and without even needing the screw attachment that is provided in case. LOVE the dim and bright features that work just great. Highly recommend.

1 Stars  Dont do it! 
I should have trusted the negative reviews. All which said the same things doesnt work, light is to dim, worked the first time only. I was so happy to have found something that was easy to install that didnt need wiring to place over my back door. The first night it was perfect. It hasnt worked since! My guess is that it has to be posistioned in DIRECT SUNLIGHT TO CHARGE! I bought 2. I wanted the other positioned on the side of my house. Not now. I need something reliable. This hunk of garbage isnt it. The inventor, manufacturers, sellers and advertisors should be ashamed for taking peoples hard earn or limited income on this gadget that is useless!!!

5 Stars  Great 
Id give this item more stars if it was possible. I am using this in the place of a $200 LED security light and could not be more pleased. Wonderful light, works better than expected.

5 Stars  Outdoor Security Light 
I dont have to fumble trying to find the keyhole to enter my house. It works just great. I have one at my front and back doors.

4 Stars  Solar-Powered Outdoor Security Light 
Product is good but very disappointed, just saw it advertised on TV for a lot less than what I paid here.

3 Stars  Zone light 
I thought the light would be brighter - I ordered two more prior to knowing the how bright or not how bright it displayed.

5 Stars  Solar-Powered Outdoor Security Light 
I bought these lights to illuminate my outside entrance steps which can be difficult to locate in the dark. These lights charged up nicely in the sunlight, and, because they can be turned off when not in use, their charge lasts quite some time after the sun sets. I placed them in strategic locations so that the motion detector feature would help my guests locate the stairs as they left our house. I didnt even permanently attach them to anything so I can move them around just laid them against the stair wall. The two step lights worked great as they brightened whenever someone approached. And the charged lasted at least 4-5 hours I turned them off when not in use. Nice product!

5 Stars  These Lights Rock! 
The solar lights are a pleasant surprise. They are nice and bright. Their lighting ability last through the night if they are charged in a sunny area . As soon as I tested these out I ordered more.

3 Stars  solar light 
no instructions came in package, so initially I set to ON position, light stop working after a couple of days. My thought was its a solar light so sun power it. After it stop working I switched to off position and tried again in a couple of days. it now is working fine, illumation is bright. When I come home in the evening I switch to ON position, unlock door and switch to OFF position.

4 Stars  So Far, So Good 
Works well and gives a bright light. Will see how it holds up in the rain and snow!

5 Stars  solar -powered lights..outdoor. 
Great job by staff... fast and efficient... Lights work great... and like them.. keep up the good work...thanks.. Ivan ...Ontario is NOT a state...yet !! smile..

5 Stars  Neat little light 
Works as advertised, providing small lighting wherever placed. Have installed one at front door, one at back door.

1 Stars  Poor quality 
Did not meet expectation

2 Stars  Fireflies are Brighter 
Really disappointed at the amount of light, and the motion detectors are iffy both ways.

4 Stars  Motion lite 
Works ok not as Brit as I though

3 Stars  Outdoor security light 
As advertised but not enough light for the area. My error.

5 Stars  SOLAR 
Good Stuff

5 Stars  security lights 
these work just as described. I need a little extra light when letting my dogs out and these accomplish just what i wanted. im waiting for a cloudy day to see if they can get any power.

5 Stars  Solar-Powered Outdoor Security 
This past summer I had a pergola built next to my pool, and decided to place a motion-detector security light on each pole next to the walkway. Now the area is lit if someone walks around the pool after dark. It also makes for a romantic low-light area, to just sit and look at the night sky.

5 Stars  Perfect Light fir dark sidewalk! 
This light is worth every penny!!! Gives me security while walking on a dark back yard sidewalk. Just love it!!!!!

3 Stars  66% worked 
Ordered three of them. One did not work... 66% ok

5 Stars  Works as advertised 
Works as stated. All thats needed is daylight during the day. Im very happy with my purchase, so much so I ordered more.

5 Stars  solar powered outdoor security lights 
Totally happy with their performance

1 Stars  Doug 
First cold spell battery died

3 Stars  Solar Powered Outdorr Security Light 
They are okay....but they arent nearly as bright as I expected & would certainly have preferred. I was hoping, if anyone was outside when Im sleeping at night, that when the brighter light comes on, it would be bright enough to wake me up through my bedroom window... But they dont shine bright enough, when motion trips them, to wake me up---& Im a very light sleeper. Kind of defeats the biggest reason I purchased them To alert me from sleep when triggered.

