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Soft and Smooth Hair Remover - The Easy and Painless Way To Remove Unwanted Hair
Soft and Smooth Hair Remover - The Easy and Painless Way To Remove Unwanted Hair
Soft and Smooth Hair Remover - The Easy and Painless Way To Remove Unwanted Hair
Soft and Smooth Hair Remover - The Easy and Painless Way To Remove Unwanted Hair
Soft and Smooth Hair Remover - The Easy and Painless Way To Remove Unwanted Hair
Soft and Smooth Hair Remover - The Easy and Painless Way To Remove Unwanted Hair

Soft and Smooth Hair Remover - The Easy and Painless Way To Remove Unwanted Hair

Soft and Smooth Hair Remover - The Easy and Painless Way To Remove Unwanted Hair

Your Price: $9.99
Compare at: $19.99  (50% off)
SPECIAL: 2 for $15.98 (60% off)
Sold Out
Get one for $9.99
Save $4.00 more and get two for $15.98
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Save $8.00 more and get four for $31.96
Save $10.00 more and get five for $39.95

Tired of plucking, waxing and other painful hair removal?

You will eliminate the pain and get better results with the Soft & Smooth Hair Remover!

What looks like a tube of lipstick is actually a little rotary razor that instantly and painlessly removes hair without irritation.

Even the most sensitive of skin can use the Soft & Smooth Hair Remover because the design of the head is Hypoallergenic.

The built-in light helps to see in lower light situations to see the hair that needs removed.

The portable design and the fact that it is cordless (runs on one AA battery) makes it perfect to take with you and use anywhere.

If all the above wasn't enough, we are happy to bring you this at 1/2 the price of similar ones sold on TV and in stores.

- 1/2 the price of similar ones
- Removes unwanted hair without bumps, burns or redness
- Gentle and safe to use on most skin types
- Perfect for upper lip, chin, cheek and more
- Quick and painless alternative to waxing.
- Cordless
- Hypoallergenic
- Discreet, portable design
- Perfect for travel
- Built-in LED light
- Includes: cleaning brush
- Uses 1 "AA" battery (Not Included)
- Size: 4" long

Also Available: Soft & Smooth Leg Shaver. Like the Finishing Touch TV Leg Shaver but 1/2 price. Buy both the Leg Shaver and Soft & Smooth and save $6 more! Click Here for Details

Review this item!

5 Stars  Hair removal 
Very good

5 Stars  hair remover 

5 Stars  LOVE IT 

4 Stars  Soft and Smooth Hair Remover 
I love this hair remover----It is so easy to use! I no longer have a moustache!

5 Stars  Soft and Smooth Hair Remover 
Love it

4 Stars  Facial hair remover 
Cheaply made but works, wondering how long it will last

5 Stars  Smooth Hair Remover 
Very pleased with this product. Thanking you for making this right!

5 Stars  Hair remover 
This is as effective as a razor just more discrete and easy to carry in purse. It does need to be used on a daily basis since the hair continues to grow.

3 Stars  product is not very powerful 
While it does work, it drags and sounds weak

1 Stars  Disappointed 
Ordered two of these. This item is not made well and the first one popped off on my wifes face on her first use and broke. The second one got snagged on her upper lip hairs and was painful. Both went in the garbage but Pulsetv customer service gave us a refund. It seems that this was made for people who want to remove extremely light fuzz on the upper lip. If your lip hairs are noticeably dark I wouldnt recommend it

5 Stars  Hair Remover 
works very well.

4 Stars  Love the Soft and Smooth Hair Remover 
Nice product for the price.

5 Stars  Hair removal 

5 Stars  Great Trimmer 
Easy to use!!!

3 Stars  For Women Only 
Cannot handle strong hair of the male face.

4 Stars  Womens hair remover. 
This is my second purchase of this product. Works good but does not last very long.

5 Stars  impressive 
No mote pulling the hairs out. Great!

5 Stars  Soft and Smooth hair remover 
Just takes a minute and its great deal. Sent two to my kids.

5 Stars  It really works 
It was a gift for my Sister. She loves it.

5 Stars  great 
works fine

5 Stars  Soft and Smooth Hair Remover 
I was hesitant to order this but I am so glad I did! This the best thing ever. Wish I had had it ages ago.

3 Stars  Hair Remover 
This is just okay. I still need to pluck some of the hairs from my face.

3 Stars  Soft and smooth hair remover 
I got this for my wife not knowing she bought the one on TV for $19.99. The Pulse TV one looks exactly like the other one but doesnt seem to work as well but I guess for the price its OK.

