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Silicone Phone Pop Stand
Silicone Phone Pop Stand
Silicone Phone Pop Stand
Silicone Phone Pop Stand

Silicone Phone Pop Stand

Silicone Phone Pop Stand

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Great for watching videos or listening to music without holding your device.
Just pop one of these colorful little guys onto the back of your smartphone and prop it up on a table for hands-free viewing! The suction cup is totally reusable, leaves no sticky residue, and can be used to prop your phone up horizontally or vertically. Note: suction stand only works on devices with smooth surfaces.

Set your phone up to watch movies, YouTube, or even scroll through your photos.

On the back of your phone, it also helps grip your device better in one hand. Comes in assorted random colors: red, light blue, pink, green, white, and cobalt blue.

Feature & Benefits:
- Universal Stand for Phones
- Durable Silicone
- Great for One-Hand Gripping
- Fun Random Colors
- Prop Horizontally or Vertically
- Suction Cup Leaves No Residue
- Reusable Suction Cup works on Smooth Surfaces
- Dimensions: 1.5in Long x 1in Round Ball

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