3 Stars  Solar Power Outdoor Security Light 
They are okay....but they arent nearly as bright as I expected & would certainly have preferred. I was hoping, if anyone was outside when Im sleeping at night, that when the brighter light comes on, it would be bright enough to wake me up through my bedroom window... But they dont shine bright enough, when motion trips them, to wake me up---& Im a very light sleeper. Kind of defeats the biggest reason I purchased them To alert me from sleep when triggered.

5 Stars  Solar powered light 
This light is awesome! It works perfectly and is so easy to install. I ordered 2 more. Would highly recommend.

5 Stars  great light 
I live in the back corner of the RV Park and it was dark now its not.

5 Stars  homeowner 
very good light for the use we put it to

1 Stars  Mr. 
Not as expected - lights arent bright at all. Already threw one away because it stopped working.

5 Stars  Solar powered light 
Works fine,just as advertised

5 Stars  Solar-Powered Outdoor Security Light 
Very satisfied.

5 Stars  Solar-Powered Outdoor Security Light 
Havent installed them yet but they seem to be well constructed and have all the features I was looking for. Wish there was an ability to adjust for the area to be covered but that may not be a problem if I install them right .

5 Stars  Bought 2 more after the first 2 
Love solar lighting and like having lights on at night. There are several areas around our house that gets pretty good sun during the day but are dark at night. One section is a walkway. These lights give out a little light until motion sensor kicks in and they get really bright. One of the best things purchased from PULSE. Not looking forward to changing rechargeable batteries when they go South.

3 Stars  Not too bright lights 
These work fine, but they are not very bright.

5 Stars  mr 
These lights are great. i bought 4 more to use down at work. Ive only had them for a month, but now i think they are great. Some of my friends are going to buy them also.

5 Stars  solar light 
More than happy with the light. Gave one to my daughter, too.

3 Stars  solar-powered outdoor security light 
They work wonderful -IF- it is sunny out that day, if it is dreary then they dont work, something to keep in mind for the area that you live in.

4 Stars  works great 
easy to install and works great. Will light small area.

3 Stars  Need more sun 
They worked well the first few days, but we have had cloudy skies for three days in a row and they dont work now. Eager to see if sunshine will make them work again.

5 Stars  Solar-Powered Outdoor Security Light 
Great little item...... works great.... I love it....

5 Stars  Solar-Powered Outdoor Security Light 
Its a great light for my porch. I placed them on my post and it lights up so I can see CLEARLY where the steps are. Love it but you have to make sure you get enough sunlight to keep it charged.

1 Stars  Solar-powered outdoor security light 
Power only last a few hours, then you have to wait for few more days to let it all charge up again.

1 Stars  outdoor lights 
We purchased 2 and after leaving them in the sun for 2 days to charge, they didnt light up in the dark. We called customer service and they kindly sent us different lights to try...hopefully these will work.

5 Stars  solar light 
I am pleased with the light as it is working well. it is so easy to install and adds extra light to our side garage door

5 Stars  SPOSL 
Totally fantastic product.....very simple - the light looks, operates, & performs ..... exactly as described.....100% !! Im buying 2 more !

5 Stars  Works great 
Good deal, works great

5 Stars  Solar security perfection 
These are awesome. I purchased several and they are the best I have ever seen. No batteries to worry about, bright lights.

5 Stars  Solar-Powered Outdoor Security Light 
Product arrived in excellent condition, performs as advertised....

5 Stars  Motion sensor light 
Very good. Better than I antipated. Works really well. I leave the porch light off at night and depend on this light to light my way. Not as bright as a regular light but still plenty of light to see on a dark night. I endorse this light.

5 Stars  great deal 
It is wonderful - works perfectly. What a bargain!!!

5 Stars  Solar Powered Outdoor Security Light 
It is a great product for the price and I recommend it to anyone.

4 Stars  Solar-Powered Outdoor Security Light 
Needs a lot of sunlight. I had one sitting in the window, just for a test and that was not enough light. Have not mounted them outside yet so I cannot give a review on that, although it appears they will work OK.

5 Stars  Jojo 
Excellent. I love the I-Zoom!!!

5 Stars  solar outdoor security light 
I live out in the country and placed them about every 12 feet on the driveway. it lights up my driveway nicely so I can get into the house safely at dark!

5 Stars  Light, Bright, and Inexpensive 
Great solar powered light. Easily mounts and does an effective job for a small area. You can even attach it to the inside of a window as a night light that will kick into high beam if you walk near it.

5 Stars  Dog walking light 
I use mine to light my path to my backyard. The dogs turn the light on before I even get there.