4 Stars  Great for a quick fix 
Easy and comfortable to use, very handy, great for a quick fix.

5 Stars  Love it! 
This is so easy to use and works great! Its small enough to carry in my purse and I can use it any where.

5 Stars  Hair remover 
I did not know what to think, but I am glad I bought a few extras! I love mine.... I was just using a razor for the facial hair that cropped up in my 60s but this is almost fun to use. the only draw back is the light could be brighter.. other then that I love it!.

5 Stars  Hair cant hide from this 
I like this! When you get older you get the occasional dark hair popping up on your face. You can look and look while doing your makeup and not see anything. But its there, oh yes its there waiting for you when you go out and look in the mirror, there it is staring at you! This is small so you can keep in your purse for moments like this.

5 Stars  Great product 
I bought 3 of these, 1 for me and one for each of my 2 daughters. We all love it and the price was fantastic.

5 Stars  Works Great! 
Removes hair easily with no irritation to my skin

Works as good as the Nationally advertised brand plus you can change the battery...you cant do that with the one...once the battery is dead...you have to buy a new one

4 Stars  Torn. Between I love it...and I am never using it again! 
First....the tip/head ...gets really hot, FAST! Could only use it for about 20 seconds before it felt like it was going to burn my face! I resumed in intervals and wasnt really satisfied with the razor stubble like results. 2 weeks later....I dont see the hair and the stubble like feeling was gone...leaving my face smooth and silky.

5 Stars  Handy Tool 
I love this handy little shaver. It is small and easy to handle. Due to poor vision and a slight tremor I cannot use a tweezer any longer, but this little shaver neatly does the job of getting rid of those annoying little hairs on my chin and upper lip. I love it!!

5 Stars  Works Great 
I always wanted to try something like this and because of the price I got three. One for me and I will gift the other two, probably stocking stuffers for Xmas. Like most women I have a little facial hair and so far it works great!

5 Stars  Hair unwanted Gone 
This little Hair removal Works just fine for what I use it for!!

4 Stars  Works 
Does as advertised.

5 Stars  So So Easy 
So easy and it works! And, it is far less messy than waxing my face! You can do a small area or it all at once it is so easy to use. Youll be so glad you have this little tool in your beauty bag!

5 Stars  Hair Remover 
Works great and the price was terrific!!! I ordered two.

3 Stars  Works okay 
This off brand shaver doesnt work as good as the name brand but it costs a lot less. The name brand doesnt work well either.

5 Stars  Works Great 
Why pay more! This hair remover is the same one sold for more and works the same. Does its job very well. Very satisfied.

5 Stars  Best 
These are the best. You can use them to shave small and hard places

5 Stars  Hair remover 
This is the best and the price is unbelievable. I purchased a no no in the past and this is so much better. You cant even feel it working. Love it!

5 Stars  Love these 
I love these but after a while, they tend to stop working. When I see them at a really good price I like to stock up.

5 Stars  This product worked great 
This product worked great, better than I expected.

5 Stars  Soft and Smooth Hair Remover 
It is a nice personal shaver that works great on the face so far. I did get one initially that didnt work at all but they replaced it right away and the second one works beautifully as I said. This is just like the ones that sell for $19.99.

3 Stars  Hair remover 
It. Is slow but it works.

4 Stars  pulls a little 
For the price its worth it, but it does pull a little

3 Stars  Hair remover 
Ok. Painless. Doesnt work as well as I hoped

4 Stars  Hair Remover 
Like the product very much. Easy to use

4 Stars  Pretty and practical for purse 
Although it takes several passes to get those pesky hairs, it does the job silently and effectively. Just dont press too hard or it might stop shaving. Very pretty as well and compact enough to carry in a small purse.

4 Stars  Hair Remover 
The item works pretty well but I gave it 4 Stars because nothing is perfect except my kids!

4 Stars  Electric hair remover 
It works pretty well but not 100% perfect. I only have one gripe with it. I bought three of them to give out but they didnt work when they arrived in the mail. The batteries all were good but the rotary blade in the shaver head would not turn. I ended up taking each one apart which was not difficult. I put one or two tiny drops of shaver oil into the shaver rotary head to lubricate the blades and reassembled the shaver. It is not real easy to put the rotary blade assembly back on the razor correctly. It is a learning process. I knew that would be the correct fix because without the rotary blade on the shaver and the switch turned on I could hear the motor running great. After the lubrications of the shavers they all run now and do what they are supposed to do. I suggest that the factory do a better job of lubricating the blades before shipping these little jewels. Its not a real powerful motor and with dry blades in the rotary head the motor just cant get the blades spinning. A drop or two of oil will correct the problem but its kind of a pisser.

