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Slicoo Rechargeable Electric Toothbrush w/Four Replacement Heads

Slicoo Rechargeable Electric Toothbrush w/Four Replacement Heads

Slicoo Rechargeable Electric Toothbrush w/Four Replacement Heads
Slicoo Rechargeable Electric Toothbrush w/Four Replacement Heads
Your Price: $12.99
Compare at: $34.99  (62% off)
SPECIAL: 2 for $24.98 (64% off)
Spectrum Warranties
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Spectrum Warranties offers replacement coverage for your purchase on this item. It covers drops, water damage, and all sorts of accidents with a quick and easy claims process.

Warranties purchased at the time of product sale take effect on day 31 after purchase.

Please contact Spectrum Warranties upon purchasing to register your product.

  • Contract covers units in a residential (non-commercial) environment.
  • Contract covers free shipping of repaired items.
  • If the product cannot be repaired, it will be replaced.
  • If unable to replace a 100% refund will be issued for the purchase price (less shipping & tax).
  • Covers standard malfunctions & accidental damage.

Save more when you buy two or more.
Get one for just $12.99
SAVE $1.00 more and get two for $24.98
SAVE $1.50 more and get three for $37.47
SAVE $2.00 more and get four for $49.96

Elevate your daily oral hygiene routine with our state-of-the-art Rechargeable Electric Toothbrush. Engineered to provide a superior brushing experience, this advanced dental care tool is designed to give you a brighter, healthier smile and fresher breath.

Revolutionize Your Daily Brushing Routine

The Electric Toothbrush by Slicoo uses powerful sonic technology to clean teeth with up to 38,000 strokes per minute. These sweeping motions drive fluids deep into the tight spaces between your teeth and along your gum line.

Its unparalleled cleaning power effectively removes plaque, stains, and debris, leaving your teeth visibly cleaner and your smile brighter.

Multiple Cleaning Modes

Tailor your brushing experience to your unique needs with multiple cleaning modes, including Clean, Sensitive, Whitening, Polish, and Whitening to cater to your specific oral care needs.

Extended Battery Life

No more frequent charging. This electric toothbrush boasts is equipped with a 1800mAh battery, which lasts up to 50 days on a single charge. Enjoy hassle-free, uninterrupted use.

Say goodbye to manual brushing and hello to a smarter, more efficient way to care for your teeth and gums. Achieve a brighter, healthier smile with each brush, every day

Compatible With: Philips Sonicare Replacement Heads.


  • 38,000 Strokes per Minute
  • Comes With FOUR Replacement Heads
  • 5 Different Modes: Clean, White, Polish, Gum Care, and Sensitive
  • IPX7 Waterproof
  • 1800mAh Battery: Lasts 50 Days On One Charge
  • Auto Shut Off After Full Charge
  • Smart Memory Chip: Memorizes Your Using Habit
  • Smart Timer: Reminds You To Switch Brushing Areas
  • ADA Accepted

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