5 Stars  solar power outdoor security light 
I really like the security light, works great, puts out a lot of light, the best thing, you dont have to replace batteries

2 Stars  One does not work 
I bought two of these. Only one works though. Which I found out after I had stuck it to the house siding! So I now have the hassle of having to pack it up and send it back at my cost. This is after getting the remains of the sticky mounting strip off the siding!

2 Stars  So far, half and half 
I bought 4 of these. So far, I have installed 2. One seems to be working fine and the other has been disappointing. Still have 2. Makes me wonder what will happen next.

5 Stars  solar lights 
They are excellent

3 Stars  Basically OK 
It does basically what they say it will, but the light is much dimmer than it appears in the ads.It is sufficient to see the steps enough to keep from tripping on them, and it helps find the keyhole, but thats about all. If I were to drop my key there is no way there would be enough light to find it.

5 Stars  Works great 
As advertised

4 Stars  Happy with solar security light 
Delighted - works as promised.

2 Stars  Security Light 
This really doesnt provide light it just glows. I put mine in the backyard in a dark corner and it provides no light.

5 Stars  Led light work all night 
These are well worth the money if they last! I can see the front of my shop so I can unlock it at night. The way they get brighter as you walk up is nice.

5 Stars  Solar powered security light. 
I like it a lot. I stuck one of mine on my fence so as to have light when I walk down my sidewalk. They are pretty cool gadgets.

4 Stars  Solar-Powered Outdoor Security Light 
Bought 2 about 1 month ago. Both are working as stated. Im very pleased with this purchase....just hope they continue to work.

1 Stars  Not near as expected, cheap 
These are very little, very little light and not worth the money.

5 Stars  Good as they claim it to be. 
I got 2 and use them in an area going around the garage next to the neighbors house. No electric around there so perfect for this application. I may get a couple more for the other side of the house.

5 Stars  solar powered outdoor security light 
Works good, has a dull light on normally, until movement then its very bright....I use on my front screen as its dark if someone comes to the door at night, I cant see who it is, this light solves that problem!

4 Stars  Works well so far 
Wish the brighter light stayed on longer and the motion sensor was a bit more sensitive. It took two of the units to illuminate my two car garage driveway. For the price, it does a pretty good job.

5 Stars  Brilliant --PUN intended 
I bought several of these figuring that it would be just as easy to return 10 as to return 1. I wont be returning ANY! They appear well made and built to withstand the outdoors and water. They were a snap to install. I used screws in case I want to move them to a different location but just as easily could have used the self adhesive tape. The lights come on at dusk and off at dawn and the motion detection worked great. I am using them all over the place. I bought several as a gift for a friend of mine who has an outdoor staircase to get to his apartment and there is no light on the stairs. I went over when he wasnt home and installed 3 of them in about 5 mins and he was thrilled. Great product!!!!

5 Stars  products 
very happy so far with product and service.

2 Stars  solar-powered outdoor securty light 
Works fine but not very bright. Doe not throw off as much light as was stated in the ad. Disappointed

4 Stars  Solar-Powered Outdoor Security Light Item #7507 
Works very well. Wish they had a switch stay on for bright LED all Leds. But these are satisfactory.

4 Stars  solar outdoor security light 
Seems to work ok but it security range is very limited

5 Stars  Works Great 
Very easy to install. The lights are bright.

5 Stars  solar motion detect light 
Weve used many different kinds and this is so far the best easy to install, works right away, very bright. It is also good because it looks like a security camera.

5 Stars  Great outdoor light 
I decided to use it by my front door to help in the morning while leaving for work. My husband hates when I leave our regular outdoor light on. It is wonderful. I even use it when I let the dog out at night. Not too bright that it would be annoying if left on.

5 Stars  solar powered outdoor security lights 
Very good product and delivered quickly!!

5 Stars  Solar Powered Light 
This is an outstanding product and I highly recommend it to anyone who is needing a motion detector light that is charged by the sun.

5 Stars  good product 
The product works as shown in demo video. I use three of these devices to light up a dark area of my back yard, works really well.

5 Stars  Solar-Powered light 
So far I like how this light works. Has a night light feature then brightens with motion activation. Im going to use them around my mother-in-laws front walk. If it works out Ill buy two more. Does need access to direct sun to fully charge.

5 Stars  Best motion light ever 
I used the lights on my dock on the lake . We have had some thefts and I am hioing this will solve the problem

5 Stars  Solar Powered Securety Light 
This is what Ive been looking for! You can put these anywhere outside and most of all No Wires & No Batteries ! I put them in places by our shed and now I can see where Im going at night ! What a Great Product ! Thanks Pulse for lighting my way !!!

