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Sliding Sink Organizer with Towel Hanger

Sliding Sink Organizer with Towel Hanger

Sliding Sink Organizer with Towel Hanger
Sliding Sink Organizer with Towel Hanger
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For most homes having enough counter space is a constant struggle. This handy Sliding Sink Organizer will help to gain back that valuable space!

Best Sink Organizer To Buy

The sleek design organizes many different things that you previously had on your counter.

Drain Basket:
The basket has drain holes that quickly will drain the water into the sink and not your counter tops! The drain holes also allow for ventilation. Inside the basket you can place dish soap, sponges, scrubbers, drain toppers, hand soap and more. You can even wash your utensils and put them in the basket to dry!

Dual Towel Bar
On top of the unit is two towel bars, which can be used to dry the towels and other fabrics. Keeping your damp cloth dry and ventilated not only keeps it hygienic, it prevents the towel from smelling bad.

Best of all if you don't want the towel bar attachment, you don't need use it!

The Sink Organizer That Slides To Fit YOUR Sink!

The genius design has a telescopic basket that slides to fit most kitchen sinks. You can place it at the top of your sink (for double sinks) or on the side of your sink. It is 14 inches but extends up to 9.5 inches long.

The basket is 4 inches wide, so there's still plenty of room to use your sink.

NOTE: It is a good idea to measure your sink before ordering.


  • Made of Durable Plastic
  • Basket Drain Allows For Drainage & Ventilation
  • Easy Assembly (No Tools Needed!)
  • Dual Towel Bar Attachment
  • Telescopic Design, Fits Most Sinks
  • Base Slides From 14 inches to 19.5 inches
  • Base is 4 inches Wide
  • Unit With Towel Rack is 11 inches High
  • Comes In Grey Or Blue (no color choice)

4 Stars  Check your sinks shape 
I really like what this is supposed to help with and it does indeed help organize and stop the mildew growth around the sink. BUT I have a steal double sink with rounded edges and the organizer really is meant for a squared sink. It fits, but barely and moves regularly.

3 Stars  Meh 
The little towel bar broke off immediately. It does fir my sink but because its really light weight plastic, it kind slides around a lot. BUT, it does hold my sponges and scrubbies and lets them drain. I will use it while I look for other options

5 Stars  Useful product 
This is a nice addition to my sink. I had a little trouble putting the hangar together, but that was really my fault. You can leave the hanger off completely if you want. I recommend this organizer.

5 Stars  Towel hanger 

2 Stars  Broke on first use 
I assembled this unit and placed a damp wash cloth on it it broke. First use. The rest of the unit works pretty well. I still use it. just no towel hanger.

4 Stars  Sink 
Pretty good item for the price. Better used without the towel holder.

2 Stars  Maybe? 
Wonderful idea but tray needs to be bigger..

4 Stars  Recommend Adding Magnets 
The price is pretty good on these, and they work as expected, but as one review says they are very easy to knock off. I solved this problem by buying 4x Neodymium Bar Magnets [60 x 10 x 3 mm] with double sided adhesive. I have a [metal] sink, and at first I was disappointed it did not work well. I guess the [metal] is not the best alloy for magnets, and it really did not help. However, by placing one of the bar magnets on the outside of the sink [might need to tape or glue if attraction is too weak to stay without falling. Do not use the strip of adhesive here as it will add too much distance between the two magnets], making sure you get the polarity right [watch your fingers when testing], these worked fantastic. I affixed two on the organizer, using the adhesive strip and two on the outside of the sink using packing tape to secure them in place, and it holds really nicely, but it can be pulled off with moderate pressure so you can easily move it for cleaning. Best yet, just nudging it does not accidentally spill all the contents. Hope this hack works for you.

5 Stars  Perfect for me 
I have a very small kitchen with not much counter space. This is great as it holds all the essentials I usually need on the counter. I am thinking about buying another one for the other side of my sink!

2 Stars  Won t stay in place. 
This looked like such a good thing. It does not stay in place. It keeps falling into the sink
Hi... thanks for the feedback... it is telescopic did you extend it fully so it fits snugly? Also try it on the opposite side of the sink.
1/7/2023 - PulseTV

5 Stars  Works as described 
Able to keep bottle brushes etc nearby without the mess of water getting on the countertop.

3 Stars  Good for sink bad for towel 
Fine for most sinks. Expandable and useful. But towel holder is too flimsy

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Sliding Sink Organizer with Towel Hanger

For most homes having enough counter space is a constant struggle. This handy Telescopic Sink Organizer will help to gain back that valuable space!