5 Stars  Soft and smooth hair remover 
Works very well. Gentle touch.

5 Stars  Great product 
Love it. Works great.

3 Stars  Lip shaver 
This works OK but not super. But for the price it works good.

4 Stars  Super smooth hair remover. 
I love it. Great to take with you on the go. Works really well. I got three will be getting more for others.


4 Stars  Nice but should last longer 
I love this item but have ordered 5, in case they stop making them. They do not last long. It seems once you unscrew the top to clean it it just doesnt work the same. Still worth the low price to make my face smooth. It does work on coarse hair.

5 Stars  Every lady should have one!! 
LOVE IT! This is the second one I purchased. I did not know what to expect on my first purchase but it ran very slow and later the switch began to not work properly. Then the price was reduced and I bought a 2nd one and it works GREAT! So if you have problems with yours return it quickly for one that does.

5 Stars  Hair remover 
Great price. Removes hair easily. Bought several for Christmas.

1 Stars  Soft and Smooth Hair Remover - The Easy and Painless Way To Remove Unw 
I found the instructions are very poor. I still am trying to get it to work. The round blade is turning but I do not know how it works. Looks pretty but can not remove hair. So I will not rate this one.

2 Stars  Worked fine for a short time but ran out of battery quickly. 
This item worked fine for a short time but ran out of battery quickly. When I put a new battery in, it wouldnt work anymore. I was really disappointed.

5 Stars  Fast and Easy 
I love this... it is easy to remove the hair on my face and fast too. Just a quick little run over my chin and those darned hairs are gone.

5 Stars  Facial hair trimmer 
Great product. Good price.

5 Stars  It works! 
OMG! My mustache is gone! Other methods have been painful but this feels like nothing is happening. Yet the hair is gone. Also very quiet. Wow. I am thrilled.

4 Stars  Womens Hand Razor 
It works better than the expense ones, and it doesnt pull your hair on your face. Its smooth, and you just add battery and it works fine. I must warn you Ladies, it does cause bumps on your chin.

3 Stars  Hair removal tool 
This product is okay for occasional use but does not hold up for every day. It takes some time to use effectively. Not the quick fix I expected.

5 Stars  It Works 
This is a pleasant way to shave your legs. No danger of cutting yourself, quick and easy.

2 Stars  Only so-so 
This product did not perform as expected with removing fine hairs from my chin area. I had to go over it several times and it still didnt remove them completely.

1 Stars  Disappointed 
Did not leave skin completely smoothe. Still felt stubbely, even after 3 times of use.

4 Stars  it works 
The only reason I bought this from Pulse instead of another source was because of a very good price break and fairly reasonable shipping/handling fees...it appears to work just fine and it is completely silent and pain free for my 84 years of age Mom in a wheelchair at a nursing home because of a minor stroke 4 years ago which deprived her of muscles to continue walking with a walker but she is a survivor with fairly good health and a marvelous outlook on life!

5 Stars  Great products 
Great products and awesome prices

5 Stars  great for the price 
Thanx for making me pretty !

5 Stars  Love this item! 
Works great - easy to use, painless and easily removes those annoying little hairs. Nicely packaged and good instructions. Have been looking for something like this - works so much better than the lotions, etc!

5 Stars  I Dont use it but the girls love it 
I got one of these for my wife, and have ordered several more for her friends they all love it

I bought one of these when they first came out for more then twice the price. I have bought a lot of things from Pulse and have never been disappointed. This is a great product. Its quick and easy and will go anywhere with you. It isnt much bigger then a lipstick. It does a great job without being obvious. I highly recommend it.

5 Stars  Works as described!!! 
Good product - does what description says it will!!!

5 Stars  Smooth Hair Remover 
Works great! Very gentle! I also bought 3 for gifts for my daughters.

4 Stars  works well 
this product works well and is painless. good quality too

4 Stars  Hair remover 
I like the compact size, its easy to carry in your handbag. It does a pretty good job on my face.lm glad I bought it

4 Stars  Great 
I have very fine hair and these little mustache hairs that pop up, most shavers wont get them. Sometimes I have to use a pair of scissors to get them. This little thing gets right in there and chops it right down to my skin. I love it only problem it does get hot on the end.

