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Silvertone Weight Loss Ring
Silvertone Weight Loss Ring
Silvertone Weight Loss Ring
Silvertone Weight Loss Ring

Silvertone Weight Loss Ring

Silvertone Weight Loss Ring

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Real or Fake?

Let me say I have no idea! We got a screaming deal on this so we decided to get it because we thought it was a nice looking ring whether or not it works to lose weight. If it does work then it is a bonus and you just got two rings in one!

In our research there are wildly different views and reviews on if this ring works. This weight loss ring is also known as a Slimming Ring.

I saw so many with overwhelming reviews on how it helped them lose weight. Then I can find equally as many saying its a joke.

The ring uses the principle of Acupressure. It has long been used by the Japanese to alter or refine their figure. That was the inspiration for this ring.

It is also said that you can focus on specific areas by wearing it on a certain finger:
Thighs - wear it on your pinky finger
Stomach - wear it on your ring finger
Buttocks - wear it on the middle finger
Hips - wear it on the index finger

The theory is by "stimulating" these points, you increase your metabolism, thus processess foods more efficiently. Fatty Acids are flushed through the system rather than being deposited.

The ring is adjustable so you can adjust accordingly by squeezing it to make is smaller or spreading it out to make it larger.

- Acupressure Ring
- Adjustable to fit most women's fingers
- MAY help to lose weight
- Silver tone
- $8 less than in stores and on other sites

Just to reiterate we have no knowledge or personal data on if this works or not.
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