3 Stars  Brightness 
Works. But still not as bright as I hoped.

5 Stars  These Solar lights work GREAT! 
These lights work exactly as advertised. I have them attached to the fence in our back yard and they give a soft glow until something, in our case our dog, activates them. Then they illuminate the area enough that we can keep an eye on whats happening. I am glad I made this purchase and interested to see how long they last. I am even considering purchasing more to completely light up even more of our back yard.

4 Stars  Solar-Power lights 
Works great. Small but powerful

5 Stars  Great for security 
So far, it works great! Ask me again in a few months!

5 Stars  Zoom Light 
So far so good. I installed them in my back yard and in creates enough light for when I let my dog out. No longer have to turn on the porch light. My neighbor doesnt like it. It shines light into her bedroom.

5 Stars  Solar powered outdoor security light 
Very easy to mount - just peel & stick on. No battery concerns, but it does need ample light to charge. No good indoors. Provides a nice night light constant glow when dark outside & a bright light will come on when motion detected which lasts 20-30 seconds. I bought two & then ordered 4 more.

3 Stars  Solar light 
It helps, but still needed more light

3 Stars  President 
Gives off very little light - deceiving on the commercial- looks as though it give off a lot of light - But it works

5 Stars  Solar-Powered Outdoor Security Light 
Purchased as a gift, but the receiver is very happy with the way they work.

5 Stars  Light of My Life! 
This Product Truly Lights Up My Life! I Can See Clearly Now That My Way Has Been Lit By This Marvelous Product. My Days Are More Enjoyable Knowing That My Nights Are Protected!

5 Stars  love these security lights. 
i have positioned them on my patio which is very dark at night. these are very bright and because theyre solar no charge on my electric bill! i like them so much ,i ordered 2 more today. a super deal. thanks PULSE TV.

5 Stars  Wow 
I bought two of these little lights originally intending to use them as a stop gap measure to save purchasing two LED lights for my new garage at $200 each. I installed the solar lights in minutes and was pleasantly surprised at how well they work and how much light they provide when activated. I doubt I will replace them with the much more expensive units. I may buy some more of these for other locations.

5 Stars  Great little outdoor light 
Ive only used for 2 days, so I cannot speak to the durability yet. I bought 2 for my shed and we like them. They illuminate softly, and once you approach they get brighter. Hopefully they will stand up to the rain and snow.

5 Stars  Solar Nightlight 
Works great and stays on dim all night, when there is movement it is bright

4 Stars  Neat Light 
Love the light. Works as claimed. Wife says its a little dim however. I love it. Just enough to find your way around the outside. Easy mount, sealed weatherproof unit. Buy it as long as you can take advantage of the deal.

3 Stars  Solar-powered light 
instructions not very good. Just put up and so far not working properly. Finally after 2 days started to work somewhat.

4 Stars  Bright Enough To See In Dark Areas 
I mounted two of these on both sides of the door on my camper to be able to see my keys at night to get in. They work great for this. It has rained heavily the last couple of nights and they still work fine. It operates in two uncontrollable modes, dim and bright. It remains in a dim state when it gets dark and then motion activates to bright. I dont have a handle yet on how this will affect battery life. I wish there was an option switch to control this setting, but there isnt. However, there is an on/off switch. I guess it being in a dim state will help me locate my camper at night or keep low flying aircraft from flying into the side of my camper at night!

5 Stars  very reliable and bright light 
One of the best solar powered lights I have run across. Only two weeks old but definitely worth the price..

3 Stars  Solar-powered Outdoor Security Light 
I find the solar energy collector to be very sensitive as to where it must be placed to get the light to work properly. It has to be on a side of the pole I am using that does not give me the most light where I really need it.

1 Stars  Mr. 
Totally useless. The light is so dim I will probably throw them away, and I bought 2 of them.

4 Stars  Light solar 
Works fine - kinda small, but well worth the price

4 Stars  Enhancement 
Product looks great but the limitation I have is that I want to use the light in areas where there is heavy foliage and the solar panel will not get enough light to charge. Can you make the solar panel detachable and corded to the base light so that there is 8-10+ ft of chord that I can run up above the canopy? That would solve the issue and may be a very valuable option to many potential customers.

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Solar-Powered Night Beam Outdoor Security Light

The Solar Powered Night Beam is one of the easiest and most affordable ways to add outdoor lighting wherever you need it, without having to worry about wiring, batteries, or professional installation.