2 Stars  ineffective 
This products does not do a clean shave. It leaves stubbles. I am very disappointed and would actually like to return the 2 I bought. I was expecting a clean shave but it doesnt get to the stubble at all.

5 Stars  It works! 
it is smooth, painless and it removes facial hair easily.

5 Stars  Love it! 
This shaver works great, and is easy to use. It glides effortlessly over my skin. Nice for removing that annoying peach fuzz on my face. Cant beat the price!

5 Stars  Gave it to a female 
She liked it!!!


1 Stars  does not work very long 
only worked a few days then stopped working

4 Stars  works well 
very nice & comfortable to use

5 Stars  Really Works! 
I bought one for myself a few months ago. The price was great and I thought I would give it a try. I am so glad I did! This little item saves me so much time and it really works. I told my cousin, niece, aunt and sister about it and now we all have one!

4 Stars  Very Nice 
Love it very painless

5 Stars  Product failed but got replacement 
The small shaver failed but got replaced. I feel confident buying from PulseTV. Although I may need to be more careful of using some product.

4 Stars  Works pretty well 
This little shaver does the job and is so convenient to use.

5 Stars  Painless Perfection 
I thought this would be a waste of money on one of those worthless As Seen on TV things. Instead it is exactly as described. I have a reoccurring mustache that needed painful plucking before I received this marvelous Soft And Smooth Hair Remover. This needs to be in every womans purse.

5 Stars  Soft & smooth hair remover 
I bought this for My Wife,she says it works very nice.Price was cheaper than as seen on TV.

3 Stars  Worked great with original battery, but not anymore. 
I bought this at the original price of $19.99 in another store. It worked great for about 6 months, then the original battery died. I replaced it with a new AA battery and I cannot get to work at all. This very disappointing. Its nice to see that they are lower price here.

5 Stars  Great Buy 
Works like a charm. You get your moneys worth.

1 Stars  Terrible Product 
Thus little razor is completely worthless. It will not cut or trim any hair or whiskers. The metal is either too thick on the head or the blade is too far from the head on the inside of the razor. We couldnt get it to shave at all. Even though it was spinning it wouldnt cut anything. We threw it away. Do not buy this razor / trimmer,

This product doesnt remove facial hair very well. It leaves a lot of stubble and I have to use it everyday to remove only a few hairs. I also have to use it a very long time in order to feel and see any results. PulseTV sells it for a lot less than other venders. So I am grateful for the PulseTV price. I will continue to use it and continue to take the time I need to get the results I have grown accustomed to.

5 Stars  Hair Remover 
Works very Well Was not sure at first but they really work well.

5 Stars  Soft and smooth hair remover 
Great item with great price. Have given several away as gifts so far abc folks love it

5 Stars  Great Little Trimmer 
[What can you say, it performs like they say and is very compact. A++

5 Stars  Cheap, effective, and Mom likes it. 
Now she doesnt have to borrow my Norelco anymore. I got two because it reduced the per-unit price and just in case one breaks. Great deal, and it appears to work well for mom.

3 Stars  Hair remover 
Sometimes you need to go over an area more than once.

3 Stars  Soft & Smooth Hair Remover 
The hairs grows back the next day. So I was disappointed in it

4 Stars  Smooth Finish 
Works very well but the top shaver is a little fragile.

5 Stars  Great Buy 
For once this merchandise does what it says it will do. Happy that I bought it.

1 Stars  Does not work 
This does not work. It was a gift for my daughter and grand daughters.They tried it and they saw no results. They do not have long or coarse hair. They have barely perceptible blonde hair.

4 Stars  Works OK 
Seems to do OK with fine faciall hair

4 Stars  soft & smooth hair remover 
Painless hair remover

5 Stars  Hair Remover 
Its a wonderful product..I have used creams, wax, and streps, which were messy and smelled horrible, But none worked as good as the Soft and Smooth Hair remover...Thank you for another wonderful product..

5 Stars  Great product 
This is awesome for the upper lip or any facial hair. It whisks it away gently. Love it!!! Bought one for all my sisters!!

3 Stars  Not as good as I expected 
I thought this would be easy, quick, and leave a smooth surface. But it doesnt work as well as Id hoped. Have to go over & over to remove hair and doesnt leave it completely smooth. I quit using after a few days and went back to plucking.

4 Stars  Awesome 
This really works..!

4 Stars  Neat item! 
Gentle enough so as not to irritate sensitive skin yet removes those nuisance hairs on the face. I use it 2-3 times per week.

5 Stars  Hair Remover 
Great product I wish I could purchase many more. Very effective and efficient I would recommend it to any and all your new customers. Thank you.

1 Stars  Not Effective 
Unfortunately, this didnt work at all for myself or my daughter 2 different hair types that didnt work.

1 Stars  Not worth anything 
This is totally ineffective. It will barely work no matter how you put the battery in! It barely makes a sound and doesnt do what its supposed to do. My advice DONT BUY THIS! You will be wasting your money

4 Stars  Easy and Painless 
I like this item, it does what they said it would. The only thing I notice is that it goes through batteries pretty fast.

4 Stars  Hair removal 
I love this product so easy to use.

5 Stars  Love, love, love. 
Great product and gives you great results

5 Stars  My wife is very happy. 
I bought the hair remover that looks like a lipstick holder & she is very happy with that item. It works very well.

5 Stars  Great hair remover! 
I really like the soft and smooth hair remover. It is quick and easy to use. Good buy!

5 Stars  nice product 
love this hair remover, was not sure it would work. It does work so easy cleans area of excess hair.

5 Stars  Hair remover 
Love it, does just what its supposed to do. I used to use a cream for over my lip , this is perfect.

4 Stars  Works great 
This is the best tool Ive used for its intended purpose. The price here at Pulse is 1/2 of what I paid for my first 2. I had just purchased my 2nd one from Amazon for twice the price of this one...so now I have a spare.

5 Stars  as good as the original 
I have the $19.99 original version of this shaver. This one works just as well!In fact, it is indistinguishable from the original. a great buy!

5 Stars  Wife loves it 
My wife loves the look of a lipstick type case of the product! It cuts all the hair off her face!

5 Stars  Smooth Hair Remover 
I bought this item for my wife and she just loves it.

5 Stars  I had the original flawless .this is the exact same. 
This is a great product

5 Stars  hair remover 
Very easy to use and effective. Good price too

5 Stars  Perfect, and... 
This works exactly the same as the $20 branded item and I am thoroughly happy. I bought 2 of these so one could be a just in case extra. What turned out to be a real plus was that the cost was less than replacement heads for the branded item and what could be better than that! You cant go wrong with this youll love it.

5 Stars  My Wife Loves it! 
My wife says its great!

5 Stars  mini shaver 
Love the little face shaver...small and gets the job done..

4 Stars  Great tool for facial hair 
This works great for facial hair. It is not super powerful, but it does the job.

5 Stars  So glad I got this! 
This is soooo easy to use. I love it. Only complaint is I wish I bought it now at this better price!

1 Stars  Nope 
Its louder than my electric can opener and didnt work. Not even on really fine hair.

5 Stars  Love this Hair Remover! 
Just what I need for the upper lip hair removal..love it..so much better than tweezing..that is so time consuming.

4 Stars  Great little Gem 
I ordered one because I was sceptical it would work. I just ordered another because if you like something you better get multiple as they wont be around forever, especially at this price. It works as it states. If you have corse hair it works great but you will have to use it every day. No worries, it only takes a minute. Love this product. ????

4 Stars  It was a surprise 
It works amazing well for the cost. I was pleasantly surprised. Its not a lazer, but for quicky cuts, it does the job.

5 Stars  Anisa is Right! 
This is by far, the best fuzz/hair remover I have ever tried. It really works!

4 Stars  flawless razor 
now I can save on facial threadings this does the trick

5 Stars  Good shaver 
Really neat for keeping face fuzz off!

5 Stars  Love this 
I bought one for myself and liked it so much I bought eight more to give as gifts.

5 Stars  Loving it! 
I am loving this. I always hated plucking and waxing and this is so fast and easy. I have noticed it works better when the hairs are shorter... but I just use this every couple of days and the hair on my chin is gone and smooth!

5 Stars  great value 
I paid $20 for this same one at CVS. its good. I just bought a few from you to give as gifts. Thanks!

5 Stars  Great Value 
I bought the TV one then saw this. I bought this one too and its every bit as good. I wish I had seen this one first.

5 Stars  Soft and smooth INDEED 
Works great. So easy to use and have gotten rid of all the annoying hair on my upper lip.

Review this item!
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Video: Soft and Smooth Hair Remover - The Easy and Painless Way To Remove Unwanted Hair

Similar to As Seen On TV Finishing Touch and No-No Hair Remover but at less than half the price. Instant & pain free hair removal perfect for upper lip, eyebrows, chin, cheek, and arms.
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